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Are you tired of not being able to travel because it's just so expensive?

Do finances keep you from your dream destinations and making memories with your family?

In this podcast, we show you how you can fulfill that dream of traveling without spending more money.

We've earned millions of credit card points to travel all over the world and take our families on amazing vacations.

Vacations to Hawaii, Europe, and Disneyland are all possible for nearly free with credit card points and miles.

By using credit cards strategically for your everyday expenses, you too can travel for nearly free!

We can't wait to help you get that first, nearly-free vacation!

Tired of not traveling due to the expense? We can teach you how to travel for pennies on the dollar by using credit card points and miles!
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Ever dreamt of staying in luxury hotels from Paris to the beaches of Hawaii without breaking the bank? Well, buckle up, because today we’re diving into some of our all-time favorite hotels we’ve booked using points. From budget-friendly options that deliver luxury experiences to family-friendly resorts and bucket-list worthy stays, we’ve got you covered. Join us, Pam, Jess, and Alex, as we share the ins and outs of our favorite stays booked on points. Imagine snagging a room with breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower or unwinding in a luxurious suite in a Scottish castle, all made possible by savvy use of hotel points. Today, we spill all our secrets on how we make these dream stays a reality, from maximizing hotel loyalty points to choosing the right credit cards for free night awards. Whether you’re planning a solo adventure, a romantic getaway, or a full-on family vacation, you’ll discover how to make the most out of every point for stays that feel like a splurge—without the splurge. So, are you ready to turn your travel dreams into reality with points? Hit play to listen to the full episode and start mapping out your next luxurious getaway on a budget! Links Links For All Things Travel Mom Squad:  Links For This Episode Free Guide to Hotel Room Upgrades:   Episode Minute-By-Minute: 0:02 Unveiling Our Top Hotels Booked on Points! 1:09 Exploring Budget-Friendly Luxury: Hyatt Regency Paris Étoile 3:40 Hidden Gem: Spring Hill Suites in St. George, Utah 6:04 Pam’s Pick: Hyatt Regency Salt Lake City 9:01 Family Favorite: Hyatt House Anaheim Near Disneyland 11:30 Bucket List Stays: Dreaming of Castles and Unique Destinations 14:40 Beachfront Bliss: Marriott Wailea Beach Resort, Maui 19:07 Discovering the Kimpton Grand Roatán 23:51 Family Adventures: Hyatt Ziva Cancun and Its All-Inclusive Charm 28:52 Exploring Texas: The Fun-Filled Hyatt Regency Lost Pines 36:17 Luxurious Escapes: Secrets Impression Moxché and Andaz Singapore 41:45 Dreaming Big: Future Stays and Bucket List Hotels
Welcome back to another episode of Points Talk with the Travel Mom Squad, where today’s travel tale is all about adaptability and adventure! One of the most anticipated trips of the year was Pam’s African safari in the majestic Maasai Mara, complete with luxurious stays and game drives—all meticulously planned using points. Pam was ready to celebrate her birthday surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of Kenya, but nature had other plans…hit play to hear the full story, or keep reading!  Just as the fun got started with a pre-safari stay in Mauritius, indulging in the island’s beauty, an unexpected email turned everything upside down. The safari was abruptly canceled leaving her with two options: scramble or salvage the trip. Thanks to points and miles, she chose not just to salvage, but turn it into an opportunity and adventure of a lifetime!  Transforming potential disappointment into a new story, she pivoted, and points and miles came to the rescue, allowing her to reshape her itinerary without a hitch.  In Sardinia, Pam swapped what would have been safari jeeps for coastal views and Italian cuisine. Each unexpected twist brought new sights and experiences—from luxurious hotels to local culture, proving that sometimes the best stories come from the unplanned. Through it all, the journey was smoothed over by the flexibility that comes with using points and miles—proving invaluable in turning what could have been a major travel fail into an array of unforgettable moments! So, whether you find yourself facing canceled flights, unexpected weather, or last-minute changes, remember, with the right mindset and a good stash of points, you can turn any travel mishap into a new adventure. Hit play to dive deeper into our journey and discover how she made the best of an unpredictable situation! Links: Links For All Things Travel Mom Squad: Links for This Episode:   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 Pam's Planned African Safari Adventure (That never happened!) 1:00 The Dream Safari: Planning with Points and Miles 1:48 Unexpected Turn: Safari Canceled 4:27 Pivoting Plans: Shifting from Kenya to Sardinia 5:23 The Power of Flexibility with Points During Travel Mishaps 7:06 Exploring Mauritius: Beaches, Buffets, and Serenity 11:22 Transition to Sardinia: A New Adventure Begins 15:53 Experiencing Italian Charm: Local Culture and Cuisine in Sardinia 25:18 How Points and Miles Saved the Trip: Adapting on the Fly 36:04 Reflections on Travel Resilience and the Importance of Plan B 44:31 Embracing Unexpected Journeys and the Value of Adaptability  
Ever wonder how you could wander through the romantic streets of Paris, explore the ancient ruins of Rome, or cruise the canals of Amsterdam without the steep price of airfare hanging over your head? Well, buckle up, because today's episode is all about making those European dreams a reality for pennies on the dollar! Join us, the Travel Mom Squad—Alex, Pam, and Jess—as we delve into our treasure trove of tips for using points and miles to jet off to Europe. In today’s chat, Jess spills the beans on how she's hopping across the pond multiple times this year (hint: it's all about those points!), and Pam shares her seasoned strategies for snagging those luxurious long-haul flights to visit her daughter in London. We’re peeling back the curtain on the mystical world of traveling on points, showing you that with a bit of savvy planning and the right credit cards, those chic European getaways can be more attainable than you think. From leveraging airline alliances to maximizing credit card rewards, we're not just talking about scoring a seat on a plane; we're upgrading you to a lifestyle where globe-trotting to Europe becomes as routine as a road trip to the next state. We'll guide you through the best cards for travel points, how to snag that elusive business class upgrade without breaking the bank, and why sometimes, the best travel strategy involves a simple train ride through stunning landscapes. So, whether you're plotting your first escape to Europe or you're a seasoned flyer looking to stretch your miles even further, this episode is your first-class ticket to smarter travel. Ready to soar into the skies without the hefty price tag? Hit play to join our journey and maybe even discover how to make Europe your second home, one point at a time! Links For This Episode:  Transfer Partner & Airline Alliance Master List: Our Favorite Search Engines To Book Award Travel:    Links For All Things Travel Mom Squad:   Episode Minute By Minute: 1:49 Starting Points - Pam shares why Europe is a top destination and tips on using points for flights. 3:09 Cheap Carriers & Trains - Pam explains how to travel cheaply within Europe once you arrive. 4:12 Typical Costs - Pam outlines what to expect in terms of points for economy and business class. 6:22 Favorite Airlines - Pam and Alex discuss their preferred airlines and strategies for booking. 9:54 Booking Tips - Alex offers advice for beginners on booking with United and other carriers. 14:12 Air France Benefits - Alex highlights the perks of booking with Air France, especially for families. 20:30 Real Booking Examples - Alex shares recent bookings and Jess talks about flying Singapore Airlines. 24:11 Avianca LifeMiles - Pam discusses using Avianca for flying Star Alliance to Europe. 27:00 Chase Travel Portal - Alex suggests using the Chase portal for booking when rates are low. 32:00 Upgrading Tickets - Alex and Jess talk about upgrading flights and when it’s worth it.
Ever wonder how some people manage to jet off on amazing vacations without breaking the bank? Today, we're spilling the secrets on how to start traveling almost free by harnessing the power of credit card points and miles. Whether you're a points newbie or just need a refresher, this episode is your passport to becoming a savvy traveler in 2024. Hey, it's us, the Travel Mom Squad—Alex, Pam, and Jess! Grab a cup of coffee, and let's break down the basics of earning and redeeming points. It's way simpler than you think, and no, you definitely don't need to be rich or spend a fortune to start racking up those miles. Here's what we're unpacking today: The Real Scoop on Credit Card Bonuses: Learn how welcome offers work and why you don’t have to spend extra to benefit. Choosing the Right Cards: We dive into why not all cards are created equal and how you can pick the best ones to start stacking up free flights and hotel stays. Smart Spending: Tips on using your card like a debit card to avoid debt while earning points on every dollar you spend. Annual Fees Demystified: Think of annual fees as an investment that pays off in free travel. We'll explain how the benefits far outweigh the costs. We'll also share personal stories and simple strategies to get the most out of your cards without altering your lifestyle. Plus, we'll cover some common myths and mistakes to avoid, ensuring your credit score stays intact and your travel dreams soar. Ready to turn your everyday spending into your next vacation? Let’s demystify the points game together. Hit play to dive into the world of points and miles and discover how easy it is to travel for nearly free. Share this episode with friends and family who dream of exploring the world without emptying their wallets!   Links: Free Gifts and Resources To Start Your Points and Miles Journey: How to Get Your Next Vacation For Nearly Free: Award Travel Academy: Current Best Credit Card Offers:    Our Website:   Connect With Us: Newsletter signup: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook group: Travel Mom Squad: Travel on Points:   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:00 Intro: Alex introduces the basics of credit card points and miles. 1:11 Clearing Misconceptions: Jess discusses the reality of earning points without excessive spending. 2:46 Credit Card Bonuses: Pam explains how sign-up bonuses work and how to meet spending requirements wisely. 6:24 Long-term Strategy: Jess touches on the sustainability of credit card point strategies over the years. 9:10 Annual Fees Explained: Jess dives into why paying annual fees can be worth it with the right cards. 11:15 Cost-Benefit Analysis: Jess and Pam discuss how the benefits often outweigh the costs of annual fees. 14:18 Card Management After One Year: Pam explains options for managing your credit cards after the annual fee posts. 18:32 Pace Yourself: Jess emphasizes the importance of pacing in the credit card points game to avoid red flags with banks. 20:12 Credit Score Concerns: Alex addresses concerns about the impact of opening new credit cards on credit scores. 25:00 Types of Credit Cards: Jess explains the difference between co-branded cards and flexible point cards. 27:40 Two-Player Mode: Pam discusses how partnering up can maximize point earnings. 29:56 The Chase 5/24 Rule: Alex explains one of the most important rules in the credit card points game.
Ever wonder how a busy mom of two transformed from a points and miles novice to a traveling on points pro, jet-setting in first class and organizing family vacations for practically pennies on the dollar? Well, buckle up, because today's episode is all about Stephanie's jaw-dropping journey through our Award Travel Academy. Join us, Pam, Jess, and Alex, as we dive into Stephanie's adventure into the world of points and miles. From her first tentative steps earning slow-burn points on a single credit card to mastering the art of maximizing sign-up bonuses and leveraging different loyalty programs for incredible getaways, Stephanie's story is nothing short of inspiring. Learn how she pulled off a luxurious couple's retreat and a family trip for 12, all while juggling the demands of young kids and a full-time job. It's a tale of patience, savvy planning, and the thrilling highs of scoring that "almost free" travel. Stephanie shares her favorite redemption stories, including a dreamy escape to Aruba using a mix of Delta and British Airways points, and a sophisticated system of combining points for a lavish family stay in a ski-in ski-out condo in Colorado. Whether you're a points newbie or a seasoned traveler, Stephanie's insights and our tips will help you see that luxury travel isn't just for the rich and famous—it's accessible to anyone who's ready to learn the ropes of the points game. So, are you ready to see how you too can travel the world for less? Press play to dive into Stephanie's story and discover how you can start crafting your own travel tales. And remember, if Stephanie and us can do it, so can you! Join us inside the Award Travel Academy and let us help guide you on your journey. Your next adventure awaits, and it’s closer than you think! (Links below!)   Links for this Episode: Award Travel Academy:  ATA Next Level: BOGO Free Bundle!:   Our Website:   Connect With Us: Newsletter signup: Instagram: TikTok: Travel Mom Squad: Travel on Points | Facebook Group:   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:00 Meet Stephanie: Learn how she transformed her family’s travel using points. 1:42 Discovering Points: Stephanie shares her early experiences with earning and using points.  5:38 Joining the Academy: Find out why Stephanie joined Award Travel Academy and its impact. 13:07 Aruba Trip: Details on Stephanie’s strategic use of points for a trip to Aruba. 22:07 Colorado Family Trip: Stephanie plans a family ski trip to Colorado entirely on points. 31:24 Future Travels: Insights into Stephanie’s future travel plans and dream destinations. 34:37 Q&A: Stephanie answers questions about her travel strategies 42:37 Wrap-Up: Key takeaways from Stephanie’s journey and an invite to join Award Travel Academy.
Ever wonder whether the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Sapphire Reserve is the right card for you? Well, today we're diving deep into both to help you figure out which card might fit your wallet better. Hey, we're the Travel Mom Squad (Pam, Jess, and Alex), and in today’s chat, we're breaking down everything you need to know about these two popular cards from Chase. From the nitty-gritty of their benefits to the best ways to utilize their perks, we've got you covered. The Chase Sapphire Preferred is our go-to recommendation for those new to the points game. With a lower annual fee and solid rewards, it’s a powerhouse for anyone starting out.  On the flip side, the Chase Sapphire Reserve is like the Preferred’s big sibling, with a heftier fee but a ton of premium perks. Think $300 travel credit that you can use for just about anything travel-related, from taxis to flights, which makes its higher fee more palatable.  Both cards have their merits, and the best one for you depends heavily on how much you travel and what kinds of benefits you value most. If you're a frequent traveler who loves splurging on travel and dining, the Reserve might be up your alley. But if you're just dipping your toes into the world of travel rewards, the Preferred might be a better fit. So, are you ready to pick a card that aligns with your travel aspirations and spending habits? Join us as we delve into the details, share our personal experiences, and maybe, just maybe, help you decide which card will earn a spot in your wallet. Remember, the right card for you is the one that matches your travel style and budget. Hit play to get the full scoop and kickstart your journey with the right Chase card for you!   Links For This Episode:  Chase Sapphire Preferred: Travel Mom Squad | Card Offer  Chase Sapphire Reserve: Travel Mom Squad | Card Offer  Free Gifts and Resources To Start Your Points and Miles Journey: How to Get Your Next Vacation For Nearly Free: Award Travel Academy: Current Best Credit Card Offers:   Our Website:   Connect With Us: Newsletter signup: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook group: Travel Mom Squad: Travel on Points | Facebook Group:   Episode Minute By Minute: 1:24: Overview of both cards' benefits and the importance of choosing one. 2:16: Deep dive into the Sapphire Preferred's perks, including the $50 hotel credit and its real-world application. 3:09: Sapphire Reserve’s high-end benefits explained, including the $300 easy-to-use travel credit. 5:18: Key differences between Sapphire Preferred and Reserve, focusing on points value and earnings on travel. 6:42: Priority Pass benefits with the Reserve and upcoming changes affecting restaurant credits. 8:01: How to reapply for Sapphire cards, including wait times and strategies for downgrading or upgrading. 13:12: Recap of current card offers and how they influence the decision on which card to apply for. 16:46: Discussion and personal preferences on choosing between the Sapphire Preferred and Reserve based on individual travel and spending habits. 20:04: Final thoughts on selecting the right Chase Sapphire card.  
Ever wonder how to tackle a family trip to Korea and Japan without breaking the bank? Buckle up because today's episode is a real treat! Our very own Digital Business Manager, Megan, joins us to share her savvy strategies for a dream family vacation on a budget. Imagine flying your family halfway across the world and navigating foreign cities, all made significantly more affordable through the magic of points and miles. Megan and her husband, parents to three adorable kids (including seven-year-old twins!), took the plunge and orchestrated a memorable adventure to Korea and Japan. From finding flights from small airports with surprising connections to making strategic decisions about where to splurge and save, Megan’s approach is a masterclass in points and miles. Starting in Seoul and journeying through Japan, Megan’s story is filled with fun, food, and family. Her tips on using points for different aspects of the trip will inspire you to consider how you can leverage your travel rewards for unforgettable family experiences. Whether you’re dreaming of neon-lit nights in Tokyo or serene mornings in Seoul, this episode will show you that such a grand adventure is within reach. Ready to learn how you can give your family the world without emptying your wallet? Hit play and join us for a journey through Korea and Japan with Megan’s travel savvy insights. Remember, this is just the sneak peek, so listen to the full episode for all the gems Megan has to offer!   Links: Free Gifts and Resources To Start Your Points and Miles Journey: How to Get Your Next Vacation For Nearly Free: Award Travel Academy: Current Best Credit Card Offers:   Our Website:   Connect With Us: Newsletter signup: Instagram: TikTok: Travel Mom Squad: Travel on Points | Facebook Group:   Links For This Episode:  Grand Hyatt Seoul: Mimaru Osaka Shinsaibashi West: (affiliate link) Hyatt Place Kyoto: Hyatt Regency Tokyo: Hilton Tokyo Bay: (affiliate link) Hyatt Regency DFW:   Episode Minute By Minute: 2:30 Details on booking Delta flights through Air France from Rochester, NY to Seoul 4:16 Arrival in Seoul and first impressions; navigating from the airport 5:52 Staying in Seoul at the Grand Hyatt: How Megan managed hotel bookings on points and the unexpected benefits they enjoyed. 7:34 Moving from Korea to Japan, including flight details and using points for a short regional hop. 8:48 Experiencing Osaka and Universal Studios Japan, discussing both the logistics and the highlights of their visit. 10:27 Kyoto adventures: Staying at Hyatt Place and how Megan made the most of hotel points and category changes. 12:15 Cultural experiences and navigating with kids in Kyoto, including a day trip to Nara. 14:03 Final leg in Tokyo: Navigating the city, enjoying local attractions, and managing accommodations at the Hyatt Regency. 16:22 Discussing the unique offerings at Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea, including how they used park tickets and what set DisneySea apart. 18:40 Wrapping up the trip: Megan’s reflections on what worked, what didn’t, and how the trip impacted their family. 20:15 Final thoughts and takeaways on using points for large family travel and a teaser for what’s next for Megan and her family!  
Ever wondered what it's like to jet off to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur on a whim? Well, strap in because that's exactly what we did, and we're spilling all the details on how we turned points into a spectacular adventure. Join us, Pam, Jess, and Alex, as we recount our journey from scoring an insane deal on premium economy tickets to exploring the vibrant streets and stunning views of two of Asia's most dynamic cities. Thanks to a lucky find by Alex, we grabbed tickets on a Singapore Airlines Global Redemption sale, scoring premium economy seats without the premium price tag. It was Jess's brilliant idea, and although skeptical at first, we were pleasantly surprised by how comfortable premium economy could be. Pam even vowed she might skip business class more often—well, maybe! Our trip didn't stop in Singapore. A short flight later, courtesy of the same sale, we found ourselves in Kuala Lumpur, where the vibe is distinctly different but no less fascinating. From the dizzying heights of the Petronas Twin Towers to the colorful chaos of the Batu Caves, KL offered us a tapestry of experiences—all without costing a fortune. Our guide, armed with local knowledge and a comfy car, showed us the city's hidden gems, proving that the best tours aren't always the most expensive. Both cities saw us staying in style at Hyatts thanks to our stash of points and a couple of suite upgrades. In Singapore, our suite at the Andaz was more than just a room—it was our sanctuary after long days of exploring. In KL, the Grand Hyatt treated us to stunning city views and a luxurious base from which to dive into our short but sweet visit. Ready to jet off on your own points-fueled adventure to Asia or anywhere else your heart desires? Hit play to join our journey and maybe start plotting one of your own, and follow the links below! Remember, the world's just a few points away!   Links: Free Gifts and Resources To Start Your Points and Miles Journey: How to Get Your Next Vacation For Nearly Free: Award Travel Academy: Current Best Credit Card Offers:   Links for this episode: Andaz Singapore Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur The Witty Guide (Singapore) Flytographer—Gan (Singapore) Seven Wonders of KL With a Local TMS Amazon Store   Our Website:   Connect With Us: Newsletter signup: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook group: Travel Mom Squad: Travel on Points   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:30 Kicking off with how we snagged a deal on Singapore Airlines and planned our spontaneous adventure. 1:15 Flying high in premium economy: Our initial skepticism turns to surprise with the comfort and perks of flying just a notch below business. 2:48 Jess shares her nifty trick for early lounge access. 4:27 Touchdown Singapore! Our first impressions and how we made the most of our Hyatt stay with points and perks. 6:05 Kuala Lumpur calling...A hop over to KL with budget-friendly flights and our cultural deep dive with a local guide. 8:22  Luxe life at Hyatt properties in both cities, all on points. 10:34 Exploring the streets and sights from Gardens by the Bay in Singapore to the Batu Caves in KL, we share the must-dos and the must-sees. 15:02 How we maximized our travel rewards for a nearly free vacation and tips for your next points adventure. 17:30 How you can start planning your own points journey to Asia or beyond.
Ever wondered how a tropical vacation to Roatán might feel, but worried about the cost? Or maybe you’re wondering where Roatán even is! Well, buckle up and grab a piña colada because Pam just returned from an unforgettable adventure to Roatán, and she’s here to spill all the details on how she did it on points and miles. This will be the next tropical vacation on your dream list list!  Hey, it’s us, the Travel Mom Squad—Pam, Jess, and Alex—and in today’s episode, we’re taking a deep dive into Pam’s recent journey to the beautiful island of Roatán, located off the coast of Honduras. Pam, fresh off the plane, is bursting with stories from her three-generational trip with her daughter and granddaughter. From their luxurious stay at the Kimpton Grand Roatán to exploring the island's lush landscapes and vibrant coral reefs, Pam’s got tips and tricks to share that could make your next vacation both lavish and affordable. Now, you know we’ve all raved about the Kimpton Seafire in Grand Cayman before, so the big question on our minds was: How does the new Kimpton in Roatán stack up? Well, Pam’s here to tell you all about it, from the breathtaking ocean views to the unique 'barefoot luxury' vibe that Kimpton nails so perfectly. Whether you’re a points and miles pro or just starting to dip your toes in, this episode is packed with insights that’ll have you booking your next island getaway faster than you can say "snorkel." So pull up a beach chair, tune in, and let’s dive into the tropical bliss of Roatán with Pam.   Free Gifts and Resources To Start Your Points and Miles Journey: How to Get Your Next Vacation For Nearly Free: Award Travel Academy: Current Best Credit Card Offers:  Our Website: Connect With Us: Newsletter signup: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook group: Travel Mom Squad: Travel on Points | Facebook Group: Links for this episode: Kimpton Seafire Resort: Luxury in Grand Cayman  Kimpton Hotels Are My Favorite IHG Brand  Purchasing IHG Points: Does It Make Sense? All About IHG Credit Cards IHG Personal Card: Travel Mom Squad | Card Offer IHG Business Card: Travel Mom Squad | Card Offer   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:50 How did Pam get to Roatán? All about her flight journey and a night in Houston. 3:00 Pam touches down in Roatán and heads to the stunning Kimpton Grand. 5:18 Let’s talk points: How much did Pam's luxurious stay cost in points? 7:49 Getting around in Roatán made easy: Pam's tips on hotel shuttles and local transport. 10:17 First impressions: Pam falls in love with the Kimpton Grand Roatán. 12:41 Underwater adventures: Snorkeling around the island. 13:55 Feasting in Roatán: Where Pam dined and what she loved. 17:37 Don't miss out! Learn how you can travel like Pam in our upcoming webinar. 18:05 Back to the food: More on Pam’s top dining spots right near the beach. 22:00 Kimpton Roatán vs. Kimpton Seafire: Pam weighs in on which one stole her heart. 25:02 Celebration time: How the Kimpton Grand Roatán made a birthday special. 30:45 Wrapping up: Why you'll want to pack your bags for Roatán after this chat.  
In this episode, we're whisking you away on a global adventure from the vibrant streets of Austin, Texas, to the magical world of Disneyland, and across the pond to the historic landscapes of Scotland. Join us, the Travel Mom Squad (Pam, Jess, and Alex), as we dish out the details of our latest journeys, all fueled by the power of points and miles. Austin, Texas - iHeart Podcast Awards First up, Pam and Alex hit Austin for the iHeart Podcast Awards. Nominated for Best Travel Podcast, we share the excitement, the glamour, and yes, a little bit of the nerves that come with walking the red carpet. From dressing dilemmas to rubbing elbows with celebrities (or nearly missing them), this trip was a whirlwind of emotions and an unforgettable experience. And though we didn't snag the award this time, we left with full hearts and even funnier stories.  Disneyland - A Dream Come True Next, Alex takes us to the happiest place on earth - Disneyland. This wasn't just any trip; it was a carefully planned adventure on a budget. Staying at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach before heading to the magic of Disney, we had beach days, park days, and everything in between.   Scotland - A Journey Back in Time Jess wraps up our travel tales with her family's trip to Scotland, a land rich in history and breathtaking views. Flying with Singapore Airlines in premium economy, they started their journey in the vibrant city of Edinburgh before venturing to a real-life castle, Schloss Roxburghe. Jess shares how they maximized points for stays in historic hotels, navigated the scenic train rides, and soaked in the culture and beauty of Scotland. From Edinburgh Castle to the oldest pub in Scotland, this trip was a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. We've had a blast and can't wait to share all the tips, tricks, and laughs from these trips. Whether you're dreaming of your next big adventure or just looking for inspiration to use those points and miles, we've got you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into our travel stories, get inspired, and start planning your next journey. Hit play to join us on these incredible adventures and maybe start plotting your own! Links From This Episode: Kimpton Charlotte Square: Schloss Roxburghe: Edinburgh Castle Tour: The Spence Afternoon Tea: Sheep Heid Inn:   Free Gifts and Resources To Start Your Points and Miles Journey: How to Get Your Next Vacation For Nearly Free: Award Travel Academy: Current Best Credit Card Offers:   Our Website:   Connect With Us: Newsletter signup: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook group: Travel Mom Squad: Travel on Points | Facebook Group:   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:45 Excitement about our podcast award nomination and all the fun (and surprises) in Austin. 04:54 Alex spills on taking the kids to Disneyland with points and miles - magic on a budget! 14:54 Jess shares her love for Scotland, weaving points and miles into another unforgettable journey. 44:26 Wrapping up with our favorite moments and an invite to swap travel tales in the Travel Mom Squad community.
Ever daydreamed about jetting off on an around-the-world honeymoon? Or perhaps the mere thought of planning such an important adventure feels daunting? Fear not, because in today's episode, we sit down with the extraordinary Devan Sullivan, aka one-half of Point Sisters. She's back from a seven-week honeymoon that circled the globe, and the best part? It was almost entirely funded by points and miles. Devan shares the low-down on how she strategically planned her wedding expenses to amass over 1 million points, which she then turned into a breathtaking journey worth over $50,000 – and all for a fraction of the cost. From business class flights that crisscrossed continents to luxurious stays in some of the world's most coveted hotels, Devan's tale is nothing short of a points-and-miles masterclass. Join us, Alex and Jess, as we dive into the specifics: the cards that made it all possible and the unforgettable experiences that came with each destination. Devan’s story is not just about the incredible savings (although spending just over $3,000 on a trip valued at $51,914 is pretty remarkable), but also about the doors that smart use of points and miles can open for travelers. And if you’re wondering about logistics, like how one packs for a seven-week, globe-trotting honeymoon in just a carry-on, Devan has got you covered there, too. Her tips and tricks might just inspire you to plan your own epic adventure. So, whether you're planning a honeymoon, dreaming of an around-the-world trip, or just love a good travel story, this episode is for you. Remember, these kinds of adventures are within reach, and Devan’s journey is the perfect blueprint for making the most out of your points and miles. Hit play to embark on this extraordinary journey with us, and let's explore the world together.   Links From This Episode: Find Devan & Kelsi on IG: Book ANA Around the World with Devan & Kelsi: Safari Planner: Lucky from Lion Guides Safari ( Great Circle Mapper:   Free Gifts and Resources To Start Your Points and Miles Journey: How to Get Your Next Vacation For Nearly Free: Award Travel Academy: Current Best Credit Card Offers:   Our Website:   Connect With Us: Newsletter signup: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook group: Travel Mom Squad: Travel on Points | Episode Minute By Minute: 2:00 Devan dives into how she harnessed credit cards to rack up over 1 million points, with a nod to the military benefits that sweetened the deal. 7:27 The lowdown on the ANA around-the-world ticket: booking challenges and required flexibility 16:31 From flights to luxurious nights, Devan shares how she used points for posh hotel stays. 21:49 The African safari part of the honeymoon comes into play, the one segment not booked on points but every bit worth it. 25:53 Luxurious stays in Zanzibar at Marriott and Hyatt properties 33:46 Safari and gorilla trekking adventures in Africa offer unforgettable encounters and insights. 38:23 The incredible value points provide in Asia! Devan relives hotel stays in Malaysia and Singapore. 41:33 Bali becomes a hotel-hopping haven, showcasing multiple high-end properties and the strategic use of points for extraordinary experiences. 47:11 Packing for 7 weeks in just a carry-on? Devan shares her tips and tricks for efficient travel packing. 51:13 The grand total reveals the staggering savings and value achieved through points for flights and hotels  
In this latest episode, we're taking a deep dive into the often overlooked yet incredibly rewarding world of co-branded airline and hotel credit cards. Imagine jet-setting in business class to the Maldives or unwinding at a luxury resort in Bora Bora—yes, we've done that, and much, much more, all thanks to these specialty cards. We, the Travel Mom Squad (Pam, Jess, and Alex), are here to share the ins and outs of co-branded cards, from the perks that make them invaluable to our personal favorite redemptions. While we often sing the praises of flexible points from cards like Chase and Capital One, co-branded cards hold a special place in our wallets and our hearts. Why, you ask? For starters, they're the gateway to brand loyalty benefits, such as free checked bags, priority boarding, and that all-important annual free night certificate.  Pam kicks things off with her love for the United card, thanks to her proximity to Denver's hub, illustrating the practical benefits of brand loyalty. Jess dives into the strategy behind selecting the right hotel card, emphasizing the importance of a planned redemption. Alex shares her approach to keeping a balanced portfolio of airline points to capitalize on award sales. As we dissect the benefits, strategy, and unforgettable trips enabled by our co-branded cards, you'll see why these often underrated tools are indispensable in our points and miles game. Whether you're drawn to airline perks, hotel luxury, or simply more travel for less, co-branded cards might just be the missing piece in your points and miles puzzle. Ready to turn your travel dreams into reality, from the Maldives to Disneyland and beyond, without breaking the bank? Hit play to listen to the full episode and join us, the Travel Mom Squad, on this points-fueled adventure. Discover how co-branded credit cards can unlock a world of travel possibilities, making every trip more affordable and enjoyable. Your next nearly-free vacation awaits! (Follow the links below)    Links: Free Gifts and Resources To Start Your Points and Miles Journey: How to Get Your Next Vacation for Nearly Free: Award Travel Academy: TMS Best Offers:   Our Website:   Connect With Us: Newsletter signup: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook group: Travel Mom Squad: Travel on Points | Facebook Group:   Episode Minute By Minute: 00:00 Introduction to the benefits of airline and hotel co-branded cards 01:00 Discussion on the value of flexible points vs. fixed points 01:48 Benefits of co-branded cards: Brand loyalty and specific perks 04:27 Real-world examples of co-branded card benefits 05:23 Jess's strategic approach to hotel and airline co-branded cards 07:06 Alex's criteria for opening and keeping hotel and airline cards 11:22 Pam's extensive collection of hotel cards and her rationale 15:53 Keeping vs. closing co-branded cards: When and why 25:18 Favorite redemptions and experiences thanks to co-branded cards 36:04 How co-branded cards fit into our broader points and miles strategy 44:31 Closing thoughts: How co-branded cards can enhance your travel  
In today's episode, we're diving deep into the exclusive world of airport lounges, those serene havens tucked away from the hustle and bustle of crowded terminals. Imagine slipping into a luxurious lounge, where complimentary gourmet meals, cozy seating, and even showers after a long flight become your pre-boarding ritual. Well, Pam, our resident lounge aficionado, insists on arriving hours early just to bask in these tranquil spaces—and honestly, who can blame her? We, the Travel Mom Squad (Pam, Jess, and Alex), are peeling back the velvet rope to give you the inside scoop on how you, too, can access these luxe lounges. It's not just for the suit-clad business traveler anymore; with the right credit card, the world of airport lounges opens up to anyone seeking a touch of luxury in their travel experiences. From the Priority Pass network that spans the globe to the opulent American Express Centurion Lounges and the newcomers like Capital One and Sapphire Lounges, we're sharing our personal favorites and why some lounges have us planning our airport arrival times around a lounge visit. But it's not all about splurging on premium-class tickets. We'll let you in on how certain credit cards offer complimentary access or even ways to purchase entry into these coveted spaces, making the lounge experience accessible for all travelers, regardless of your ticket class. So, whether you're a seasoned lounge visitor or new to the game, this episode is packed with our best tips, favorite lounges, and a few laughs along the way. Ready to transform your travel days with a touch of lounge luxury? Join us on this adventure, and let's explore the best airport lounges around the world together. Hit play to listen to the full episode for all the juicy details and find out why Pam might just start vacationing at the airport!   Links: Free Gifts and Resources To Start Your Points and Miles Journey: Award Travel Academy: [FREE Webinar] How to Get Your Next Vacation for Nearly Free:   Our Website:   Connect With Us: Newsletter signup: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook group: Travel Mom Squad: Travel on Points | Facebook Group:   Links From This Episode:   Episode Minute By Minute: 00:17 Meet the Lounge Queen: Pam's early arrival for lounge luxury. 01:00 Why we're obsessed with airport lounges: Pam's insights. 03:45 The golden ticket to lounge access: Credit cards that open doors. 03:47 Unveiling Priority Pass: Your passport to hundreds of lounges worldwide. 09:25 American Express Centurion Lounges: A step above in luxury. 13:05 United Club Lounges: Access with one-time passes and the value of United's premium cards. 16:14 Plaza Premium Lounges: An international gateway to comfort. 19:00 Delta Sky Club Lounges: Exclusive access and amenities. 21:26 Capital One Lounges: Unique offerings and the charm of to-go snacks. 23:44 Sapphire Lounge by Chase: A new player in the lounge game. 27:30 Experiencing lounges via business and first-class tickets: Top picks from around the world. 33:50 If you could only choose one card for lounge access: Our picks. 36:00 Exploring the best lounges with business or first-class tickets: Personal favorites. 39:52 Conclusion and how airport lounges transform travel experiences.  
Welcome to another exciting episode of Points Talk with the Travel Mom Squad, where today, we're diving into the world of luxury flights. We're sharing our most unforgettable first and business class flights. Join us—Pam, Jess, and Alex, as we turn left upon boarding, stepping into the realm of spacious lie-flat seats, gourmet dining, and exceptional service, all made possible through the savvy use of points and miles.   Why Luxury Flights?   Flying first and business class offers more than just comfort; it's about the entire experience. From exclusive lounge access to onboard amenities like pajamas, amenity kits, and even showers in the sky, luxury travel transforms your journey into a part of the vacation itself.   Throughout the episode, we share not just our experiences but also the lessons learned, like the importance of choosing the right flights to maximize awake time to enjoy the amenities, and tips for booking these luxurious experiences using points and miles. We also delve into the lighter side of luxury flights, from our collection of airline pajamas to debating the best in-flight ice cream sundaes. It's not just about the destinations but the joy and comfort we experience getting there.  Whether you're a seasoned traveler in the points game or just starting out, this episode is packed with inspiration, tips, and a few laughs to guide you toward your next luxury travel experience. Ready to turn your travel dreams into reality without the hefty price tag? Join us on this luxurious journey across the skies. Grab your headphones, or turn up the speaker, and dive into the world of first and business class travel like you've never heard before. And remember, this is just a glimpse into the possibilities that await when you play the points game right.  Hit play to listen to the full episode and embark on this high-flying adventure with us, the Travel Mom Squad! Links: Free Gifts and Resources To Start Your Points and Miles Journey: How to Get Your Next Vacation for Nearly Free: Award Travel Academy:   Our Website:   Connect With Us: Newsletter signup: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook group: Travel Mom Squad: Travel on Points | Facebook Group:   Links From This Episode: ​​   Episode Minute By Minute: 00:02 Introduction to luxury flights with the Travel Mom Squad. 01:16 Pam shares the appeal of business and first-class travel. 02:02 Highlights of luxury flight experiences: lie-flat seats, gourmet dining, and premium beverages. 03:11 The delight in on-board amenities like amenity kits, PJs, and exceptional service. 06:28 Discussion on Emirates first-class experience. 07:47 Jess reflects on her shift from economy to luxury travel and its worth. 09:23 The trio discusses their first-class experiences and shares specifics about Emirates. 12:13 Pam shares her experiences with Cathay Pacific and Singapore Suites. 14:33 Insights into flying business class, with mentions of Qatar QSuite and Turkish Airlines. 16:41 Pam talks about United Polaris and other memorable business class flights. 18:49 Jess adds her favorite business class flights, including Singapore Airlines. 20:34 The squad discusses the importance of points and miles in achieving luxury travel. 21:55 Questions about the best luxury travel experiences: seats, food, and service.  
Picture this: rooms with sweeping ocean views, sandy beaches at your doorstep, and impeccable service from a team that seems to know what you want before you even ask. Now, imagine enjoying all this luxury at a rate of zero dollars per night. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, we made it happen at the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal, and we're ready to spill all the details.  In our latest adventure, each of us checked into this slice of paradise, leveraging our points and miles for a stay that didn't break the bank. From Salt Lake City to Houston, we navigated the world of airline points, dodging those sky-high prices for direct flights. And then, there was the resort itself – a marvel built into the cliffs, offering breathtaking views and private plunge pools in every room. It's luxury redefined, but accessible luxury, thanks to our trusty points and miles strategy.  Our days were filled with the kind of activities that make you pinch yourself to make sure you're not dreaming. From private cocktail classes that turned us into mixology masters to unforgettable whale-watching excursions, every moment was a blend of thrill and relaxation. And the service? Unparalleled. Whether it was the daily delivery of chips and guac to our rooms or the seamless handling of special requests, the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos made us feel like royalty.  This trip was more than just a getaway; it was a testament to the power of points and miles in unlocking experiences we once thought were out of reach. If you're curious about how we do it, how you can do it too, and all the mesmerizing details of our stay at the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal, you need to listen to our latest episode. It's not just a story of travel; it's a guide to living your luxury travel dreams on a budget. So, are you ready to turn your travel fantasies into reality without emptying your bank account? Hit play to listen to the full episode. Let us take you on a journey to Los Cabos, where luxury meets affordability, all thanks to the magic of travel points and miles. Links to Get You Started: How to Get Your Next Vacation for Nearly Free: Award Travel Academy:    Our Website:   Connect With Us: Newsletter signup: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook group: Travel Mom Squad: Travel on Points | Facebook Group:   Links From This Episode: Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal:  Cabo Transfers:  Cabo San Lucas Tours and Activities:    Episode Minute By Minute: 00:00 Introduction to the Bougie Hotel Experience 00:53 Traveling to Cabo: Flights and Points 03:18 Booking Tips and Tricks 04:08 Booking Experiences: The Good, The Bad, The Unexpected 09:18 Arriving at the Resort: First Impressions 13:49 How to Book the Resort with Points 22:31 Exploring the Resort: Pools, Restaurants, and More 29:20 The Perks and Pitfalls of Hotel Status 30:07 The Cost of Breakfast: A Diamond Status Dilemma 31:19 Dining Delights: Exploring the Hotel's Restaurants 33:27 The Cliffside Dining Experience: A Unique Culinary Adventure 36:37 The Service Experience: A Testament to Attention to Detail 38:22 The Personal Touch: Celebrating Special Occasions 40:09 The Dining Options: From Casual to Fine Dining 43:05 The Extra Touches: From Complimentary Drinks to Personalized Service 48:31 Activities and Attractions: Making the Most of Your Stay 52:42 Exploring Beyond the Hotel: Venturing into Town 54:43 Final Thoughts and Recommendations  
In this episode,  we're taking you on a tropical adventure to Costa Rica, a destination that many dream about but assume is out of reach budget-wise (especially for a family vacation). But guess what? Our special guest, Rob Dulgarian, also known as “Travel Points Rob”, along with his family of seven, managed to explore the lush landscapes, vibrant culture, and breathtaking beaches of Costa Rica without the financial stress, all thanks to the magic of points and miles. Our journey today is a blueprint for making those seemingly impossible family vacations possible. From the moment we heard Rob’s story, we knew this episode was going to be a game-changer for families dreaming of exotic getaways but wary of the costs. Today, we dive deep into the nitty-gritty of planning, executing, and enjoying a family trip to Costa Rica on a budget that feels almost too good to be true. What makes Costa Rica an ideal destination for families, you ask? It's not just the postcard-perfect beaches or the endless opportunities for adventure in its national parks and rainforests. It's the possibility of experiencing all of this without the hefty price tag, thanks to strategic use of credit card points and miles. Rob shares firsthand experiences, from booking flights and accommodations to enjoying local attractions, all while keeping expenses to a minimum. We made sure to pack this conversation full with tips and tricks on how to leverage those points and miles for maximum benefit, making luxury accessible and travel dreams achievable. Whether you're a seasoned points collector or just starting out, there's something for everyone looking to stretch their travel budget further. So, are you ready to discover how you can give your family the gift of an unforgettable vacation without the financial strain? It's time to redefine what's possible with a little creativity and the right strategies. Grab your headphones or crank up the speaker, and let's dive into the lush world of Costa Rica on points and miles. Hit play to listen to the full episode and embark on this journey with us! Links: How to Get Your Next Vacation for Nearly Free: Award Travel Academy:  Connect With Us: Newsletter signup: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook group: Travel Mom Squad: Travel on Points | Facebook Group:   Links From This Episode: Tabacon Thermal Resort:  Andaz Papagayo:  Secrets Papagayo:  Maleku Tours:  Activities: Pam’s Past trip to Costa Rica:   Episode Minute By Minute: 00:48 Introduction and Special Guest, “Travel Points Rob”  01:19 Traveling to Costa Rica on Points 03:15 Experiences with Southwest Airlines 04:47 Traveling to Costa Rica with Family 06:02 Traveling to Costa Rica as a Solo Traveler 07:11 Traveling within Costa Rica 12:03 Staying in Costa Rica: Accommodation Experiences 22:42 Activities and Experiences in Costa Rica 30:19 Planning Future Trips to Costa Rica 32:40 Conclusion and How You Can Get to Costa Rica!  
Ever wonder how a journey to Japan, packed with adventure and luxury, can be almost free? Well, buckle up, because Jess's recent trip to the Land of the Rising Sun is nothing short of a travel masterpiece. Imagine scoring business class flights worth over $20,000 for a mere $1,000 in taxes and fees, and luxuriating in nine nights at opulent Hyatt hotels for less than $300. Sounds like a dream, right? But it's exactly what Jess did, and she's spilling all the secrets. With a whirlwind of strategic planning and a dash of spontaneity, Jess and her stepdaughters flew from Chicago to Tokyo on a deal too good to pass up. From the moment they landed, Tokyo welcomed them with its bustling charm and endless explorations. Staying at the Andaz Tokyo, they were treated to breathtaking views, luxurious amenities, and a taste of Japanese culture that's hard to come by. But it wasn't just about the destinations; it was about embracing the beauty of travel, from the exhilaration of flying business class to the serenity of Kyoto's historical sites. This is a vivid reminder of the joys of exploring new cultures, the thrill of luxury travel made accessible through savvy spending, points, and the unforgettable memories created along the way. We explore their journey through Tokyo and Kyoto, showcasing the best of Japan, from the futuristic vibes of teamLab Planets to the timeless beauty of Kyoto's temples and the Park Hyatt's serene luxury. This experience is all about the power of points and miles, turning a dream into an affordable reality. So, whether you're dreaming of neon-lit Tokyo streets or the tranquil gardens of Kyoto, Jess's story proves that with a little know-how and some credit card points, these dreams can become reality. Ready to embark on your own journey of nearly-free travel and create stories to tell for a lifetime? Hit play to listen to the full episode and dive deep into the world of savvy award travel. Your adventure awaits!   Links From This Episode: Andaz Tokyo:  Park Hyatt Kyoto:  SmartEx App (for Shinkansen tickets):  Voice Map app:  Kamakura History Walk:     Free Gifts and Resources To Start Your Points and Miles Journey: Award Travel Academy: Award Travel Academy I   Our Website:   Connect With Us: Newsletter signup: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook group: Travel Mom Squad: Travel on Points | Facebook Group:   Episode Minute By Minute: 00:00 Introduction and Overview of Jess's Japan Trip 00:58 The Journey Begins: Flight to Japan 13:38 Navigating Tokyo: Public Transportation and Accommodation 18:59 Exploring Tokyo: Food, Culture, and Attractions 32:45 Transition to Kyoto: Bullet Train Experience 35:03 Discovering Kyoto: Accommodation and Local Experiences 41:42 Day Trips from Kyoto: Nara and Osaka 41:51 Wrapping Up the Japan Adventure: Final Night in Tokyo 44:31 Reflections and Takeaways from the Japan Trip  
Today, Pam—the queen of booking phenomenal business and first-class flights—shares her recent escapade to Abu Dhabi! Have you ever planned a trip around a flight you want to take? It's not that unusual for us at the Travel Mom Squad. Pam’s trip was planned around her desire to fly Etihad Apartments first class. This trip was made possible by credit card points and miles, and she's here to tell you all about it. Abu Dhabi wasn't initially on Pam's radar; her previous brief visit was merely a stopover on her way to the Maldives. However, when an irresistible opportunity to fly Etihad Apartments from London to Abu Dhabi for a fraction of the usual cost surfaced, Pam's travel instincts kicked in. The thrill of securing such an exclusive flight experience at an unbelievable deal was too enticing to pass up. We dive into the excitement of luxury travel – from the anticipation of lounging in the Etihad Lounge to the exquisite in-flight dining, complete with caviar and mocktails. The experience of flying first-class in an apartment-like setting is a dream for many, and today, we paint a vivid picture of the luxury and comfort that comes with such a journey. This episode isn't just about the destination; it's about embracing spontaneous opportunities and the joy of experiencing world-class luxury in the skies. It's a story of how a simple flight booking can turn into an unforgettable adventure, highlighting the essence of traveling on points and miles. To hear all about Pam’s amazing journey to Abu Dhabi, her experiences with Etihad Apartments, and how she managed to pull off such a luxurious trip using points and miles, hit play now! It’s an adventure that not only inspires but also demonstrates what’s possible with savvy spending. So, grab your headphones or turn up your speaker, and let's get lost in the luxury of traveling on points together!    Links: Free Gifts and Resources To Start Your Points and Miles Journey: Award Travel Academy: Award Travel Academy   Our Website:   Connect With Us: Newsletter signup: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook group: Travel Mom Squad: Travel on Points | Facebook Group: Links For This Episode:  Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi:  Grand Hyatt Abu Dhabi:  Episode Minute By Minute: 00:00 Introduction to Pam’s Adventure to Abu Dhabi!  00:55 Planning a Trip to Abu Dhabi 01:46 The Excitement of Booking a Flight 05:00 Experiencing Etihad Apartments First Class 12:07 Arriving in Abu Dhabi and Changing Plans 13:46 Staying at the Grand Hyatt Abu Dhabi 17:53 Moving to the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi 25:37 Reflecting on the Trip and Returning Home 27:17 Final Thoughts and Travel Tips  
Welcome back travelers! Today, we’re giving you a glimpse into how we choose those fabulous, family-friendly hotels and resorts for our travels. It's all about blending fun, comfort, and adventure for the entire family. Join us, as we share some insights and our top picks that have made our family vacations truly special. Our journey in identifying the ideal family vacation spots is driven by a mission to find destinations that cater to both adults and children. For instance, the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach in California is a prime example. Its beachfront location, coupled with family-friendly amenities and proximity to Disneyland, make it a top choice for a diverse family experience. Venturing to Costa Rica, the Andaz Costa Rica stands out as a perfect balance of luxury and child-friendly fun. From its diverse pool options to the excitement of wildlife encounters, it exemplifies the kind of destination that appeals to all ages. We can’t get over how amazing this resort is and cannot wait to go back!  In Hawaii, the Grand Hyatt Kauai caught our attention. Despite its less swim-friendly beach, the resort compensates with stunning pools and lush landscapes, demonstrating that the allure of a destination can extend beyond the typical beachfront criteria. Texas offers the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines, a resort that combines the tranquility of the countryside with a plethora of activities like water slides and horseback riding, making it an ideal choice for action-packed family getaways. Lastly, the Kimpton Seafire in Grand Cayman has all the versatility needed for family travel. Balancing kid-friendly activities with adult luxuries, it's a splurge-worthy destination offering exceptional experiences. In this episode, we dive deeper into how each of these resorts offers something unique, ensuring memorable family vacations. Hit play now to learn how to plan that perfect family getaway! Plus, follow the links below if you want to get there for nearly free. :)    Links:   Free Gifts and Resources To Start Your Points and Miles Journey: Award Travel Academy: Award Travel Academy I   Our Website:   Connect With Us: Newsletter signup: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook group: Travel Mom Squad: Travel on Points | Facebook Group:   Links For This Episode:  Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Andaz Costa Rica Grand Hyatt Kauai  Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Kimpton Seafire Hyatt Ziva Cancun   Episode Minute By Minute: 00:00 Introduction To Our Favorite Family-Friendly Hotels/Resorts 01:18 Exploring the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach 03:50 Delicious Breakfast at Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach 05:10 Discovering the Andaz Costa Rica 08:37 Additional Activities at Andaz Costa Rica 10:33 Experience at Grand Hyatt Kauai 12:24 Comparing Grand Hyatt Kauai and Hyatt Regency Maui 14:42 Unveiling the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines 17:08 Activities at Hyatt Regency Lost Pines 19:14 A Non-Hyatt Option: Kimpton Seafire in Grand Cayman 19:57 Maximizing Your Hotel Stay with Points 20:19 Making the Most of IHG Points 20:51 Benefits of Booking Multiple Nights 22:50 Hotel Location and Amenities 23:16 Family-Friendly Features and Activities 23:51 Water Activities and Kids Club 25:07 Resort Fees and Inclusions 25:26 Overall Experience and Recommendations 31:54 Honorable Mentions: Other Great Family Hotels 36:39 Future Family Vacation Destinations  
Q&A With TMS! Today, we’re getting personal and interactive by answering your questions. We've gathered a fantastic collection of questions from our Instagram stories, and we got to answer as many of them as we could in this episode!  Here is just a sneak peek at some of the tips and tricks we cover:  We tackle common dilemmas such as being an authorized user on a credit card and still wanting to snag the welcome offer.  We also address the post-welcome offer phase—what do you do with your credit cards then? Close them? Keep them open and pay the fee for another year? Something else? We dive into questions asked about our planning process—do we choose our destinations first, or do we follow the deals? We share our mixed approach of meticulous planning and spontaneous deal grabbing, like the amazing flight sale to Singapore we couldn’t resist! A significant part of our discussion revolves around managing annual fees and maximizing the value of our points. So, we decided to open up about our strategies and experiences, demonstrating how to make the most out of those points and miles. And finally, we just couldn’t wrap up this Q&A episode without sharing some of our proudest moments. Are you ready for tips, insights, and more?  Hit play and join us for a deep dive into the art of award travel!    Links:   Free Gifts and Resources To Start Your Points and Miles Journey: Award Travel Academy: Award Travel Academy I   Our Website:   Connect With Us: Newsletter signup: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook group: Travel Mom Squad: Travel on Points | Facebook Group:   Episode Minute By Minute: 01:15 Answering Your Questions: Credit Card Usage 03:39 Answering Your Questions: Strategy After Redeeming Points 08:12 Answering Your Questions: Choosing Destinations vs. Following Deals 12:49 Answering Your Questions: Saving Points vs. Earning and Burning 17:46 Answering Your Questions: Expenses Not Covered by Credit Cards 22:09 Answering Your Questions: Business Cards for 5/24 25:44 Answering Your Questions: Annual Fees 29:31 Our Proudest Moments in Traveling On Points  
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during the conversation, you mentioned you love having Chase cards to transfer UR to Hyatt. Would a Hyatt credit card be something you do, or stick with other Chase cards like CSP?

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