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Elizabeth introduces Nicole to some new-to-her music she’s working on, explains her deep love for Jennifer Higdon as a human being, and discusses her commissioning experiences. Nicole also explains her weird coordination issues with extended techniques and they both explore the plight of the composers whose work isn’t accurately represented in performance. (Side note: we misidentified Cherise's piece, A Voice Silenced..., as using material from Billie Holiday.  We were wrong, it's Ella Fitzgerald. Sorry Cherise, and we love you!)  Music by Women Festival in March 2023: Shulamit Ran, Flight of the Brave Chicken–Ode to Nina: Cherise Leiter, A Voice Silenced A Voice Sings: Kim Osberg, Fowl Play: Nina Shekhar, Zoo Songs: Jennifer Higdon, Bentley Roses: Tchaikovsky, Pas de Deux from Nutcracker: Billie Holiday, Solitude: Cake, Fashion Nugget: --- Support this podcast:
Interview: Robert McClure

Interview: Robert McClure


Hey, it's the episode that earned us an "explicit" rating! ROBERT MCCLURE, composer of writhe unfurl for flute quartet, (winner, FNMC 2022 Composition Competition), schools Elizabeth and Nicole in desert grasshoppers and the linguistic controversies surrounding how to pluralize the word octopus, explores the visual aspect of his soundscapes, and fills us in on his excellent composer collective, ADJ-JECTIVE. Bonus: we learned what a demi clarinet is, too! Writhe, unfurl: Stravinsky, Rite of Spring: Amanda Feery: Björk’s Unravel: Andrew Martin Smith (Pathways): --- Support this podcast:
Is there an endpoint?

Is there an endpoint?


Elizabeth and Nicole discuss the ups and downs of all-ages performance competitions, things we didn’t learn in grad school, musical taste and professional guilt, doing right by composers, and being middle aged ladies. And because we’re nerds, there’s a little flute pedagogy talk, too. Fiona Apple, Shadow Boxer Bikini Kill, Feel Blind John Adams, Naive and Sentimental Music WoodWired Duo, Microaggressions --- Support this podcast:
MICHAEL GENESE, composer of The Highest Arm for flute and electronics (winner, FNMC 2022 Composition Competition), chats with Nicole and Elizabeth about how different NYC communities dealt with the pandemic, social justice in music circles, the great importance of having a collaborative community, and some great advice on learning how to wear multiple hats as a musician. The Highest Arm: Bach Cantata 33: Björk’s Fossora: Ohyung imagine naked!: --- Support this podcast:
Music Crush: Preview

Music Crush: Preview


MUSIC CRUSH preview: first full episode drops December 7, 2022. In the meantime, get to know us at Follow FNMC Send us questions at for inclusion in a future episode …and go ahead and “like” and "subscribe" now! --- Support this podcast:
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