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Author: Rep. Earl Harris, Jr. and Rep. Blake Johnson

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Indiana State Representatives Earl Harris, Jr. and Blake Johnson host fellow legislators and experts to share an inside look at the Indiana General Assembly, explain bills moving through the legislative session and showcase the policies and processes that are shaping our state.

26 Episodes
Advocacy in the Statehouse takes many forms, and while people often think of the paid professionals who spend their days in the hallways, nonprofit organizations also play a crucial role in educating constituents and championing issues. Linda Hanson, president of the League of Women Voters - Indiana, joins the pod to talk about the role they play in shaping Indiana's future.
Rep. Greg Porter, chief Democrat on the powerful Ways and Mean Committee, rejoins the podcast to reflect on the 2024 legislative session and to give us a preview as we look to the interim and the upcoming budget session.
With the adjournment of the 123rd General Assembly, Rep. Mitch Gore joins the podcast to talk conference committees, legislative successes and the toll the stresses of the short session can take.
The end of the legislative session is fast approaching, and with it the end of the 123rd General Assembly. The esteemed Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta joins the show to discuss House member retirements, ongoing attacks on transit in Indy, and the role and responsibilities of the Minority Leader.
As we head into the break, the ever-straight-talking Rep. Ed Delaney joins the pod to discuss the best and worst bills of the first half of the Indiana Legislative Session.
Upon joining the legislature, Dr. Victoria Garcia Wilburn immediately set herself apart as a focused, driven and community-centered leader. And her hard work paid off, as she accomplished the rare feat of passing a bill in her first year. She talks about doing the work, the importance of camaraderie, and finding joy in the moments big and small.
Once an intern for the legendary Bill Crawford and the now-still-rocking Sheila Klinker, Rep. Cherrish Pryor now serves as the Floor Leader for the House Democratic Caucus. Pryor sits down with Earl and Blake to discuss her role in leadership, why NOT filing a bill is sometimes the best move, and her priorities for the short session.
Earl and Blake kick off the 2024 Legislative Session with a rundown of what happens in the first week, what issues are rising to the top (as Republicans suggest a non-controversial year), and what you can expect from this year's podcast.
Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 Trailer


Session Sessions is back for a second season, and we're kicking it up a notch with the addition of co-host Rep. Earl Harris, Jr. This season, we'll chat with our colleagues and friends about all things Indiana General Assembly and provide a look behind the scenes of the Legislative Session.
A month after the birth of his first child, Blake sits down with fellow dads Rep. Mitch Gore of Indianapolis and Rep. Ryan Hatfield of Evansville to discuss the collision of public service and fatherhood, tips and tricks for the legislative session when you have a new baby, and the ways being a dad impacts your perspective.
The Indiana General Assembly has adjourned sine die, wrapping up the work of the legislature in the wee hours of the morning this past Friday. With everyone headed back to their districts, Rep. Blake Johnson flies solo for a quick (albeit late) recap of the final days of session, the final budget, and a bit of thanks to all of you for tuning in over these last four months.
Fresh off his 80th birthday, Rep. Ed DeLaney joins the podcast to recap our penultimate week of the legislative session. We also discuss the power of a good amendment, what to watch as we cruise toward adjournment, and his 30 days of silence.
If you had I Love Lucy and Austin Powers on your Session Sessions bingo card, this week is for you. Rules and procedure expert Rep. Matt Pierce joins the pod to discuss the wild ride that will be the final two weeks of session, including a run down of conference committees and the role of the Rules Committee.
Long-time legislator, Rep. Greg Porter, sits down to recap the events of the day and week, including procedural maneuvering by House Democrats that yielded the very first floor vote on the issue of cannabis legalization in Indiana. He also shares more information on the budget, the role of Ways and Means, and what it's like to have served in the majority, minority (and even with a 50-50 split).
Ahead of his two and a half hour drive home, Rep. Ryan Hatfield joins us to react to a frustrating week in the Statehouse, including final passage of bills that targeted the trans community as well as legislation removing protections for wetlands. We also discuss the concurrence process and the role interns play in our day-to-day work.
Coming off of a tough defeat in the annual House v. Senate basketball game, we're joined by Indiana House Democratic Caucus Chair, Rep. Carey Hamilton. We discuss a few of the Democratic bills that are in the final stretch, our ongoing fight to protect Indiana's trans youth, and the role of the caucus chair in the legislative process.
Tucked away in the back corner of the Indiana House Chamber is the action-packed, fast-paced, epicenter of motions, amendments, committee reports and resolutions...known affectionately as "the bubble." We sit down with Chris Campaniolo, chief legal counsel to the Democratic Leader, to learn how the bubble works, how other staff help keep the Statehouse running, and a bit more context on the legislative process.Article from the Discussion: Threat of Utility Shutoff at Four Indianapolis Apartme...
The break is over. Senate bills are headed to the House, and House bills are headed to the Senate. With the handoff underway, Senator Andrea Hunley joins the podcast to discuss some of the Senate bills to watch (including her work to reduce fatal crashes) and shares some insight into life in the other chamber.
Following a hectic week in the House of Representatives, including debate over the state budget, Rep. Tonya Pfaff shares insights from her service on Education, Elections and Apportionment, and Ways and Means - committees that played host to a number of controversial bills throughout the week.
Just moments after the House passed his bill, HB 1449 regarding 21st Century Scholars, the always civil Rep. Earl Harris, Jr. sat down to discuss a productive week for House Democrats, controversial legislation on firearm training for teachers, and the priorities of the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus.