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Author: Jen Lawrence

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Today's workplace is at a tipping point with employee burnout, resignations, low engagement levels, talent gaps, workplace aggression, resentment of shareholder/owner greed, and people resisting a return to the office post-COVID. This podcast, hosted by Jen Lawrence, MBA, will discuss the latest trends and thought leadership in organizational development, including identifying and retaining talent, creating a more inclusive and trauma-informed workplace, and leading people through transformation and change.
5 Episodes
Having a good critical thinking process is an important part of making sound business decisions. Trauma-informed critical thinking can make your business thinking even more successful. Learn how trauma can impact critical thinking and the two questions that will transform your thinking process. This episode is for HR leaders, business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to make better decisions and support their employees experiencing trauma.
As organizations continue to struggle with quiet quitting, rage applying and the talent gap, it's important to remember the five pillars of employee satisfaction. In this episode, we discuss why salary feels like safety, why community is so important, and why workers feel so passionately about not returning to the office. If you work in HR or are running a business, this episode is for you,
In 2023, it's impossible to ignore the impact of trauma in the workplace. The Window of Tolerance gives you a tool to help your employees have the emotional resources to being their best thinking and creative minds to work. It also helps you think about places to reduce harm in your systems and practices. This episode walks you through the model and offers tips for creating a safe and social work environment.
A WHO study showed that 70% of people have experienced trauma. If you employ people, you employee people with trauma. This episode is written for HR folks and business leaders who want to reduce harm and improve performance. Learn to recognize workplace trauma, how to deal with trauma and the important role HR can play in helping bring out the best in employees. If you work with people, this episode is for you.
It's a new year and employees have their own list of resolutions. From remote work to better work boundaries to non-retirement-focused benefits, find out how to make work better for your employees in 2023.
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