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Join Benjamin Chipman and GenZ Icon and author Riya Goel for a discussion on GenZ in the Workplace, claiming our place, and owning our generational differences as agents of change. This an episode for the do-ers or those who aspire to be do-ers. This is about asking why not today, instead of I’ll do it tomorrow. GenZers have long been a generation of people doing nontraditional work, but how do you quantify it? How do you communicate all the things you’ve done as a GenZer who has been forced to live so many lives? Generationally there have been shifts in access to opportunity for us as digital natives and there hasn’t yet been an understanding of that intergenerationally. Join us in conversation about the generational gaps in understanding between what’s expected of GenZ and older generations and when the pressure goes too far. Read the GenZ Book HERE. Follow Riya HERE. 
With the official return of The Yellow Room: A Wantonly Optimistic Podcast, Benjamin Chipman returns to talk about living with uncertainty and building the life you want, even when it feels like you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.This is an episode for people who feel unsure about their next move, whether in their career or their relationship. It talks about where Benjamin went, why, and what ultimately brought him back to the Podcast Studio.Laid off? Broken-hearted? Generally, swimming through wild amounts of uncertainty? Yeah, been there. Might still be there.  "How You Spend Your Days is How You Live Your Life" & you can't let the uncertainty of things take away from the moment. Keep up with all things Wantonly Optimistic on social! Reach out if something resonates with you, and, of course, don't forget your yellow-tinted glasses. TikTokInstagramLinkedIn
The RELAUNCH (preview)

The RELAUNCH (preview)


It's been a minute. Sit back down in The Yellow Room, get cozy, get comfy, and get a coffee because we've entered into the quarter-life crisis. Tune in to the latest installations of TYR with Benjamin Chipman as he navigates life postgrad, the job search, and establishing an identity after college. Keep up with Benjamin Chipman
Sitting down with Gianna Prudente, Associate News Editor at LinkedIn and Morehouse graduate, to discuss finding your professional persona as a GenZ, Navigating Burnout, Managing Work-Life Balance, and The Future of Work. “When we think about the future of work, GenZ is so important in that conversation… By 2030 we’re making up 25% of the workforce.”If you are a GenZ entering the workforce, work with GenZers, or manage them, this episode is an inside look at the perspectives that will shape the world of work. 
By now, we've all heard the phrase Lucky Girl Syndrome and one of our friends probably told you that they're in their delusional era (it might've even been me). BUT, is this really a sustainable practice for growth? Are our delusions actually contributing to a better version of ourselves? By getting to the root of what Lucky Girl Syndrome and Manifestations really accomplish for us, we can take more credit for our own success. Establishing the ask mindset and learning how to position yourself to accomplish your goals is the first step in creating the version of yourself that you imagined when you made that New Year's Resolution. So, let's get intimate. 
"If I could go back and give myself advice on the last year… I would have just told myself, don't be so afraid to dip your toe into the water of everything that you love, because you have so much time in your young twenties…" In this episode, I am joined by Actress, Dancer, and friend, Spencer Ganus. Following her graduation from Duke University Spencer moved back to LA where she grew up to pursue her dreams. Following the nontraditional path, Spencer shares how she navigates entrepreneurship in the arts, self-doubt, and the abundance mindset she has to help her live more optimistically. This one is for those who ask themselves what if? This is for the ones who trust the universe but sometimes need that little reminder. It's for you and it's for me.   Growing up doing voiceover work in media like South Park, Frozen, and more, Ganus shares her journey of rediscovering the things she loves, even when it's not the easy choice. "Even if you cant see what the map is or what the plan is, everything that you do will have a lesson."Connect with me on Socials:
The first installment of The Yellow Room: A Wantonly Optimistic Podcast. This episode tells the story of how yellow became so important to me. Inspired by an influential figure in my life, this is the narrative of how my perspective became my power and how I learned to harness it. This one is for the person ready to make a change. To shift their outlook and start living more openly. This is what undergirds my life philosophy. Especially in this time of uncertainty and change, this perspective has kept me grounded and empowered me to stand in my own convictions. Find the book here: Connect with me on Socials:
This podcast celebrates the reckless belief in the good of the world and the good in others. For no other reason than simply because we can :)It’s a podcast for the oversharer, the uncertain, and those who seek genuine connections.It's our shared coming-of-age story. So put on your yellow-tinted glasses and come to look at the world a little more optimistically with me and special guests!
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