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The Power Tee is the world’s best performance automatic teeing system for the Indoor environment, driving ranges, and country clubs. As the world-leading automatic teeing system manufacturer, our Power Tee has been installed in thousands of golf ranges globally, including the USA, UK, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.Power Tee is the fastest way to a better golf swing. Our automatic teeing system greatly increases efficiency through streamlining, automation, and labor-saving methods.Power Tee has proven its value, reliability, and ease of use at driving ranges worldwide. As a matter of fact, Power Tee tees up over 6 million golf balls per day across 18 different countries worldwide.
This week, my guest is Brent Durban.  His companies - Better Exterior Solutions and First Coast Hurricane Shutters - apply technology in the residential sector.  Hurricane Shutters, screens, pergolas, and other residential applications have been around for years, but they've gotten a substantial make over in recently.  The finished product works far better and more efficiently - while being aesthetically pleasing and being something that you are proud to have as part of your home - and many times they work in conjunction with your devices for ease of use!
Jack Ducanis was one of my first guests when I started Making Cents of It All this year.  IF you want to learn more about Jack and his career, check out our first conversation, on the January 10th.  Today - we are talking all about Sales Management.  When I say Sales Management - I am sure that it means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  So - specifically - we are talking about the Profession of Sales Management.  We are going to dive into what it looks like to be responsible for Recruiting, Training, and Maintaining a sales force.  We will get into some of the differences between Management and Leadership and how much the profession has changed over the years.  
The global Medical Laser Market is projected to grow from $4.80 billion in 2022 to $14.23 billion by 2029.  Candela Medical is a company that provides medical aesthetic devices. It offers products for skin rejuvenation, vascular conditions, body treatments, skin resurfacing, skin elasticity, scars, and stretch marks removal, pigmentation treatment, hair removal, tattoo name it and they provide a device that treats it!  My guest this week is Candela Medical's Executive Regional Director for the Southeastern US and the Caribbean, Dave Pataca - what professional wouldn't want that territory!  Dave has been in the medical field for more than 20 years and with Candela since 2007.  He is highly regarded by his peers and the medical professionals he serves as a leading expert in the medical device industry, and I believe that he his finger on the pulse of where the aesthetic medicine is headed.  
Co-Founders of FranPath Consulting join Making Cents of It All to talk about the investment opportunities that exist in Franchising and how they are helping their clients build wealth, diversify their portfolios, and take control of their financial futures.  
Krishna Lakkineni is the founder and CEO of ROI Media Works.  He is  a digital marketing entrepreneur, Amazon bestselling author, TEDx speaker and a technology enthusiast with a passion for marketing, and helping businesses grow strategically.   
Wes Altice - TopGolf

Wes Altice - TopGolf


 Director of Instruction at TopGolf in Jacksonville, FL, Wes Altice joins me to discuss the game of golf, instruction and how to give someone a blueprint to success, as well as the future of the game and how to grow it.  
Pay-As-You-Go insurance has been popular in the Worker's Compensation space for years now, but we are starting to see it permeate other types of insurance - and why shouldn't it.  As consumers, most of us pay for things as we use them.  We don't go to the grocery store and stockpile food for what we THINK we might use for 6 months to a year.... we buy things for the week or as week need them.  We are at a point with technology that we should be able to do this with the insurance products as well.  Dino Carbone is the co-founder and executive vice president of sales and marketing for SmartPay Solutions, and they work every day to do just that.  
Party Shack is a unique, high-end fan experience that puts you right in the middle of all the action in 72-degree comfort if you want it, or right out in the middle of it with the best view in the house! Party Shack is involved with incredible brands like the NFL, NASCAR, and many other sports & entertainment names you would recognize.  Listen to CEO and Founder, Bobby Bowers tell Party Shack's story of how it all started and where they go from here.  
This week we're going to move away from sports and get back into the financial world this week and talk about the rise of payment technology.  That phrase is a huge "catch all".  Essentially as digital payments become more widely accepted by businesses and used by consumers - what does it all mean and what does it look?  My guest this week is Darrick Smith.  He has over 15 years' experience in the payment technology industry and now is an accountant by trade.  He has this unique vantage point of being able to see the industry from an provider's perspective, end-user perspective, and an advisory view. 
Founder and CEO of Sub70 Golf, Jason Hiland.  Sub70 Golf is a custom golf club manufacturer that designs and builds their clubs in Sycamore, Ill and uses a Direct-to-Consumer Model to make sure that Jason and his team can deliver a high-quality product and a second-to-none customer experience joins me for a conversation!
It's the week of the Players Championship and what better way to kick it off than having PGA Professional, Len Mattiace join #MakingCentsofItAll.  Len was kind enough to spend some time with me to talk about his career and how he parlayed that success into helping his community by starting the Len Mattiace Foundation to help kids on the golf course and in the classroom.  Their Stop the Bullying Campaign has had a direct impact on Schools in North Florida.  
 Jillian Foss is the Founder and Executive Director of the Ladies Executive Golf Society #LEGS.  Jillian has found a way to make golf fun and enjoyable while also being a productive networking opportunity for women.  Whether they are new to the game or they have been playing their whole life - all women are welcome. 
 My guest this week is the CEO of Peace of Mind Estate Organization Inc. - Kristy Dunn.  She and POM - as it is known, complement the work Estate Planning and Heathcare Professionals do in servicing their clients needs. Their sole focus is to facilitate the exchange of information from their client to the surviving loved ones that they leave behind.  It is a great service to be able to provide the loved ones left behind.   
 Commercial Banks employ 2,215,318 people employed in the US as of 2023.    On average, employment in the Commercial Banking industry in the US increased 2.8% on average over the five years between 2018 and 2023.  Banks employ many people in each of our communities and are in a unique position to give back.  United Community Bank is headquartered in Greenville, SC and has grown their footprint though out the southeastern United States in the last several years.   United Community Bank believes in the power of people coming together for good, they want to inspire, lead, and strengthen the communities they are in. In 2020, the United Community Bank Foundation was created to support employees'’ interest, contributions, and volunteer efforts. My guest this week is Moryah Jackson.  Moryah is the VP of Community Development and Engagement for United Community Bank. 
Christine Caven is the Director of Communications for PS27 Ventures that is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL.  Christine will talk about who PS27 is, how the company was started, and who they prefer to invest with.  We also talk about how they are also giving back to the community in the form of events and opportunities designed to support entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and life experiences through the PS27 Foundation.  
Christopher Wood is the Senior Editor at Thomson Reuters Checkpoint for payroll related content and has spent the better part of 17 years providing guidance and information to those professionals whose job it is to make sure that your paycheck is on time and to the dime correct!  He writes articles for their daily Updates and keeps all content in the Checkpoint Payroll Library including the Checkpoint Payroll Guide current.  
Josh Shilts of Shilts CPA in Jacksonville, FL provides individuals, businesses, attorneys and government agencies with industry recognized valuation, forensic, and litigation support services.  Don't know what Forensic Accounting is?  Well, I didn't either until he explained it to me.  I never knew that you could be in a courtroom testifying over 100 times in a year as an expert witness being a CPA.  As someone wise once told me - You don't know what you don't know!  
Katina Phillips of Florida Funding Source is my guest this week.  After working for banks and credit unions for 30 years, Katina and her team of reformed bankers now work on behalf of the borrower.  Listen in as she shares more about her journey and why she decided to start her company.  
Jack Ducanis

Jack Ducanis


Jack as led an incredibly successful career leading sales teams and divisions for multiple Fortune 100 companies and now Jack has made the choice to give back and help educate those sales professionals that are following in his footsteps opening up his own private consulting and sales training firm. Jack spent 20 years managing sales teams for ADP and Paychex and then made the choice to help two major banks build their own Payroll Service.  Ducanis played a key, strategic role in the leadership and development of their sales teams.  He was able to grow their revenue, increase the products and services their clients used, as well as significantly improve attrition rates among business and personal clients.  He's created a lot of satisfied clients along the way, and he has the testimonials to prove it!
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