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Logical Magic: Examining Esoterica
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Logical Magic: Examining Esoterica

Author: Alane Hathaway

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Psychic healer and Tarot Card Reader Alane Hathaway discusses Tarot, Magic, Spirituality, Scientific Influences, Divination, Esotericism and Finding Your Life's Purpose, along with Paranormal topics and hobbies. Find out how to live a life with more meaning and Magic with Logical Magic.
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One of the most difficult periods of a spiritual enlightenment or a spiritual evolution is surviving the Long Dark Night of the Soul.  Today we're talking about what it is, what it feels like, ways to accelerate the process, and how to get through it.  Book a life coaching session, personal growth reading, or tarot reading with Alane here.  Alane's YouTube Channel.  
What causes some spirits to linger?  Are they all the same?  What might cause a spirit to stay in this realm?  What different types of hauntings are there?  That's what Alane is talking about in this episode.  The different types of hauntings, what causes them, and some thoughts on the afterlife in this ghostly episode of Logical Magic: Examining Esoterica.  Book a tarot card reading or life coaching session with Alane.  Alane's YouTube Channel for the video version of this episode and much more.  
It's a difficult and challenging world at times, so how do you find your ability to be more thankful, and experience the gratitude that leads to manifestation and abundance?  That's what Alane is talking about in this Thanksgiving episode that has timeless advice for inhabiting an abundant mindset that can help you manifest the life you want.  Book a life-coaching session or tarot reading session with Alane.  Alane's YouTube channel: Find the video of this episode there.  
Karma, we think we know what it is, but is it really rewards or punishment based on past actions from prior lives or choices within this lifetime?  That's what Alane and Jacob are talking about in this episode: taking a new look at what karma actually is to help with resolving and releasing it, as well as understanding what it really represents. Many spiritual concepts come from a time before things like energy, the structure of time, and the role of energetic accumulation might play.   Listen here to expand your understanding of this ancient concept. Southern Style Readings for Jacob.  Reach him at Alane's website.  Alane's YouTube Channel 
It's a term that gets used a lot, although true Narcissistic Personality Disorder exists in only 6-8% of the population, so what are the other causes of Narcissism?  Alane and Jacob discuss the prevalence of narcissism in our society, what conditions can cause transient narcissism, and how people can move more easily towards self-love, self-care, and moving beyond the toxicity of narcissistic traits both in others and in self. Find Jacob at Southern Style Readings on Facebook.  Or email him at Find Alane here for a tarot reading, life coaching or healing session.  Alane's YouTube Channel:  Cronecast AtTheRisingMoon
The Akashic Records are an important part of anyone's spiritual enlightenment, containing information that is key to self-understanding, embracing of our own path, and understanding both where we have been and where we are going.  Today Alane talks to Rachel Garrett from Akashic Angels about her practice, how she began her own podcast, how she approaches magic, and her approach to the Akashic Records.  We also talk about how she helps her own clients in their spiritual path, and how her background as a registered nurse can aid clients in finding healthy practices.  Find Rachel at Rachel Garrett on Facebook.  Rachel's YouTube Channel.  Book a Tarot Reading or Life Coaching Session with Alane at AtTheRisingMoon.comAlane's YouTube Channel.  
In this episode, Alane tells you specifically why the law of attraction isn't working for you with detailed explanations and this episode also gives detailed explanations of how to fix it and find your magic.  Book a life coaching session or tarot card reading with Alane here.  Watch the video version of this episode on Alane's YouTube Channel here.  
In today's episode Alane's talking about Halloween, all Hallowed's Eve, and Dia de los Muertos.   What you can do to be more in touch with your magic, your ancestors, and how to set up an ancestor offering for Halloween or Samhain.  Book a Tarot Reading with Alane Here.  See the video version of this episode here.  
How can you optimize the energy of your environment to facilitate the life you want?  That's what Feng Shui helps teach you.  In this episode Feng Shui designer Krystal Holm is here to talk with Alane about what Feng Shui is and what it can be used to do in your life and in your space.  
Spirit attachments are incredibly common, most people have them.  This episode talks about what a spirit attachment is, what it can influence you to do, what they are trying to do, and what you can do about them to be rid of them.  Book a Tarot Reading or Life Coaching Session with Alane Alane's YouTube channel Cronecast AtTheRisingMoon 
We're all familiar with downward dog and the more active aspects of Yoga but in its best use Yoga is about the mind and body connection that facilitates spiritual awakening and divine connection.  Today Alane is joined by Aziz Kaur to talk about the many types of Yoga and what it can best be used to do in your own healing journey.  Aziz's classes and studio schedule here. Find Aziz on Instagram and on TikTok here.  Email Aziz at azizullkauryoga@gmail.comBook a Tarot Reading, Life Coaching Session or Magic Lesson with Alane here.  Alane's YouTube Channel. 
Today Alane is talking to Steph, from Steph Travels and Steph and Clover on TikTok, Discord, and YouTube.  What's it like to give up your worldly goods and seek simplicity and more value in life?  That's what Alane's guest today did, she gave up her apartment, her job, and her old life for a new way of being, thinking, and experiencing life.  Steph on YouTube. Steph on TikTok. to book a Tarot reading or life coaching session with Alane.  Alane's YouTube Channel.  
Twin Flames are often talked about as a connection like no other, but what is the connection really showing you?  Alane and Jacob discuss the idealized version of this pairing promoted in the 1970s and the greater implications of a pairing that reveals your shadow side and the areas that need to heal.   Find Jacob at Southern Style Readings on Facebook.  And email him at Book a tarot reading or a life coaching session with Alane here.  See the video version of this interview here on Alane's YouTube Channel.  
Every spiritual practice, magical and psychic connection is strengthened by structure, something that allows you to constantly be in touch with your soul's purpose and internal guidance. Today Alane is speaking with Dr. Ahriana Platten, a unity minister and spiritual teacher with a large community of healers and followers.  Find out what she has to say about finding the right rituals for your practice.  Find Dr. Ahriana Platten here.  Book a tarot card reading or a life coaching session with Alane here.  Link to the video version of this interview on Alane's YouTube channel.  
We're on a break this week, but this is a brief trailer for part of what is in store for season two!  
Alane's guest today is Mike Jarrell, a man who took his experience from an exceptionally abusive childhood that led to drugs, addiction, and codependency, as well as a two-year prison sentence, and turned it into his calling in life.  Mike emerged from his experience finally connected to his life's purpose of helping others heal from abuse, CPTSD, and PTSD, and finding their own path to emotional health and self-empowerment.  He's now dedicated his life to helping others.  Here he talks about what led to the changes in his life and how he helps others change their lives, as well. Mike Jarrell on TikTokMike Jarrell on FacebookFind Alane At the Rising Moon for a Tarot Card Reading or Life Coaching.Alane's YouTube Channell Cronecast AtTheRisingMoon
Today Alane's talking to astrologist and soulmate expert, Bethany Nicole, who describes her approach to tarot and helping you find the love that you are looking for!  Bethany can help you understand your astrological chart, and the challenges you might face, and help you in determining your compatibility with potential partners! Find Bethany here! Book a tarot reading or a life coaching session with Alane here.  Check out the video of this episode on Alane's YouTube channel here.  
Today Alane is talking about the single most important thing for power, magic, personal empowerment and manifestation, as well as related lessons and what they are trying to teach you as you strive towers spiritual evolution and life's purpose.  Alane's YouTube Channel.  Book a Tarot Reading, Life Coaching, or Magic Instruction with Alane.  
Tabitha Fritz helps people find their healing path and greatest potential through a variety of healing tools and processes. Tabitha designed a method to help guide you through Unleashing Your Potential.   Hear her talk about her well-designed, educational, and methodical approach to finding your greatest power, your purpose, and your highest self while improving your outcomes in all areas of your life through goal setting and life management. She also believes in the worth of healing with Cannabis and is part owner of an Edible company based in Canada.   Today Tabitha joins Alane to share some of her methods, and her approach to Lunar Magic in her own practice.  Find Tabitha here.  And here for Cannabis education and guidelines. Book a Tarot Card Reading or Life Coaching session with Alane.  Alane's YouTube Channel. 
Forgiveness is key to a spiritual journey and to healing but what do you do when you have something you can't forgive and are struggling?  Today Alane and Jacob are talking about how to forgive, how to find the space within to release and repair the slights of the past and the present.  Email Jacob at or find him on Facebook here. Book a tarot reading or life coaching session with Alane here.  Alane's YouTube Channel.  
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