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Have you ever wished that you could speak in front of hundreds or thousands of people confidently? Good news: you can!I know it is better said than done, but truthfully speaking, everyone has their own ability to make their talk engaging—we just need a dose of confidence to harness this skill.AmondaRose Igoe was once just like every one of us—daunted by the thought of speaking in front of other people. But she discovered her unique ability to create fun and engaging content, and in this episode, she will share with us her journey to becoming an effective public speaker, plus the various tips and lessons she has gathered to achieve her kind of confidence.Who knows—what she shares could be your building blocks to developing your own kind of confidence, too? Be the next effective public speaker to empower people who might be as nervous as you are right now. Take a leap of faith, believe in yourself, and get that spotlight that you deserve!Thoughts to Empower “I felt like I had developed a voice that had the ability to communicate ideas in a way that was creative, that was fun, that was engaging, and that got people to think about things in different ways.” – AmondaRose Igoe“There could be a zillion reasons that someone doesn't resonate with us. Not everyone's going to love you and your message. So when I accepted that, I realized I could be authentically myself .” – AmondaRose Igoe“The thing that all of us do better than anyone else is to be ourselves.” – AmondaRose Igoe“I respect and value my time, knowledge, and energy. As a result, others respect and value my time, knowledge, and energy.” – AmondaRose IgoeKey Points From This Episode:How to develop one's public speaking skillsHow to make your audience understand you without overwhelming themRespecting what others value begets respect The importance of storytelling in presentation and its ability to create emotional connections and trustSpeaking as a powerful tool to generate income and increase business impactSignificance of being an engaging speaker to elevate one’s careerAbout AmondaRose Igoe:AmondaRose Igoe, "Speaking Success Strategist", Award-Winning Speaking Expert, and Best-Selling-author, has taught thousands of business owners, coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs her step-by-step proven speaker training and presentation coaching systems.AmondaRose has been featured on CBS, NBC, FOX, and Chicken Soup for the Soul. She is the author of "Pain-Free Public Speaking" and "Share Your Story," and she has over twenty years of experience as a speaker, trainer, and coach.She is the host of the global Unstoppable Speakers Success Summit, where she interviewed internationally renowned experts, such as Jack Canfield, Debbie Allen, and Blair Singer. The power of what AmondaRose teaches has helped her clients from over 20 countries overcome their biggest speaking challenges and skyrocket their presentation results.Connect with AmondaRose Igoe:WebsiteFacebookLinkedinInstagramFollow Becca: Website Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
Women are powerful.But we’re no superhero. We can't do it all. We shouldn't even feel like we have to be one in the first place. Women now have the opportunity to earn degrees, pursue careers, take on leadership positions, and achieve their dreams. However, this recognition also comes with a new responsibility: the expectation to be everything to everyone and to do everything all at once. But just like everyone else, we have great days and bad days at work at the same time that there is tension or chaos at home. We are allowed to feel and be tired. Let me reiterate: we can’t do it all and we shouldn’t force ourselves to do so.In the midst of all this chaos and pressure, we should tread the path with balance. It’s important to show ourselves some grace.So how can we foster that balance in us as women?My guest, Teresa Rand, shares with us her insight to this question. For Teresa, it’s about surrounding yourself with the right people who see you for your strengths and who lift you up. It’s also about listening to your gut, to not be afraid to take risks and make mistakes. Teresa is a cheerleader for women and an advocate for women's empowerment. She recognizes the distance women have come toward workforce equality and how much further there is to go. Her life mission is to help women leaders climb the career ladder and achieve inclusive leadership in the workforce.Thoughts to Empower “Surround yourself with people who will lift you up." - Teresa Rand"People can sometimes see us better than we can see ourselves." -  Teresa Rand"When we don't add a little bit of risk, especially to our careers, we're not growing." - Becca Powers "I believe if we share the mistakes we've made and the lessons we've learned, we can help other people not have to make those same mistakes." - Teresa RandKey Points From This Episode:Women need to give themselves permission to take risksFailure is not the endGo with your gutCompartmentalizing is detrimental to mental healthConfidence is the key to everythingIt's okay to take advice from othersTrust yourself and your instinctsAbout Teresa Rand:Teresa is passionate about helping leaders achieve their dreams of climbing the career ladder, earning their seat in the C-suite, and achieving inclusive leadership in the workforce. She believes that female leaders are responsible for reaching down the career ladder and helping other women advance in their careers. As a former CEO, Teresa managed up to $35 million and 1,000+ employees. Through public speaking and client coaching, she inspires women to be their best selves. Teresa is the founder of the Boss Lady Community and the Boss Lady Podcast, which focus on women’s empowerment, gender equality, and women’s issues. Connect with Teresa Rand:WebsiteLinkedinFacebook PageFacebook GroupInstagramFollow Becca: Website Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
Speaking our dreams, thoughts and goals out loud gives them power and intention.We keep a lot to ourselves for the fear of failing or being judged. Or it could even be that we simply feel like we're not ready to share our aspirations with others.But keeping things bottled up inside of us - both the good and the bad - can often hinder our progress and prevent us from reaching our full potential.When we say something out loud, we bring it into the physical world and make it real. We make it tangible. By verbalizing our thoughts and goals, we make a commitment to ourselves to take action and work towards achieving them.This episode left me feeling incredibly inspired. Vasavi Kumar's courageous story about her struggles with bipolar disorder refreshed my perspective about seeking support and being vulnerable enough to be helped. In this episode, she also talks about how she discovered her own voice, tapped into her creative spirit, and helped others along the way—all because she learned how to say it out loud.Say it out loud and see the beauty of speaking things into existence, breaking barriers within, and bringing your own self-empowerment to light.Thoughts to Empower “We have many different personalities and parts, and each of those parts has a unique voice.” — Vasavi kumar“We were not taught how to love ourselves. I don't think any of us are. We're taught how to look out for others, care about others, but not really taught how to love ourselves.” — Vasavi Kumar“People think they know you, and then they think they have access to you.” —  Vasavi Kumar“We all have these different aspects of ourselves, and we are also multifaceted. We have different desires. There are parts of ourselves that are wounded, and there are some parts that aren't and that are very vibrant and alive.” — Becca PowersKey Points From This Episode:How we can tap into our inner potentialWhy connection with ourselves is essentialHonoring the bad and good things in life is importantLearning to love ourselvesKnowing ourselves well helps us better connect with othersDepression can be a disconnection from the soulAbout Vasavi Kumar:Vasavi Kumar is often described as the "Queen of Saying It Out Loud." A first-generation Indian immigrant raised on Long Island, NY, Vasavi has relentlessly searched to find her own voice, access the freedom of her creative spirit, and help others along the way... out loud. When she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 19, she made it her life’s purpose to understand how her mind works, starting with making room to hear herself think. Her mission is to share everything—the good, bad, and ugly—in order to teach a more mindful, practical, and simple way of running every aspect of your life.Connect with Vasavi Kumar:WebsiteSay It Out Loud - Order the BookFacebookLinkedinInstagramYoutubeFollow Becca: Website Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
Video is a powerful tool.  Capturing moments and recording them in a video has become accessible and easier now more than ever. Through smartphones or affordable cameras, anyone can turn their perceptions and imaginations into reality by creating high-quality videos and sharing them to the world, all for the hopes of  expressing, entertaining, and inspiring.But many people consider making videos a challenging endeavor, and imposter syndrome easily gets in."What if they judge me?" "I am not skilled at this."Tell me, you're thinking along the same lines, aren’t you? Overcome these fears by turning them into strength and inspiration! The truth is, the art of video creation can unleash your confidence and will allow you to explore endless possibilities of self-improvement and connections.Crafting a video empowers you: It challenges you to be real, to communicate with others, and to broadcast your creations to a global audience.That's why I am thrilled to have Tracy Phillips with me in this episode as she shares her journey to becoming a video and visibility expert. Tracy trains and collaborates with individuals who desire to utilize the video platform to connect to a global audience.By creating a video, you're stepping outside of your comfort zone. So if you want to be confident and visible in your craft, consider creating a video today!Thoughts to Empower:"Being behind the camera does not equate to being amazing on camera." – Tracy Phillips"You're not going to be great at it at first." – Tracy Phillips“People remember 95% of a video message, compared to 10% if that same message is written.” – Tracy Phillips“When people start to do video, they do it with commitment, and they decide they're going to be consistent.”  – Tracy Phillips"You don't have to do what everybody else is doing." – Tracy Phillips“You get internal clarity and confidence as soon as you start doing a video.” – Becca PowersKey Points From This Episode:Tracy’s Test Magical serviceHow to achieve success in video marketingStarting  small in video creationWhat is expectation gapEmbracing the suck and negativitiesConsistency and commitment in making videosAbout Tracy Phillips:Tracy Phillips is an Emmy-nominated video and visibility expert who trains and works with CEOs, key opinion leaders, medical professionals, visionaries, and best-selling authors who want to use their visibility to impact their internal and global audiences.Tracy's "laugh and learn" style of presenting has made her a highly sought-after speaker, trainer, and workshop facilitator. Her clients include New York Times best-selling authors and Fortune 500 companies.Her presentation recipe is one part motivation and two parts learning, peppered with moments of real, raw, and unexpected humor.Connect with Tracy Phillips:WebsiteLinkedinFacebookInstagramFollow Becca: Website Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
It's quite challenging to have an insidious feeling that makes us doubt our abilities and worth.At times, we may find ourselves pondering, "Why do I feel like I don't belong?" or "Why am I not good enough even though I have accomplished something?" leading us to believe that our achievements are just from pure luck.Hey! It's common. That’s what you call Imposter Syndrome—many successful individuals have battled it at some point in their lives. So, how can we overcome imposter syndrome and start "playing bigger"?In this episode, Kim Meninger will share with us her journey of self-discovery, unveiling her keys to building unwavering confidence and reflecting on how to overcome imposter syndrome.With persistence and dedication, it's possible to conquer imposter syndrome. Always keep in mind your past accomplishments and your strengths, and focus on what you can do rather than what you can't.Thoughts to Empower: “In the workplace, we are striving for promotions, to lead projects, or to really show our skills. Most of it's centered on contribution, but imposter syndrome gets in the way of us producing our best results.” - Becca Powers“We're not meant to compete with the guy from the other part of the business. We're there to compliment each other.” - Kim Meninger“To be innovative and competitive, we need to be able to think differently and not just follow a prescribed set of rules.” - Kim Meninger"You don't have to have it all figured out before you move. Move and build, it's okay." - Becca PowersKey Points From This Episode: How Kim's story influenced her attention toward imposter syndrome and psychological safetyCombatting imposter syndromeWhy workplaces enhance the human experience potentialHow innovation thrives on diversity of thoughtIs workplace considered as a competitive arena?Being loud and working fast does not guarantee better ideas and quality workHow meaningful contribution and impact drive individuals in the workplaceAbout Kim Meninger:Kim Meninger is a leadership coach and TEDx speaker focused on empowering professionals and organizations to reach new heights by making it easier to be human at work. As a certified coach with a background in psychology, she offers strategies to overcome impostor syndrome and grow professionals’ overall confidence, visibility, and influence. She believes that everyone deserves a seat at the table and that an authentic commitment to inclusion and psychological safety is the key to long-term corporate success. Kim also hosts The Impostor Syndrome Files podcast and leads a weekly Leading Humans discussion forum, which is open to all.Kim has a BA in psychology and an MBA from Boston College. She is an ICF Professional Certified Coach and a CCE Board Certified Coach with certifications in confidence, career, executive, and leadership development coaching. Kim also holds a certificate in executive leadership from Cornell University.Connect with Kim Meninger:FacebookLinkedinInstagramFollow Becca: Website Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
We all have power within us. It’s there, just waiting to be unleashed. We’re like objects who remain at rest until a force is acted upon us. This force is guised as challenges that prompt us to move and realize our real, fullest potential. And although we’d like to avoid tragedies and difficulties as much as we can, aside from that it’s inevitable, it also allows us to scrutinize ourselves much deeper—to introspect and get to know ourselves in a more profound way, even to surrender to our own truths.Looking through yourself and finding your inner power will create astonishing outcomes!Trust Bill Philipps, who is a shining example of someone who has tapped into his power and surrendered to his own truth. He will be joining me in this episode to share his story of how he discovered that trusting in himself and listening to his inner voice is the way to create a life that is fulfilling and meaningful.How about you? Are you ready to surrender to your truth, believe in yourself, and unleash your full potential?Thoughts to Empower: "The biggest obstacle is getting into your own power, your own belief, and not letting the outside world destroy what that feels like for you. That's the biggest lesson coming out of it: just to keep trusting—trust what your truth is." – Bill Philipps"If more people really owned their intuition instead of questioning it so much, we really would change the world." – Becca Powers"We have such a hidden superpower to tap into. To feel and think of what we want to experience, and then to vibrate that energy outside of ourselves." – Bill Philipps"When I trust the spirit and trust in the unfoldment, that's when the magic happens. That's where the healing and validation happen." – Bill PhilippsKey Points From This Episode:How Bill's winding journey led him to become a psychic mediumHow can owning intuition impact the worldInnate spiritual connection for allHow the higher self, spirit guides, and our loved ones can nudge usLearning how to surrender fears and doubts to fully trust your intuitionHow  forgiving helps take the load off ourselvesAbout Bill Philipps:Bill Philipps is an internationally renowned psychic medium and author of "Expect the Unexpected", "Signs from the Other Side", and his latest book, "Soul Searching" (to be released in April 2023). He graduated from the prestigious San Francisco Conservatory of Music in vocal performance, where he learned to enhance his abilities through the vibration of music. He has a two-year waitlist for private readings, with a clientele that spans the globe. Bill is known for his compassionate approach and words of inspiration as he brings through astounding validations that bring about a sense of peace and healing for anyone dealing with loss and grief. Bill has been featured in national media, including The Dr. Phil Show, Access Hollywood, Coast-to-Coast, several top-40 radio shows, and the Huffington Post.Connect with Bill Philipps:WebsiteFacebookInstagramFollow Becca: Website Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
Self-discovery is a journey that we all need to take, and yet so few of us actually do.And the truth is it can be difficult to see and appreciate the best things about us, let alone be confident with it because we can get overly critical about ourselves. But here’s another truth: each of us has strengths, skills, talents, and capabilities that we can cultivate.The question is: how can we unleash the best parts of us that are hidden deep within?My friend, Stacey Shipman, has valuable insights about this million-dollar question. In this episode, Stacey shares with us her empowering story of how she unleashed her best self to reach her full potential. This took her years of constantly shifting and evolving, of feeling foolish, unprepared, embarrassed, and unconfident despite having the credentials and the experience.Now, Stacey is determined to unleash the geniuses in all of us and to say that it’s okay to reveal your real self and uncover the best parts you might not know are hiding inside of you. Because who knows? It may be just what you need to shine and have opportunities come knocking at your door. Thoughts to Empower: “You have to be willing to experiment, explore, change directions, and rest when needed.” - Stacey Shipman“We can take a rest when we need it. We can better express ourselves, what we need, our thoughts and ideas, and we can have better relationships with other people because we are grounded in who we are.”  - Stacey Shipman“When we clear out all the clutter, there is a brightness to people, and you can see and feel it.” - Stacey ShipmanKey Points From This Episode:Stacey's stories, humor, and insights that can help drop behaviors that never felt naturalOvercoming the lack of confidence and skillsHarnessing that eagerness to achieve your desiresNurturing a deep a connection with yourselfBeing authentic can lead to more meaningful connections and better relationshipsHaving a higher sense of wellbeing through better connections with yourself and people around you About Stacey Shipman:Stacey is an event host, facilitator, singer, and writer here to remove formal protocols stifling personalities and ideas. Because you can’t express yourself or your genius hiding behind: “I’m too busy,” data, perfectionism, PowerPoints, collaborators who get all the credit, or the belief you need more credentials. Plus, human connection is impossible when you are acting like a robot. Boring, bland, and basic are default settings – not the only settings. Through Stacey's stories, humor, and insights, you will drop learned behavior that never felt natural in the first place, step out of the conventional bubble, and engage clients, peers, prospects - anyone - with who you really are.Connect with Stacey Shipman:InstagramLinkedinWebsiteA Team Dklutr ProductionFollow Becca: Website Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
It’s human nature to feel insecure and question our worth. In fact, not a day goes by where we are clouded with negative thoughts of unworthiness and not being enough.How can we prove ourselves worthy? Worthy not just of the job title or position we hold, but even the success we are enjoying in our careers.In a competitive environment like the workplace, there are times when we are afraid to speak our minds because when we do, our peers and colleagues might not understand, recognize or acknowledge our thoughts and actions.This is a sign of invisibility in the workplace that can lower your self-esteem.Remember: no one is perfect. We are all lacking in our own ways, and recognizing our flaws and imperfections is a brave first step towards becoming a better version of yourself. While it may seem simple or little, shifting your mindset can make a world of difference.That is why I am delighted to have Susan Barber with me in this episode. She shares her story: from being invisible in the workplace to finally becoming seen - and now a successful author and a podcast host. She is passionate about creating a visibility movement in the workplace to bring out people's skills to the fullest.Visibility is a work in progress. You might not see it in you now, but with the right support system, it would come out of you. And with people like Susan leading the way, the future looks bright for those who are ready to make their voices heard.  Who knows? You might also become one of the successful people who would share their story and inspire others someday!Thoughts to Empower:“You don’t have to be like everybody else, and you can do it in small simple steps.” - Susan Barber“With visibility comes the responsibility to lead and check in on people and make sure people are okay. You can't have visibility without psychological safety. You just can't.” - Susan Barber“Start to look at yourself and the great things that you've already done and how you can use and show those off a bit more so that people can see you.” - Susan BarberKey Points From This Episode:Susan’s backstory and how she came up with the idea for her work, “The Visibility Factor”How her self-discovery helped her visibility at work and at homeHow fulfillment comes from the acceptance of our uniquenessBeing exposed to and overcoming Imposter SyndromeHow to improve visibility in your space authenticallyHandling introverts in a workplace as a leaderImportance of an inspiration to boost self-confidenceConnect with Susan Barber:FacebookInstagramLinkedinYoutubeSusan’s Book:Susan Barber’s The Visibility Factor A Team Dklutr ProductionFollow Becca: Website Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
I hate to say it, but I’ll say it. We live in a world where passion and creativity are often sidelined because tenacity in the workplace is rewarded instead. We’re so used to killing ourselves at work so we can stay ahead - or even just to keep afloat - and in the process, we neglect our inner child and are unable to tap into the ability to dream, imagine, build and express. This week, my good friend Kate Volmon joins me on the show and shares some sacred thoughts we should all keep in mind:We are all creative. We are all artists. We are all meant to create.So it is not a question of if, but how and when. As Kate shares, that creativity is inside all of us, ready to be unleashed for the world to witness. And this artistry can be in the form of a painting or digital art. It could be a song you’ve composed based on something you’ve experienced in the past. It could be a book chronicling some of your most insightful discoveries that so many others can learn from. Or it could even be a podcast like this that evokes a strong sense of calling to live a life of joy, freedom and peace.This episode is filled with Kate’s life-changing experiences and nuggets of wisdom about awakening the inner creatives within us. While igniting our creativity may not always come naturally, we need to tap into the elements that bring our inner creatives to life. Join us and be inspired to let your creativity guide you down the path to limitless joy and a deep sense of empowerment.Thoughts to Empower “When we create, it does so much for us, not only personally, but professionally. It just allows us to express ourselves in so many different ways.” - Kate Volman“I can be creative in my life. We are all creative and artists.”  - Kate Volman“When we think about our creativity, we don't think about what's the return on creating. - Kate Volman"Creativity is a process, and you have to be okay with being mediocre." - Kate VolmanKey Points From This Episode:The story behind Kate writing "Do What You Love"How all of us have innate creativity in ourselvesKate’s creativity progress which led her to a wonderful journeyHow creative pursuits work toward your passionHow we can use inspiration to spark creativity within usDebunking common myths on what blocks our creative inspirationAbout Kate Volman:Kate Volman is the CEO of Floyd Coaching. With over twenty years of experience in developing and leading life-changing programs for entrepreneurs and leaders, she has a passion for helping people grow. In addition to serving on the leadership team for multiple organizations throughout her career, she also used her entrepreneurial skills to start and run a boutique marketing firm.Connect with Kate Volman:FacebookYoutubeInstagramLinkedinOther Resources:Kate Volman’s Do What You Love BookA Team Dklutr ProductionFollow Becca: Website Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
Home is more than just a place to sleep and find shelter; it also represents love, spiritual development, and healing. It’s not about the style, trends, and luxurious things. It’s all about how you feel your home. It’s a place where you can embrace your own skin and let your feelings out.But how can you make your house a sacred living space?Paula Agudelo will join us for this episode to discuss and share how she conquered fear, pain, and loss by giving back to others as well as herself through creating a sacred space.Thoughts to Empower:“Sacred Home is not about the perfect home neurotic, it’s all about the relationship and having conversation with our inner environment.” - Paula Agudelo“Don’t let money be an obstacle for anything.” - Paula Agudelo“There is beauty and inspiration in anything that happens in our life, whether it’s painful or pleasurable moments.” - Paula Agudelo“Having a sacred place to rest and restore can actually call your energy back to you.” - Becca PowersKey Points From This Episode:Paula’s knowledge of interior design and holistic wellness to create sacred spacesHow can a home environment be a source of vitality and energyTransform a home space into your support systemWhat Paula did to create a space that is not  only beautiful but also helps other people feel joy in their homeAbout Paula Agudelo:Paula Agudelo is the owner of Sacred Interiors, an Interior design firm that specializes in creating home spaces that are both beautiful and nourishing for the soul. She weaves together her passion for design and spirituality to create truly transformative spacesShe has a passion for helping women create intentional homes that support a meaningful and fulfilling lifestyle. In her work, she combines her background in interior design with her knowledge of holistic wellness and ancient wisdom to create truly sacred spaces.Connect with Paula Agudelo:FacebookInstagramWebsiteA Team Dklutr ProductionFollow Becca: Website Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
Here’s one of the world’s most ridiculous takes: Burnout is a myth.Naysayers believe burnout is an excuse to laziness and inefficiency. Working long hours, replacing sleep with doing academic requirements, stretching yourself thin to accommodate the people in your life—apparently, these activities have been normalized that it doesn’t cause fatigue to humans.But even machines need to rest too if it’s been utilized for too long.Burnout is as true as it can be. Now, more than ever, it needs to be talked about.Here we discuss how burnout can be rooted in different facets of someone’s life; it isn’t just overfatigued or tiredness from overworking. Burnout can be a manifestation of a much more dangerous issue; it can also be a factor that changes a person’s lifestyle, affecting relationships and the environment around you.This is only a glimpse of what we have in store for you. There is more knowledge in store for you in this episode of The emPOWERed Half Hour.Thoughts to Empower: “One of the basic things we need for burnout recovery is a sense of safety. One of the things that teaches our body that we are safe is continuously responding to its message.” – Cait DonovanI don't have to be a martyr and a savior in every situation.  – Cait DonovanBurnout takes our presence away from ourselves and from the people we love. Self-neglect takes our presence away. – Becca PowersRecovery is a sense of safety. – Becca PowersIf you can admit to your resentments, then look at them as places where you need to implement changes in your life. You will be immeasurably happier within a short time.  – Cait DonovanKey Points From This Episode:Self-neglect takes our presence away.Foods must be avoided in order to prevent burnout.Consistency and passion can help in preventing burnoutHow to heal from burnoutAbout Cait Donovan:Cait Donovan is a Keynote speaker, one of New York City’s leading burnout experts, host of “Fried – The Burnout Podcast,” and author of the book "The Bouncebackability Factor". Her creative burnout recovery solutions have been featured on podcasts and online magazines such as “Forbes”, “NPR,” and “The New York Post” and in companies such as Lululemon and Pepsico. Connect with Cait Donovan:WebsiteFacebookYoutubeLinkedinA Team Dklutr ProductionFollow Becca: Website Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
One of life’s most valuable gifts is true friendship. It’s a lifeline, a support in all circumstances, even in the smallest ones. A safe space where you know there’s someone you can always rely on and trust. If you are in a healthy friendship, you can learn, grow, and evolve as a human being. But how would you know if you are truly growing in that friendship?In this episode with Ro Ferrelli, let's dive into a warm topic and learn how we grow as human beings through friendship and realizations.Thoughts to Empower:Women relationships don't know how to use their voice and to navigate.  – Becca PowersWomen's greatest strengths are perseverance and resilience.  – Becca PowersIt is much easier to break the cycles because I am conscious. – Ro FerrelliDiversity is our strength. – Ro FerrelliWe all need to have strong women in our lives and not just strong women. strong women that are actually doing the work and have strength in them. – Ro FerrelliKey Points From This Episode:What we can do to overcome pain How important friendships really are when you're willing to take radical responsibilityHow radical responsibility and true friendship can empower somebodyAbout Ro Ferrelli:Rochonda Ferrelli is the founder and CEO of Highest Potential Woman, a coaching company designed for multisensory women. She specializes in Conscious Leadership, Kundalini meditation, and women’s issues helping leaders around the world access their next level. She is also the author of True Friends, A Revolutionary Approach to Cultivating Conscious Feminine Friendships, and the creator behind the Magnetic Geodes artwork brand and mentorship programs.Connect with Ro Ferrelli:FacebookInstagramLinkedinBook WebsiteA Team Dklutr ProductionFollow Becca: Website Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
There is power in every story.And so as I begin our journey together here in The EmPOWERed Half Hour, let me share mine.Life has its ups and downs. And it’s funny how sometimes when we thought we’re on the road to achieving that much-desired success—we’re busy, we have a successful career, leading our teams, achieving quotas and all that—that we find ourselves in our lowest lows. We’re losing time for our loved ones; we’re no longer fulfilled; burnout is nudging; we don’t feel purposeful anymore.But in the moment of utter hopelessness is where we also discover the power within us.I hold onto that power until now, and that’s why I’m here, using this platform in order to touch lives and empower others. There are so many stories I wish to share with you: stories of highs and lows, of losses and triumphs, of overcoming and thriving. So sit back and listen to The EmPOWERed Half Hour.Thoughts to Empower “It's in these stories that the lessons are revealed. You get to understand where people may have had challenges, how they overcame them.” – Becca Powers“When people find themselves in other people's stories, these stories are ten times more empowering, motivating, and triggering.” – Becca Powers“As I was laying there in what I would consider my most powerless moment, I had the most powerful thought: I'm the CEO of my life. It gave me the inner empowerment and courage to stand up.” – Becca Powers“I rose up a different woman than the one that went down.” – Becca PowersKey Points From This Episode:How sharing stories empower othersThe Empowered Half Hour: The Backstory and GenesisMy successful yet severely exhausting career in corporate AmericaMy most powerless momentHow hopelessness leads to the moment of thrivingResources MentionedHarness Your Inner CEOA Team Dklutr ProductionFollow Becca: Website Instagram LinkedIn Facebook



About The emPOWERed Half HourThe emPOWERed Half Hour is an interview-based podcast that offers you the inspiration, motivation, and empowerment you need to overcome life’s personal and professional adversities – In the trial and triumph stories of the guests you will find the courage to change your story, embrace your dreams, make a massive impact, and create a life that absolutely thrives!For centuries, we as humans have found ourselves in the story of someone else – this connection awakens a knowing within us. We know that we are not alone, and we also know that if they can - we can too. I encourage you to sit back and listen to where you find yourself in the stories of our guests. With that, it’s officially TEHH time – let’s go!A Team Dklutr ProductionFollow Becca: Website Instagram LinkedIn Facebook
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