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All eyes are on hosts Attorney Meredith Maitrejean and Attorney Darius Clayton this week as they are joined by Attorney Priscilla Williams to discuss Insurance Law, meaty diets, and Netflix's The
Meredith and Darius sit down with Lawyer and Influencer Kameron Monet and ask the question we all want to know.... "How do I become an Influencer?" They discuss how she got her start, changes in the social media market, influencers she works with and the most lucrative genres on social media. Basically, Kameron gives them the "tea" on the influencer space and ensures them that its not too late to get in the game! Also, the Ronnie cameo is back! Jump in!
Meredith and Darius give their takes on the infamous Elon Musk Twitter purchase and have to decide whether they are in the "pro tech bro", "anti-tech bro" or "I don't care tech bro" camp. Meredith dishes on her super cool (formerly employed) tech cousin and they dig into the lavish work days of the aforementioned tech bros. There's even a Ronnie cameo! Jump in!
[Be aware of spoilers!!]Our gassy, yet glamorous hosts Attorney Meredith Maitrejean and Attorney Darius Crayton have Attorney Devan Byrd join them to discuss the Medical Malpractice involved with Netflix's The Good Nurse documentary. Plus enjoy a walk down memory lane involving  our host's most embarrassing ER visits.
Hosts Meredith Maitrejean and Darius Crayton chat with Divorce Attorney, Lauren Lock about Ali Wong's prenup success, the educational value of The Real Housewives and Birmingham's own CatNapper.
"An Inmate added me on PlayStation." - Attorney Chris DanielMeet Attorney Meredith Maitrejean and Attorney Darius Crayton during their first episode of Below The Law. They are joined today by Attorney Chris Daniel, a hilarious criminal defense attorney. Listen as they discuss Nicole Linton's and Henry Ruggs' murderous car wrecks, Netflix's Jeffrey Dahmer show and other news worthy topics.
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Below The Law Trailer

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