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In our milestone episode, People Matters Unplugged celebrates International Women's Month by looking back at the lessons shared by three remarkable women: Monica Watt, Chin Yin Ong and Renu Bohra. The episode provides a recap of their own experiences of transforming the very spaces they inhabit as business leaders.
It is not only about breaking the “glass ceiling". Both, professional and personal empowerment of women, are not just an individual responsibility. It takes an entire community to increase this representation. Renu Bohra, Chief People Officer at logistics company DB Schenker explains in this episode of People Matters Unplugged.
The Story of Grab

The Story of Grab


Four principles form the cultural DNA of Grab, an organisation that has seen a remarkable period of growth and expansion across Southeast Asia. How does it maintain a vibrant culture? Chin Yin Ong, Grab's Chief People Officer, explains in this episode of People Matters Unplugged.
Business innovation cannot take place without effective leadership and talent management. After all, it's people who power our ventures. How are we creating an environment where people are evolving to keep pace with innovation? In this episode of People Matters Unplugged, we feature Joydeep Bose, Managing Director & Group CHRO, Olam International, on how human capital strategy can be designed to deliver the right business outcomes.
The Story of Gojek

The Story of Gojek


Imagine HR programmes that make your employees happy. Now, imagine programmes that create meaningful impact in their lives. That's the principle of Gojek: using tech to improve the lives of people. This is clearly seen in its HR transformation journey. Sunil Setlur, Chief People Officer of Gojek, sits down with People Matters Unplugged to share how he and his team deliver impact at scale.
Is your company on the hunt for the next CEO? There's one C-level executive who is perfect for the job. The Chief People Officer. As Monica Watt, founder of professional coaching firm Incredible Buzz, explains: "People leaders know the business, know the people, and know the market." This episode of People Matters Unplugged uncovers the qualities of a good CEO and why the people chief is a prime candidate for the top post.
In a country like Indonesia – which is home to numerous unicorns and decacorns in Southeast Asia – developing leaders in the early stages of their career can determine the success of legacy organisations. One example comes from Bank Mandiri, which is producing hundreds of Indonesia's top business leaders. Steven Yudiyantho, SVP of Human Capital Strategy at Bank Mandiri, talks to People Matters CEO Ester Martinez on the bank's robust talent strategy in this episode of People Matters Unplugged.
The Singapore Story

The Singapore Story


Peck Kem Low, CHRO and Adviser - Workforce Development at Singapore's Public Service Division, shares her take on how the country emerged as a top global talent hub and how PSD is contributing to talent innovation.
The podcast hosted by People Matters CEO & Editor-in-Chief Ester Martinez is a space for HR and business leaders to take stock of their strategies, stay on trend in the world of People & Work, and reimagine the future. Season 1 kicks off with 'The Art of the Possible', an invitation for all of us to break free from old patterns of thinking about business, talent and leadership.
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