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Um, Actually with Jordan Alexa

Author: Jordan Alexa

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Explore the world as we know it through the eyes of a multi passionate, creative, millennial black girl, who is known for speaking her mind. Jordan Alexa journeys to shatter barriers concerning societal norms, played-out mindsets, and place alternate perspectives on display.

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In life, we are often faced with tough choices: do we focus on surviving the challenges of the present, or do we dare to pursue our wildest dreams? In this conversation, we delve into the concept of "choose your hard" and explore the delicate balance between survival and dream pursuit. Stay connected on Instagram: @umactually.jordanalexa. Your feedback matters, so drop us a line at Cheers to a journey of growth and connection! 🎙️✨Instagram: @umactually.jordanalex...
Join the Conversation with Jordan Alexa! 🗣️ Overcoming New Year fatigue, cultivating big faith, and shedding "the residue", or old habits! Exciting news – 'Um, Actually' is making waves in 12 COUNTRIES! 🌎 Grateful for your incredible support! Let's continue this amazing friendship. 🤝💖 Stay connected on Instagram: @umactually.jordanalexa. Your feedback matters, so drop us a line at Cheers to a journey of growth and connection! 🎙️✨Instagram: @umactually....
Jordan shares her personal reflections on the perception of God and why it's essential to recognize that He transcends human comparisons. Join her as she delves into her own experiences and explores the unique nature of God, highlighting the importance of understanding beyond our limited human perspectives, and how to get past seeing God as our interactions with people around us. IG📸: @umactually.jordanalexaHost🎙️: @_jordanalexa Email 📩:
Join a discussion about not letting your environment define you. Jordan talks about striving to be an influence instead of being a product of the things, people, and situations around you. Email📩: IG📸: @_jordanalexa
Join Jordan as she reflects on her journey of mastering humility and she’s come to the revelation of how no one reaches a goal without first being processed. Email📩: IG📸: @_jordanalexa
Join Jordan Alexa as she answers a listener submitted question about how to be more confident. She discusses her own experience with confidence, overcoming fear, and what it looks like to exercise your belief.Email📩: umactuallypod@gmail.comIG📱: @_jordanalexa
Join Jordan Alexa as she begins a conversation about what she did this summer, that quickly spirals into a dialogue about grief, its many forms, and how it has affected her.She discusses allowing the time to navigate it instead of turning a blind eye or taking the fast approach that society suggests.IG: @_jordanalexa Email:
Jordan recalls a conversation where she was asked "How Do I Find My Purpose" and what she has come to realize since. IG: @_jordanalexaEmail:
Jordan discusses navigating what she calls "The In Between" or the time of coming out of the certainty of a season, and walking into the uncertainty of the next one. She also talks about unlearning "super self sufficiency" and gaining a new level of faith.IG: @_jordanalexaEmail:
Jordan is joined by her husband, Nick Kayea! Listen as they discuss several topics regarding relationships including their history, loving your S.O. during hard times, submission, and purpose within your relationship. IG: @_jordanalexaEmail:
Jordan Alexa talks about overcoming constantly looking toward the next milestone in life and how it prevents her from enjoying the journey. IG: @_jordanalexaEmail:
Jordan Alexa discusses the New Year, the phrase "New Year, New Me", and how it can become a lie we just tell ourselves.IG: @_jordanalexaEmail:
Jordan Alexa talks about what she calls "The Burden To Be Great", how it has effected her in how she views herself, and how it influenced her navigation of life. IG: @_jordanalexaEmail:
Jordan Alexa talks about the burden of being "The Strong Friend", her personal experience with it, and how to find peace + build boundaries in the process of ridding yourself of that title. IG: @_jordanalexaEmail:
Um, Actually The Podcast is a show about perspective. A show about thinking beyond what you can see and what society and social media is trying to shove down your throat. It’s about considering truths beyond played out mindsets and breaking past the idea of “that’s just the way it is”.Join Jordan Alexa as she talks about how the show came to be and what she had to overcome, just to simply hit the record button. IG📸: @_jordanalexaEmail📩: