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All Things Military, Veteran & VA

Author: Kent Jarnig

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US Veterans and Active Duty Military discuss everything that affects our soldiers in the field, their benefits (VA and Colorado), and solutions to their problems, such as homelessness, mental health issues, addiction, transitioning to civilian life, and VA Disability.

27 Episodes
A few highlights from the debt bill that affects us Vets. A little story I wrote. or call 303-618-6131
Kent Jarnig talks about the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day.  How did they both start?  Listen and learn how both National Holidays evolved and became what they are today. or call 303-618-6131
This is a great conversation between Adam Gillard (Host of All Things Military and Veteran) and Jose Senior, on what does mandatory military service actually mean and are there any possible unintended consequences if this was instituted, or call 303-618-6131
Adam is a retired Air Force E-8 and has some terrific ideas on our Podcast.  This is his first, and really not bad.  My first I had to record 3 times to get it right - Adam did this on his first try.  In this episode, Adam talks about changes in the VA and the services they provide.  Be sure to listen to see how these changes will affect you. or call 303-618-6131
 Listen as two Veterans, one from the Vietnam War and one Retired from the Air Force discuss the potential loss of VA Healthcare Services and even Charging for Tri-Care. or call 303-618-6131
As I recorded this, the war was in day 431 - 1 year and 2 months.  At the current accounts, there has been 480 million dollars given to Ukraine to defend itself.  Is this a good investment?  Listen and find out. or call 303-618-6131
This is a weekly Newsletter that covers everything important to Veterans, from transitioning to employment to discounts and vacations. or call 303-618-6131
I did some research as to China's and Russia's military capabilities.  How many troops do they have?  How many planes?  How many ships?  Whose hardware is better?  Which armies have the best training?  How much money are we spending on each branch?  Is it enough or too much?  Listen and see if you agree with my assessment. or call 303-618-6131
Today's Veterans probably don't know what it was like back in my day...Vietnam.  How long was my service?  What help did I receive on transition?   What about now?  Has it changed?  Is it better or worse?  Listen and find out - and did you, regardless of when you were discharged, get everything that you earned? or call 303-618-6131
Now, I don't want anyone to confuse the title with me not liking the VA.  I do!  VA Healthcare is amazing, with great Doctors and Nurses.  Up-to-date equipment and well, everything is good.  The VA and VA Disability is terrific, too.  So, what is my problem?  What two things am I pissed off about?  Listen and find out why I am pissed off about these things and why you should be, too. or call 303-618-6131
An Interview with Molly Rose Speed and her classes of Virtual Jobs for Spouses.  Molly Rose is an active-duty spouse and found herself moving every few years with her children.   She couldn't find a business that would pay her what she was worth, being they knew she would be moving in a year or two.  Consequently, she came up with the idea of Virtual Assistant, a job she could take her clients with her every time she moved.  Now she teaches others how to do it and make a very good living - even when balancing kids and her own free time.  Listen now.You can learn more at or call 303-618-6131
Survivor Benefits - who qualifies, what is the difference between Dependency and Indemnity Compensation and VA Disability Survivor Benefits and how does ChampaVA fit in?  If you are a survivor from a Veteran marriage, then listen to this podcast.  I do my best to answer the basic questions and even cover ChampaVA - that's a very inexpensive insurance that helps once the survivor starts receiving Medicare.  Listen now and if Kent can be of help, call me. or call 303-618-6131
Kent Jarnig, an Army Combat Veteran talks about changes starting in 1951 up until today.  What has worked?  What hasn't?  Do LGBTQ+ soldiers perform as well as straight soldiers?   Which branch has the most self-identified LGBTQ+ members?  Listen now to find out the answers. or call 303-618-6131
All you need to know about Military Burials - YES, they are FREE!  Mike Pierson, Lt. Col. ret., goes into depth on how your survivors can quickly and mostly effortlessly be buried at the Pikes Peak National Cemetery, complete with an honor guard from Ft. Carson.  Check it out. or call 303-618-6131
How do you find a job that you want?  How do you interview?  What is the interviewer looking for?  What questions should you ask?  What questions should you never ask?  Resume writing and when do you need one?  This Podcast answers all of these questions and more.  Listen now. or call 303-618-6131
Kent Jarnig, a Vietnam Combat Medic and 100% VA Disabled, talks about VA Math and how it works...or at least how the VA comes up with YOUR rating.  You probably may need to listen to this more than once - it isn't obvious.  However, if you want to ask Kent questions about VA Math or anything else, give him a call: 303-618-6131.  Kent is available 365 days a year. or call 303-618-6131
Joe Reagan, an Army Ranger Officer, medically retired after his second IED, uses his expertise to discuss his opinions as to the likelihood of the US fighting a war with China.  Can it happen this year?  Next year?  What would the results look like?  Who would win?  Listen to see what Joe believes, based on his experience in the military.  Joe is joined by Kent Jarnig, a Vietnam Combat soldier and Chair of the EPCCPV, a local Veterans group with over 1300 members, who shares his knowledge of the likelihood of war with China. or call 303-618-6131
This is a breakdown of VA Health Care vs. Private Health Care.  Which is better?  Which has better services?  Which has better Doctors and Nurses.  Does the VA have co-pays?   Does the VA pay mileage to appointments?  Is surgery free?  Are prescriptions free, inexpensive, or just not available?  How hard is it to change Doctors?  Can you get a copy of your Doctor's notes and your labs and imaging?  If so, is it hard or easy?  All these questions and more are detailed in this podcast. or call 303-618-6131
Retired LT. Col. Mike Pierson talks with Kent Jarnig, Chair of the El Paso County Colorado Progressive Veterans about what it's like to be liberal...even being a registered Democrat, in today's military.  Mike is from the Iraq era and Kent is from Vietnam era.  Different experiences?  Yup.  Take a listen. or call 303-618-6131
Colorado has many different benefits for active duty military and their families.  These go beyond what the federal government offers.  Additionally, our website lists over 100 nonprofits here in Colorado that offer everything from free vacations to free mental health counseling.  Check it out on this podcast. or call 303-618-6131
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