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Our new podcast episode is out! Our KAAI MIC stayed in our home country, Belgium, to talk with Angélique Van Gils. Angélique is the co-founder and -owner of 'Pursuit Femmes' a Belgian fashion label specialized in tailor-made suits for women."Communication is rule number one", listen now and discover what it's like to start a brand together with your two daughters Listen to the podcast to discover how Angelique organizes her daily life. Happy Listening!
Meet Mayu Yoshida from Japan. Mayu was a news correspondent, anchor, and reporter for Thomson Reuters and Reuters news agency in Japan until she decided to become a freelance reporter.She's one of the co-founders of Women in Journalism in Japan with a mission to spread diversity in newsrooms across the country and besides all of that she's also a mom of three children.  Listen to the podcast to get insights into the work-life balance for women in Japan and how it has changed over the years, and learn more about Mayu's decision to not adhere to the Japanese norm for stay-at-home moms.Her best advice to women who struggle with balancing work- and family life: “Dedicate your time and do what you love. Then maybe the time will come. What matters at the end of the day is the happiness of the family"Happy listening! 
Meet Annie Bourdeau from Toronto, Canada. Annie is the CEO of Amplius Business Design, a consulting firm aiming to innovate the world of healthcare, pharma and biotech.  For 10 years she worked as an academic scientist, but then she decided to jump off the cliff and start her own company. Not a day is the same in her daily life but her morning routine is very precious for her professional and private life. Never skip breakfast and take that moment to reflect, observe and listen to yourself and your family members." I revise my to-do list and bring out new priorities in life just by observing and listening to what's happening in the morning."One thing is sure, when it comes to a daily routine, Annie's takeaway is to free enough time between the task on your to-do. “That allows you to properly nourish your brain, to be yourself and remain healthy”A big part of her to-do list is spending time with her family next to her career aspirations, going from dinner together to hockey games. Listen to the podcast to get to know insights on the non-parental care system across Canada, and learn more about the differences between French- and English-speaking Canada.Her best advice: “Work around your kids' schedule if it's feasible and possible and delegate tasks to your family, your support system."Happy listening!
Rasha Ezzeddine (Kuwait) is a Belgian with Lebanese roots who lives between Kuwait and Dubai. Rasha is a marketing director in the telecom industry and a real global citizen. Despite moving around the world, she took her interest and obsession with music, books, organization and handbags from one place to the next. Reporting to two GMs at the same time comes with long working hours. She experienced better than anyone how working life in Kuwait differs from that in Europe.  Also when it comes to organizing your professional agenda. "When I worked in Europe we were blocking time for meetings in our calendars... here I have to explain that concept to the people I work with. (laughs)"Listen and discover the way to a healthy work-life balance in Kuwait. From external household help to the influence of families with a real sense of community. Enjoy!
Explore what this podcast series is all about. The co-founders of KAAI let a microphone travel across the world, to interview their #KAAIwomen community. A community of women with ambition and inspiring career paths. The mission of the co-founders was to design a luxurious but practical business bag, that helps with keeping the lives of busy women in order. Keeping the head cool and organized is a part of the brand's DNA. This podcast series, its all about how this community organizes their lives differently in different countries. From discussing cultural organisational clichés to practical tips on how to keep a healthy work/life balance. Happy listening! 
Milan Ball (Virginia US) moved from the fashion industry to founding PHILAN, a consumer platform to track impact. She works as a content marketing specialist in tech. While she's still getting used to being a woman in tech, she's utmost excited about new no-code developments in the industry. Working in tech comes with working with international teams located around the globe. She like no other knows how a work schedule can differ from one moment to the next. Sometimes she starts before the sun rises, other days she meets with clients at midnight. She builds her private life around these diverse working hours.  
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