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Marriage can be a pain

Marriage can be a pain


In this episode we think about the impact of losing a spouse, trouble fulfilling our role in the marriage, and marital conflict over children.  So often we struggle to manage the many things that change in our marriage and sometimes we need to just step back and focus on what God wants from us and listen to His Counsel From Above. 
In this podcast we will be talking with Kip Green about the importance of family dinners, how to interact with those that identify as a furry and comparing the use of SEL to God's word.  Kip is a counselor and minister that works as an elder, preacher, and Children's Home administrator.  Join us as we explore God's direction in our lives and the importance of listening to His Counsel from Above.
Dealing with People

Dealing with People


Dealing with people is a challenge that we face everyday.  In this episode we consider ways to enter act with the lost, those trying to scam us, and our family that is estranged from us.  We will consider our world view and how our view of people determines our interactions with others.  Let us explore together God's way of connecting with others as we consider his Counsel from Above. 
In this episode we focus on God's way to manage depression, the impact of trauma in our lives, and the lessons learned from the ACEs study.  We consider together God's perspective in our lives as we focus on listening to God's Counsel from Above. 
The church is a gathering of imperfect people trying to be perfect and failing miserably.  In this episode we are talking with Chris McCurley preacher and pod cast host of Dear Church to discuss the role of the church related to our relationships, resolving conflict, and teaching our children about relationships.  Come with us as we talk together to help us fit in with our church family and to make improvements by listening to his Counsel from Above. 
Peer pressure continues to be a topic of interest that Satan uses to undermine our Christian life.  In this episode my youngest son Brady Honeycutt will be providing his experience as a freshman in the second largest school in Missouri.  We will consider the reason peer pressure is used, when it is the most impactful in our lives, and the best tools to counter its influence.  Join us ,as we consider God's word and his Counsel from Above. 
This episode is about raising children in this age and how to build a home that helps to promote godliness and mental health.  Wyatt Honeycutt is our special guest.  He provides up-to-date and a first hand look at what is like to be a teen in this time period.  Join us as we discuss the parent child relationship, creating a home that promotes mental health, and social media.  Let us come together to consider God's way and to listen to his Counsel from Above. 
Human sexuality

Human sexuality


Let's talk about sex.  Satan is doing a lot of it so why not us.  God has provided great information related to sexuality and we need to make sure that message is being presented.  This podcast considers sextortion, pornography, and "The Talk."  Make sure you listen to this podcast fully before you let your children listen to it due to the content.  Let us consider God's message and direction for our sexual behavior as we gather to listen to His Counsel from Above.
Parenting is a frustrating job most days.  Today we tackle three questions that parents have asked me related to their child.  The questions consist of the changes that happen to our pre-teens, rebellious children, and what to do if/when our child identifies as being bisexual.  These topics are topics that God provides the answers if we but listen to His Counsel from Above. 
Have you every wondered if there is a wrong way to grieve?  This episode will focus on processing suicide, supporting those that grieve, answering the question "does God hate me?".  Let us explore God's word together and see what he wants us to know about the grieving process. 
How often do we think we are crazy?  How often do people call us crazy?  This episode is about considering the struggles we have mentally, the use of medications, the difference between guilt and shame, and the relationship of mental health issues and our Christianity.  Come join us as we explore God's direction as we seek the Counsel From Above.
Relationships Matter

Relationships Matter


We are a relational people that value connections with others.  Since that is the case have you ever wondered why they are so difficult to manage.  We will be tackling three questions related to our relationship with our spouse, people that we care about and God.  Let us explore ways to improve our relationships through Counsel From Above.



We are exploring together three questions that focus on how to manage ourselves and take care of our needs in the midst of challenges.  We will talk about anxiety, vicarious trauma, and dealing with co-workers.  Let us spend time together in God's word as we spend time understanding how to take care of ourselves. 
Parenting 101

Parenting 101


We consider three questions related to parenting.  We consider the struggles couples have when they have different parenting styles, what parents should do to help their children find the right mate, and should we allow our kids to attend other churches.  Come join us as we consider God's response to help us be better parents.
How should we act when we feel grief?  Let us consider three questions provided by listeners of the show on the subject of grief.  We will consider God's word and learn His recommendation no how to process our grief.



Welcome to Counsel From Above.  This is our place to study God's word together and seek out answers to questions we wish we could ask a Counselor.  Nathan Honeycutt, LPC and minister of the churches of Christ will be your host.  You can send questions to  Thank you for listening as we seek our counsel from above.
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