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In this very special episode, we record live at the 2022 Springfield campus Fall Picnic! This amamzing episode is packed with special guests including the campus retirees that attend each picnic and a handful of students who share their view of the college.  Join us in the fun as we talk to several of our fellow OTC community members in attendance for the "22 Fall Picnic Extravaganza!!"
We are back! In this episode we meet now Retired History Instructor, Dr. Jessica Gerard. Dr. Gerard discusses her time here at OTC and reflects on what she learned from teaching in America. She recounts her tenure including her leadership in the student trips to China. Check out another thrilling episode as we engage in "A brief history of travel."
We are back! In this episode we meet Bio clinical Science instructor, John Fishback. John discusses the concept of specification grading. He explains that specification grading is a type of assessment where students are graded based on whether or not they meet specific criteria or specifications.Fishback notes that this type of grading allows students to focus on mastering specific skills and knowledge, rather than worrying about earning points or grades. He explains that students are given a list of specific learning outcomes, and they must demonstrate their mastery of each outcome in order to receive a passing grade.We also wish Andrew a Happy Birthday and complain about aging.
Welcome to this episode of Oh That's Cool! Today, we are excited to feature Joseph McTaggart, a Lead Paramedicine Instructor who is deeply committed to preparing his students for the realities and demands of the field. With a wealth of experience and expertise in paramedicine, Joseph offers invaluable insights into this crucial profession.But that's not all. Joseph also delves into his research on Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Labor, exploring how this theory can inform a more comprehensive and meaningful approach to education. Join us as we explore the fascinating intersection of "Emotional Labor and Intelligence in the Classroom," and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of emotional awareness and resilience in our personal and professional lives.
Welcome to this episode of Oh That's Cool! In this installment, we have the pleasure of speaking with Kristy Conner, an esteemed Practical Nursing Instructor who is dedicated to inspiring and empowering her students. Kristy shares her wealth of knowledge on the nursing profession, drawing inspiration from the legendary Florence Nightingale and her own experiences in the field.But that's not all - as a soon-to-be Ph.D., Kristy also discusses her fascinating research on the topic of test anxiety, a challenge that many students face. Her insights and strategies for overcoming this common obstacle are sure to resonate with listeners of all ages. Join us as we delve into the roots of and explore potential solutions to, "TEST ANXIETY!!!"
Get ready for an exciting episode as we sit down with Abby Rea Hicks, a Grants and Strategic Planning Analyst with a fascinating story to share! Abby takes us on a journey from Dallas, Texas to Springfield, Missouri, where she compares the two cities and shares her unique perspective. Plus, you won't want to miss hearing about the inspiring student group she started on campus called "A Girl Like Me." Discover what goes on behind the scenes in the grants and strategic planning office and learn how it impacts your community. Join us for an informative and uplifting conversation about "A Girl Like Me" with Abby Rea Hicks!
In this episode we meet department of Social Sciences chair, Greg French. Greg talks sports with us as we recorded this the Friday before the Chiefs won the super bowl! Let us know who you thinks predictions were the closest. Greg also shares the origins of some famous team names and gives a masterclass in history. Join us for another raucous episode as we discuss, "A Brief History of Sports."
In this episode we meet custodian, Phillip Duncan. Phillip shares his 23 years of experience as a member of the college. Phillip is also a long time Free Mason and Scottish Rite. Andrew and I learn a little about the history of these organizations but none of their secrets.  Join us for another fantastic episode as we get into,  "Motorcycles and Masons."
In this episode we meet Lead Music Instructor Phil Forrester. Phil shares his passion for music and introucing students to new music or at least music that is new to them. He discusses the Jazz Band he has created at OTC through an innovation celebration grant and shares some of his favorite artists and songs. Join us for a very musical episode as we discuss, "Sheets of sound."
In this very special eisode we meet president of MCCA, Brian Millner. Andrew and Jared made a trip to the Union Station Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri to attend the 2022 Missouri Community College Association meeting. This episode was recorded live at our conference session. If you ever wanted to know why we do what we do our how to get started for yourself at OTC or your own institution. This is the episode for you. We also learn about what the MCCA organization does for community colleges in Missouri and about how President Brian Millner got involved. Join us as we argue why and how "Building Communities Through Podcasting" is a crucial asynchronous component for professional development at any college. 
In this episode we meet English Instructor, Jane Cowden. Jane is also a faculty advisor for the student engagement council and decided to sublet her time on the podcast to a student and co-founder of the SEC, Preston Schaeffer. Preston shares his story as a member of Gen Z, a user of Tik Tok, and a participant in two different documentaries on the subject. Join us as we listen to a student remind us of the Dahli Lama's words, "Compassion is the radacalism of our time."
In this episode we meet the college director of admissions, the one and only Jordan Schreiber. Jordan shares her passion for the work she does helping students get started at the college including those that deserve a second chance after being incarcerated. She discusses her work with the second chance pell grant and the innovation celebration grant she won. Join us for an enlightneing episode, "We are not going to be the people that gave up on them."
In this episode we meet Director of Communications and Marketing, the one and only Sarah Bargo. Sarah shares her passion for the work she does at and outside the college  as we continue to discuss and get excited for the upcoming innovation celebration. We learn how the younger generations use the "internets" and we discuss the future of one of our most popular show segments.  Join us as we answer the question, "Why do we celebrate innovation?" 
In this episode we meet Director of Strategic Planning and Grants, the one and only Calie Holden.  We learn about Calie's passion for grant writting and promoting innovation at the college .  We also uncover a hidden talent for standup comedy that we hope to encourage in the future.  Join us as we answer the question, "How do I win 10,000 Dollars?" 
In this episode we meet English Instructor Jennifer Dunkel. Jennifer shares her wealth of experience in and passion for teaching, students, and collaborative learning.   She also discusses her new roll on the Student Learning Experience Task Force. In a podcast first, Jennifer asks us a question rather than answer our gumby question. Join us for a fantastic episode where we dive deep into collaborative learning, the challenges of teaching online, and ask, "What are your Students' Learning Experiences?"
In this episode we meet director of student engagement, Vicki MacDonald.  We learn about Vicki's new position at the college and all of the fun and engaging things she has been doing with students. You can also find out how to start your own student group and how to keep it going. We also introduce our second new challenge of the year and stick around for a special announcement at the very end.  Join us as we ask the question, "How do I start up a student group."
In this episode we meetPolitical Science Instructor, Cara Griffin.  We learn about Cara's love of horses and passion for local government. We learn about how our local government operates and how are taxes are used within our city and state. Cara comes prepared and challenges Andrew and I to a guanlet of tests and questions.  We also introduce a new challenge to start the year off. Join us in welcoming a new semester in a fun filled episode of Oh That's Cool where we dare to insist, "No taxation without representation, and no hissing cockroaches without an option to sing."
In this episode we meet Chemistry Instructor, Patrick Casey  We learn about Patrick's love of chemistry and passion for teaching. Patrick and Jared answer's all of Andrew's questions about the universe as we discuss the James Webb telescope and the history of the atomic model. Then Patrick shares his love of coin collecting and teaches Andrew and I about the history of coins and money in the U.S. Join us as we wax philosophic and exlpore the universe, "From cosmos to coins" 
We are back with our second summer episode of Oh That's Cool! In this episode we meet Human Resources Director, Ocki Haas. Ocki shares her experience coming to the U.S. and discusses her children's inflluence on minimalism in the modern world. Not to shock anyone, but Andrew also talks a little politics. Join us for another fantastic episode as we embrace the mantra, "Minimalist in the home and Maxamilist in the heart."
Summer is here and so is the first summer episode of Oh That's Cool! In this episode we meet electronic media production adjunct instructor and local journalist for KY3 news, Kaitlyn Schumacher. Kaitlyn shares her experience as an on air reporter and investigative journalist in the local community. She also talk about teaching a podcast course and grades Andrew and I's work. Join us for another fantastic episode as we ask the question,  "Why is local news so important?"
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