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America's best podcast for learning how today's top business owners Think, Act, and Achieve. Onward Nation is a five-day-a-week podcast hosted by Stephen Woessner, CEO of Predictive ROI. Business owners share the most influential lessons learned throughout their careers, including insights into their daily habits, their most vital priorities that have contributed to their business and personal success, and the most challenging time or situation that could have devastated or even ruined their businesses or careers. Business owners share their "recipes for success" including those systems they wish they had put into practice inside their business when first starting out. Each episode concludes with guests sharing two or three practical and tactical strategies they would recommend to brand new business owners in order to best ensure success in their new business and careers. Onward Nation provides business owners with the strategies and tactical step-by-step "recipe" that will help anyone make their business more systematic, predictable, measurable, and repeatable.
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How to cultivate gratitude? Foster your personal growth and appreciate losses as much as wins. Digest our tips on how to cultivate gratitude. How to cultivate gratitude? He believes we’re entering the era of the AUTHORITY. Brands that occupy the coveted “expert” status are afforded the highest level of confidence and trust from their customers, prospects, and other stakeholders because they have a depth of knowledge and point-of-view that can’t be denied or easily replicated. Stephen’s practical and tactical training sessions help companies capitalize on the huge shift taking place in the market today. In our hyper-competitive market for awareness and attention — brands need to plant their flag of authority and then leverage this position to fill their sales pipeline with right-fit prospects while developing deeper relationships with existing customers. What you’ll learn in this episode is about how to cultivate gratitude:  How the journey that has become “Onward Nation” impacted many people and made a difference in businesses around the world Why you should keep Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion front and center because it impacts the momentum of your business every day Why there’s an equal amount of winning in every loss — and — an equal amount of loss in every win How to shift your perspective to be thankful for the losses just as much as the wins and how to cultivate gratitude How transitioning from thoughts of loss over to gratitude and thanksgiving when a deep loss happens can be the difference between being able to move on or remaining stuck. How changes in your team, clients, and revenue are all excellent indicators of your culture and where you’re going Additional Resources: Improve your insights about how to cultivate gratitude by tuning in to this podcast: Positive Attitude in Business, with Jon Gordon Free Executive Leadership Summary report from Predictive ROI: Predictive ROI Free Resource Library: Stephen Woessner’s LinkedIn: Learn more about how to cultivate gratitude by tuning in to our “ROI of Community” Framework
Sales Promotion Strategies—Explore effective methods to boost sales and increase ROI by applying our guide on sales promotion strategies. Sales promotion strategies? He believes we’re entering the era of the AUTHORITY. Brands that occupy the coveted “expert” status are afforded the highest level of confidence and trust from their customers, prospects, and other stakeholders because they have a depth of knowledge and point of view that can’t be denied or easily replicated. Stephen’s practical and tactical training sessions help companies capitalize on the huge shift taking place in the market today. In our hyper-competitive market for awareness and attention — brands need to plant their flag of authority and then leverage this position to fill their sales pipeline with right-fit prospects while developing deeper relationships with existing customers. What you’ll learn in this episode is about sales promotion strategies: Three best sales promotion strategies that will guarantee your Return on Investment. How to create a steady stream of well-prepared prospects in your sales pipeline How and why you should build out a series of “Transitional Moments” for your audience Why you should build out a topic list of your areas of expertise How to leverage your topic list into a guest appearance on podcasts, video series, etc. How to transform the cornerstone content that comes from the interviews into the “Siphon Strategy” How to use the Siphon Strategy and add more people into your email list Why you should add each new person to your list into what Stephen called the New Lead Sequence How to create your own New Lead Sequence How to leverage all of this new content into optimized blog posts for your website How all of this content builds out what Stephen calls, “The Infinity Loop” and will drive revenue for you Additional Resources: Improve your sales promotion strategies and get more at-bats with right-fit prospects by listening to our free tutorial: Transitional Moments Free Executive Leadership Summary report from Predictive ROI: Predictive ROI Free Resource Library: Stephen Woessner’s LinkedIn: Learn more about sales promotion strategies by tuning in to: The SIPHON Framework
Podcasting for Business — Unlock the potential of podcasts to drive growth for your business. Explore our guide on podcasting for business. Podcasting for business is our topic for this episode of Onward Nation. We dive deep into cornerstone content — what it is, why it matters, and how to wield it effectively. In the world of agencies, there’s often a misstep when it comes to crafting a robust content strategy. We tend to veer towards churning out countless bite-sized pieces of content rather than focusing on something more substantial. It’s understandable — the idea of creating a single, monumental piece of content can seem daunting when compared to the allure of producing a multitude of smaller ones. But here’s the thing — creating cornerstone content is the key to establishing authority in your niche. It’s about crafting content that not only serves as the foundation for your promotional efforts but also generates a plethora of smaller, valuable pieces. We’re not just defining cornerstone content — we’re showing you how to create, slice, and dice it into smaller cobblestones. Joining me is an absolute expert in the field — Harry Morton, the brilliant mind behind Lower Street, a premium podcast agency. Harry and his team are all about cutting through the noise and launching standout shows. We explore the strategies, pitfalls, and insider secrets to mastering the art of podcasting for businesses and crafting cornerstone content that demands attention.  Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into the podcasting for business waters, this episode is packed with actionable insights to help you take your content game to the next level. What you’ll learn in this episode is about podcasting for business: How Harry realized the potential of podcasting for business and founded Lower Street, and why he believes it is never too late to start a podcast How podcasting for business can serve as powerful cornerstone content, and what key questions to ask yourself before starting a podcast What tips and strategies Harry has for anyone looking to “skip the awkward years” while hosting a podcast show Why preparation and planning are the keys to having a great conversation, and why you should focus on adding value for your audience How Harry and his team help new podcast hosts master the interview skills they need to ask deeply relevant, content-rich questions Why the “three act narrative” structure can be a valuable way to structure your podcast, and why you should avoid the trap of asking too many boilerplate questions Why your conversation with your guest should never feel “salesy”, and why it should always be focused on being helpful to your audience What steps you can take to go into a recording session fully prepared, and why having an assistant on the call with you can be helpful What resources, tools and software are available to help you make a great podcast, and how a podcast episode can be sliced and diced into smaller “cobblestone” content   Resources: Enhance your insights about podcasting in business by listening to our podcast: Turning a Podcast into a Business, with David Mammano Ask us about our Narrated Interview service that elevates a regular interview-based podcast to something unique to your brand. Don’t just start ANOTHER podcast, start something special: Learn more about podcasting in business, and you can find Harry Morton here. LinkedIn: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: @podcastharry  
LinkedIn Marketing Strategy? Learn tips to boost your professional network and enhance brand visibility. Guide on LinkedIn marketing strategy. LinkedIn marketing strategy is our focus on today’s topic here at Onward Nation — Our special guest expert and I today are going to dig into and slice apart strategies and tactics you can take and use to build a Facebook Group and how to find and engage with your right-fit prospects on LinkedIn.  Mandy McEwen is the Founder & CEO of Mod Girl Marketing, an award-winning digital marketing agency based in California. She has been marketing successful brands online since 2007. In 2010, she decided to utilize her online marketing skills to start a marketing agency, Mod Girl Marketing. Mandy and I are going to cover both Facebook and LinkedIn Marketing strategies. We may meander a bit between the two topics, but there’s no doubt you’ll walk away with several golden nuggets that you can apply to your business.  What you’ll learn in this episode is about LinkedIn marketing strategy:  How Mandy started her agency in 2010 after discovering her love of marketing, and how she uses her marketing skills to help business and agency owners How Mandy came to focus on Facebook and LinkedIn marketing strategy, and how Mandy’s agency excels in helping create impactful personal brands for clients Why Mandy believes that leveraging your connections, mailing list, and friends is the key to launching a thriving Facebook community How Mandy grew her business to six figures entirely through organic growth and through her Facebook group Why Mandy is focused on mastering the LinkedIn algorithm and utilizing LinkedIn to help humanize brands and tell their stories Why LinkedIn’s algorithm is focused on personal connections and conversations more than anything else, and what changes you can make to improve your ranking How to do keyword research through LinkedIn to help your content gain visibility on the platform What steps to take to maximize the visibility of your content on LinkedIn, and how to slice and dice bigger content into smaller pieces that can be repurposed How to get assistance from others on LinkedIn to help boost your posts while helping them boost their own Why all of Mandy’s LinkedIn messaging and marketing strategies can work just as well on Facebook Resources: Read this blog from Mod Girl Marketing to expand your knowledge about LinkedIn marketing strategy: How Often Should You Be Posting On LinkedIn? Learn more about the newest and most effective LinkedIn marketing strategy, and you can find Mandy here. LinkedIn: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: @MandyModGirl Twitter: @ModGirlMktg
Podcasting for Thought Leadership —  Elevate your influence and develop your storytelling skills through our guide on podcasting for thought leadership. Podcasting for Thought Leadership? To accomplish all of that, you need a cornerstone channel and some smaller cobblestones so that every time someone in your audience turns around, you are being helpful—not selling, but helping. When I say cornerstone content, I mean content that’s big and meaty and can be sliced and diced into smaller pieces. These are the cobblestones.  In today’s episode of Onward Nation, we invited Mark Colgan. Mark currently splits his time between being the Co-founder of Speak On Podcasts, mentoring B2B Startups via GrowthMentor and ScaleWise, The Product Onboarders, and coaching hundreds of SDRs through his Outbound Prospecting and Cold Email Bootcamp course via The Sales Impact Academy. Again, think of helping, not selling. The end result is that your audience grows, especially if you siphon, as we’ve been talking about a lot in our free Facebook group recently. You provide your team with an abundance of slice-and-dice opportunities to turn all of those episodes into super helpful cobblestones. What you’ll learn in this episode is about podcasting for thought leadership:  Why Mark attributes his career success to his unique ability to match the right people with each other, and why he focused on podcasting for thought leadership niche. What opportunities Mark identified that pushed him to create his Speak On Podcasts business, and why it is a perfect fit for his talents How the outbreak of the global pandemic allowed the podcasting industry to explode in popularity and become an even more powerful marketing channel Mark describes the step-by-step process he and his agency take clients through to position them as ideal podcast guests and connect them with right fit hosts Why offering value for the audience and providing a unique perspective is the key to creating engaging podcast thought leadership content What research and screening process Mark and his team follow to identify podcasts that are the best fit for their clients Why it is crucial when appearing on a podcast to focus on being helpful to the audience and to avoid being too salesy Why it takes time, dedication and a lot of practice to become a great podcast guest, and why developing your storytelling skill is key How to reach out to podcast hosts through email to stand out and position yourself as a great guest that could bring value to their audiences Why a podcast episode is great cornerstone content that can be sliced and diced into smaller cobblestone content for other platforms Additional Resources: Tune in to this episode of Podcasting for Business with Harry Morton to elevate your knowledge about podcasting for thought leadership. Learn more about podcasting for thought leadership, and you can find Mark here. Book a call with Mark and his team: LinkedIn: LinkedIn: Twitter: @MarkOnPodcasts
Business Scaling Strategy: Learn effective methods to expand your company’s operations by exploring our guide on business scaling strategy. Business scaling strategy?  We’re asking ourselves what new strategies…what shifts inside Predictive do we need to make in order to double down in 2023 to raise the standard of excellence and be even more helpful to our clients — and at the same time — remove obstacles that might be in the way of us growing and scaling Predictive. Today, we invited Michael Zipursky, CEO of Consulting Success, to discuss the best business scaling strategy. Michael and his team specialize in helping entrepreneurial consultants grow profitable, scalable, and strategic consulting businesses. Applying these strategies, which Michael shared with us today, will most likely help you gain the right client for your business.  What you’ll learn in this episode is about business scaling strategy:  How Michael started his first consulting business as he was entering university, and how his career path gave him a broad range of experience in business scaling strategy. How Michael has scaled his consulting while maintaining a laser focus on serving others and being as helpful as possible Why being transparent and vulnerable about his own ups and downs has been a crucial component of Michael’s ability to build credibility and trust Michael shares the four stages of the business scaling strategy he takes clients through and he shares why each of these stages builds upon the one before Why marketing should be about delivering value and building relationships rather than focusing on sales and promotions Why putting your marketing engine in place and following Michael’s three-part process can allow you to raise your prices due to the value you’re offering Why mastering the “deep and meaningful sales conversation” can be a powerful way to establish credibility and increase perception of value Why the structure of fees you use matters, and why marketing is a skill anyone can learn even if they’re introverted Why the kinds of deep and meaningful sales conversations Michael talks about can help you strengthen your long-term relationships with your clients Why doing the hard work of building your confidence in your pricing is crucial for business growth Resources: A new study on how to become a consultant: Explore more ideas about business scaling strategy by tuning in to our free video tutorial: Our “ROI of Community” Framework Free 47-Page Consulting Blueprint Guide: Learn more about business scaling strategy. You can find Michael here. LinkedIn: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: @ConsultingBuzz
PR Strategy Plan — Learn tactics for successful communication campaigns and improve your business by exploring our guide on PR strategy plan. PR strategy plan is our topic for today’s episode of Onward Nation — Leslie and the talented EW Bullock team work collaboratively with their clients to develop strategic, integrated marketing and PR strategies, lead research studies, build annual marketing budgets, plan effective and efficient media buys, develop and implement creative campaigns, and measure the effectiveness of marketing and public relations campaigns. Leslie has more than 25 years of experience leading successful communication campaigns. Her natural sense of curiosity fuels her drive to fully understand each client’s business and challenges. She believes that a greater understanding of her client’s businesses leads to more innovative and successful campaigns. We will highlight the 5 PR channels you already have available to you right now and how to use them effectively. We’ll also break down why distribution lists matter — and — how to spot a bad list. What you’ll learn in this episode is about PR strategy plan:  How Leslie’s career began with a love of magazines and a passion for advertising, and how that evolved into an understanding of PR strategy plan for business Why there are five key PR channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and your own personal website What steps you can take to leverage your website to become a powerful PR channel, and why utilizing the blog feature is key to generating traffic Why recognizing the areas in which you are an expertise and sharing content with your audience relating to your expertise can help you get noticed Why it takes time to see the results of your PR efforts, and why a powerful news hook is crucial for extracting value from your PR strategies Why your PR strategies should be centered around getting to the point and starting a conversation with your audience How to identify the things you can share that are worthy of being newsworthy, and why knowing the audience you’re trying to reach is important Leslie shares how she and her team help their clients, using some of their zoo clients as examples How to turn your big wins into helpful content that can lead the way for other business owners, and why the third party endorsement is the Holy Grail of PR Why public relations is a marathon, not a sprint, and why it takes practice and patience to see your PR strategy plan take off Additional Resources: Elevate your insights about the PR strategy plan by reading this blueprint: How To Build A Better Press Release Learn more about the PR Strategy plan, and you can find Leslie here. LinkedIn: LinkedIn:–bullock-associates/ Facebook: Twitter: @EWBullock
Social Media Presence for Business — Learn strategies to enhance brand visibility and drive growth through our guide on social media presence for business. Social media presence for business is an essential strategy for establishing brand identity, engaging with customers, and expanding market reach in the digital landscape. For today’s episode of Onward Nation, we have our guest Jason Yormark. He will walk us through the path to becoming a social media expert. Jason Yormark is the founder of Socialistics (, a leading B2B social media agency that helps businesses turn their social media efforts into real measurable results. He is a 20+ year marketing veteran whose prior work has included launching and managing social media efforts for Microsoft Advertising, Office for Mac, the Air Force, and Habitat for Humanity. Jason has been recognized as a top B2B social media influencer and thought leader on multiple lists and publications including Forbes, ranking #30 on their 2012 list. The significance of maintaining a strong social media presence for businesses cannot be overstated, as it serves as a powerful tool for encouraging customer relationships, promoting brand awareness, and driving growth in today’s interconnected digital world. What you’ll learn in this episode is about social media presence for business:  Why developing a social media presence for business success is crucial in today’s competitive market, and how Jason’s career path led to becoming a social media expert Why the key to leveraging social media is found in focusing on the right metrics and getting real results What challenges Jason and his team have faced in dealing with organizations’ past bad experiences working with marketing agencies Why Jason is intentional about his interactions with clients and is focused on building relationships that can blossom over time Why a key part of being a successful entrepreneur is learning to overcome the fear of being on your own Why marketing is often the first thing that gets blamed when there are problems in the business, and why marketing is seldom the fix for deeper problems Why being committed to their social media niche has been a powerful catalyst for growth at Socialistics Why the key to a successful social media presence for business is to meet people where they are and leverage your reach Why the level of intentionality Jason and his team practice and the trusted reputation they’ve cultivated have improved the number and quality of incoming leads they get Additional Resources: Elevate your insights about social media presence for business by reading this blog from Socialistics: Tis the Season to Sell: Boost eCommerce Sales with Social Media Learn more about social media presence for business, and you can find Jason here. LinkedIn: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: @jasonyormark Twitter: @socialistics  
Business Initiatives Examples — Explore the impact of misaligned business initiatives with real-life Business Initiatives Examples. Business initiatives examples — Graeme Strachan is the founder and CEO of ViTL Solutions. He brings his 20+ years of management consulting experience to industries as diverse as financial services, mining, education, digital media, and the nonprofit world. Graeme has a passion for helping companies succeed by aligning operational reality to strategic intent and supporting clients to breakthrough thinking to solve complex business challenges. What you’ll learn in this episode is about business initiatives examples:  The importance of orchestrating high-level initiatives that impact the bottom line Best business initiatives examples in 2024 Why it’s such a problem when a company’s initiatives don’t fully align with their strategy How often does Graeme find that companies are misaligned, and how does that disconnect develops How Graeme and his team create re-alignment in a business and encourage executive-level buy-in Why ViTL Solutions are a values-driven company, and what the four cultural tenets are that provide their touchstone Resources: Explore more business initiatives examples by exploring this blog from ViTL Solutions Learn more about business initiatives examples, and you can find Graeme here LinkedIn: LinkedIn:  
Long term goals for business — Learn strategies for sustainable growth and development by exploring our guide on long term goals for business. Long term goals for Business — Dorie Clark helps individuals and companies get their best ideas heard in a crowded, noisy world. She has been named one of the Top 50 business thinkers in the world by Thinkers50 and was honored as the #1 Communication Coach in the world at the Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Awards. She is a keynote speaker and teaches for Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and Columbia Business School. She is the author of Entrepreneurial You, which was named one of Forbes Top 5 Business Books of the Year, and Reinventing You and Stand Out, which was named the #1 Leadership Book of the Year by Inc. magazine. A former presidential campaign spokeswoman, Clark has been described by the New York Times as an expert at self-reinvention and helping others make changes in their lives. She is a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review and consults and speaks for clients such as Google, Yale University, and the World Bank. She is a graduate of Harvard Divinity School, producer of a multiple Grammy-winning jazz album, and a Broadway investor. What you’ll learn in this episode is about long term goals for business:  Why working through the small tasks leads to progression How to creatively and intellectually engage employees Achieving long term goals for business one step at a time How to leverage your time more efficiently Why Dorie was inspired to write her book about productivity The Long Game and ​​some of the biggest takeaways from the book that business owners can apply within their own team How to protect 20% of your time for personal growth Some of the golden nuggets that Dorie would love business owners to focus on for the long game The impact of the Great Resignation on business owners and what you can do to fill the pipeline of talent going forward Why strategic thinking is so critical in achieving your long term goals Resources: Learn more about long term goals for business, and you can find Dorie here Enhance your insights about long term goals for business by exploring this podcast from Dorie Clark Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: @dorieclark Additional Resources: You can download her free Long Game self-assessment workbook and learn more at  
Creative story telling — Learn how to make meaningful connections through audio by exploring our unique guide on creative story telling. Creative story telling — Nic Natarella is the founder of AdWise Creative. He is known for his voice-over talents and directs his team in every project that comes into AdWise Creative. His involvement with each individual project assures that you have top-notch and maximum results for all of our clients. Nic first started “on the air” back when he was eight years old. He started out by making cassette tape recordings of his “radio shows” on the living room stereo system, consisting of a turntable and built-in cassette player. You will have to google “turntable” and maybe even “cassette player” if you have never heard of that before. His first real air time was just outside of Nashville as the news guy/sidekick on the morning show. His on-air career has involved morning host duties, middays, afternoon fill-in, and nighttime hosting. He also had responsibilities at the radio station with Program Director, Assistant Program Director, Webmaster, and Creative Services Director, just to name a few. Nic has written radio and production magazine articles, conducted copywriting seminars for radio sales teams, and crafted thousands of commercials for clients looking to have a radio spot sent out. His voice-over work has been used for projects such as: Radio commercials Video games Corporate training materials And rock concerts Want to catch Nic’s attention? He’s a fan of classic cars from the ’40s and ’50s and muscle cars from the ’60s and ’70s. While at home, he is called a shade tree mechanic, turf management supervisor, and natatorium engineer. He is known for cheering for many college football teams, so you will either love him, or he will become your rival. Nic and his wife, Debbie, live outside Orlando, Florida. Debbie is a private horse trainer and riding instructor at Amazing Grace Equestrian. Their daughter has her Master’s in Social Work and lives and works in Tampa. Nic and Debbie currently share the house with three rabbits and up to eight horses at any given time. What you’ll learn in this episode is about creative story telling:  The power of having creative story telling in advertising How to make meaningful connections through audio How to take your audience inside the emotion of an experience with a few powerful words Tips on uncovering the story behind your service or product Why there is gold in your unconscious competence Resources: Learn more about creative story telling, and you can find Nic here Explore more topics about creative story telling by listening to this podcast: Sharing stories and Forming Connections, with Chad Heeter Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Additional Resources: Download The 5 Most Common Radio Advertising Mistakes That Are Costing You Money and How to Fix Them here  
Email marketing strategy examples — Boost your engagement and conversion rates by nurturing our email marketing strategy examples. Hey Onward Nation — before we dive into the show notes for this solocast — let me first share a really big thank you. Thank you for the 6+ years of support. Thank you for all of the social media posts. Thank you for all the emails. And thank you for all of your encouragement over the last 1,000+ episodes. My Predictive ROI team and I are over the top grateful. THANK YOU! Email marketing strategy examples — Okay, while thinking through what I wanted to teach and share during this episode — I decided to build it out differently than any other solocast, so that meant creating show notes that acted more like a companion to the audio instead of highlights. So for this episode — both the show notes and the audio are important. The audio will walk you through how to grow your audience — and — then how to nurture your audience over a day or a decade using the New Lead Sequence (NLS). The NLS is a strategy I learned from Taki Moore, founder of Black Belt. And as soon as he shared it with us — we immediately put it into a test phase inside the Predictive ROI Lab — and HOLY BANANAS — it works. Before we get to the email examples — here are the links to the books I recommended you add to your business library: Content Inc, 2nd Edition Killing Marketing And — if you go here — you can order a 100% free paperback copy of Sell with Authority. No shipping. No credit card. Nothing. Just your free paperback copy shipped right to your door. The New Lead Sequence will help you generate leads without your prospects ever feeling like they were a prospect. If you have questions or concerns about the NLS or something else — please know — you can always email me at That’s my direct Inbox, and I read and reply to every email. I also invite you to join our free Facebook Group call “How to Fill Your Sales Pipeline.” It’s a super-engaged community of agency owners, business coaches, and strategic consultants just like you, sharing their insights, asking thought-provoking questions, and sharing their expertise. If that sounds interesting to you — please join us. Until then — onward with gusto! What you’ll learn in this episode is about email marketing strategy examples:  Breaking down the timing, highlights, and main components of each six emails within the NLS Visual examples of each email to make it super simple for you and your team to take and apply the content into your system. Best email marketing strategy examples to boost your engagement and conversion rates Additional Resources: Learn more about email marketing strategy examples by tuning in to this podcast: How To Build An Email List For Free Enhance your knowledge of email marketing strategy examples by applying the process in this free video Free Executive Leadership Summary report from Predictive ROI: Predictive ROI Free Resource Library: Stephen Woessner’s LinkedIn:  
Strategic gifting — Explore how to find the perfect target audience for your business by nurturing our guide on strategic gifting. Strategic Gifting — Jamie Shibley believes that successful businesses are created through building strong relationships with prospects, existing clients and business associates. Giving by nature, and from a young age working in her grandfather’s floral shop, Jamie inherently understands the influence of a meaningful gift. Through her strategic gifting agency, The Expressory, she helps businesses develop long-lasting customer relationships through thoughtfully designed memorable customer experiences. Jamie has designed experiences for numerous clients across the country, making it simple for companies to stand out and make a lasting impression. Respected as a market leader, Jamie’s gift designs have been featured on Entertainment Tonight. What you’ll learn in this episode is about strategic gifting:  Jamie shares how her career started out in corporate IT, and she explains why she left the corporate world and started her own business How her first business helped Jamie find her perfect target audience, and how she defines strategic gifting Why the right gift can build bonds, strengthen relationships, and open new doors for your business Why strategic gifting is about focusing on your prospects rather than on you, and how it can help you turn a prospect relationship into a collaboration How strategic gifting can also be a powerful way to engage with your existing clients and help nurture those relationships Why the minor cost of strategic gifting can pay massive dividends over the long term of your relationships, and how to get started developing a gifting program What kind of return on investment you can see from a gifting program, and why it’s important to listen for further relationship-building nuggets Which key steps to follow to deploy your strategic gifting program, and how to build up your established process over time Why an ongoing gifting cadence and persistence are crucial for making inroads with your prospective clients Additional Resources: Learn more about strategic planning, and you can find Jamie here. Enhance your knowledge about strategic planning by tuning in to our free video: Seed and Open Loops Website: Email: LinkedIn: Facebook:  
Definition of the great resignation — Learn more factors contributing to resignation by exploring our guide on the definition of the great resignation. What is the definition of the great resignation? Art and Sue are the best teachers for today’s topic on that one. Art Boulay’s Biography: Art Boulay, MBA, is CEO of Strategic Talent Management, a consulting firm he co-founded based in Maine with clients all over the US. Like you, he recognizes that organizations spend lots of money solving problems caused by a lack of soft skills among their leaders, managers, employees and new hires. He is an expert in solving those people challenges. Art brings practical ideas, humor and common sense solutions to each assignment. He specializes in organizational planning, succession & leadership, and is a certified behavioral and leadership coach. He is an expert in applying assessment tools to solve real-world challenges in coaching & development, hiring, promotion and recruitment. Art has lived in Maine most of his life and enjoys hiking and camping in the beautiful north woods of Maine. He currently makes his home in Brunswick, Maine with his wife Lori. Sue MacArthur’s Biography: Sue MacArthur has developed Strategic Talent Management’s national recruiting practice into being one of four key service areas. Prior to joining STM, Sue had a dynamic career in the areas of human resources and operations. She has worked for Westin Hotels, John Hancock Financial Services, and Manpower Staffing Services; and has worn many hats with a variety of startup companies. Leadership, people, and problem-solving are her passions. Sue’s non-traditional career path allows her to bring unique insights and diverse perspectives to complex situations and produce innovative solutions. As a reformed politician, building consensus and trust come naturally to Sue, which allows her to create relationships, build rapport, and understand the needs of others. Sue’s professional strategy moving forward is to bring her expertise, experience, and passions together to leave a positive legacy. What you’ll learn in this episode is about the definition of the great resignation:  Art shares how he co-founded Strategic Talent Management, and he explains how his business has evolved over its existence Sue shares how she joined STM and quickly began helping to grow the business and evolving the solutions STM offers its clients Learn about the definition of the great resignation Why the recurring theme Sue hears from employees leaving their jobs is “I just couldn’t go back there”, and what factors are contributing to The Great Resignation Why your employer branding needs to be honest, clear, direct, and should avoid sounding too generic or overly rosy Why it’s equally important for candidates to know who they are and what their goals for their career are, and how Art and Sue help candidates clarify their aspirations How STM’s assessment works, what data points and tools they use, and how their process helps match ideal employers with right-fit candidates Art shares how his team helps employers avoid “bad hire” situations, and he shares how hiring mediocre performers is a bigger problem than hiring bad performers Why you shouldn’t be looking for “perfect candidates” but rather should be focusing on what you need in a role and then finding someone who fits those needs How behavioral assessment tools (such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) can be useful for learning more about potential hires and how they would fit into the team Why your existing team can be an outstanding resource for building a pipeline for talent and bringing in great candidates even during The Great Resignation Additional Resources: Email: Here are more ideas about the definition of the great resignation Learn more about the definition of the great resignation, and you can find Art and Sue here. Website: Art’s LinkedIn: Sue’s LinkedIn: LinkedIn: Facebook:  
Important Business Lessons — Explore business wisdom and insights to drive growth and success with these important business lessons. Important business lessons are very essential for today’s modern business. Despite the ups and downs of markets and new technologies, one thing always stays the same: the important lessons we learn from our experiences. In today’s episode of Onward Nation — I will be partnering with Peter Taunton, Founder and CEO of Lift Brands. Peter is an expert at understanding consumer desires and fulfilling them. Over the years, he has acquired or founded several brands to round out the consumer-fitness experience: 9Round, Farrell’s, YogaFit, STEELE Fitness, and Fitness On Demand. Together with the Snap Fitness brand, they comprise the world’s largest wellness franchise organizations with over 6000 locations open or in development across multiple brands serving 165 million workouts and counting. Peter and I are going to cover the important business lessons that you should follow to attract the right clients. You’ll undoubtedly walk away with several golden nuggets that you can apply to your business. What you’ll learn in this episode is about important business lessons:  How Peter learned his first important business lessons at just eight years old, selling popcorn in front of his father’s grocery store Why one of Peter’s most important business lessons to share is that sometimes it’s necessary for things to get uncomfortable for you to achieve your success How Peter helps his coaching clients recognize the changes and pivots they need to make to restart the growth of their businesses Why getting your entire team aligned is vital, and what key lessons Peter’s book “Impossible Hill” teaches about discipline, accountability and perspective Why we usually see a curated, fictional version of people’s success, and why those who are truly giving of their wisdom are the best teachers How Peter built out a thriving, successful team full of coachable people at Snap Fitness, and why this team was crucial for the brand’s success Why recognizing team members who are “pulling deep on the oars” with love and respect is vital for building loyalty and strengthening relationships How Peter tackled the tough challenge of turning around a failing business by focusing on the opportunity it presented rather than the difficulty How 22-year old Peter led by example and created a shared purpose for the club’s team of 50 employees, and how he turned things around in just 8 years Why Peter wrote his book “Impossible Hill”, and why he considers himself a “hill-taker” who can overcome unbelievable odds   Additional Resources: Learn more about important business lessons, and you can find Peter here. Enhance your knowledge about important business lessons by tuning in to this free video  Impossible Hill by Peter Taunton: Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: @petertaunton
How to control your emotion — Master techniques to regulate emotions effectively and overcome chaos with expert guidance on how to control your emotion. How to control your emotion? Integrative Productivity™ Expert, Angela Kristen Taylor, is mostly known for creating the Productive Flow Mastery™ methodology, her integrative whole body approach to productivity and business growth. She is an engaging and relatable speaker who has made it her personal mission to help ambitious, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and sales professionals overcome stress & chaos so they can create the life and business they want and ultimately, the freedom and security they created their business to achieve. Angela’s integrative productivity strategies helped her go from chaotic hot mess with big dreams and failed achievements to the woman who raised and homeschooled 5 children while running and growing a successful coaching company, and always creating the perfect balance for herself, her family, and her business, no matter what obstacle presented itself along the way. What you’ll learn in this episode is about how to control your emotion:  How Angela has found tremendous success and has managed to organize her life so that she works 4-5 hours a day and only 4 days a week Why Angela believes that productivity is rooted in emotion, and how dealing with the roots of her “emotional clutter” helped her in overcoming chaos in her life Angela shares effective techniques on how to control your emotion How Angela helps her coaching clients by first helping them to “set their GPS” with visualization exercises to help them identify their ideal life Why Angela’s focus shifted to working on herself, and how in 2010 she decided to take a new direction in life after struggling through the real estate collapse What major changes Angela made that helped her in overcoming chaos and bringing order to her business and home life How the four key elements of the Productive Flow Mastery™ methodology are emotion, energy, time and focus Why the majority of Angela’s entrepreneur clients struggled with a challenging or traumatic childhood, and why emotional work is key Why understanding your goals helps you take the right action to move toward them, block out time to do the work, and set your focus on the right work Why emotions are the root of many of our behaviors and unhealthy habits, and what steps Angela recommends you begin taking to begin overcoming chaos in your life Additional Resources: Learn more about how to control your emotion, and you can find Angela here. Elevate your knowledge about how to control your emotion by tuning in to this podcast: SRT for Entrepreneurs: How to Promote Self Healing, Clear Emotional Blocks & Create Alignment Website: LinkedIn: LinkedIn: Facebook Group:  
Positive attitude in business — Unlock the power of optimism for better business outcomes by exploring our guide on positive attitude in business. Positive attitude in business — Jon Gordon’s best-selling books and talks have inspired readers and audiences around the world. His principles have been put to the test by numerous Fortune 500 companies, professional and college sports teams, school districts, hospitals, and nonprofits. He is the author of 23 books including 10 best sellers and 5 children’s books. His books include the timeless classic The Energy Bus which has sold over 2 million copies, The Carpenter which was a top 5 business book of the year, Training Camp, The Power of Positive Leadership, The Power of a Positive Team, The Coffee Bean, Stay Positive, and The Garden. Jon and his tips have been featured on The Today Show, CNN, CNBC, The Golf Channel, Fox and Friends and in numerous magazines and newspapers. His clients include The Los Angeles Dodgers, Campbell’s Soup, Dell, Publix, Southwest Airlines, Miami Heat, The Los Angeles Rams, Snapchat, Truist Bank, Clemson Football, Northwestern Mutual, West Point Academy and more. Jon is a graduate of Cornell University and holds a Masters in Teaching from Emory University. He and his training/consulting company are passionate about developing positive leaders, organizations and teams. What you’ll learn in this episode is about the positive attitude in business:  How Jon wrote his bestselling book “The Energy Bus” when he was at a low period in his life, and how he learned to overcome his challenges, fears and negativity Why having a positive attitude in business means having fun while following your purpose and continuing to strive for excellence Why some people lean towards optimism and some toward pessimism, and how you can train your mind to increase your optimism even if you’re a natural pessimist Why success leads to fear, and why before you achieve real success you’re naturally less fearful of taking chances and risks Why being fearless isn’t the same thing as being reckless, and why being smart about the risks you take is crucial Why it is important to define what winning means to you, and why you shouldn’t fear failure because it offers its own rewards Why “anxious” means “divided”, and why developing your strength to face your anxiety is the key to unlocking your potential Why love is the greatest success principle of all time, and why loving what you do and who you work with is vital How feeling love allows you to perform at a higher level and is the ideal antidote for your fears Additional Resources: Learn more about positive attitude in business, and you can find Jon here. Elevate your knowledge about positive attitude in business by tuning in to this podcast: Define the behaviors that drive success Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: @JonGordon11
Membership programs for businesses—Explore best practices and networking opportunities through membership programs for businesses. Membership programs for businesses — Sandra Martini, founder of boutique coaching firm The Martini Way, offers her mentoring clients a perfect balance of marketing savvy, intuition and results-driven systemic implementation with a healthy dose of nurturing and love. Sandra’s style is to learn about your goals and then reverse engineer them to where you are now, so you can create the quickest path to your goals possible without sacrificing your sanity or self care. The sustainable success Sandra teaches takes time and work. If you’re looking for someone to tell you to call everyone you know and sell them a high level “X”, Sandra isn’t for you. If you want a partner who understands the big vision and intimate details of running and marketing a successful, sustainable business; who understands you and where you are, who nurtures you while being completely honest and non-judgmental and who can pull from her years of hands-on business and marketing expertise, then Sandra Martini is ready to help! What you’ll learn in this episode is about membership programs for businesses:  How innovating in her prior roles gave Sandra keen insights into membership programs for businesses best practices that she carried with her into her entrepreneurial career Why a great membership program takes intentionality, hard work, and a laser focus on providing ongoing value to your members to retain them in your program Why a thriving membership program needs a great backend to support it, with systems, processes, employees, information-tracking and problem-solving built in Why a powerful content library does no good if members in the program don’t know it’s there or how to access it What pitfalls, expenses and potential obstacles you should be aware of when considering about offering membership programs for businesses Why it is important to offer upgrades to your members in your value ladder, and why you should avoid overwhelming yourself by trying to over-deliver on your program Sandra shares a powerful strategy for targeting and curating your content to elevate your membership experience Why an easy-to-navigate onboarding and welcome process is crucial for retention, and why it is important to avoid forgetting your existing members in favor of new ones Why falling in love with your program can blind you to issues that can keep it from being profitable Additional Resources: Learn more about membership programs for businesses at Sandra’s website Learn these best practices for membership programs for businesses: Our “Seed & Open Loops” Framework Free eBook from Sandra: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: @SandraMartini  
Thought leadership marketing—Elevate your brand’s reputation and authority through strategic content and innovative insights with thought leadership marketing. Thought leadership marketing — For over 25 years, Stephen Woessner has been in the trenches working alongside and consulting with hundreds of clients — teaching them how to plant their flag of authority within the markets they serve, grow their audience, fill their sales pipeline with right-fit prospects, and ultimately — drive revenue. Stephen founded Predictive ROI in 2009 and remains its CEO and owner. He’s the host of Onward Nation — a top-rated podcast with listeners in over 140 countries and over 1,000 episodes. His marketing insights have been featured in major media, and he’s the bestselling author of four books, including his latest entitled, “Sell with Authority.” He believes we’re entering the era of the AUTHORITY. Brands that occupy the coveted “expert” status are afforded the highest level of confidence and trust from their customers, prospects, and other stakeholders because they have a depth of knowledge and point-of-view that can’t be denied or easily replicated. Stephen’s practical and tactical training sessions help companies capitalize on the huge shift taking place in the market today. In our hyper-competitive market for awareness and attention — brands need to plant their flag of authority and then leverage this position to fill their sales pipeline with right-fit prospects while developing deeper relationships with existing customers. Our purpose is to deliver predictable and measurable ROI by positioning our clients as THE AUTHORITY in their niches and then monetizing that position. What you’ll learn in this episode is about thought leadership marketing:  Why Noah’s outstanding initial email where he reached out to invite Stephen to guest on his Profit With Podcasting show immediately caught Stephen’s notice Stephen shares the origins of the Onward Nation podcast and discusses how the show has grown over its more than one thousand episodes How the Onward Nation podcast led to the Trojan Horse of Sales strategy and Predictive ROI’s focus on thought leadership marketing What the Dream 25 list is, and how you can utilize your Dream 25 as a roadmap for getting intentional about your ideal client prospects How a podcast can be an ideal vehicle for connecting with your Dream 25 perfect-fit prospects as a Trojan Horse to get you in the gates Why the follow-up process after a Dream 25 client appears on your show is the crucial next step for furthering your relationship Why your contacts with your prospect need to be about them and their expertise and not be self-aggrandizing Why it’s important to slice and dice your podcast episode to share through other channels so that you don’t become a “one-trick pony” How the Sell With Authority methodology has grown into an encompassing, multifaceted thought leadership marketing strategy Additional Resources: Learn more about the power of thought leadership marketing with Noah Tetzner’s Profit With Podcasting Elevate your knowledge about thought leadership marketing by tuning in to: Building a Business Through Consistent Thought Leadership, with Bill Jelen Email Noah: Get a free copy of Sell With Authority: Profitable Podcasting by Stephen Woessner: Free Executive Leadership Summary report from Predictive ROI: Predictive ROI Free Resource Library: Stephen Woessner’s LinkedIn:
How to become a thought leader—Discover expert advice from a respected thought leader and actionable steps on how to become a thought leader. How to become a thought leader? Natalie Ghidotti, APR, is principal of Ghidotti, which she founded in 2007 and has since grown to serve a wide range of clients, including some of the region’s best-known brands. The firm serves clients that span all industries, including retail, healthcare, retirement communities, professional services, nonprofits and more. Prior to opening her own firm, Natalie was a senior public relations account executive with another marketing/PR firm in Little Rock. Before joining the public relations world in 2004, Natalie served as special publications editor-in-chief at Arkansas Business Publishing Group, where she was editor of Little Rock Family, Arkansas Bride, Little Rock Guest Guide and other magazines for five years. While at ABPG, Natalie won national awards from the Parenting Publications of America for her stories published in Little Rock Family. In her public relations career, Natalie has garnered top Prism Awards from the Public Relations Society of America and Bronze Quill Awards from the International Association of Business Communicators. Natalie is an active community volunteer, serving on the board of the Rotary Club of Little Rock and the Board Development Committee for the Girl Scouts Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas, and as an active volunteer with Holy Souls School and Catholic High School for Boys. She is a past president of the Arkansas Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America and a past chairman of PRSA National’s Independent Practitioners Alliance. She serves on the Executive Committee for PRSA National’s Counselors Academy, has served as one of a three-member leadership team overseeing National PRSA’s Section Council and has been a speaker for several PRSA International Conferences. Natalie is a member of PRConsultants Group, a collaborative of 50 senior-level PR practitioners representing the top markets in the country. She has served on the boards of directors for Reach Out and Read, Museum of Discovery, Centers for Youth and Families and the Girls Scouts. She is a member of Leadership Arkansas Class XII, Leadership Little Rock, Class XVI, was named to Arkansas Business’ “40 Under 40,” and is troop leader for her daughter’s Girl Scout Juniors Troop. What you’ll learn in this episode is about how to become a thought leader:  How Natalie’s journalism career ultimately led to starting her agency, Ghidotti, and how her agency’s focus is on the power of becoming a thought leader Actionable steps on how to become a thought leader How Natalie defines “the mindset of a journalist”, and how capturing that mindset is a crucial component of her team’s thought leadership expertise Why understanding what a journalist considers important is the key to focusing on the right angle for your content to best reach and serve your audience How being a consistently valuable source for a reporter can help you build a strong, trusted relationship that can be invaluable in becoming a thought leader Why a sense of urgency is important when working with media outlets, and how Natalie defines thought leadership How PR and content marketing interact with Natalie’s comprehensive, integrated “PESO” content model: Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned How becoming a thought leader and then slicing and dicing your content can allow it to be used across all four channels of the PESO model How being intentional and strategic with your thought leadership content is crucial for reaping its rewards How Natalie is active within the Executive Committee of PRSA (the Public Relations Society of America) Counselors Academy How to learn more about the upcoming PRSA Counselors Academy conference taking place September 19-21 2021 in Nashville, TN Additional Resources: Learn more about how to become a thought leader, and you can find Natalie here. Elevate your knowledge about how to become a thought leader by tuning in to this podcast: Making a Positive Impact through Thought Leadership, with John Dameron Website: LinkedIn: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: @ghidotticomm
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