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Author: Joy Sutton

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Have you ever wondered why some people “make it big” and others don’t? Is it talent, luck, determination, faith or something else? What we “do know” for sure is that success leaves clues. Talk Show Host Joy Sutton, a motivational emcee and former TV journalist, has always dreamed of making it big time. She performed at the world-famous Apollo Theater as a child, launched a talk show on a CBS affiliate in her 30s, and recently has been featured in People magazine, Yahoo News and Showbiz Cheatsheet for her celebrity interviews. Yet, in her late 40s, Joy is ready to level up and believes she is destined for greater.Believing bigger for your own life? Ready to impact and influence hundreds, thousands or possibly millions of people with your gifts?“She’s Big Time Now” will give you the insight and inspiration to make it happen. You will feel challenged to stop playing small as we learn success secrets from women who have made it big!
14 Episodes
T’Mil Curtis is a veteran music industry executive who has overcome incredible challenges to achieve success. Despite being diagnosed with a chronic pain condition, she has built a thriving consulting agency and recently accepted the role of general manager at VGNBae Studios, a record label in Houston, Texas. T’Mil continues to defy the odds and walks to the beat of her own drum. On the show, she shares what it takes to make it in the music industry, how she discovered that music was a part of her destiny, why she had to shift her mindset in order to go after her dreams. She also reveals the daily mantra that's helped her rise to the top. In this episode you’ll learn:Why T’Mil believes resilience and trusting yourself is key to successWhy her mom was her role model growing upThree critical steps that led her to becoming a music industry executiveHow T’Mil utilizes social media to find new talentConnect with T’Mil: with Joy: To book Joy for your event visit
Alice Chang is the CEO of PerfectCorp, the developer of the award-winning YouCam apps. Her extensive experience in technology and passion for beauty intersected to create a suite of AR beauty apps that upended the shopping experience for makeup products. Users can discover, try on, and purchase products all on a mobile platform. The virtual try on technology has been used by over 400 beauty brands. Prior to this, Chang was the CEO of Cyberlink Corporation, where she led the company to global success. On the show, she shares how asking tough questions is one of the keys to her success, why technology is a game changer for the beauty industry and beyond, and how she used the naysayers who didn't believe she could make it happen as fuel for her dreams. In this episode you’ll learn:Why Alice thinks her love for change and her desire to solve people’s pain points led to her successHow AI and AR can help identify skin tone, skin concerns, and provide personal recommendations for makeup and skincare productsHow to deal with pressure and failure in entrepreneurshipThe qualities Alice believes you need to be successful in businessHer morning routine and the best piece of advice she has receivedConnect with Alice: with Joy: To book Joy for your event visit
Audrey Rosenberg is a Peabody award-winning and Emmy nominated producer who has dedicated her career to using storytelling to create social change. She co-founded Invisible Pictures, a New York based woman led production company that was in operation for more than five years and received national acclaim for its HBO documentary, Katrina Babies. Audrey has several new exciting projects in the works, including a TV series starring Sharon Stone and a broad female comedy film. Audrey is a member of the Television Academy, the Producers Guild of America and the Documentary Producers Alliance. She is on the board of New York Women in Film and Television, which advocates for inclusion in media and supports women at every stage of their careers. With her extensive experience in producing films such as Katrina Babies, Bull, Long Weekend, Traders, and the TV series Soul City, Audrey is a true inspiration to inspiring producers. On the show, she shares why you need to do internal work and truly know who you are to be successful in the film industry, how films can be a powerful tool for social change, how not trusting her gut has been disastrous in her career, and why perseverance will always pay off even if the outcome is not what you expected. In this episode you’ll learn:How self-awareness and collaboration have played a role in Audrey’s successWhere Audrey’s passion for social change comes from and how it motivates her workWhy networking and staying authentic are critical for your successConnect with Audrey: with Joy: To book Joy for your event visit
Danielle Perez is a disability rights advocate and a rising star in the entertainment industry. In 2004, she survived a tragic accident that resulted in the amputation of both her legs below the knees, but that never stopped her from pursuing her dreams. Today, she's a Los Angeles-based comedian, actor, and writer. She has opened for Maria Bamford, Cristella Alonzo, and Nicole Byer. Danielle has also appeared in popular shows such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Special, and Russian Doll, and has upcoming appearances on the Amazon series With Love and the Pitch Perfect spin-off series. With her talent and advocacy, Danielle is breaking barriers and paving the way for more diverse representation in comedy and acting roles. On the show, she shares how she found the path to stand up comedy in her 30s, the importance of being inspired by others without trying to be them, and how you can find humor in the unlikeliest of places.In this episode you’ll learn:Why Danielle thinks authenticity is a key component of her successWhy she believes there is no defining moment where you feel like you’ve finally made itHow she mentally recovered from her accident and found purpose again in comedyDiversity in comedyConnect with Danielle: with Joy: To book Joy for your event visit
Ruthie Staalsen is a trend setter and a self taught interior designer who discovered her passion for design after helping her husband flip homes. This eventually led Ruthie to launch her own boutique design firm in the Dallas Fort Worth area. She has been featured in major publications including Traditional home, and Architectural Digest named her one of the top thirty entrepreneurs to watch in 2021, and she's previously been awarded the distinction of designer of the year by the Interior Design Society. She is also a design blogger and the co author of Behind her Brand. On the show, she shares how she turned a side project into a profitable business and brand, how she found balance as a female entrepreneur, mother and wife, and why her faith was critical in her business success. In this episode you’ll learn:What Ruthie believes the key to her success isHow she transitioned her work from a hobby to a businessHow her faith helped her develop her businessHow she balanced family life and businessConnect with Ruthie: with Joy: To book Joy for your event visit
Jamie Greenberg is one of Hollywood's most indispensable makeup artists and a highly sought after beauty personality. Her work is seen on red carpet advertisements and is often featured in editorials for Allure, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bizarre, and more. Some of her celebrity clients have included Tracee Ellis Ross, Chelsea Handler, Lizzie Caplin and Rachita Jones, just to name a few. Her unique voice within the industry has also led to many guest appearances on Good Morning America, Pop Sugar, and across the beauty blogosphere. In 2020, she launched her first cosmetic line. On the show, she shares how a random job at Ulta sparked her desire to become a makeup artist, how volunteering her services when others would not opened many doors in her career and led to big opportunities, how she's dealt with rejection from celebrities, and how she launched her very own cosmetic line. In this episode you’ll learn:Why Jamie believes your attitude is critical to your successHow word of mouth is important, especially in the beginningThe jobs she worked while she was pursuing her dreamHow Jamie began working with celebrity clientsHow to keep going when you want to give upConnect with Jamie: with Joy: To book Joy for your event visit
Shequeta Smith is a trailblazer. When she realized there had never been a black female on the cover of a comic book as a superhero, she decided to change that. In 2016, Shequeta launched the multi media company, Shero Comics, and eventually held the first all female comic convention, SheroCon. Not to mention that for more than fifteen years she's been writing and directing films and award winning screenplays featuring powerful women. Now she's branching out into the gaming industry with a new division of her company Shero Games. On the show she shares why her ability to pivot is her super power, why she believes more people should consider crowdfunding to raise money for their businesses, and why she thinks getting into the gaming industry is a game changer.In this episode you’ll learn:Why Shequeta believes the ability to pivot is so essential in entrepreneurshipHow she learned to trust her instinctsHow confidence was key in her journeyHow Shequeta saw a need in the comic industry and filled itHow to deal with rejection and things not working outWhy knowing your purpose is essential for when things get toughConnect with Shequeta: with Joy: To book Joy for your event visit
Dr. Debi Silber, a holistic psychologist, turned the pain from two betrayals from her family into her purpose. It was through her own healing that she discovered a unique process for dealing with betrayal. Her groundbreaking research has been featured on Fox, CBS, Dr. Oz, and twice as a TedX speaker. Her personal journey also led Dr. Debi to open an institute to help others, called the Post Betrayal Transformation Institute, a first of its kind, in the space for helping people to heal from the physical, mental and emotional trauma of betrayal. She's also the author of six books and the host of the podcast From Betrayal to Breakthrough. On the show, she shares how pain can be a catalyst for purpose, how she turned her personal journey into a business, and the ground breaking discovery she made about betrayal. In this episode you’ll learn:What Dr. Debi feels is the key to her successHow she knew she wanted to help others with betrayal traumaHow a mastermind group was essential for her business growthHow your trauma can become something profoundHow Dr. Debi pivoted into helping others with betrayal traumaWhat keeps Dr. Debi going in her workHer advice for aspiring entrepreneursWhat to do if you feel like giving upThe best advice Dr. Debi has ever receivedConnect with Dr. Debi with Joy: To book Joy for your event visit
Wahne Tubman is the mastermind behind Soul Balm Sisters, a beauty and wellness company specializing in products and services designed to help you recharge your mind, your body and your soul. Wahne came to the US as a child, but has always stayed connected to her Liberian roots, even using the power of African oils, butters and herbs to create handcrafted products. Her resilience and determination to cultivate a name for herself has gotten national attention and landed her in Essence Magazine. On the show she shares how she dealt with the naysayers, the strategies she used to build her confidence and overcome the fear of launching a business, and how she carved out a niche for herself in the beauty and wellness industry. In this episode you’ll learn:What Wahne thinks the keys to her success areHow she set up her beauty brandHow to pivot when things don’t go your wayWhy you’re never too old and it’s never too late to follow your dreamThe best piece of advice Wahne has received How she built confidence as an entrepreneurWhat Wahne wishes she had known when she started her journeyConnect with Wahne: with Joy: To book Joy for your event visit
Julianne Sitch made history in 2022 as the first female to coach a men’s soccer team to a NCAA championship. Not only that, but she did it in her first season on the job at the University of Chicago proving you don’t have to be a man to coach men’s sports. On the show she shares her advice for mastering a winning mindset, how dreaming big can set you up for success, and what she learned about managing disappointments that enabled her to bounce back after being cut from the team as a professional women’s soccer player. In this episode you’ll learn:Why Julianne thinks positivity and timing are so important to achieving successIf she always knew she would make it big somedayHow to navigate obstacles and disappointment on the journey to achieving your dreamsHow to recognize and accept when you need to adjust your goalHow Julianne knew she wanted to become a coachThe sacrifices she made to make it bigNavigating public disappointmentsHow Julianne maintains her positive outlookThe best piece of advice Julianne has received Connect with Julianne: with Joy: To book Joy for your event visit
Aubree is a 6 figure business coach and virtual assistant guru who started her career as an elementary school teacher. Frustration over low pay, a long commute, and a strong desire to have quality time and flexibility with her children led her to take a leap of faith. She had no business background or even an idea of where to start, but she figured it out and within 2 months of starting her virtual assistant business, she replaced her teacher salary and quit her job. Now she makes well over 6 figures and has been named by Yahoo Finance as a top virtual assistant coach. On the show she shares how to know when it’s time to pivot, how experimenting and trusting your gut can pay off big time, and what it takes to start your own online business. In this episode you’ll learn:The components that go into making it: how bad you want it and being willing to try something differentHow motherhood impacted Aubree’s desire to change her careerHow to stop waiting and take action on your big ideasHow to get clarity on your ideaReframing failure and why it’s important to be stay patient with your goalsHow to experiment with your business ideas to find the right fitHow Aubree was able to replace her teacher salary within 2 monthsThe qualities you need to be successful as an entrepreneurThe essentials you need to start your own businessConnect with Aubree:https://aubreemalick.com with Joy: To book Joy for your event visit
Jaymee is a food network star and is the host of the food network’s first official podcast- Food Network Obsessed. She has been on Food Network TV shows including Beat Bobby Flay, Food Network Star and Iron Chef Showdown. Jaymee also spent 15 years as a sports anchor, most recently on ESPN sports center. On today’s episode, Jaymee reveals how making a bold move during an interview with celebrity chef, Bobby Flay, led to open doors and the Food Network. She shares how she was able to rebound from being laid off at the height of her career at ESPN and why she doesn’t recommend being laser-focused on your career. In this episode you’ll learn:The components that go into making it: the “it” factor, luck, who you know and knowing how to take advantage of opportunitiesThe power of networkingHow to be proactive and seize the moment and nurture opportunities without being annoyingHow to know if you have the “it factor” How your career and dreams can evolve as different opportunities present themselvesNavigating disappointment and pivoting in your careerWhat Jaymee thinks it takes to make it big in the media industryThe best piece of advice Jaymee has received on her journeyConnect with Jaymee: with Joy: To book Joy for your event visit
Sheri Salata was the executive producer for the Oprah Winfrey Show for 26 years and Co-President of Harpo Studios and the OWN Network. After all of her success she realized that the career of her dreams wasn’t leading to the life of her dreams and decided to pivot. Sheri is now an author, speaker, transformational coach and the CEO of her own brand, where she helps women reimagine their lives. In this episode she shares how surrendering led her to the dream opportunity to work for Oprah, how she knew when it was time to walk away from the OWN network, and how she found the next great opportunity.In this episode you’ll learn:What making it “big” really meansThe point in her career where Sheri feels like she made itHow Sheri persevered through rejection, jobs that weren’t a good fit and times of high stressHow to adapt your perspective and look at your no’s and rejections differentlyWhy it's so difficult for us to leave an opportunity that isn’t a good fit and pursue something elseHow to find dream opportunities and when to make a pivotSheri’s best advice for anyone pursuing their dreamsConnect with Sheri: with Joy: To book Joy for your event visit
Have you ever wondered why some people “make it big” and others don’t? Is it talent, luck, determination, faith or something else? What we “do know” for sure is that success leaves clues. You will feel challenged to stop playing small as we learn success secrets from women who have made it big! Launching January 19,  2023Connect with book Joy for your event visit www.thejoysutton.comConnect with Joy: To book Joy for your event visit
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