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Author: Brandon Spain & Lindsy Waters

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What’s beyond the veil? The nature of this world we live in is unrefined.

Yes, we live in this multifaceted world of the SEEN and the UNSEEN.
In each episode we go beyond the veil in our own personal unrefined way.

Our podcast recipe includes: the supernatural, the strange and unexplained from a biblical perspective, PLUS deep dives into the Word AND a wee bit of the conspiratorial for good measure.
33 Episodes
Become a member here ->https://unrefinedpodcast.comIn this *MEMBERS ONLY* episode of the Unrefined Podcast, Brandon and his co-hosts Lindsy and Nathan discuss the movie "Dark City." Together, they explore the occult influences, predictive programming, and other fringy elements in the movie.The group delves deep into the plot, characters, and themes of "Dark City," discussing the film's connection to other movies like "The Matrix". They also explore the movie's use of symbolism and its commentary on the nature of reality. The conversation takes an interesting turn as they discuss the sleep paralysis angle of the movie and how it relates to the aliens' manipulation of reality.0:01:40 - Brief plot summary of Dark City0:03:05 - Comparison to The Matrix and Twilight Zone.0:04:26 - Discussion about the character names in Dark City.0:08:02 - Sleep paralysis angle in the movie.0:09:00 - Comparison of the black hat men to the Hat Man from sleep paralysis experiences.0:11:49 - Discussion of the lack of explanation of the movie's plot.0:12:32 - The aliens' desire to become human and understand individuality.0:12:50 - Comparison to the Borg from Star Trek.0:13:06 - The city's resemblance to a Borg cube.0:15:02 - Discussion of the strangers and the unclear explanation of their presence on Earth.0:16:00 - Analysis of the new creation motif and John Murdoch's role in it.0:16:48 - Discussion of John Murdoch as a Christ-like figure.0:18:23 - Predictions of transhumanism and humanity's future.0:19:03 - Significance of Dark City being set in the 1940s and its relation to alien abductions.0:21:19 - Discussion of the TV show "The 4400" and its similarity to Dark City.0:22:40 - Analysis of the gnostic and occult themes in the movie.0:23:24 - Post-apocalyptic Earth.0:24:06 - Film noir influences in Dark City.0:25:20 - Historical context.0:26:08 - Comparison of the strangers to demons and nephilim.0:27:12 - The aliens' need for a human host body.0:28:50 - Discussion of Dr. Schreber's character and his inspiration from a real-life German doctor.0:29:28 - Discussion of Dr. Schreber's mental state and his autobiography.0:30:23 - Analysis of Dr. Schreber's character as a tragic villain.0:33:20 - Dark City and its cult following.0:35:00 - Comparison of Dark City's box office performance to Titanic.0:36:19 - Overall positive review of Dark City and its thought-provoking plot.0:37:40 - Recommendation to watch the director's cut of the movie.0:39:02 - Call to action for listeners to interact and share their thoughts on the movie.0:40:27 - Closing thoughts and recommendation to watch Dark City. 
Our guest on this episode is Nathan Zieber, the Community Liaison Director for MUFON Canada, a former private investigator, and the “Paranormal Pastor” in some fringe communities. Nathan, a Christian, got involved with MUFON after hearing stories from his grandfather, a Marine in Vietnam, about mysterious lights in the sky known as Foo fighters.   He was surprised to find that there was little to no Christian presence in the realms of paranormal activity.   His work has been accepted by his church and other Christians because they recognize the need to bring light to those lost in darkness.https://unrefinedpodcast.comMidnight Mysteries- Instagram: YouTube: Spotify: Google Podcasts: Facebook: Email: nzieber@calvarycommunity.caWebsite: Timestamps0:00:06An Introduction to the Mutual UFO Network with Nathan Zieber0:02:59Investigating Unnatural Phenomena: Determining Natural vs. Unnatural Phenomena0:04:57MUFON Investigator on UFOs and Paranormal Activity0:07:04Exploring the Supernatural0:11:35Exploring the Possibility of Aliens and Interdimensional Beings 0:19:02Analysis of Recent UFO Sightings and Their Impact on Eschatology0:21:00Engaging People with the Gospel Through UFO Discussion0:23:24Building a Bridge Between Christianity and the Paranormal Community Through Dialogue and Discipleship0:26:32Building a Relationship with New Age UFO Folks0:28:23Exploring a Healthy Balance Between Christianity and Paranormal Beliefs0:30:04Conversation on Eschatology and the UFO Phenomenon0:32:07Eschatology and the Rise of New Age Spiritual Practices in the UFO Community0:36:18Conversation on the Spiritual Realm and Transhumanism0:38:12Conversation on the Mark of the Beast and Technology0:39:49Investigating Unusual Animal Mutilations0:41:59Investigating Paranormal Encounters with MUFON and Whistleblowers0:44:02The Power of the Name of Jesus in Paranormal Communities0:50:06Conversation on Reaching Out to Fringy Folk0:51:48Conversation on Touching the Unclean and Ministering to People Outside the Church0:54:09Transitioning to a Church of Small Groups: The Role of Lay Ministers in the New Testament Church  
Episode 31 - Riff #3

Episode 31 - Riff #3

Professional Paranormal Investigator Shares Memorable Cases In MississippiBrandon and Lindsy welcome Brian Riley, a paranormal investigator, to their podcast. They clarify that they don't necessarily agree with every opinion voiced on the show, but overall they enjoyed the conversation.  Brian is the founder of the Mississippi Paranormal Society and was inspired to investigate paranormal activity due to the abundance of ghost stories and reported haunted locations in his hometown of Vicksburg. He shares some of the most notable locations including Cedar Grove Mansion, Duff Green Mansion, and McGraven Tour Home. They then dive into the conversation about paranormal investigation and discuss entities and ghosts. Brian is an experienced paranormal investigator and he explains the different types of paranormal activity, such as hauntings, PK manifestation, and demonic activity.  https://unrefinedpodcast.comMississippi Paranormal Society Facebook Websitewww.msparasociety.weebly.comYouTube personal Facebook Instagram with Paranormal Investigator Brian Riley0:03:52Paranormal: A Haunting Experience0:06:34Different Types of Hauntings0:08:54Paranormal Activity: Common Types of Hauntings and Demonic Manifestations0:13:44The Unknown0:15:45Investigating Paranormal Activity in Private Residences and Historic Places0:20:58Duff Green Mansion: A Memorable Experience0:24:25Investigating the Supernatural0:26:03Exploring Equipment 0:31:00Investigating Paranormal Phenomena: Exploring EVPs, ITC Devices, and Matrixing0:33:27Phenomenon of Pareidolia0:35:27Investigating Paranormal Phenomenon: A Skeptical Approach0:38:07Paranormal Activity0:44:22Mediums in Paranormal Investigations0:47:11Exploring Planes of Existence, Vortices, and Portals in Paranormal Activity0:51:53Conversation on Supernatural Phenomena and Victorian Rituals Around Death0:57:24Difference Between Demonic and Non-Demonic Hauntings1:02:02Dealing with Skeptics in the Supernatural Realm1:04:26Ghost Hunting: Exploring the Unknown with an Open Mind1:06:40Difference Between Ghosts and Spirits 1:13:58Impact of Paranormal TV Shows on Paranormal Investigations1:17:58Ghost Hunting Event at Southern Cultural Heritage Center with Skeptic in Attendance 
https://unrefinedpodcast.comThis episode includes a fun conversation with Author Ryan C. Anderson and the discussion of his newest book “A Little Ways Off”. Brandon and Lindsy ask questions concerning Ryan’s life experiences with the supernatural, and his experience during college with the dark side of the spiritual world, the paranormal and occult which led to this book.  Ryan shares how he felt alone in his experience and wanted to share his story to let people know that there is deliverance in Jesus. He realized more people were dealing with this than he had thought.  God put it on his heart to write a book about this experience that he had kept to himself out of embarrassment.  Make sure to get your copy!  See links belowYouTube - - purchase on Amazon Timestamps0:02:37Interview with Author Ryan C. Anderson on His New Book, "A Little Ways Off"0:06:33Naming Book with God's Help0:08:15Exploring the Fiction and Reality of a Personal Story0:16:47Conversation on the Use of Spiritual Gifts and Callings0:23:32Exploring the Reality of Imaginary Experiences0:24:57Experiencing the Presence of Darkness: A Conversation on the Supernatural0:29:29Intersection of Faith and the Occult: A Personal Reflection0:30:41Appeal of Wicca to Teenagers0:33:04"Exploring the Need for Spiritual Connection in the Church"0:36:19Exploring the Power of God in the Church0:40:07Conversation on Supernatural Power and Fantasy RPGs0:41:52Discussion on the Viewpoint of D&D and the Holy Spirit0:44:03Use of Dungeons and Dragons in Christian Context0:45:29Discussion on Intention and Gray Areas in Christian Living0:47:11Conversation on Music, Judgment, and Maturity in Christ0:50:45Importance of Speaking in Tongues 0:52:26"The Power of Praying in the Spirit: How It Saved a Marriage"0:54:13The Power of Praying in the Spirit: A Conversation with Pastor Friend0:57:28Conversation on Praying in the Spirit and End Times Deception0:58:29End Times and Predictions of Jesus' Return1:00:54Unity in the Faith Despite Different Perspectives1:02:32Foreshadowing of 911 in Revelation1:04:51Experiencing the Mercy and Power of God as a Believer1:08:38Experiencing the Supernatural Power of God1:11:09Author of "God Loves Children" and "A Little Ways Off"1:12:47Ryan Anderson's Upcoming Book on Precreation and the Bible  
This episode: Former Satanist Finds Freedom In Jesus After Difficult Spiritual Journey Find us at https://unrefinedpodcast.comTimestamps0:00:10Conversation with Kevin: A Dynamic Testimony of His Introduction to Jesus Christ0:05:12Conversation on Satanism 0:10:52Exploring Different Spiritual Paths0:14:45Discussion on Buddhism and the Concept of Visualization0:17:58Experiencing Demonic Entities 0:23:16Mental Health Struggles and Experiences with Intrusive Thoughts0:24:39Conversation on Demonic Entities and the Elite0:28:59Conversation on Demonic Activity and the Leftist Agenda0:31:04Conversation on Religion, Self-Help Industry, and Transformation Speakers0:36:21Experiencing Deliverance and Forgiveness Through Faith in God0:38:19A Former Sex Addict's Journey to Finding Faith0:40:28The Power of Worship Music: A Testimony of Transformation0:46:31Conversation on Experiencing the Supernatural After Becoming a Christian0:48:02Testimony of Healing Through Proclamations of Faith0:50:23Spiritual Journey0:54:45Dangers of False Teaching and Misquoting Scripture1:00:21Reflections on Finding Balance in Spiritual Leadership1:01:54Finding Strength and Glory in God
Episode 27 - Riff #2

Episode 27 - Riff #2


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Make sure to join our community -> https://unrefinedpodcast.comDoug Van Dorn joins the podcast to discuss his recent travels to Israel and exploration of the stars.  Take a listen to understand the importance! Timestamps0:00:10Interview with Pastor Doug Van Dorn: Reflections on His Trip to Israel0:05:28Exploring the Wheel of the Giants in Israel 0:09:03Exploring Ancient Wonders of the World and Astronomy0:10:24Conversation on the Astronomical Alignments of the Wheel of Giants and Serpent Mound0:12:52Exploring the Theology of Astrology: A Discussion on Romans 10:18 and Psalm 190:18:31Discussion on the Origin of the Zodiac and its Relationship to the Gospel0:20:14Exploring the Intersection of Astronomy and Theology in the Bible0:23:02"Exploring the Difference Between Astronomy and Astrology"0:27:24Daniel's Role as an Astrologer0:29:14Exploring the Astrological Prophecy of Jesus' Birth0:34:06Analysis of Revelation 12: Astronomical Significance of the Star of Bethlehem0:36:20Discussion of Astronomy and Astrology in the Bible0:43:22Exploring the Ancient Use of Constellations to Navigate the Earth0:45:22Conversation on the Seven Churches of Asia Minor and the Israelites' Awareness of Celestial Alignments0:47:36Analysis of the Biblical Text and Targum Regarding the Four Tribes of Israel0:50:51"Exploring the Significance of the Number Twelve in the Bible"0:52:42Discussion on Astronomy, Astrology, and the Occultic Symbol of the Cube0:55:31Conversation on the Redemptive Nature of God and His Creation0:57:16The Measure of All Things: Exploring the Significance of Man in the Glory of Christ1:02:44Conversation on Amos 5:26 and Stephen's Reference to Remphan and the Star of David1:04:59Significance of the Star of David
Exploring Predictive Programming In 1980s Classic 'The Lost Boys' - #We'reWatchingYouIn this episode, hosts Brandon Spain and Lindsy Waters, along with Brandon's son Nathan, discuss the iconic 80's movie The Lost Boys, directed by Joel Schumacher. They talk about the film's predictive programming, symbolism and other cultural aspects, as well as other works such as the Batman movies and St. Elmo’s Fire. They joke about Sam's secret fantasy for Rob Low, and mention that there is more to the movie than just vampirism.  Timestamps0:00:09Exploring Predictive Programming in 'The Lost Boys' 0:04:13Discussion of Vampire Genres in the Movie 0:05:55Exploring the Mythos of Vampirism 0:10:49Summary: The Lost Boys (1987)0:13:25Analysis of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys in Relation to Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison, and Charles Manson0:20:11Exploring the Symbolism of the Movie 0:22:51Exploring the Themes of the Movie 0:25:18Exploring the Mythos of Manson, the Lost Boys, and St. Elmo's Fire0:28:58"Less Than Zero" and the Brat Pack0:31:24Discussion on Vampire Mythos in Popular Media0:33:36Exploring the Mythology of Vampires and Cryptids0:40:24Conversation on Caves, Blood, and the Bible0:44:41Exploring the Themes of 70s Music and Vampire Lore   
Episode 24- Riff #1

Episode 24- Riff #1


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Episode 23- Little People

Episode 23- Little People


Join the community -> https://unrefinedpodcast.comIn this episode, Brandon and Lindsy are discussing a topic about little people that are folkloric, supernatural, mythical Earth dwellers found in many different cultures. They explore the size of these little people, as well as the vastness of this topic. They also note that these beings are in the mythos of different cultures, but that they may possibly exist in real life.  Timestamps0:00:13Exploring Little People in Mythology and Folklore0:03:15Roots of Little People Cultures0:05:28Conversation on Little People in Mythology and Folklore0:10:52Exploring the Connection Between Paracelsus, Little People, and Elemental Spirits0:17:02Mythology of Little People in Different Cultures0:22:12Mythology of the Mayan People and the Aluxe Dwarves0:28:45Conversation on Spanish Bullfighting and Indigenous Little People Legends0:31:33Little People of Prior Mountain0:35:32Native American Legends of Little People and Supernatural Strength0:37:26Conversation on Little People in Mythology and Folklore0:40:08Mythology of Little People in North America0:42:46Greek Mythology and the Origins of the Term "Pygmy"0:45:33Connection Between Pre-Flood Nephilim and Pygmies0:48:05Discussion on the Possibility of Little People Being a Species of Nephilim0:50:58Analysis of Ezekiel 27:10-12 and the Biblical Reference 0:55:51Investigating the Possibility of Nephilim as a Hybrid Species0:57:33Exploring Little People: A Primer on the Occult and Supernatural  
YAY!! It's here--- Our first MEMBERS ONLY episode and it's with Amy@eyesontheright4.0 A big thank you to Amy for your expertise and sharing with us @Unrefined.   Our response from Amy's first episode made her the TOP of the list for our first MEMBERS episode!   So blessed to share you with our Unrefined friends and family. Hey Unrefined followers--- Want in on the perks!?  Join our community by clicking the link below!  Simple, straight-forward, one low price, no complications, suspend or cancel anytime. desire is to serve YOU our faithful listeners, and with your support we can give MORE time to producing, researching and delivering the content you desire.   
Nick Dotson is a recent friend of Brandon and Lindsy's, who was born and raised Catholic but was living a life of drugs, alcohol and New Age practices. He was so desperate that he almost hung himself in his closet, but prayed to God to reveal himself.   Today, he has have helped lead worship and start bible studies with local churches and in house churches, also has lead evangelist -outreach coordinator for a college ministry for over 4 years, he has preached on the street, and has preached in churches for youth revivals.   He has preached in prisons and is currently leading and assisting others in over 8 ministries.  Nick has been a successful TikTok influencer with over 650k views on his latest video. He has also lead over 300 individuals from TikTok to Christ , casted out demons , prayed for healing and God healed the people he was connected with through TikTok.  Nick travels to local churches in Ohio and also is a motivational speaker while sharing Jesus all the time.  Find Nick on   Timestamps0:00:08Conversation with Nick Dotson: A Testimony of Salvation0:03:01Experiencing Spiritual Death and Finding Mercy and Grace0:05:09Reflection on Faith Journey: From Misery to Resurrection0:09:39Exploring Different Theologies and Experiences of Faith0:11:30The Supernatural and Defining Terms in Christianity0:16:48Discussion of Mormonism, Freemasonry, and the Occult0:18:42Awakening to Legal Rights and Open Doors0:20:55Demonization in Christianity: A Personal Experience0:22:53Deliverance and Casting Out Demons0:27:43Professional Account of a Deliverance Prayer Session0:31:28Demon Exorcism Through the Power of Jesus0:32:56Discernment in the Spirit Realm0:35:06Possibility of Christians Being Possessed and the Role of Drugs in the Enemy's Plan0:39:16Discernment Ministry and the Religious Spirit0:44:32Exploring Revival0:46:45Gen Z's Revival of the Church and Hunger for the Supernatural0:49:17Exploring the Possibilities of Revival in the Gen Z Generation0:54:40The Power of Social Media0:56:32Testimonies of God's Power on TikTok1:06:42Exploring the Benefits of Social Media Platforms for Sharing the Gospel1:08:40Revival at Mansfield, Ohio: Experiencing God's Presence, Healings, and Manifestations of the Gifts of the Spirit1:17:04Dallas Willard, Michael Heiser, and Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance Ministry1:21:48Analysis of the Nephilim, Sons of Seth, and Deuteronomy 32 Worldview1:23:46Understanding the Old Testament and the Rebellion of the Sons of God1:25:55Exploring the Origins of Witchcraft and Mormonism's Connection to Alien Technology1:33:14Discussion on Proactive Spiritual Warfare for Christians 
This is part two of a discussion with Michael Pewtress (Enoch).  He explains how pyramids, mounds, ziggurats, and other dome-like structures were built to harvest energy and focus it. These structures are traced back to ancient times and were used to harness the energy in the air and on the ground.  Enoch and the hosts discuss how George Washington played a vital role in the creation of the United States of America and facilitated the new Babylon so that the end times can come. The conversation continues with talking about Nimrod and how he was responsible for the building of the first cities, and was then ascended into God. It was theorized that the pyramids and ziggurats had a massive charge.  This charge was thought to be connected to the dark resurrection, which is symbolized by the sculpture in the Vatican of demons coming out behind the Pope. It was theorized that the pyramids and mounds will be used to bring back ancient gods during the Tribulation, when the great adversary is given the keys. It is believed that these gods will be brought back into cloned bodies and placed in areas where the charge is. The conversation includes the concept of resurrection and the disclosure event that is currently happening. And about the upcoming disclosure that is set to occur. NEW MERCH SHOP -> Timestamps0:00:08Harnessing Free Energy: Exploring the Ancient Structures of Pyramids, Mounds, and Ziggurats0:03:41Conversation on the Theory of Demonic Resurrection and Ancient gods0:06:03The Dark Resurrection and Disclosure Event Timeline0:08:04Disclosure of the White Hats and the Coming Alien Invasion0:11:03Exploring the Potential of Med Beds and AI-Driven Technology in Canada0:16:35Discussion on Healing Prayer and Med Beds in the Tribulation0:18:53Exploring AI Quantum Tech0:21:04Discussion on AI Quantum Technology and the Mark of the Beast0:25:25The Mark of the Beast and AI Connections0:27:22Exploring the End Times and the Great Reset 0:35:42Investigating the Mysterious Disappearance of Jordan Peterson and the Alleged Use of Benzos0:37:49Exploring the Role of Freemasonry in World War II and the Current Economic Decline0:40:14Exploring the Public Trust and General Fund 0:44:58Exploring the Return of the Giants 0:47:17Exploring the Theories of Gilgamesh 0:50:29Exploring Inequity in the Transgender Movement and Ancient Times0:53:11Iniquity, Growth Hormone, and the Creation of Giants0:56:43Discussion on the Queen and Ancient Bloodlines0:58:55The Ten Kings, the Antichrist, and the Supernatural1:00:58Interdimensional Mind Games and the Spirit Realm1:03:13Demonic Entity Encounter1:07:13Paranormal Experiences  
"Exploring Dualities: An Overview Of White Hat/ Black Hat Narratives And Government Finance"Brandon and Lindsy welcome Michael Pewtress, also known as Enoch on social media. Michael has been researching the end times. Brandon wanted to hear his take on what’s been going on in the world. Michael shares that he started researching in 2004, when his ex-wife started using their children as weapons. He has been researching the end times ever since, and he’s excited to share his knowledge learned through difficult trials of life. He describes a difficult experience he had of going through a divorce and not having any help as a man. After learning the court system was monetarily based, he ran for Member of Parliament in 2019. He also became a Christian in 2020 after realizing the truth behind government. He believes the world is heading into a new monetary system, a World Economic Forum system to scare everyone before the beast system, an AI controlled monetary system is implemented. He believes the white hat/black hat narrative is being used to manipulate the public and keep them in the dark. NEW MERCH SHOP -> Separation and the End Times0:03:56A Journey to Faith: How a Dream Led to a New Understanding of Christianity0:05:51The Impact of Divorce on Parental Responsibility and Child Development0:09:47Government Finance, Court System, and the White Hat/Black Hat Narrative0:16:51Conversation on White Hat Deception and Government Finance0:19:01Discussion on Student Loan Debt: A Duality of Perspectives0:21:25Exploring the Use of Tax Credits 0:25:17Examining the White Hat and Black Hat Narratives0:27:24Discussion on the Difference Between Black Hat and White Hat Narratives0:29:35Discussion on the Abundance of Media and the New World Order0:33:30Exploring the Hegelian Dialectic: A Discussion on Compromise and Change0:38:39Discussion of the Hegelian Dialectic and the Council of Nicaea0:40:45Conversation on the Influence of Paganism on Christianity
Brandon and Lindsy have a conversation with Steve Harmon about the finished work of Christ and how it is misunderstood. Steve argued that there are two camps when it comes to this theology: the grace camp, and the healing camp.  Steve believes that a balanced approach to the finished works is needed. He believes that Jesus provided a way for all of us to come to the Father and that it is both believing and changing our thinking that will help us access that grace. The conversation is about different types of Christian beliefs, specifically between the finished works mindset and the tools to help free people and change the world mindset. steveharmon.org MEMBERSHIP-> Timestamps0:00:07Exploring the Finished Work of Christ with Steve Harmon0:03:46Finished Works Mindset and Its Impact on Faith0:06:06Discussion on Faith Without Works is Dead0:07:36Legalism and Receiving God's Love0:09:40Role of Works in Justification0:11:23Conversation on Grace and Salvation0:13:26Discussion on the Importance of Maturing as a Christian0:17:53The Effects of Doing Nothing and Healing Through Faith0:19:34Difference Between Mind Renewal and Believing for Healing0:21:46Exploring the Role of Inner Healing 0:23:34The Need for Inner Healing and Deliverance0:28:08The Benefits of Healing and Deliverance According to Jesus0:30:03The False Sense of Security in Finished Works Theology0:32:25Discussion on Appropriating the Finished Works of Jesus for Healing0:37:05Conversation with Steve Harmon on Prayer and Spiritual Warfare0:39:05Exploring the Dynamics of the Spiritual Realm 
In this episode, hosts Brandon and Lindsy explore the mysterious world of doppelgangers. Doppelgangers, a German word meaning “double-walker”, have been around for centuries, popping up in many cultures and even in the Bible. While many people think of doppelgangers as an apparition or fantasy, some believe that they can be flesh and blood entities. Famous people, such as Abraham Lincoln and Catherine the Great of Russia, have been said to have doppelgangers. The hosts explain that they will be discussing various aspects of doppelgangers in the episode, such as the different types and what it means for people in different cultures. The conversation discusses the concept of spirit doubles, which is a German mythology term referring to malevolent apparitions. It is believed to be an omen of something bad to come. The conversation also fast-forwards to the modern day, where some people consider the idea of clones to be a possible explanation for spirit doubles. The topic of doppelgangers, which are human beings made without a God breathed spirit but inhabited by some sort of spirit, whether it be demonic or some other kind. This conversation brings up some interesting ideas about the phenomenon. https://unrefinedpodcast.comTimestamps0:00:06Phenomenon of Doppelgangers 0:04:04Exploring the Phenomenon of Spirit Doubles and Changelings0:05:52Discussion on Doppelgangers and the Uncanny Valley0:11:45Investigating the Phenomenon of Doppelgangers: A Discussion0:13:46Discussion on Born Again Christians and Astral Projection: Exploring the Gray Areas0:15:52Pauline: A Tragic Story of a Missing Child0:20:03The Foundling and the Dappleganger0:23:06Exploring Doppelgangers in Different Cultures and Religions0:25:36Discussion on Supernatural Phenomena and Cryptids0:29:32Discussion on Autoscopy, Heautoscopy and Astral Projection0:36:25Discussion on Supernatural Experiences and the Fear of the Unknown0:38:24Exploring the Supernatural: A Discussion on Angelic Encounters and Quantum Mechanics0:43:11The Science of the Spirit0:45:18Exploring Norse Doppelgangers and Shelley's Demagorgon0:47:43Doppelgangers and Sleep Paralysis0:50:08Exploring the Mysterious Phenomenon of Doppelgangers  
Mike Stibs joined Brandon and Lindsy on the Podcast to talk about his ministry, which combines media and other topics. Mike grew up in Los Angeles, and before his conversion to Christianity, played in a band which focused on aliens and other strange topics. After his conversion, Mike dedicated himself to serving God, and has been exploring different areas. The Bell Witch Project link -> Mike on IG-> Mike on FB-> Mike on Tiktok-> @mikestibs4https://unrefinedpodcast.comOur NEW tiktok->@unrefinedpodcast.comTimestamps0:00:10Interview with Mike Stibs: Exploring the Fringe in Media & Ministry0:02:53Alien Encounter?0:04:46Exploring the Dimensions of Physics and Consciousness0:06:45Exploring the Supernatural: A Conversation on Ouija Boards and Dimensions0:11:33Exploring Quantum Mechanics and Prayer 0:15:54Exploring the Intersection of Spiritual and Scientific Laws0:18:06Investigating the West Memphis Three0:20:23Video Production Process0:24:26Conversation on the Value of Preaching God's Word in the Fringe Community0:26:42Exploring the Wheat and Tares Scenario in the Fringe Movement0:29:47Conversation on the Need for Vigilance and Spiritual Preparation0:32:55Discussion on Prioritizing God and Jesus in Content Creation0:34:30Discussion on the New Great Awakening and Strong Opinions Loosely Held0:36:42Exploring the Evolution of Storytelling and the Message of Jesus0:38:10Exploring the Fringe: Evangelism and UFOs0:43:11Confronting the Demonic Realm with the Gospel of the Kingdom0:44:43Hollywood and Entertainment Industry0:46:43Documentary Filmmaker0:51:05Supernatural Experience in Walmart0:55:13Miraculous Healing: How God Reached Down from Heaven to Touch a Young Man's Life 
Brandon Spain, the host of Unrefined Podcast, and co-host Lindsay Waters welcome investigative journalist and author William Ramsey to the show. They have a mutual friend from the Fringe Radio Network, Johnny McMahon, who sent his greetings. William is the host of one of the top 0.5% podcasts in the world and the conversation between the three of them is rooted in a Christian perspective. They start the conversation by discussing Aleister Crowley, a modern magician and artist who has attracted people in Hollywood.  The conversations then moves on to discussing occult practices, the supernatural and how they can be seen through a Christian lens. They discuss the dangers of such practices and the importance of understanding the spiritual realm. They close the conversation with William sharing why he believes it's important to continue to explore and research the topics he covers. The speaker was a fringe researcher who had lost faith in corporate media in the 90s. After 9/11, he was researching independently online and noticed the number 11 popping up everywhere. He then found out that eleven was a very important number in the Western Esoteric tradition, which led him to Aleister Crowley. He then realized that Crowley was writing things from 77 to 93 and 175, so he decided to research him further and learn more about magic and the occult. The conversation is about Aleister Crowley and how he is viewed as a cultural and historical figure. Crowley wrote a 500-page autobiography called Confessions which he called a hagiography, but it was the opposite as he divulged a lot of information about himself and his activities. The speaker then talks about how Crowley's ideas overlap with the New World Order and what happened on 9/11, which is still happening today. Crowley was an elitist and an occultist, and his ideas are being copied by those in power.  William introduces the book, Prophet of Evil, which is on its third edition. It is a biography of Crowley and covers his life, his ideas and beliefs, and the impact he had on the world. Podcast: documentaries: Timestamps0:00:07Interview with Investigative Journalist and Author William Ramsey0:02:54Investigating Alastair Crowley: A Conversation with a Fringe Researcher0:05:02Exploring Crowley's Influence on the New World Order0:06:43Summary of Crowley's Early Life0:08:30Summary of Crowley's Life and Occult Studies0:11:16Analysis of Crowley’s Involvement in World War I and II0:13:31Summary of Aleister Crowley's Life and Influence on Modern Occultism0:15:41Exploring the Significance of the Number Eleven in Esoteric Traditions0:17:10Exploring the Occult Connections /Stranger Things0:23:37The West Memphis Three: A Discussion on the Case and Its Future0:26:26Discussion on the West Memphis Three and the Order of the Nine Angles0:27:58Overview of the Order of Nine Angles (ONA)0:30:03Exploring the Ideology of the ONA and its Connection to Modern National Socialism0:31:46Exploring the Influence of ONA and Druidism on Pop Culture and Modern Society0:38:05Exploring the Occult: A Discussion on Far-Right Groups and Their Practices0:39:16Awareness of Radical Ethnically Influenced Groups Growing in Law Enforcement0:41:25Conversation on Socialism, Civil Rights, and the Smiley Face Killings0:43:22Interview with William Ramsay on the Smiley Face Killer Phenomenon0:49:42Conversation on QAnon0:54:24Analysis of the Q Phenomenon and its Impact on Followers 
Today we are talking with Amy from Eyes on the Right about her journey into researching the occult in contemporary culture. Amy grew up in Southern California and was always in ministry, working as a teacher for 22 years. On her second trip to Haiti she heard a lot of stories about the Clintons. This sparked her curiosity, and she began to research and investigate the occult in contemporary culture, including Hollywood. She has had a podcast (currently not published). She has a counseling ministry and an Instagram page, where she shares her findings. She encourages people to look into what they see in the media, so they can be aware of the predictive programming it presents. The conversation began with Amy talking about awakening to the reality of trafficking and how it was intertwined with Hollywood. Through surrendering to the Lord, Amy felt a push to uncover the dark undercurrents being pushed by the enemy that was behind the media and celebrities. She also suggests that if someone was looking to get started in understanding this kind of work, they should start with a biblical lens. The conversation between Amy and the hosts focuses on the spiritual agenda of Hollywood and its connection to mystery religions in Babylon, Egypt and other places. The conversation then turns to Operation Paperclip, which brought Nazi scientists to the United States under the guise of teaching Americans, despite the fact that they should have been charged for their crimes. Ultimately, the conversation explores the spiritual agenda of Hollywood and its connection to the occult.   www.biblicalguidancecounseling.comeyesontheright4.0  on IGhttps://unrefinedpodcast.comTimestamps0:00:06Interview with Amy- Eyes on the Right: Exploring the Occult in Contemporary Culture0:03:06Unpacking the Undercurrent of Hollywood and Media0:05:14Uncovering the Occultic Agenda Behind Hollywood0:09:05"Exploring the Connections Between Nazi Scientists, NASA, and Hollywood"0:12:14Exploring the Occultic Influences of Laurel Canyon and Hollywood Celebrities0:18:01Conversation on Symbology and Hand Gestures in Popular Culture0:22:03The Use of Symbols and Rituals in Popular Culture0:26:11Exploring Predictive Programming and Disassociation Through Movies and Television0:28:42Conversation on Maintaining Balance While Investigating Occultic Thinking0:32:35Conversation on Bible Reading Plans 0:34:37Discussion on the Occult Symbolism of the "One Eye" Imagery0:38:06Discernment and Spiritual Maturity: A Conversation on the Red Shoe Club 0:41:53Discussion on the Significance of Red and Blue in Satanic Rituals0:44:47Exploring the Meaning of Red and Blue in Freemasonry and Mind Control Programming0:47:26Mind Control Programming and Its Impact on Society0:52:15Discernment and Symbols in the Counterculture Movement0:53:45Discussion on Symbols, Colors, and the Trans Agenda0:55:33Discernment and Supernatural Activity1:00:40Experiencing Spiritual Attacks: A Personal Story1:02:12Conversation with Christian Counselor1:07:38Christian Counseling and Psychological Theories  
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