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Getting Personal with Plant Medicine

Author: Diana Krach

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Whether you're just starting to explore the potential of plants or are a seasoned alternative healing expert, our show invites you to unwind, learn, and discover the remarkable healing power that nature's botanical treasures offer.
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Listen in as we explore the world of plant medicine with our guest, Maggie Wilson of Fruit Slabs and Metaphysical AF podcast. We unravel the mysteries of the South American cactus, Saint Pedro, a plant with a rich history and profound healing properties, especially when it comes to mental health. Maggie reveals her personal journey with this unique plant and shares the powerful revelations and insights that come with working with such potent plant medicine.Our conversation doesn't stop at the personal level. Maggie also highlights the importance of proper guidance when engaging with such substances and how our psychic abilities can be heightened by these experiences. We delve into the essential steps of finding a knowledgeable practitioner and how to protect oneself against negative energies.Listeners can get 10% off a future purchase from our sponsor,, by entering the code PLANTPOD at checkout.  
Listen in as we engage in an enlightening discussion with Sysamone Phaphon from Savanh Wellness about the rich tradition of plant medicine within her family. Hear how his refugee immigrant parents incorporated healing plants like cannabis, lemongrass, and Thai eggplants into their daily lives, using them both for food and as remedies for basic health ailments. Listen as Sysamone shares how the war on drugs and the subsequent stigma impacted her family’s relationship with plant medicine, and how they were able to re-embrace their roots as attitudes and laws began to shift.In our conversation, we also explore the crucial role of education in breaking barriers and debunking stereotypes around cannabis. Discover how Sysamone and her family helped translate MODERN CANNABIS:A Beginner's Guide to Conscious Consumption, a comprehensive guide about hempic cannabis, into 11 different Asian languages, aiming to educate the older generation and non-English speaking population. Finally, hear about Ciesemmon's new D9 organic gummy pomegranate flavor, and how you can support his family's journey in the cannabis and CBD space. A must-listen episode for anyone interested in the intersection of culture, family traditions, and plant medicine.(0:00:00) - Plant Medicine Intersecting with Family Traditions(0:15:05) - AAPI Translation ResourcesImportant links:Use code PLANTPOD for 10% off a future purchase on mitragaia.comAAPI Accessibility in CannabisCustom discount code for 30% off products for Savanh GPWPM30 
Join us on this fascinating exploration of the world of plant medicine and sexual wellness. This episode sees us and my co-host JR delve into the ever-growing connection between the two, touching on everything from innovative products like lip glosses for sensitivity to bath salts. Listen in as we discuss the abundance of educational content available online and how it's helping individuals connect to their bodies and promote self-love. Not to forget, we discuss the benefits of incorporating herbalism and psychoactive alternatives into your self-care routine. In the second part of the episode, we take a closer look at CBD and alternative therapies. We discuss how CBD, THC, and psilocybin can enhance your sexual wellness routine by improving sensation and blood flow. However, we emphasize the importance of understanding the products you choose to use and being aware of potential side effects. Lastly, we touch on the importance of dosage, particularly with Kava, and how different plant medicines can interact. Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation that puts you in charge of your own wellness journey.(0:00:00) - Exploring Plant Medicine and Sexual Wellness (19 Minutes) We explore the connection between plant medicine and sexual health and wellness, and how it can help people connect to their own bodies and explore self-care and self-love. We discuss the innovations in plant medicine, from lip glosses that help with sensitivity to bath salts, and the educational content now available online. We also talk about the benefits of using herbalism and psychoactive alternatives as part of self-care routines, as well as the importance of taking things into our own hands both literally and figuratively. Finally, we mention our sponsor,, and our Instagram account @gettingpersonalwithplant. (0:19:18) - Exploring CBD and Alternative Therapies (10 Minutes) We examine the potential advantages of including plant medicine in our sexual wellness routine. CBD, THC, and psilocybin can increase blood flow and improve sensation. It is essential to research and comprehend the products you decide to include in your routine, as well as taking into account the potential side effects. 
What if plant medicine could transform your life, heal your ailments and improve your relationships? Meet Bryce and Calan of 'Your Mom Likes My Music and 69&Sunny,' who have experienced just that. Their deeply personal journeys with plant medicine have seen its power in their lives and those around them, from aiding their mom's neuro pathways to helping their dad recover from a spinal cord injury. Discover how plant medicine can potentially assist with autoimmune diseases and enhance neuroplasticity, even helping in tough times with relationship issues.The duo are more than just plant medicine advocates, they are also creative visionaries. Their innovative project '69&Sunny' is where art, cannabis, and money come together. They have even created a unique Cannabis ABC book aimed to educate about the multitude of benefits that cannabis can offer. (0:00:00) - Exploring Personal Journeys With Plant Medicine(0:08:36) - Bridging Art, Money, and Cannabis Relationships(0:20:31) - Support Edwin's Edible Book With Resources 
Bridget from Crown Creator Studios joins Diana to talk about the personal side of plant medicine and the mind/body connection. (0:00:00) - Exploring the Benefits of Plant Medicine (11 Minutes) We talk about the mind and body connection and how plants can aid in movement. Bridget shares how she incorporates plants into her practice, like using essential oils, CBD lotions, salves, supplements, and burning sage or palo santo. We discuss the benefits of using plant medicine to help clear the mind, ground us, and relieve stress both physically and mentally. Finally, we talk about the importance of intentional use and ethically sourcing plants. (0:10:59) - Plant Medicine for Healing and Transformation (7 Minutes) We explore the potential for plant medicine to be used as a tool for healing and transformation. I share my personal experience using CBD to lower hypervigilance and anxiety, but note how THC can have varying effects on our journey, with the potential to increase hypervigilance and anxiety. We also discuss the importance of journaling in order to reflect on our experiences and start shifting narratives. Finally, we touch on the difficulty of accessing quality products and the need to call attention to food deserts. (0:17:37) - Using Yoga and Herbalism for Wellness (7 Minutes) We discuss how herbalism can be used to promote wellness and self-care. Bridget shares information about doshas and how they can be used to diagnose individuals, as well as how to use herbs to pacify your dosha and keep it in balance. We also talk about where to find Bridget and how to support her. Show notes created by - Exploring the Benefits of Plant Medicine(0:10:59) - Plant Medicine for Healing and Transformation(0:17:37) - Using Yoga and Herbalism for WellnessUse code PlantPod at for 10% off your next purchase. 
In this episode of Getting Personal with Plant Medicine, host Diana Krach speaks with Dr. Peter Grinspoon about the importance of discussing plant medicine use with your doctor. Dr. Grinspoon, a primary care physician, and medical cannabis expert, shares his experience of treating patients who use plant medicine and provides valuable insights into how to talk to your doctor about it.The episode begins with a discussion of the stigma that still surrounds plant medicine use, and how this can make it difficult for patients to talk to their doctors about it. The conversation then turns to the potential benefits and risks of plant medicine use, and how these can vary depending on the individual and the specific plant medicine. Dr. Grinspoon provides tips for preparing for a conversation with your doctor, including doing your own research, bringing a list of questions, and being open to discussing alternative treatments.Throughout the episode, Diana and Dr. Grinspoon share personal stories and anecdotes, making the conversation both informative and engaging. By the end of the episode, listeners will have a better understanding of how to approach talking to their doctor about plant medicine use, and why it is important to have an open and honest dialogue.Important, listeners get 10% off with code PLANTPOD 
In this episode, host Diana Krach welcomes guest Danielle Simone Brand to discuss the normalization of plant medicine and how that pertains to discussions with children. With legislation and social media, herbalism and alternative therapies are becoming more common. However, the conversation around plant medicine often stems from prohibition. Danielle recently wrote a guide for CannaCurious Magazine on how to discuss plant medicine in a way that doesn't perpetuate fear. They discuss how finding a starting point can be difficult, but it's important to approach the topic with an open mind and respect for its history and cultural significance. They also touch on the importance of education and the potential for plant medicine to be used in a healing and transformative way.Important links:Why Mommy Gets HighIt's Just a Plant: A Children's Story of Marijuana: Ricardo Cortes: 9780976011729: Books  
Whole Body, Whole Food

Whole Body, Whole Food


In this episode of the Getting Personal with Plant Medicine podcast, Diana Krach and Maggie Wilson delve into the topic of food allergies and the importance of label transparency in the plant medicine industry. They share their own experiences with food allergies and how it has affected their lives.Those experiences led to her involvement with Fruit Slabs. Maggie explains how Fruit Slabs uses natural ingredients in her products to provide a safer and healthier alternative to traditional snacks.Diana and Maggie also emphasize the importance of being mindful of what into goes into our bodies and urge listeners to read food labels carefully. Important links:Mitragaia (use code Plantpod for 10% off)Getting Personal with Plant Medicine Twitter
In a feed swap with our sister podcast, Dr. Peter Grinspoon joins Diana to talk about his new book and discuss the complex nature of medical care and cannabis use. 0:16 - Welcome to Your Highness Podcast1:46 - Fave Pot4:45 - Fave not Pot 6:46 - Main Segment 23:45 - Calls to action 26:00 - Where can people find you?27:30 - Wrap up and goodbyeImportant links:MitragaiaThe Healing Rose
Shownotes generated by Podium.pageEpisode Summary:In this deeply personal episode, I have an insightful conversation with Laura Beohner, the co-founder of The Healing Rose, a CBD company. We dive into her journey of normalizing cannabis use in various aspects of her life, from working with children to being a parent. Laura shares her experiences of breaking the stigma around cannabis and proving that one can be productive, work with children, and run a business promoting plant medicine. We also discuss the challenges of teaching children about respecting plants and their boundaries and the importance of pushing past personal barriers to embrace authenticity within the cannabis industry. Join us as we explore plant medicine beyond THC and CBD and how Laura integrates her passion for cannabis into her life and starts conversations in unlikely spaces. Don't forget to use the discount code "plant pod" at for 10% off your next purchase. Chapters: (0:00:24) - Normalizing Cannabis in Unexpected Spaces(0:07:37) - Normalizing Cannabis Use in the Home(0:13:36) - Navigating the Cannabis Closet(0:20:04) - Freedom of Not Caring(0:28:36) - Exploring Plant Medicine Chapter Summaries: (0:00:24) - Normalizing Cannabis in Unexpected Spaces (7 Minutes)In this episode, we dive into a personal conversation with Laura Beohner, the co-founder of The Healing Rose, a CBD company. Laura shares her experiences working with children, young folks, and their parents while being transparent about her involvement with cannabis. She discusses her journey in normalizing cannabis, breaking through the stigma, and proving that one can be productive, work with children, and run a business that promotes plant medicine. Laura also talks about integrating her passion for cannabis into her life and starting conversations in unlikely spaces due to her background. (0:07:37) - Normalizing Cannabis Use in the Home (6 Minutes)We discuss how being a successful cannabis user and parent can break stereotypes and lead by example. Laura Beohner, a co-founder of The Healing Rose, opens up about her experience with cannabis use during her pregnancy and as a parent. She shares the support she has received from her family and the importance of normalizing cannabis use as a medicine. Laura also emphasizes the need for open conversations about cannabis with her children as they grow up, teaching them about various plants, including cannabis, and their medicinal properties. (0:13:36) - Navigating the Cannabis Closet (6 Minutes)We explore the challenges of explaining the concept of plants, especially cannabis, to young children. The conversation touches on the importance of teaching children to respect plants and understand their boundaries while allowing them to explore and appreciate nature. We also discuss the benefits of showing kids where cannabis is grown and the potential opportunities to visit hemp farms. Additionally, we address the struggle of being half in and out of the "plant closet," sharing advice for those not fully open about their involvement with cannabis. (0:20:04) - Freedom of Not Caring (9 Minutes)We delve into overcoming the fear of judgment and embracing authenticity within the cannabis industry. Discussions revolve around the importance of pushing past personal barriers and being true to oneself to succeed in this competitive field. The conversation also touches on the issue of parents facing legal consequences for using cannabis and the potentially catastrophic effects of Child Protective Services intervening. Despite law changes, the fear of consequences remains, and the need to break the stigma and change the narrative around cannabis use is emphasized. (0:28:36) - Exploring Plant Medicine (1 Minute)We explore the importance of understanding that cannabis is more than just THC and CBD and encourage listeners to educate themselves on other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, and THCV. Laura Beener, the co-founder of The Healing Rose, shares information on where to find their products and connects with her on social media. Don't forget to use the discount code "plant pod" at for 10% off your next purchase. Shownotes created by 
Skip Stone of Stashlogix, a safe storage company, talks about the challenges of traveling with plant medicine with kids. He gives some background on how traveling safely with a stash requires more than proper storage. In the last segment, travel writer Vee Castillo gives great tips for traveling safely with plant medicine. 
Stephanie Kerns knows how important it is to have people you trust to turn to when you're beginning a plant medicine wellness plan. She goes above and beyond to create safe spaces for people to explore alternative healing. She profoundly understands holistic health and has an encyclopedic knowledge of all types of mushrooms. In this episode, Stephanie advises those starting with a new plant routine and discusses her challenging (yet rewarding) personal journey. Listeners can get 10% off using PLANTPOD when they go to 
We may be well into the new year, but celebrating new beginnings is never wrong. This is especially true if you're looking for new ways to embrace plants in 2023.  Maggie Wilson talks about how plants inspired her Metaphysical Oracle Deck and even does a reading! She and Diana also talk about some interesting historical uses for plants at the beginning of the year.If you want to include kratom in your new beginnings, use a vendor with loads of customer reviews: This episode is a partnership between Mitragaia and Your Highness Media
In our last episode of the year, we take a look at how the personal intersects with the political: Shonda Broom talks about her journey to change legislation, and Diana and JR talk about the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA). This isn't a deep dive into the political side of plant medicine - but more of a snapshot. There are many ways the personal is political, especially when discussing alternatives to Big Pharma, and we'll explore more of them in 2023. Send us an email and let us know what you want us to explore deeper, and we'll enter you into a giveaway contest! is currently running a very special holiday sale - 20% off until January 2nd. 
What's more personal than our pets? They're a part of our family, after all, and deserve the best treatment available. Yanina Kaminski talks about how her dog benefits from CBD, and the journey that led to that experiment. She and Diana talk about other types of medicinal plants used with pets, as well as discuss their own experiences with their fur babies. Getting Personal with Plant Medicine is a partnership between Mitragaia and Your Highness Media.Email your kratom tips to and be entered into a giveaway contest. 
Diana talks to Danielle Simone Brand about the complexities surrounding parenting and plant medicine. Major talking points include:* The stigma plant medicine-using parents face* How to approach conversations about plant use* Being aware of legal restrictions* Tips for parents who are starting their plant medicine journeyImportant notes:* You can find Danielle's book, Weed Mom, here. You can also find her on Twitter at @dsimonebrand and Instagram at @daniellesimonebrand. * Customers can get 10% off non-sale items from when they use the code YHPOD.
In this episode, you will learn the following:1. The personal journey of plant medicine2. The stigma around seeking pain relief or improving mental health3. The benefits of plant medicine for pain relief and insomniaChapter Summaries:[00:00:24] - Diana Krach is the host of the Getting Personal with Plant Medicine Podcast. JR Krach is her partner in both podcasting and life, and they talk about how their journey with plant medicine began in this pilot episode. [00:01:05] - This episode is brought to you by Mitragaia, the top-rated online kratom supplier. It is lab-tested quality kratom that we use daily. [00:24:06] - Stay informed about the legality of Kratom and all plant medicine. Check out Mitragaia's News section. That's There will be a legislative update later this season. This season will also showcase the multitude of ways that plant medicine intersects with personal aspects of plant medicine.Loved this episode? Leave us a review and rating wherever you listen.The transcript can be found here:
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