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Author: Dr. Liz Wilson

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This show is about everyone. All people. Including you. It’s about people and their diverse lived-experience in this world. I chat with guests to get to know them, their identities, and their inclusion needs so we all have the opportunity to understand how best to include them so we create a world where everyone thrives.

Diversity made real and practical for the inclusion of everyone.

Hosted by Dr. Liz Wilson who is a behavioral scientist, organizational transformation expert, and author of The 8-Inclusion Needs of All People. Support this podcast:
22 Episodes
Amber is a hardworking, honest, strong headed, dancing every day, assistant professor of medicine. Identifying as an ethnic, racial, cultural, linguistic, and religious minority; Amber describes herself as a weird mix of cold and deep, and is passionate about physician wellbeing. Host: Dr. Liz Wilson ⁠⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠⁠ Guest: Dr. Amber Tariq --- Support this podcast:
Terrence is a travelling, go-getting, authentic natural connector, who doesn’t like pies. Growing up with both parents in the Airforce; Terrence identifies as an ethnic, racial, cultural, and religious minority and with a cognitive disability. Host: Dr. Liz Wilson ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ Guest: Terrence Ferguson @terrenceferguson --- Support this podcast:
Ivy is a hiking loving, vegetable avoiding, ambitious and determined, published author on the Autism spectrum. Identifying at LGBTQI+ with chronic and mental illness, Ivy helps neurodivergent female entrepreneurs turn their passions into profits. Host: Dr. Liz Wilson Guest: Ivy Cirillo --- Support this podcast:
Tera is a quiet time loving, green pepper despising, two-spirit, indigenous, DEI training expert, with ADHD who after overcoming burnout is committed to living a balanced and joyful life. Often described as brilliant and committed, Tera’s goal is to share her DEI training solution nation-wide. Host: Dr. Liz Wilson Guest: Tera McDonald --- Support this podcast:
George is a Welsh mountain hiking, mushroom hating, digital designer and people champion, with a mental illness, who identifies as trans male, and part of the LGBTQI+ community. Described as authentic, friendly and approachable, George is a twin and his ultimate career aspiration is to create inclusion for all trans people in this world. Host:  Dr. Liz Wilson  ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ Guest: George Evans --- Support this podcast:
Mel is a Netflix binging, decisive, LGBTQI+ identifying, personal development trainer with astute intuition. Identifying as a racial, cultural, and religious minority; Mel is a grandmother to 7, and most proud of playing a role in winning marriage equality in Pennsylvania. Host: Dr. Liz Wilson  ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ Guest: Mel Morris --- Support this podcast:
This special episode of Include with Dr. Liz is hosted my Sile Walsh with Dr. Liz as the guest. 2-months before the recording of this episode Liz's 21-year old son, Dominic, died by suicide. Sile guides this conversation with compassion and kindness to answer some of the questions Liz was asked in the days and weeks that followed her son's death, explore Liz's experience of grief as a parent who's child died by suicide, and explores how best to meet her needs (and people like her). Trigger warning: This podcast episode contains material of a highly sensitive nature including death, suicide, addiction, and mental health that may be triggering for some individuals. Host: Sile Walsh Guest: Dr. Liz Wilson --- Support this podcast:
Jonathan is a poker playing, seafood hating, husband and parent, with a physical disability. Described by some as a fierce, but quiet fighter, who is hopeful and positive; Jonathan gets to put his idealism into action in his role working in aging and disability for the State of Connecticut. Host: Dr. Liz Wilson ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ Guest: Jonathan Slifka --- Support this podcast:
Patrice is an introverted, racial minority and LGBTQI+ identifying, cartoon loving, sloppy joe hating, non-binary, transgender, LinkedIn influencer. Married to the love of their life, Patrice's favorite thing to do on weekends is sleep. An Assistant Dean for a School of Business, Patrice applies their superpower of empathy with their students everyday. Host: Dr. Liz Wilson ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ Guest: Patrice Palmer --- Support this podcast:
Dr. Jessica is a hard-working, kind and daring, hiking loving and persimmon hating, self-intelligence and workplace culture expert. Identifying with intellectual disability and mental illness; Jessica applies her bird’s eye view superpower to improve the quality of life of others through her work. Host: Dr. Liz Wilson Guest: Dr. Jessica Metcalf --- Support this podcast:
Jay is a football loving, raw onions hating, dad, who’s passion is to help others. Described by others as thoughtful, Jay identifies as an ethnic, racial and religious minority on the Autism spectrum with a cognitive disability. As a learning consultant with the ultimate career aspiration to solve inequities in organizations; Jay applies his curiosity and people connecting superpowers every day. Host: Dr. Liz Wilson Guest: Jay Gordon (00:00) Introduction (00:43) Interview (31:25) Close --- Support this podcast:
Yolanda is a motivated, brunch loving, sometimes stubborn, confident and determined aspiring author. Identifying as a racial minority, and with a chronic illness; Yolanda not only made her way out of poverty she now also helps other women make money. Host: Dr. Liz Wilson Guest: Yolanda Boyarin Instagram @manifest_mad_money --- Support this podcast:
Marla is a hardworking, strong, proud parent. Identifying as an ethnic minority with a chronic illness, permanent injury and disability; Marla is a passionate educator of healthcare professionals. And apparently something people would be surprised to know, is that Marla has social anxiety. Host: Dr. Liz Wilson Guest: Marla Green  --- Support this podcast:
Anita is a beach loving, tiramisu hating, LGBTQI+ identifying, proud parent and erotic pop artist. Described by some as a fearless whirlwind superwoman, Anita is a cult and domestic violence abuse survivor who has recreated herself and aspires to be the next Andy Warhol. Host: Dr. Liz Wilson Guest: Anita Nevar --- Support this podcast:
Kellina is a confident caring, funny, down to earth author of two books who loves both bowling and go karting. Described by her mother as loud; Kellina, who is Deaf, applies her superpower of reading body language working with new parents in her case worker role, as well as busting myths about what people who are Deaf can achieve! Host: Dr. Liz Wilson Guest: Kellina Powell  --- Support this podcast:
Carlos is a trustworthy, fun loving, linguistic minority, sometimes distracted, father and employment specialist. Assisting newcomers to Canada to establish their career in Canada, Carlos has a permanent injury and physical disability. Oh, and Carlos’s least favorite food is fish – perhaps that has something to do with him once being attacked by a shark! Host: Dr. Liz Wilson Guest: Carlos Martins   --- Support this podcast:
Leah is a parent and grandparent who loves horses and hates tapioca. Indigenous and identifying as LGBTQI+, a religious minority, with a permanent injury and physical disability; Leah is a life-long learner who is smart, sensitive and has a strong sense of justice. Leah is on a mission to facilitate the movement of people into better alignment with themselves, each other, and the planet. Host: Dr. Liz Wilson Guest: Leah Kyaio Leah’s book Between the Bars: A New Framework for Creating Change in Social Justice is on Amazon --- Support this podcast:
Daniel is a law graduating, never settling, one of a kind, insightful solutions architect who avoids eating vegetables. Identifying as a religious minority with chronic physical and mental illness, and disabilities; Daniel cofounded and leads a not-for-profit organization. Host: Dr. Liz Wilson  Guest: Daniel Hodges  --- Support this podcast:
Kanika is a dog walking, Kilimanjaro climbing, extroverted but alone time needing, Neurodiverse, technical change consultant. Inspirational to others, Kanika identifies as a gender, ethnic and racial minority with a chronic illness. Her superpower is the ability to bring enthusiasm and excitement to an alternative way of seeing the world’s problems – which she gets to use for good in her non-executive role for a housing association with a large diverse group of urban residents. Host: Dr. Liz Wilson  Guest: Kanika Selvan --- Support this podcast:
Katrina is an outdoor loving, Veteran, with a physical disability and chronic illness, who will always ask you to hold the capers. A persistent, tough, fighter; Katrina is a strategic development officer on a mission to change conditions for people with a disability. Host: Dr. Liz Wilson Guest: Katrina Brown --- Support this podcast:
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