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Author: Dave Verwer and Sven A. Schmidt

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Join Dave and Sven, the creators of the Swift Package Index open-source project, as they talk about progress on the project and discuss a new set of community package recommendations every episode.
41 Episodes
This week we talk about WWDC, our Ready for Swift 6 project that tracks data race safety errors across the whole package ecosystem, the Swift 6 migration guide, and more. Of course, we also make our regular package recommendations!NewsSwift 6 Migration GuideMatt Massicotte’s Swift 6 blog seriesPackagesBlurHashViews by Dale Pricehttps://blurha.shDeclarativeTextKit by Christian Tietzeswiftly by Patrick FreedHummingbird by Adam FowlerSwift Server Side Meetup #2ContrastKit by Mark Battistella
This week we follow up on Swift 6 news, talk about Swift in unusual places, performance benchmarks, give a sneak peek at our new Mac build infrastructure, and of course make package recommendations.NewsSE-0435 Swift Language Version Per TargetSwift on Flipper Zero — A Proof of Concept by Samar SunkariaYou can play Doom using gut bacteria, but the framerate is atrociousSwift Tooling: Windows Editionswift-inspectJuice Sucking Servers by Axel Roest‘Standard’ vapor website drops 1.5% of requests, even at concurrency of 100! on the Swift ForumsPackagesswift-chess-neo by Navan Chauhan Sage by Nikolai Vazquezswift-security by Dmitriy Zharovswift-glob by David BeckAnyCodingKey by Rob Napier
This week we had the opportunity to talk to Holly Borla who manages the Swift Compiler Team at Apple. We chat about upcoming Swift 6 changes and why they're a big deal, but also why you shouldn’t worry too much. Of course, all three of us pick packages, too!Interview with HollySE-0414: Region isolation SE-0431: Dynamically isolated function typesPackagesGRDB by Gwendal RouéGwendal's forum thread about adding Sendable annotationsPack by Matt CoxGeoURI by Jeff JohnstonConcurrencyRecipes by Matt Massicottegenerative-ai-swift by GoogleFit by Oleh Korchytskyi
Join us for another episode as Dave and Sven talk open-source security vulnerabilities and how all package ecosystems are at risk, why it won't be possible to give meaningful "package size" stats on package pages, yet more talk of interfacing with Swift from other languages, and a one-question quiz! Plus package recommendations, of course!Follow upDead code stripping / Link time optimisation Mystery of ‘Jia Tan,’ the XZ Backdoor MastermindCalling Haskell from Swift by Rodrigo MesquitaProposal Monitor by Victor MartinsPackageswhisperkit by Zach NagengastMacWhisper by Jordi BruinAsync-Channels by Brian FloerschPerformance discussion on the Swift Forumsswift-async-algorithms by AppleKeyCodes by Matt MassicotteSFSafeSymbols by Frederick PietschmannIgnite by Paul HudsonPublish and Plot by John Sundell
This week Dave and Sven break their streak of skipping recording to find Swift in exciting new places, like on ARM Windows and the Playdate, and learn new tricks like interoperating with C#. And as usual, there are package recommendations, with a good sprinkling of descents into various rabbit holes.  NewsCombining Swift and C# on Windows with SwiftToCLRSwift on ARM Windows 11Swift Tooling: Windows EditionSwift on the PlaydatePanic PodcastPackagesThreadcrumb by Alexander CohenFlyingFox by Simon WhittyExpectToEventuallyEqual by Jon Reidswift-package-info by Felipe Marino
This week, Dave and Sven take a look at the Flutter ecosystem, discuss Dave's blogging system rewrite, review their collaboration on a production crash, and, as usual, highlight some community packages.NewsProgress of the Flutter and Dart Package Ecosystem by Ander DoboPackagesVortex by Paul HudsonLanguageDetector by Ali Sheikhizadeh and Hadi SharghiGraceLanguage by Kevin MullinsVersionedCodable by Jonathan Rothwell
It's 2024, and Dave and Sven are back to talk plans for the Swift Package Index development over the coming year. They also talk about a light-hearted but also accidentally disastrous recent event in the npm package ecosystem, plans around how the Swift Package Index will approach Swift 6 support, and of course more package recommendations!  NewsWhen "Everything" Becomes Too Much by Feross AboukhadijehPackagesswift-gopher by Navan ChauhanThe Web Before the WebWikipedia: Gopher (protocol)package-benchmark by Joakim HassilaOn percentiles: Wikipedia: Seven-number summaryGil Tene: Dispelling standard deviationPlusNightMode by Daniel Lyonswebsocket-actor-system by Stuart A. Malone
Inspired by a recent YouTube comment left on the previous episode, Dave and Sven talk about cross-platform Swift development with Visual Studio Code, Windows and Wasm compatibility, and about how Dave should have answered a question about adding a package into the Swift Package Index!NewsSwift Extension for Visual Studio Code introduction blog postSwift Extension marketplace pageGetting Started with Swift on AndroidMore Than Just Code podcast episode with DavePackagesModel3DView by FreekPow by Robb BöhnkeGestures by Mikhail VospennikovScintillaLib by danielleNSAttributedStringBuilder by Jasmin Eilers RichString by Stefan van den Oord NSAttributedStringBuilder by Ethan HuangSwiftUICoreImage by Dan Wood
Dave and Sven talk about the work that Cyndi Chin shipped as part of this year’s Swift Mentorship Program, and then dive into the details of some of the metrics, and answer a couple of listener questions about the feature. Plus six package recommendations, as always!News Revealing and explaining package scores by Cindy ChinThe Swift Mentorship Program Packages DirectJSON by Mertol Kasanan SwiftSummarize by Stef KorsSKSummary MemberwiseInit by Galen O’Hanlon typhoon by Nikita Vasilev swift-zpl by scchn ObfuscateMacro by p-x9
Join us for talk of bugs and how we've either fixed or worked around them, why creating sustainable developer tools is so hard, and the story of which indie Mac app made Dave buy his first app!NewsBreadcrumbs by Marin TodorovPackagesGrape by Zhen LiFirefly by Taylor LinemanSwift-ISO8601-DurationParser by Leon Hoppeautomerge-swift by Joe HeckAutomerge for Swift blog post
This week, we discuss importing ALL the packages, Swift 5.9, the Swift mentorship programme and package scores. Plus, of course, package recommendations!NewsScoring algorithmPackages SwiftGodot by Miguel de Icaza Documentation and tutorial SwiftGodotBinary swift-sdk-generator by Apple ZipPinch by Alexey Bukhtin swift-testing by Appleswift-testing Vision Document SwiftEmailValidator by Dave Poirier
What even is a recommendation? Join Dave and Sven as they talk about the tricky business of recommending, endorsing, or showcasing packages before diving into a review of dependencies in other package ecosystems, and how the Swift package ecosystem compares. Then we showcase some packages, as usual!NewsWorrying about the NPM ecosystemand Not Worrying Much About CratesPackagesswift-macro-testing by PointfreeA new tool for testing macros in Swiftswift-snapshot-testing by PointfreeCloudKitSyncMonitor by Grant GrueningerLighter by Helge HeßPerformance Test Suite
Join us as we talk about the disastrous week we had last week, where we had system failures, failed podcast recordings, and lumbago problems! We also talk about the upcoming Package page and how we will curate the packages that get featured in the Community Showcase section. Plus, of course, community package recommendations.NewsStaging site for the Packages pageand the associated pull requestPackagesxcbeautify by TuistSwiftUI-Shimmer by Vikram KriplaneySwiftPrompt by Michael O’BrianSF2Lib by Brad HowesSwiftAsyncAssert by angu softwareBezelKit by Mark Battistella
Do we understand how to add a package dependency after three years of creating the package index? No, we do not! We also discuss adding macro targets to Package pages, GitHub’s CodeQL analysis for Swift, and automating updating our package dependencies. Of course, we have six new package recommendations too!Follow up"Use this Package" showing an incorrect package name/identity – Issue 2451 News Tim Condon’s CodeQL post on the Swift Forums Marco Eidinger's GitHub action Swift Package Dependencies Checker Dependency details page – Issue 1321 Packages DataKit by Paul Kraft SwiftWhisper by Aaron Taylor CleverBird by B.T. Franklin Stores by Omar Albeik The Composable Architecture by Pointfree SwiftNRC by Joe Hinkle
News Improved "Use this Package" button Pull Request Packages page integration previewand the associated Pull Request Packages ColorToolbox by Ramon Torres FileMonitor by Kris Simon aka Peter Shaw Rearrange by ChimeHQ swift-concurrency-extras by Point-Freeand the “Reliably testing code” forum post SwiftUI-VPSwitchToggle by Vanson Leung TLDExtractSwift by Marco Eidingerand the Public Suffix List Community Showcase ForumSwift on RISC-VSupporting visionOSPackagesDockProgress by Sindre SorhusSwift HTTP Types by AppleIntroducing Swift HTTP TypesColorPaletteCodable by Darren FordColour management by Marc Edwards, Part 1Colour management by Marc Edwards, Part 2Colour management by Marc Edwards, Part 3Colour management by Marc Edwards, Part 4Colour management by Marc Edwards, Part 5Aoxiang by isacedSwifter by Damian Kołakowski and Victor Sigler
NewsCanonical URL pull request contributions by Toby HerbertTips for getting the most out of DocC by Joseph HeckPackagesMetaCodable by Soumya Ranjan MahuntAssociatedObject by p-x9Renamed by Joseph DuffySwiftyESBuild by Pedro PiñeraSwiftMath by Michael GrieblingReviewKit by Cihat Gündüz 
NewsWhat’s new in Swift 5.9?A Vision for Macros in Swiftswift-ast-explorerWrite Swift macros by Alex HoppenExpand on Swift macros by Becca Royal-GordonPrivacy Manifests by Tony TanVisualize Privacy Manifests – Discussion #2423 from Cihat GündüzPackagesswift-openapi-generator by AppleMeet Swift OpenAPI GeneratorRequestDL by Brenno de MouraCocoaUI by p-x9SwiftUI-Introspect by David Roman and Lois Di QualCloseEnough by Zev Eisenbergapp-store-server-library-swift by AppleBagbutik by Morten Bjerg Gregersenswiftly by Patrick Freed
News Max Desiatov about Swift on Windows Ramin's blog post on using GPT to search documents and databases Swift Evolution on What's New in Swift 5.9 Swift forums: NIO, Concurrency, and Executors Packages LaTeXSwiftUI and MathJaxSwift by Colin Campbell URLQueryItemCoder by Kyle Hughes CountryKit by Frederik Jacques ViewKit by Lucas Werner Kuipers DCSettings by David Caddy SwiftLintPlugin by Adam Young
News swift-win32 by Saleem Abdulrasool aka "compnerd" Wasm and SwiftWasm Max Desiatov Swift SDKs for Cross-Compilation Quiz Sitrep by Paul Hudson Packages OneFingerRotation by Matteo Fontana gonzales by Gon Solo (Andreas Wendleder) Rendering Moana with Swift blog post Moana Island Scene on Disney Animation Studios site DiscordKit by Swiftcord SwiftSoup by Nabil Chatbi