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Greetings and welcome to The Dominic Enyart Show where we discuss worldviews, culture wars, and politics from a Biblical perspective. Dominic Enyart (son of the late, great Bob Enyart) broadcasts live in Denver on the mighty 50,000-watt blowtorch of the Rocky Mountains, KLTT (AM 670), and right here on! Enyart is a Christian, conservative, theologian, and anti-abortion spokesman. He began speaking publicly at 19 and is encouraging his generation to stand and fight for truth, justice, and sanity.

Enyart has appeared on Fox News and has a history of testi... see more at
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Today on The Dominic Enyart Show, after a quick recap of the worldview we’ve built so far, we’re going to be looking at more cross-references in the Bible. We’ll see that there are hundreds of thousands, which could not have been intentionally included by merely human efforts. The only reasonable explanation for how these cross references got here is that the Bible was written by men who were inspired by God. And with God as the author, it all comes together in spectacular fashion. On today’s show, we’ll be seeing how God caused a parallel story between Abraham sacrificing Isaac, and the Father sacrificing the Son. In both cases: - The sacrifice was made on Mount Moriah. - The sacrifice brought his own method of destruction up the mountain. - A father gave his only son. -God gave a lamb as a sacrifice instead. -The lamb has its head caught in thorns. See more on!
The Problem of Pain

The Problem of Pain


This was a sermon given by Dominic Enyart at Agape Kingdom Fellowship differentiating between (and solving) "The Problem of Evil" and "The Problem of Pain." As Christians, we have an obligation to answer these objections.
Today on The Dominic Enyart Show we’re getting into the nitty-gritty with the old testament and beginning to lay out the overarching plot of the Bible. We see the entire old testament points to a coming Savior and ends on a cliffhanger. Tomorrow we will continue to look at how the Bible ties itself together. Also, we want to thank the brightest audience in the country for helping us to MEET OUR TELETHON GOAL! We reached our $30,000 goal and could not be more thankful for your outpouring of love and support. This will allow us to keep broadcasting for another year! We’ll be keeping the telethon banner up (on for the rest of the day for anyone who wants to get in on the telethon deals before we close. We cannot stress our thankfulness to our audience enough. God bless you all! Show less
Today on The Dominic Enyart Show ( we’re continuing our worldview series and throwing down a powerful gauntlet. If we can prove the Bible is consistent from Genesis to Revelation, we’ll know that it’s the Word of God. In this episode, we’ll explain why it proves divine authorship, and how we plan to show consistency in the Bible. See more on
Today we take yet another step forward in our worldview series! If you’re just now joining us midway through this series, we have been building our worldview. And it’s crucial that your worldview is accurate because it will serve as the foundation for your life. So far we’ve discovered that God exists, that He is both personal and powerful, and that He has set the moral standard humanity was meant to follow. We then concluded that if He created us, He might have some purpose for us. To try and find that purpose, we’re seeing if we can find any communication He has had or is currently having with humanity. We are beginning our search by going to the Holy Bible.
Today on The Dominic Enyart Show we’re continuing our worldview series. While we’ve already figured out that God is the Creator of the universe, we’re still left wondering… Why did He create us? Currently, we are continuing our search for an explanation.
Today on The Dominic Enyart Show we are continuing our worldview series. Last week we concluded that: 1- God exists, and He created the universe. 2- He is a powerful and personal Creator. 3- This God has set our moral law. Today we try to learn more about God. Did He create us to achieve a certain goal? If so, we may be able to find some level of meaning in life by knowing that. If we can figure out His goal, then we can make a decision between striving to achieve that goal, rebelling against it, or ignoring it. But we cannot make a well-informed decision without being well-informed! Today we take baby steps as begin the long journey of figuring out if God has a goal and (if He does) what it is.   See more at
Defending The Trinity

Defending The Trinity


The Trinity: -What it is. -Arguments against it. -Refutations of those arguments. -Arguments in support of it. Check out Mike Winger's video here:
Today we are continuing our worldview series. Having a solid worldview is critical as it will serve as the foundation for our lives. We’re now going to take a look at the law of what we ought to. When we ask the question, “where does this law come from?” We are again faced with an undeniable reality. This moral law of what we ought to do comes from God. God exists. What we’ve learned so far in our worldview series: -God exists, and He created the universe. -He is a powerful and personal Creator. -This God has set a moral standard.
Today is our first-ever video podcast on The Dominic Enyart Show! As we’re venturing into the world of video, we’re hoping to find a new audience with it. Since this new audience will not be familiar with our beliefs here at, we’re beginning a long-overdue worldview series. Today we’re beginning to take a look a the question, “how did the universe get here?” Make sure to subscribe to the Dominic Enyart YouTube channel. Originally aired on KLTT Radio in Denver on October 4th, 2022.
Today on The Dominic Enyart Show, the left finds itself in a precarious position. In their hatred of everything good and holy, (which stems from their hatred of the source of goodness, God Himself) they find themselves hating the mere concept of religion. Interestingly enough, in their hatred of religion, they’ve replaced it with… well… another religion. I suppose their self-loathing makes sense. Register to see Seth Gruber by clicking here. He'll be speaking at CCU on Saturday, August 6th at 5pm. Mondays) Bob Enyart Live (Broadcast Classics) Tuesdays) The Dominic Enyart Show Wednesdays) The Dominic Enyart Show Thursdays) Theology Thursday (with Bob Enyart) Fridays) Real Science Radio (with Fred Williams) Today's Resource: Get out of the Matrix Bob takes on a college professor and her philosophy class in a debate regarding absolutes. Who wins? The students have been taught that nothing is absolutely right or wrong, so Bob asks them if that is absolutely right. And they've been taught that they can only know that which their five senses have told them, so Bob asks them which of their five senses told them that. Is the lack of intellectualism in this college class representative of American higher education? You can decide as you view this video, one of Bob's most extraordinary presentations.
Doubts Christians Have

Doubts Christians Have


In light of yesterday's show, we thought it fitting to go back to the late-great Bob Enyart's List of Doubts Christians have. Make sure to check out today’s written show summary as there’s a lot extra there today. You can also find the original at
A Grief Observed

A Grief Observed


Today on The Dominic Enyart Show, we’re discussing grief. On April 23, 1956, C.S. Lewis married a woman named Joy Davidman. Joy was in the hospital with cancer when they were married, and although there was a slight chance of unexpected recovery, it was assumed that she would shortly thereafter pass away. An extraordinary act of love, courage, and sacrifice on Lewis' part. The couple had a few good years of reprieve together, but four years later, Joy Lewis died on July 13, 1960. Lewis, in his anguish, began to question God. As he tragically wrote, “The conclusion I dread is not ‘So there’s no God after all,’ but ‘So this is what God’s really like. Deceive yourself no longer.’ In late September the next year, Lewis published “A Grief Observed” under the pseudonym, “N. W. Clerk.” Today, Dominic will be giving a synopsis of the book, and some of his additional thoughts as he read the book in light of the passing of his father, Bob Enyart. For more information on this show, visit
Patriotism | Part 2

Patriotism | Part 2


Today on The Dominic Enyart Show we’re talking about patriotism. Should we be patriotic? Should we be loyal to our country? Should we be loyal to our leaders? Today we’re focusing on the Bible, and what it says about loving some lands, peoples, and governments more than others. We also have to include the sobering reality that America (via abortion) has killed more than 60 million innocent children. We have to factor all of that and much more into our calculation. For more information, visit the "Patriotism | Part 2" show page by clicking here.
Patriotism | Part 1

Patriotism | Part 1


Today on The Dominic Enyart Show we’re talking about patriotism. Should we be patriotic? Should we be loyal to our country? Should we be loyal to our leaders? We’re focusing on the left who want to take any given sin of America and use that to push self-hatred onto the people. On one hand, you have that, and on the other hand, patriots who believe “America can do no wrong.” We must walk the line between both of those positions and recognize sin for what it is. We’ll conclude this topic tomorrow, so make sure to tune back in! To see today's show page, go to Today's Resource: Does God Exist? (Debate) Bob Enyart Bob Enyart pastors Denver Bible Church. Bob began his professional life working for McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company designing simulation software for the Army's Apache AH-64 attack helicopter, and then went to work for U S West, Microsoft Corporation, and PC Week. Bob eventually left his computing career to work fulltime in Christian ministry and to host a talk show. In 1991, Bob Enyart Live began airing on Denver's KLTT radio, and can still be heard there weeknights at 7 p.m. During the mid 90s, Bob's show moved to television and was available in eighty cities from Honolulu to Orlando. More than 50,000 copies of Bob's audio and video teaching tapes have been sold. And a few thousand people have read the overview of the Bible presented in The Plot manuscript which is Bob Enyart's life's work. Bob launched in 1999 with the purchase of O.J. Simpson's Hall of Fame Award and football jerseys, burning those items at the largest single-event press conference in the history of the LA courthouse. And Bob has organized a mobile protest of President Bill Clinton following him from Martha's Vineyard to Auckland, New Zealand with over 1,000 protests in 147 US and foreign cities for Clinton's sexual abuse of women. Bob has worked with parents of slain Columbine students to close down memorials to murderers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, and was glad to see the destruction of two crosses on Rebel Hill and two trees planted in West Bowles Community Church memorial garden. Bob has been appeared on over 100 TV and radio shows, including multiple episodes of ABC's Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher; Fox News Channel's O'Reilly Factor and Hannity and Colmes, CNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews, and various appearances on MS-NBC, the BBC, XTRA, Michael Reagan, E Network, etc. including on scores of radio stations from LA's KABC to NY's WABC. Zakath Zakath, a two and a half year veteran poster on TOL, is an atheist with a past. The man behind the screen name was raised in a Christian home, seminary trained, earned a doctorate in counseling psychology, pastored two churches, founded a Christian school, and a Christian counseling practice with his wife of twenty-five years. Zakath left the Christian faith almost ten years ago, eventually ending up in his present belief system, atheism. Zakath is the father of four grown children; two in active duty military service, and two in the federal consulting field. When he's not posting on TOL, he runs his consulting business, enjoys reading, organic gardening (and ponding), martial arts, and home brewing.
Today on The Dominic Enyart Show, the progressive left has accidentally gone full circle. They’ve discovered a healthy outlook on sex in an attempt to threaten men into reinstating Roe. One summed things up nicely, “Periodically progressives will accidentally reverse engineer healthy sexual behavior and they act like they’ve discovered Atlantis.” Their own stupidity might just be good for them. We’re also taking a look at the border and the crisis there. What is the solution? Listen today to find out!
Today on The Dominic Enyart Show, Roe has fallen. We’re taking a look at the morality of the supreme court decision. We’re also going back to an article by American Right to Life which debunks the notion that abortion is a “states’ rights issue.” All of that and more, today- on The Dominic Enyart Show. See more at
Today on the Dominic Enyart Show, we’re staying away from the news and continuing our conversation on the canon of the Bible. We’re finally getting down to the nitty-gritty details of how the early church formed the canon of the New Testament. We’ll also be debunking the claim that “it wasn’t until centuries after Christ that the church developed the canon! Should be a lot of fun, and today we should actually finish up the topic. To find more resources on this topic, visit
Today on the Dominic Enyart Show, we’re taking a step away from the (stale) news and continuing our look at how the canon of the Bible was formed. Jesus said that “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.” That’s a powerful statement, but how do we know it’s true? How do we know that the Word of God has not been replaced or diluted by the word of man? After having looked at the Old Testament canon on previous shows, today we begin our look at the New Testament. However, we don’t quite get into the nitty-gritty. For that, you will have to tune back in tomorrow! For more information, see today's show summary at
Ideas have Consequences

Ideas have Consequences


Today on The Dominic Enyart Show, ideas have consequences. We take a brief look at T.U.L.I.P. and how that led one believer to say that God predestines little baby girls to hell. Perhaps even his own newborn granddaughter! Ideas have consequences. We’re also finally going to be breaking down Chris Date’s opening statement. He makes better arguments for Open Theism than against it- all that and more- right here on The Dominic Enyart Show!
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