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Demand & Brand with Vanessa and Patrick Zangardi

Author: Demand & Brand with Vanessa and Patrick Zangardi

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The Demand & Brand Podcast with Vanessa and Patrick Zangardi was created to help businesses of any size implement marketing strategies to help them reach their audience and to create brand loyalty and generate more sales. 

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17 Episodes
In this episode, Patrick and Vanessa discuss MMPG aka Marketing Miles Per Gallon and give you insight into how to tactically do that with content!
In this short snippet episode, Patrick defines a new concept called Compound Marketing. Just like in investing, your marketing deposits collect interest over time and increases in value as time goes on. Marketing can offer quick wins, yes, but really it's a long term game when you're building a brand.
In the competitive world of marketing, truly understanding your audience is crucial. Basic demographic details like age, gender, ethnicity, and location are not enough. A deeper understanding is necessary to ensure marketing efforts are effective and resources aren't wasted.
In this episode, Vanessa discusses 3 EASY Marketing Strategy Tips to help audit your current strategy or help build a new one. 2024 is coming sooner than you think - don't get caught unprepared! 
In this episode, Vanessa and Patrick discuss Revenue Driving Teams and why they are critical to growing your business in 2023 and beyond. Learn more about us at or find us on LinkedIn by searching our first and last name. 
Sales Enablement Sales Enablement: you may have heard the term before, but what does it truly mean and, more importantly, how does it apply to your business? Sales enablement is a strategic approach aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team. It involves providing your sales team with the necessary resources, such as content, tools, knowledge, and information to sell more effectively. These resources empower your sales team to engage the buyer throughout the buyer's journey effectively. But how do you accomplish this? The answer lies in creating a dialogue between the sales and marketing teams, understanding the sales team's needs, organizing your resources, and creating and iterating on the necessary content. The Importance of Open Dialogue The first step towards effective sales enablement is fostering an open and honest dialogue between your sales and marketing teams. This dialogue is crucial to understand the sales team's needs and identify gaps in the current sales process. Each team brings unique insights to the table. The marketing team has a deep understanding of the market trends and customer personas, while the sales team has firsthand experience interacting with customers and understanding their pain points. By leveraging these unique insights, businesses can create more targeted and effective sales strategies. However, open dialogue requires an open mind and, sometimes, a thick skin. Sales teams will provide feedback that may be difficult to hear but is essential for growth and improvement. Staying Organized Once the dialogue has been established, the next step is to stay organized. This means outlining what sales enablement collateral needs to be created and putting it in a format that makes sense for both the project manager and the team members working on it. Tools like Google Drive or Dropbox can be beneficial for storing and managing this information. Having a centralized location for all your sales enablement resources makes it easier to track progress and ensure all team members are on the same page. Moreover, it ensures that the collateral the sales team is using is always up-to-date and accurate. Creating Content After the organization, the next step is creating content. This involves identifying gaps in your current sales strategy and creating content to address these gaps. The content creation process can be an iterative one. Often, people don't know what they want until they see what they don't want. Therefore, it's important to create content, get it in front of the sales team, receive their feedback, and then refine it based on their input. The Marketing Perks of Sales Enablement Sales enablement does not only benefit the sales team; it also provides several benefits to the marketing team. Firstly, it provides direct feedback from the sales team about what's resonating with customers. This information can help the marketing team refine their messaging and create more actionable assets. Secondly, it provides more data points in the sales process. In the era of data privacy, marketers often struggle to track customer interactions. However, by housing sales enablement resources like webpages or PDFs on the website, marketers can track how often these resources are accessed, providing valuable insights into customer behavior. Maintaining the Momentum Sales enablement is not a one-time event; it's a continuous process. It's essential to maintain regular communication between the sales and marketing teams to ensure continued alignment. This could take the form of monthly or quarterly meetings, depending on your business's needs. Sales enablement is a powerful tool for businesses looking to improve their sales effectiveness. By creating an open dialogue, staying organized, creating content, and maintaining the momentum, businesses can empower their sales team and drive revenue growth.
In this solo episode, Patrick discusses message saturation — the concept of repeating your key messaging points so your audience actually connects and understands what it is you're saying and doing. If you have somethign important to say, don't just say it once! 
If you're a marketer or a business owner, you're likely always on the lookout for ways to enhance your marketing strategy. One tool that can make a world of difference is a content calendar. Whether you're managing social media accounts, blog posts, or email campaigns, a content calendar can help you stay organized, focused, and consistent. In this blog post, we'll delve into the benefits of using a content calendar and provide tips on how to make the most of this powerful tool. Need a head start in creating your content calendar? Download ours here:
In content marketing it is important to have a perspective and to be willing to share that perspective with your audiences. Bland, dry, boring content will always be, well, bland, dull, and boring.   So as you’re thinking about content strategy this year, we urge you to consider it a little bit differently than perhaps in years past. Instead of thinking through content keywords and phrases that are valuable to you, think about what is important to your audience and what topics you have a unique perspective on and can produce content around.
In this episode, Patrick and Vanessa sit down to discuss the meanings of branding, marketing, and talk about how you use both to create brand awareness and demand generation. 
Thankful for our first guest, Jim Lichtenberg, Strategic-Partner, Schooley Mitchell, for this really impactful conversation about how important and often overlooked cost optimization is in businesses of all sizes. You can find Jim on LinkedIn here. 
In this episode, Vanessa discusses how important it is to have your trade show branding be lock-tight. Listen in!
In this episode, we discuss where a website fits into your marketing mix, and the 4 types of websites we see most often. 
We've all fallen victim to marketing fails, so you aren't alone. In this episode we talk about the 4 ways we see businesses "fail" at marketing and what you can do to avoid it. 
In this episode, we discuss Marketing Trends for 2022 and what we see going in to 2023. 8 total tactices and trends plus one honorable mention! Find out more about us at
In this solo episode, Vanessa lays down the harsh truth of demand gen. Don't panic - it's not THAT harsh. Listen in!
In our first episode, we discuss demand generation and lead generation, to help you gain clarity on how both can be used together to create an impactful way to get and keep leads. The Brand & Demand Podcast with Patrick and Vanessa Zangardi was created to help businesses of any size creating marketing strategies to help them reach their audience and to create brand loyalty and generate more sales.  Learn more about us at 
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