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Vivika Widow's Knock Knock

Author: Emma Connelly

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As a fearless reporter steps inside the Knock Knock club in search of the missing mayor, beneath the cabaret he discovers a much bigger problem than the disappearance of the mayor. He discovers a city-wide issue that is ready to erupt.
63 Episodes
Saints vs Sinners
Kisses all round in the latest EP of Knock Knock.
The people of Coldford City have bite. The animals? They are quite snappy. A wild one is on the loose as reporter Sam continues chasing the story on the missing mayor.
The cult church of Wigan is demanding some confessions. Meanwhile, Harvester Farm has some unwanted visitors.
The chase is on. Are you a cat person or a dog one?
A innocent man’s life hangs in the balance. With murder charges against him all that is left is for him to take the chair. contains scenes some may find a bit much.
Coming this Saturday.Things are tense in the city as a cult continues to sweep the area. The return of some familiar faces would hope so.
We’re back!Reporter, Sam Crusow, is stillIn pursuit of the missing mayor of Coldford City.Knock Knock returns the story leads down darker alleys.
Diamonds are everyone’s best friend. There’s none brighter than the Diamond King, Howard, who has stepped up to bring some sparkle to the Shady City.
Have you got the Godballs it takes to be true Kappa So?
Even the Penn triplets have sibling spats. Check out the latest EP of #knockknock where trouble stirring leaves the brothers despairing within the walls of The Boss
Just what the Shady City needed, wild animals! Come see Snowflake in the latest episode of Knock Knock
And we’re back!This Saturday join us for a brand new EP of the Knock Knock Podcast series.Fasten your seatbelt
The Shady City finds it’s fast connection cut.
The law is the law, even in the Shady City. It’s time for some reminders.
As tragic news reaches the Shady City, Beckingridge Manor doesn’t receive it well.
Billy Owen is on a clean up mission and he’s helping people confront their fears.
Coming your way! City Main holds its breath as it learns the fate of its king.
The last time we visited the Knock Knock club we found ourselves between a rock and a hard place. An Owen never misses but that may be one target they were sorry they hit. We’ve got a brand new issue coming this Saturday! Time to catch up.
Things are coming to a head in the Shady City, is the Hot Seat the best place to be?