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Author: Judy Burfict

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My podcast will be a series of messages to encourage individuals to Keep Going and not give up in life. They are messages of encouragement, inspiration and transformation. The podcast is primarily a derivative of the Keep Going messages found in my book, "Keep Going...Because Life Goes On.

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Today, the word INFLUENCER has become such a common word.  Everyone, or at least many individuals, are desiring to be an influencer.  They are seeking to impact their audience in various ways and for various reasons.  Often, the influence is temporary and for many, it is on to the next best thing.And then there are those individuals who have a more permanent influence or impact on our lives. Those who left a print that you will always remember.  It could be someone who is no longer here.  Someone that you have not seen or even spoken with in many years.  Someone that you actually never spoke to, yet something you heard them say changed the trajectory of your life.People impact our lives in so many ways.  I want to encourage you in this message to think of someone, that person that left an imprint in or on your life that you are thankful for. Who is this person or persons? Remember them, give thanks and allow it to help you Keep Going!
Join in as we explore some of the hinderances that keep us from being thankful and living a grateful life.  What do you do when things are not going the way you desire?  What becomes your mindset when you don't get what you want or you feel life is not favoring you?  Many individuals allow hinderances to rob them of the joy of having a thankful heart.  We will take a look at a few hinderances such as self-pity, pride, envy, a sense of entitlement, grief, and anger, to become aware of how they can keep you from living a joy-filled life as well as hinder your ability to Keep Going!
Today marks one year since the Keep Going Podcast first recording!  I am so thankful to God for allowing me to keep going with the messages He has given me this past year.  And I am so thankful to my listening audience for your continued support.With November being the month of Thanksgiving, our series will be centered on Being Thankful just as we started one year ago.  This week we start with Being Thankful in ALL Things.  We know that is is easy to be thankful when things are going well.  But what about the times when they are not going so well?  When things are not working out the way we hoped?  Or we have losses?  What then?  Can we still be thankful?  Join us as we talk today about being "thankful in all circumstances for this is God's will for us in Christ Jesus."  When we can be thankful in ALL circumstances, we can, with confidence, Keep Going!
The Strength of Prayer

The Strength of Prayer


Do you include prayer in your daily routine?  Is prayer something you reach for when you face adversity or challenges?  Is it the last thing you go to when you have exhausted your efforts? This podcast, The Strength of Prayer, helps us to realize the importance of Prayer and how it brings us into communion with God.   Prayer has been and is the driving force that helps me as well as many others to Keep Going.  It is through praying that we draw the strength to be persistent, to be resilient, to have hope and to not give up.  Prayer is so important that Paul tells us in I Thessalonians 5:16, "Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."  I encourage you to draw on the Strength of Prayer to help you keep going in this journey of life!  
What is that quality that causes an individual to rise above their circumstances, to overcome trauma, tragedy and disruptive events in their lives and continue to move forward in life, to keep going?What is it that causes an individual to choose faith over fear, to smile when everything within them wants to to cry?  To take the high road, to bypass bitterness, choose joy instead of anger, peace instead of misery?This episode will discuss the attribute of The Strength of Resilience found in God's awesome grace.  Regardless of what life brings our way, we can be go through and not give up because "His grace is sufficient for us and His Power is made perfect in our weakness."  And because of that, we can be resilient and Keep Going.
October begins the last quarter of the year. It’s the time of the year when for some, things are beginning to wind down and it is easy to give up on goals and commitments you have made, or projects you have begun, simply because you feel you can’t finish the race, you are too tired, your motivation is at an all time low or numerous reasons come into play and you simply want to give up and throw in the towel or whatever you might be holding.  You want to finish and finish well, yet for some reason you can’t muster up the energy to keep going.One way we can insure we finish well is embracing the STRENGTH OF PERSISTENCE!  Persistence is what help us to keep our eyes on the prize.  It keeps us rejuvenated and carries us to the finish line.  Embrace this important trait and with it you can Keep Going!
When was the last time you had some fun? Real fun?  For some, it could be recent.  For others, it might take a moment to remember when you had a good, fun-filled, enjoyable time!  Unfortunately, as we grow older, life takes on a level of seriousness, that if we are not careful, will squeeze out our ability to enjoy the abundant life Jesus promises us.  We forget how to have fun.  Using the examples of little children, today's podcast, the last in our Tips and Tools to Keep Going series, will be encouragement to simply, Have Fun!Enjoy and Keep Going!
We all have giants that we have to face from time to time that require us to have courage.  It could be a giant of job loss, relationship strain, it could be the loss of employment or challenges in employment.  Your giant could financial, living from paycheck to paycheck.  It could be an addiction.  It could be low self-esteem, fear of rejection.  Mental or emotional illness.  Challenges with your children.How do you face your giants? Do you see them as Honey Badgers, (considered the most fearless animal in the animal kingdom), too strong and fearless for you to defeat?  Or do you look at your giants as David looked at Goliath? Today's podcast will help you develop courage to face those obstacles that hinder you  from achieving and receiving all that God has in store for you.  Don't be overcome by your giants, overcome your giants with courage and Keep Going!  
Has it ever occurred to you why you are on this earth? Do you know what makes your heart sing? Have you thought about if there were no limitations, financial, family, career, etc,  what you would be doing with your time, your energy, your gifts and talents you have been given? Would you be serving others? Would you create or invent something that could have potential impact on thousands maybe even millions of people?Knowing your purpose and living your purpose helps us to Keep Going and live the abundant life that Jesus promised us in His Word.  In John 10:10, He said, “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.” How full is your life? Do you feel you are living the abundant life Christ has promised us?  Listen for tips to Keep Going by Living With Purpose so that as this life goes on, you can Keep Going!
In this month of September our focus will be on Tips and Tools to help you Keep Going.  Most of the year is over and very soon a new year will begin.  The fall sometimes bring on changes in our emotions and feelings just as it changes the color of the leaves, the coolness of the weather, and the seasons of time.For some it is a time of excitement, especially as we move closer to the holidays and for others it might be more trying.  However, whatever your circumstance, one way you can make it easier, is by having the FAITH that things will work out for your good when you trust God!Jesus ask us to have the faith the size of a mustard seed.  The smallest of seeds.  And when we trust Him with our mustard seed faith, He can and He will do AMAZING THINGS and we will be able to Keep Going!
There are times in this journey of parenting that we absolutely don’t know where to go, what to say or what to do.  From the crib to adulthood, we never stop being parents. You never stop wanting the best for your children, even when they might have children of their own.How can loving, concerned parents make this journey a little easier? It is only when we surrender back to God what He has gifted to us, our children.  And how do we surrender them back to Him? That is done through prayer.  Learn why Prayer is so powerful in this journey of parenting and why it plays such an important role to help us Keep Going!
As we continue with the series of Encouragement to Parents, today's focus is encouragement for single parents.  Being a parent or serving in the role of a parent is a tremendous blessing from God.  It can be joyful and yet it comes with challenges and responsibilities.  And for the single parent, those challenges can sometimes be overwhelming.The number of households headed by single parents is on the rise, with more than 23% of children under the age of 18 in the U.S., living in households with one parent.  And approximately 81% of these households are headed by a mom.This message will seek to encourage single parents, both men and women, to stay the course, and no matter how challenging it gets, you are not alone.  Know that God has entrusted you with His precious children and He will guide you and give you the strength to be the best parent possible.  Keep Going! 
This month’s focus is encouragement for parents and I would like share just a few tips to help you Keep Going in the role of a parent and enjoy this wonderful blessing we have been given.  So our title today is The Honor and Responsibility of Parenting.Most parents, and those who served or serve in the role of a parent, can all agree that parenting can be challenging.  Sometimes you feel you have a handle on it and there are times when you feel you have absolutely no idea what you are doing.  Parenting can be joyful and sometimes it can be painful, because as parents the last thing you want to see is your child hurting, whether physically or emotionally.  Parenting is a wonderful journey and parents always need encouragement along the way to Keep Going!
Welcome to the August Podcast series where we will focus on encouraging parents and all of those serving in a parenting role.  Whether you are a parent biologically or carry the role of a parent, we all know that although parenting is rewarding, it also carries with it a major responsibility that takes energy, strength and lots of prayer to guide those that we have been entrusted with by God.Sometimes we get it right and sometimes parenting gets us right.  And regardless of age, no matter how old our children get, we never stop being parents and we never stop being the children of our parents.This podcast will be a Tribute to My Parents, whose birthdays would have been August 1 and August 2!  As parents of eleven children, I will share some of the timeless values that our parents instilled in us and how they demonstrated what it meant to Keep Going!
This month we are focusing on Summer Tips to Keep Going and this is Tip #2, "Staying Cool When Things are Heated."  Heat can cause anyone to slow down, feel tired and drained and with it sometimes emotions also flare up and get heated.  We are finishing up July and I suspect August, which is usually the hottest month, is going to be even hotter! But be encouraged, with Tip# 2, you can Keep Going!We have had some rather heated days and todays podcast will consist of tips for staying cool both physically and emotionally.  Yes, it is hot and often times with the heat,  emotions can get as heated as the physical body. Find out how you can remain cool and calm with the tips in this podcast, both physically and emotionally.  And regardless of the heat, it will be much easier to Keep Going!
We are in the heat of the summer and some of us probably think it is the end of times because it has been so hot!  While some have curtailed their usual activities for fear of the heat, others have continued with plans to take vacation (possibly to cooler places) and continued to enjoy yet another wonderful summer.Whatever your choice, you can still have lots of fun!  So, I thought I would share a few Summer Tips to Keep Going.  And our Tip #1 is to Meet New People.Something that I have come to realize and appreciate is that meeting new people can be exciting, refreshing, encouraging with many benefits as we journey through life.  I hope you enjoy this week's tip and put it into practice.  Take time to meet someone this week and let it inspire you to Keep Going!
What the world needs now is better Communication!  We have focused this month's series on effective communication.  Our topics have been The Value of Listening, Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say, and Asking Great Questions.Our last segment in this series will focus on Communicating Through Writing, something many people do not care to do especially in this age of social media, text, memes and emojis.  Writing is a powerful way to communicate, to others as well as yourself, especially when you do it through journaling.  Learn to utilize the art and skill of writing to allow the thoughts and feelings of the soul to flow through you, to you, and to others.  It will truly help you to Keep Going!
Asking Great Questions

Asking Great Questions


Good communication is a bridge to help us Keep Going in any situation we find ourselves in.  Whether in marriage, with our children, in work environments, if we want to be successful, it is important that we learn to communicate effectively.Many people think that good communication consists of always doing the talking.  However, if you really want to learn how to communicate, learn to ask great questions.  Asking great questions helps to invoke deeper thinking and opens the door for a wider range of conversation.  Asking questions is a skill that can be acquired by anyone.  And there are many good reasons to do so! 
As we continue our focus on Communication, this week's Podcast will give tips on saying what we mean and meaning what we say, to help us become a more effective communicator.  Some people may have grown up in situations where they were not allowed to express themselves freely.  Others might have experienced relationships whereby they didn't have the liberty to say what was on their minds and in their hearts.  As a result, saying what you mean and meaning what you say did not always connect, creating a lack of communication.This Podcast will give some reasons this happens and the benefits of Saying What You Mean and Meaning What You Say.  It will also give tips on how you can overcome this and become a more effective communicator.  After all, great communication helps you to Keep Going!
The Value of Listening

The Value of Listening


Have you tested your communication skills lately?  Do you talk more and listen less?  This month we will focus on the importance of good communication.  To start off the month, we will focus on THE VALUE OF LISTENING.  Listening is not always the easiest thing to do.  Especially when you have an active mind and even more active tongue!  However, when you can become an effective listener, your whole world changes.  Listening with intent and focus adds substantially to our ability to communicate with others.  And most importantly, good listening skills helps you to tune in closer to that still, small voice of God always speaking to us and directing our path.  It's the voice that speaks and guides us so that we can Keep Going!  
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