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Breakaway Artist Society presents "Artists At Work" Podcast which emphasizes local independent music and entrepreneurship. It features independent artists who share their real-life experiences in the music business. Topics also include tips and tricks, current events in the music industry such as new releases, controversies, and motivation. The show is hosted by Hip Hop artist 1 A.M.
14 Episodes
In this episode, we talk about our journey creating the Artist At Work Podcast, what we learned, and we share helpful tips and information for those who want to start their own podcast. We cover the process of setting up a podcast, necessary gear, and even how to get your podcast distributed to streaming sites! Listen Now
In this episode, we speak with Peruvian artist and musician El Kallpa; who has been in the music game for over 30 years. He is currently operating as a band singer and solo artist in Monterey, CA. He speaks with us about his music journey coming to America, a different perspective on collaboration, artistry sustainability, and more.  Timestamps:  (00:10) Introductions  (02:15) How would you describe your music  (04:44) When did music journey begin  (05:24) What was it like making music in different parts of the world   (10:00) How do you navigate as a fusion artist 15:15 Tips for performers  (17:50) Have you ever been signed?  (19:34) How many bands  (28:46) Advice for collaboration and working with different artist (33:00) How do you sustain yourself as an artist and get paid to play  (42:38) Advice to get paid  (48:48) Important advice from experience  (52:45) Whats next and social tags  (54:28) Last words Follow El Kallpa: Linktree Youtube  Instagram
In this episode we speak with some of the members from the online music review collective called NotYaManz. We speak with founder John D. Contradiction, Reckless, Angel, and T.R.3. about how the collective started, the brutal honesty and feedback they give, the drama that comes with the review territory, knowledge that every artist should know, and more. The music review collective started in Long Island, spread throughout the country, and is active globally through the online community "for artists by artists". Timestamps:  (0:00:23) Who and What is NotYaManz?  (0:06:50) Roles of members   (0:19:46) Common mistakes artists make from reviews  (0:31:25) Member T.R.3. joins the podcast  (0:31:54) Dealing with red stamp artists  (0:41:58) How should artists deal with negative feedback (0:47:10) The independent artist's job is to stay relevant  (0:49:32) Balancing online collective, solo artistry, and personal life  (0:53:55) Important knowledge every artist needs to know  (1:01:35) Community is everywhere but how do we get connect as an artist?  (1:08:00) The goal of Notyamanz and it's importance   (1:14:04) How and Who can submit music to Notyamanz   (1:16:29) Follow the members individually  (1:18:36) Angel give the team their flowers  (1:23:45) Recap on introductions  (1:24:36) Shimo Media Cypher commentary Follow NotYaManz: Website Instagram Youtube
In this episode we speak with the founders of Ruca Records; Amanda (female emcee aka La Sofa Queen) and Mariah (poet and DJ aka Soul Shine). Based in Salinas, CA, these two ladies talk to us about how music brought them together on their music journey. Their goal is to empower women through spinning records and poetry. They talk to us about overcoming personal struggles, learning how to DJ, music truths, and more! Follow Ruca Records: Website  Instagram
In this episode of Artists At Work we speak with Gilroy hip hop artist BROCK Tha Kidd. He tells us about his experience moving to LA and the struggles he faced. We also speak on important factors of what makes a good artist, having zero expectations, and how to find success in your journey. Follow BROCK Tha Kidd here: Linktree Instagram Spotify
In this episode we speak with Santa Cruz native Know Morals who is a lyrical emcee and artist. He is very active in his community and gives us insight on networking and exploring different genres as an artist.  Follow Know Morals here: Spotify Soundcloud Instagram
In this episode we speak with independent artist Joel Franco from Hayward, CA. He shares his experiences working in a studio, the importance of collaborating, balancing real life with music and more! Instagram '97 Demo Album
In this episode we speak with independent artist Trianna Feruza from Santa Cruz, CA. A woman of many talents, she gives us insight to her experiences in the music process, being a musician, what it's like being in many bands, and more! We also discuss what it is like navigating the music industry as a woman and she gives inspiring advice to all upcoming female artists. Instagram Trianna Feruza Website Ludicity Festival April 8-10, 2022 Lineup & Tickets
In this episode, we speak with independent artist and mix engineer Savant Rhymes. Originally from Santa Cruz, CA, this artist tells us what his journey was like coming into the music game, what it is like to be an independent artist, some advice for those coming up, and talks to us about his new album Startin' From Scratch released 2022.  Connect with the artist Savant Rhymes:  Instagram Listen to his album Startin' From Scratch here  Timestamps: (0:00:00) Introductions  (0:02:30) Musical journey  (0:11:36) Independent artist or signed  (0:22:44) Sitting on music  (0:26:40) How many hats can you wear?  (0:30:20) What is missing in Hip Hop today?  (0:38:42) The most important hat to wear as an independent artist  (0:44:44) The new album: Startin' From Scratch  (0:52:14) Greatest takeaway from the album process  (0:54:49) Getting out of the comfort zone  (0:58:18) Questions from IG fans  (1:06:22) What's next for Savant Rhymes  (1:07:51) Connect with Savant Rhymes
This episode is a brief introduction of what the Breakaway Artist Society is, what inspired the Artists At Work Podcast, and who your host is. You can learn more about your host 1 A.M. and her music on her website here. Follow the Breakaway Artist Society on Instagram
This episode we speak with Metazul who is a musician and an rapper. He tells us about his journey traveling to other countries and how he creates unique music. We also touch up on topics including portable studio set up, field recording, and more.  Follow Metazul  Instagram  Youtube Timestamps (0:00:41) Introductions (0:09:26) Musician turned rapper (0:12:06) Independent and definition (0:13:21) Previous projects and history (0:19:05) South American music inspiration (0:26:20) Tips for learning instruments (0:35:00) Being in a rap group (0:39:40) Important lessons learned (0:43:16) Describe your music and sampling (0:50:44) Musical trades and gear (0:54:28) The writing process (0:57:42) Logic fans (1:00:27) How to avoid being corny (1:02:20) Top 5 music influences (1:04:20) Current projects and future goals
This episode of Artists At Work, we speak with AFG aka Anon Follows God. He is a Christian rapper that wears many other hats! He gives us insight about being a Christian rapper in an sinful industry, time management, and what it's like being a jack-of-all-trades. AFG is a very dedicated person to what he believes and stands behind it 100%.  Follow AFG: Instagram Timestamps: (0:01:00) Introductions (0:11:20) Liking Eminem (0:12:55) Define Christian rap (0:17:27) What inspired the music career (0:19:41) Time management and music (0:30:18) Necessary knowledge (0:31:49) Most important lesson (0:38:09) Future music goals (0:40:47) Final words of advice
This episode of Artists At Work, we speak with Reckless, an artist from Gilroy, CA. He tells us about his experience with creating an interview Youtube series, working as an independent Hip Hop artist, and starting a podcast. He also shares with us the important lessons hes learned from finally finishing his 7 year album.  Watch this episode on Youtube.  Follow Reckless:  Instagram  Youtube  Podcast Timestamps: (0:00:24) Introductions (0:00:43) Artists interviewing artists (0:03:35) Independent or signed (0:04:38) Podcast called The Devil's Jukebox (0:06:10) What inspired the music career (0:09:08) How we met and became friends (0:12:08) Cowboy Bebop-the 7 year album (0:17:03) Learning time management (0:20:32) Defining independent and tips (0:28:05) Money and sustainable artists (0:35:00) Pandemic effects (0:38:55) Future goals, music, podcasts (0:41:34) Socials and outro
For the first episode of Artists At Work, we speak with independent artist and the owner of 4Pillars Entertainment, Angel. He tells us about his experience signing to a record label, branching off into an independent artist, and owning his own record label. He also shares with us the important lessons he has learned along the way as well as his opinions on main stream artists in the music industry.  Watch this full episode on Youtube   Follow Angel on Instagram Timestamps: (0:00:39) Introductions (0:01:20) Growing up in Harlem (0:03:42) Battle rap to studio artistry (0:07:32) First time signing to a record label (0:11:30) Starting his own label 4Pillars Ent. (0:13:46) Most important lesson learned in the music industry (0:20:31) The writing process (0:26:03) Skills to focus on as an artist (0:28:37) Top 5 influences in music (0:44:06) Collaboration as a Hip Hop artist (0:51:13) Current projects and future goals (0:56:28) Final words of advice (0:59:52) Recap and outro
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