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Heal Through Humor

Author: Talia Bombola

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One therapist's journey to help others gain insight through humor. Learn about yourself and laugh along the way.
14 Episodes
Talia sits down with Jackie Brubaker for an insightful conversation covering things like what ghosting is, the common causes of ghosting, how certain attachment styles play into this communication pattern, why situationships happen and how to prevent it if it’s not what you want, how self-worth and self-love can help you hold high standards, and tips for how to regulate yourself as an anxious or an avoidant.Connect with @jackiebrubaker
In this episode, Talia chats with therapist and relationship expert Dr. Katie Fedrick. They dive in on what it’s like to be a therapist who helps people with relationships and attachment, some of the common thoughts and feelings of various attachment styles, how to work towards earned secure attachment, how attachment styles can be fluid and flexible over the lifespan, how therapists and coaches have a role in helping people healing attachment, and tips for how to regulate yourself as an anxious or an avoidant.Connect with Elizabeth:drelizabethfedrick.comIG: @drelizabethfedrick
Jacquelyn is back on the podcast for a dynamic and insightful conversation about being a therapist on the frontline and social media, why nuance matters, the importance of being mindful of the content you consume, and how therapists and coaches both have important roles in helping as long as they can stay in their respective lanes.Connect with Jacquelyn:jacquelyntenaglia.comIG: with Talia:taliabombola.comtherapywithtalia.comIG: @taliabombola
Today, Talia and guest Dr. Katie Fracalanza talk people pleasing. Where does it come from, what does it look like, and how can you shift out of it?Connect with Katie:drfracalanza.comIG: @dr.katiefracConnect with Talia:taliabombola.comtherapywithtalia.comIG: @taliabombola
Talia and divorce guru Rob Roseman talk all things dating, dating after divorce, and blending families. Plus, some factors to consider when picking a partner, the value of communication and boundaries (especially in post-divorce dating), when or if to blend families, and the impact of parent child dynamics on pretty much everything in adulthood.Connect with @wtfdivorceConnect with Talia:taliabombola.comtherapywithtalia.comIG: @taliabombola
Talia sits down with dating coach and author Kirstie Taylor to talk all things anxious attachment. Hear it all, from how they got into the work the do to how anxious attachment presents. Plus, how it might look different in friendships compared to romantic relationships and what you can do to self-soothe.Connect with Kirstie:kirstietaylor.comIG: @kirstietaylorrConnect with Talia:taliabombola.comtherapywithtalia.comIG: @taliabombola
Today Talia chats with therapist Adam Luke about turning towards your partner to survive relationship hardships, finding a therapist who helps you feel safe, re-writing subconscious blueprints from your upbringing, how men and women can learn from each other, and the importance of men's mental health.Connect with Adam:wildethoscounseling.comIG: @wildethoscounselingConnect with Talia:taliabombola.comtherapywithtalia.comIG: @taliabombola
Barry Selby is back to talk about balancing masculine and feminine in yourself and doing the inner work it takes to grow.Barry and Talia dive in on topics like the balance and range of masculine and feminine energies, why it matters to honor yourself first before partnering, how some of your upbringing and subconscious blueprints need to be re-written to be effective in relationships, the importance of setting and enforcing boundaries when dating and relating, and the value of doing the work on yourself before you try and find someone to build a life with.Connect with @therealbarryselbyConnect with Talia:taliabombola.comtherapywithtalia.comIG: @taliabombola
Talia sits down with Jacquelyn Tenaglia, LMHC to talk about mental health in the age of social media.Connect with Jacquelyn:jacquelyntenaglia.comIG: with Talia:taliabombola.comtherapywithtalia.comIG: @taliabombola
Today Talia sits down with attachment theory expert Dr. Morgan. They dive into how you can get off the rollercoaster and start living and loving in healthier ways. They relate on common experiences and talk all about the value of lived experience as a provider.Find you attachment style here: with Dr. Morgan:drmorgancoaching.comIG: @drmorgancoachingConnect with Talia:taliabombola.comtherapywithtalia.comIG: @taliabombola
Talia sits down with the incredible Tessa Mac for a rousing conversation on the power of the subconscious mind, starting with how the mind works and  diving into everything from facing your fears to living an authentic life.Connect with @tessamacConnect with Talia:taliabombola.comtherapywithtalia.comIG: @taliabombola
Talia sits down with Barry Selby to discuss polarity, emasculation,  and the power of doing inner work.Connect with @therealbarryselbyConnect with Talia:taliabombola.comtherapywithtalia.comIG: @taliabombola
Talia sits down with matchmaker Abby Rosenblum, the modern yenta, to talk all things dating, love, and finding the one.Connect with Abby:thesocialmm.clubIG: @thesocialmm@modernyentaConnect with Talia:taliabombola.comtherapywithtalia.comIG: @taliabombola
Heal Through Humor

Heal Through Humor


Welcome to Heal Through Humor with Talia Bombola! Get ready to learn more about yourself and laugh along the way.
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