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Surprise! It’s a podcast! Seriously, a new podcast! It’s been six years, and we figured it was time. We talk about what’s changed, CJ’s aversion to TV shows, George Hamilton, and baby hawks. Enjoy! We did! DOWNLOAD EPISODE (Right-click and Save As) Or listen here: Will Write for Wine Anniversary Podcast (with complimentary water slide […]
Ep 66: Guts. Get Them.

Ep 66: Guts. Get Them.


This show is not for the squeamish…writer. We talk about guts–how to get them, how to trust them, how to use them, and if necessary, how to shoot them. Well, not really, but Ceej was getting bored. We answer your burning questions, we talk about getting old, and we drink wine. Just another typical WWfW […]
2010 finds us thinking we are psychic! That’s right. Get the scoop on the innards of publishing and our predictions for this year–the good, the bad and the ugly. All true — plus or minus 50%. DOWNLOAD EPISODE (Right click and save) Or listen here: Share this:
It’s the holidays again. We sing (sorry!), we drink, we make merry, but mostly, we come up a story like no other. Casablanca has nothing on us. DOWNLOAD EPISODE (Right click and save) Or listen here: Share this:
No, not us. The movie, silly. We critique Dirty Dancing. We talk about the joy of flying these days, Harlequin woes, and say goodbye to one of our own. We laugh, we cry, we fight, we drink. Pretty much the usual. Except the fighting. DOWNLOAD EPISODE (Right click and save) Or listen here: Share this:
We cut loose! Finally! Okay, Sam/CJ cuts loose. Lani/Lucy is about the same. We drink mimosas, discuss what it’s like to have a split personality and generally go off on tangents. We missed you too. DOWNLOAD EPISODE (Right click and save) Or listen here: Share this:
So, what does it take to make Lani and Sam come out of hiding? Find out on this special episode of Will Write for Wine! There’s bad behavior, bad language, and fightin’ PSAs! Now what could be more fun than that? Aside from a new podcast every week? DOWNLOAD EPISODE (Right click and save) Or […]
Hey, it’s a special WWfW episode! No, we haven’t improved with time. We sing. Computers burst into flames. Brains melt. We make up a Christmas story that involves duct tape and bagpipes. And there are bells. Consider yourself warned. DOWNLOAD EPISODE (Right click and save) Or listen here: Share this:
The last episode. We drink. We laugh. We end an era. DOWNLOAD EPISODE (Right click and save) Or listen here: Share this:
It’s another Improv Week on Will Write for Wine – this time at the specific request of the Wiffers… so don’t blame us. Plus, school shopping, things that run on batteries, and flying pants. Also, we announce the birth of the first Will Write for Wine baby – welcome to the world, Jack! Plus, we […]
We discuss endings this week on Will Write for Wine, and it quickly degenerates into crude sexual innuendo. What can we say? We’ve been drinking. We cover when to get a PO Box, soul wine, and a few of the many reasons why Lani is going to hell. Also, Sam has a hot flash and […]
Ep 56: WIPs and Chains

Ep 56: WIPs and Chains


We’re getting sexy on this week’s Will Write for Wine, as Lani and Sam bow to popular demand and do a show on balance with as many off-color references as they’ve ever packed into one show! They talk about what to do when you’ve got life interfering with your writing, or writing interfering with your […]
Ep 55: Letting Go

Ep 55: Letting Go


This week on Will Write for Wine, Lani and Sam talk about when to let go of a project. Also, ex-boyfriends in a drawer, bad advice for serial killers, and wine in a straw casing. Plus, bonus, no fighting! It’s okay, y’all can come out from under your desks now. It’s a happy podcast! DOWNLOAD […]
Ep 54: Fight Club

Ep 54: Fight Club


This week on Will Write for Wine…the gloves come off as Sam and Lani disagree, or… do they? or do they just think they do? Elwin comes through with cheap Spanish wine, MWD has their own Witness Protection Program, Sam tries to do math while drinking wine, and it’s the fight heard around the world! […]
Ep 53: Revisions, Oy!

Ep 53: Revisions, Oy!


We have prevailed! Despite all the technical difficulties we had last week, we managed to get the podcast done this week, and we’re very happy about that. We blame it all on Mercury. Anyway, this week, we discuss revisions – how to handle them, how to avoid them, and how much wine to drink while […]
It’s don’t-look-down week on Will Write for Wine, with Lani talking about doing a rough draft without a net, and Sam having to drink a lot just to listen to her. Also, herding beta readers, SocNoc (dirty!) and somebody won the Stanley Cup, although neither Lani nor Sam can remember who. Plus, Lani gets all […]
We’re back after three long weeks, and we’re talking about villains. How to make one, how to keep one, how to make him do tricks for your friends at parties. Plus, lazy hosts, insulting political opinions we don’t really mean, and Lani’s kids’ future therapy sessions. Also, two really good reasons why you should buy […]
It’s our 50th Show! Yeah, we can’t believe it either. We give you 50 – yes, 50 – reasons why you should stop worrying and learn to love that you’re a writer. And we manage to take a lot of shots at Ed McMahon. Also, padawiffs, Tums wine, and why media rate at the post […]
This week on Will Write for Wine – how to deal with the non-writers (aka, normal people) in your life. It’s like a podcast and a therapy session all in one! We’ll bill your HMO. Also, commitment-phobic Chilean wines, virgins, Catholics, Aunts… basically, we insulted everyone. But it’s all in good fun! Please don’t sue […]
It’s query week on Will Write for Wine. Lani gives her famous (well, kinda) Funky Bird Query Workshop, and Sam makes wise-ass remarks. Plus, the Wine Card Challenge, phallic skeptics, hot flashes, cats in heat and fleas. Aren’t you glad to be spending your Friday nights with two middle-aged women? DOWNLOAD EPISODE Or listen here: […]
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