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Author: Ben Bajarin and Jay Goldberg

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A podcast about the business and market of semiconductors
47 Episodes
The conversation explores the current state of the Japanese semiconductor industry and its history of decline in the 1990s. It discusses the structure of the industry, key players, and recent developments such as the establishment of Rapidus, a consortium aimed at advancing semiconductor fabrication in Japan. The conversation also touches on the visit of Japan's Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry to UC Berkeley and the potential for collaboration between the US and Japan in the semiconductor industry. Overall, the discussion highlights the renewed interest and efforts in revitalizing the Japanese semiconductor industry. The Japanese semiconductor industry experienced a decline in the 1990s but is now showing signs of revitalization. Key players in the Japanese semiconductor industry include Tokyo Electron, Renesas, Sony, and Morata. The establishment of Rapidus, a consortium for semiconductor fabrication, demonstrates Japan's commitment to advancing its semiconductor capabilities. Collaboration between the US and Japan in the semiconductor industry is becoming increasingly important.
In this week's episode, Ben Bajarin and Jay Goldberg chatted about companies pushing the limits of what is possible with technology and breaking new ground with new products and experiences.  They discuss the impacts this has on the semiconductor landscape and why its a necessary, even if awkward, step to progress.
Ben Bajarin and Jay Goldberg dive into the recent announcements from Microsoft around their new custom silicon chips. They also discuss MediaTek's ambitions, shared from the MediaTek executive summit last week, where they are doubling down on helping people build custom silicon for the data center.  
Ben Bajarin and Jay Goldberg analyze Arm's most recent quarterly earnings in this episode.  These also happen to be Arm's first earnings report and investor call as a public company. Ben and Jay discuss the read from the earnings and the investor call and insights learned.  
In this episode of our short series in Back to Basics, Jay Goldberg shares the key moments in Qualcomm's story that led to the market position they have today. 
Ben Bajarin and Jay Goldberg discuss key news bits from Qualcomm's Snapdragon Summit, Apple's Scary Fast event where new M3 Apple Silicon was announced, and what it means for the market as a whole and for architecture competition. 
Ben Bajarin and Jay Goldberg share what they thought were the most interesting and telling takeaways from TSMC's earnings.  Why TSMC can give us insight into semiconductor segment recovery,  and the coming battle brewing with process technology competition. 
Ben Bajarin is joined by guest Huiming Bu from IBM Research to discuss the future of the transistor (design) and advanced packaging. They also discuss some of the larger technology challenges facing the semiconductor industry  in the years to come. 
Ben Bajarin and Jay Goldberg discuss the anticipated update to the entity list facing US and China semiconductor relations. They also discuss the relevance of the RISC-V being discussed as potentially being regulated as it relates to China as well.   
Ben Bajarin and Jay Goldberg welcome guest Steven Woo, a Fellow at Rambus, to discuss the wide world of memory.  The discussion covers how memory differs from logic, the many types of memory and their purpose and function, how to gauge innovation in memory advances, and the key applications driving the need to innovate more in memory.  
Ben Bajarin and Jay Goldberg discuss the state of Intel as interpreted by what they saw and learned from Intel's Innovation Summit - Called Innovation.  Topics:- Intel's products and product roadmap competitiveness - Read on What Public Investors took away- Intel's Foundry Opportunity and Timing 
In this episode, Ben Bajarin and Jay Goldberg discuss a myriad of subjects from recent news in the semi-industry. Main topics: Apple A17 Pro Arm IPO Huawei Kirin 9000 China's Ambitions and the intent of sanctions
On this week's episode of The Circuit, Ben Bajarin and Jay Goldberg are joined by Stacey Higginbotham to discuss the land of IoT. They cover everything from market segments, use cases, the unified software dream, key companies in silicon, and more. 
Ben Bajarin and Jay Goldberg discuss Nvidia's recent earnings, and the growth prospects for the company going forward.  They discuss a number of key debates surrounding the company and if this is a bubble or a buildout technology cycle as it relates to AI and the demand on compute infrastructure. 
Ben Bajarin and Jay Goldberg discuss the Arm F1 takeaways, challenges, and IPO upside.Show note links:Register Report on Graviton Revenue
Ben Bajarin and Jay Goldberg discuss the Intel - Tower Semi deal falling through. They discuss the increasing challenge of global semiconductor M&A.  They also dig into foundry capacity challenges and the economic opportunity for TSMC competitors at the leading edge.  
Ben Bajarin and Jay Goldberg discuss some of the recent political narratives from different countries around their desire to lessen dependence on certain nations. They discuss how much of this narrative dismisses the deeply intertwined global supply chain that makes up the semiconductor industry. 
Ben Bajarin and Jay Goldberg discuss where and why more custom silicon is showing up in pockets of the industry.  They also dive into Amazon's overall strategy with custom silicon and sometimes this strategy gets talked about and other custom efforts get no airtime.
Ben Bajarin and Jay Goldberg explain some of the nuanced dynamics of the semiconductor industry cyclicality. They outline the challenges in areas like data center spending, PC market doldrums, and softness in smartphones and what that may mean for 2024 if AI is a true computing inflection point. 
Ben Bajarin and Jay Goldberg discuss Jay's recent article and flesh out a thesis related to AI's impact on different segments of the semiconductor industry. 
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