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Author: Gianna Gill

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Windsor Public Schools is excited to announce the debut of our first-ever podcast. Chat & Chill With Super. Hill, is hosted by Superintendent, Dr. Terrell Hill. We look forward to bringing you the stories that matter the most featuring students, educators, alumni, staff, parents and more. Hear about the stories and journeys of our amazing school communities as Dr. Hill navigates through the buildings. Chat & Chill with Super. Hill will address topics important to families. It is our goal to educate, inform and entertain you as only Dr. Hill can!
27 Episodes
On this episode of our award-winning, "Chat and Chill with Super. Hill," we sit down with Windsor High School's Valedictorian Aaron Kiehne and Salutatorian Rjelyn Nikka Ersando to celebrate their remarkable achievements. Join Dr. Hill as he delves into their experiences at Windsor High, exploring how Windsor Public Schools has shaped their academic journeys and personal growth. Listen as they reflect on the importance of social-emotional learning, the impact of supportive teachers, and the enriching diversity that has prepared them to become global citizens. Discover their plans for the future, as Aaron heads to the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities and Rjelyn to Northeastern University, and hear their heartfelt advice for aspiring students. This episode is a testament to the vibrant and supportive community at Windsor Public Schools and the bright futures of its top scholars.
In this episode of "Chat and Chill," Dr. Hill sits down with Windsor High School's renowned art teachers, Sarah Asplund and Lisa Smith, to discuss the transformative power of art education. They explore how art fosters self-expression, creativity, and individuality, preparing students for a future where imagination and innovation are highly valued. The conversation delves into the acclaimed Windsor High School Art Show, community involvement, scholarships for seniors, and the diverse artistic mediums showcased by students. Tune in to discover how art education at Windsor High School empowers the next generation of artists to embrace their unique identities and creative brilliance.
Join Superintendent Dr. Hill in an illuminating conversation with Dr. Anthony Davis, the visionary president of Livingstone College, in the latest episode of "Chat and Chill with Superintendent Hill." Discover the profound commitment of Livingstone College under Dr. Davis's leadership to celebrate and empower its students, ensuring they are not merely tolerated but truly celebrated for their unique identities. Delve into the pivotal role of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) like Livingstone in shaping the future of higher education, particularly in STEM fields. Learn how HBCUs graduate an impressive 25% of African Americans earning degrees in STEM disciplines, reflecting their essential contributions to diversity and excellence in science, technology, engineering, and math. Don't miss this insightful exploration of the evolving landscape of higher education and the transformative impact of HBCUs in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.
Dive into the heart of education with our latest episode of "Chat & Chill with Superintendent Hill," where we celebrate the timeless theme, "Black History is American History: Celebrating Diversity in Windsor Public Schools." Dr. Hill leads a riveting discussion with Michele Williams (WPS Elementary Curriculum Director) and Bonnie Finneman (WPS Secondary Curriculum Director), delving into the significance of recognizing diversity in education. From curriculum integration to representation, we uncover how Windsor Public Schools embeds Black history and contributions into the fabric of learning, not just during Black History Month but throughout the year. Discover how these efforts empower students, promote equity and inclusion, and shape a brighter future for all. Tune in for an enlightening conversation! #BlackHistoryMonth
Join us for an enlightening episode of "Chat & Chill with Superintendent Hill" as we celebrate Black Excellence with Felicia Hamilton, renowned English teacher at Windsor High School. Dr. Hill leads the conversation, highlighting the importance of representation and empowerment in education. Felicia shares her journey prioritizing rigor while keeping students engaged and excited about learning, emphasizing the significance of authenticity and high expectations for all students. She discusses her role in fostering collaboration during professional development initiatives like "Windsor Nation" and her aspirations for the future. Tune in as Felicia shares her passion for empowering students to gain a truer understanding of themselves, regardless of race, leaving a lasting legacy of excellence in education.
In this captivating episode of "Chat and Chill with Superintendent Hill," Dr. Hill sits down with Dr. James Ince, the curator of the "Black Inventions Exhibit," and Patricia Gardner from the Windsor Freedom Trail Committee. Together, they unravel the significance of bringing this remarkable exhibit to Windsor, coinciding with Black History Month and hosted at Sage Park Middle School on Thursday, February 1, 2024, from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
Join Superintendent Dr. Hill in a heartfelt episode of Chat & Chill with Super. Hill as he sits down with Kathleen Stoll, Windsor Public Schools Educator of the Year! Dive into Kathleen's reflections on this prestigious accolade and how it shapes her educational perspective. Explore memorable milestones from her teaching career since 1992, highlighting stories that resonate with joy. Uncover the evolution of Kathleen's teaching philosophy, emphasizing trust, potential, and the unique journey of each child. Beyond the classroom, discover her impactful community engagement and the inspiration behind initiatives like Alex's Lemonade Stand. Join the conversation for a captivating journey through Kathleen's dedication, wisdom, and the empowering impact of education.
Join Dr. Hill in this festive episode as he sits down with the award-winning Windsor High School Music Department. Directors Dr. Paul Pierce, Dr. Tracee White, and WHS alum Mr. Brandon Monroe share insights into the importance of music education and its diverse influences. Discover the impact of recent events, from Teens of Praise Gospel Choir's conference performance to the VIP experience at the Brick City HBCU kickoff classic. Get a sneak peek into special holiday performances and explore how music transcends challenges, fostering resilience and joy in students. Tune in for a symphony of stories that showcase the transformative power of music in shaping futures.
As the scent of Thanksgiving fills the air, join us in the latest episode of "Chat & Chill with Super. Hill." On this episode Dr. Hill speaks with our delightful Food Services Director, Patti Patton, as we give thanks and explore the vibrant world of Windsor's Food Services Department including the farm-to-table inspired collaboration with Newgate Farms. Patti spills the beans on her Thanksgiving traditions and family dishes, bringing a touch of joy to this special episode. Uncover the heart behind the meals, from health and safety measures to educational initiatives. Patti expresses gratitude to her dedicated team, and as we wrap up, she extends a warm thanks to the Windsor community for their support. Tune in for a short, flavorful journey. Happy Thanksgiving from "Chat & Chill with Super. Hill!
Join Superintendent Dr. Terrell Hill in the latest episode of 'Chat & Chill With Super. Hill' as he delves into the fascinating world of drama education in Windsor Public Schools. In this engaging episode, Dr. Hill interviews three exceptional guests—Freya Daly, JR Fitzsimmons, and Skye Raymond—who recently showcased their talent in school and community productions. Discover the transformative power of drama in education as they discuss personal growth, building confidence, and the interactive learning experience that drama brings to our vibrant school communities. Tune in to hear firsthand how drama isn't just a performance but a journey that shapes students' skills and enriches their educational adventure. Don't miss 'Spotlight on Stage: Unveiling the Power of Drama in Education.
In this heartwarming episode, Superintendent Dr. Hill invites former John F. Kennedy student Elsie Hale and current 4th grader Gabby Williams to discuss their exceptional contributions to the Kindness Counts Rock Wall mural. Out of 80 entries, their artwork was chosen to adorn the rock wall, symbolizing the importance of kindness in schools. Joined by the art teacher, Ms. Lloyd, and the physical education/health teacher, Mr. Potter, they explore the cross-departmental collaboration that made this project possible. Elsie and Gabby proudly showcase their art, and the episode reminds us all of the power of kindness in our communities.
Join Superintendent Dr. Hill on a special Back-to-School episode of "Chat and Chill with Super. Hill" as he gathers his district's principals to discuss their hopes and aspirations for the upcoming school year. In this episode, Dr. Hill engages in conversations with the dedicated principals from Oliver Ellsworth, Poquonock, Clover, and Windsor High School. Listen in as Dr. Hill delves into the thoughts and visions of these educational leaders. Hear about their unique visions for their school buildings. This insightful episode showcases the collaborative spirit and commitment to excellence that underpin the district's educational mission. Don't miss this heartfelt episode of "Chat and Chill with Dr. Hill" for an inspiring glimpse into the shared dreams and goals that will guide the district's educational journey in the coming school year.
Join us in this inspiring episode as we delve into the remarkable journey of Dana Gagne, an educator who has dedicated over two decades to Windsor Public Schools. Starting as a paraeducator, Mr. Gagne's passion for education led him to become a Math Teacher. With deep roots in the community as a resident and parent, he brings a unique perspective to his role. Having served as the Dean of Students at Sage Park Middle School and as Interim Principal at John F. Kennedy School, Mr. Gagne's proven leadership and wealth of experience make him the perfect fit for his new role as an elementary school principal. Discover the insights he's gained along the way, his vision for fostering a well-rounded educational environment, and his plans for building a stronger school-community connection. Tune in to learn from his journey and aspirations that will undoubtedly shape the future of his learning community at JFK.
Join Dr. Hill in the exciting season finale of the 2022-2023 School Year, as he engages in conversation with Tristan Davis, an exceptional WHS graduate who embodies the essence of Windsor. Tristan's extraordinary journey encompasses remarkable accomplishments, including serving as the esteemed Spring '23 Board of Education Student Rep, captivating audiences as a talented WHS Band trumpet player, and a leader in the Junior ROTC program, among other impressive feats. With his enrollment at Hampton University this fall to pursue Music Education, Tristan's story promises to inspire. Don't miss out as he shares invaluable insights, offering constructive feedback to both educators and fellow students. Thank you for tuning in!
Join us for another electrifying episode of "Chat and Chill with Super. Hill" as Dr. Hill dives deep with two of the three SEL specialists who make up WHS' Student Support Center, Melanie Gutierrez and Dianne Shaw. Discover how they embody the qualities Dr. Hill was looking for to fill our highly sought-after SEL specialist positions. But that's not all! Learn about our FREE Fresh Start Summer Program, specifically designed to alleviate the anxiety and pressures our graduating eighth graders face as they transition into high school. Find out how this initiative will empower and support our freshmen, offering them a refreshing and rejuvenating start to their high school journey. Trust us, you won't want to miss this!
Dr. Hill brings out the big shots for this very special episode of Chat & Chill with Super. Hill. With the help of our acting Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services, Dr. Noha Hady, Dr. Hill takes listeners on a journey through some of the innovative courses that set WPS apart from the crowd. Find out why many competing Magnet schools with all their glitz and glam are still not adding up to the tried and true, yet pioneering approach to learning that WPS offers!
On this episode of Chat & Chill with Super. Hill, Dr. Hill sits and talks with Windsor High School Educator of the Year and the CCSS 2023 Excellence in Social Studies Education (9-12) Awardee, Daisha Brabham. Brace yourself for a raw and unfiltered conversation around hot topics such as CRT (Critical Race Theory) and Black and LatinX Studies. Find out what effect these courses are having on students, including White students. Daisha speaks about her love for American history and how she empowers her students to be active participants in their education and become advocates for change.
On this episode of Chat & Chill with Super. Hill, Dr. Hill sits with our Office of Family and Community Partnerships Coordinator, Ms. Christina Morales. Christina talks in depth about how her office is prioritizing families by implementing programs that support vibrant and transparent relationships throughout our district. We learn more about how our district is aiming to build dual-ended partnerships with families in order to create a culture of learning and achievement. By leveling up our family engagement practices with programs such as Parent Teacher Home Visits and Watch D.O.G.S we will foster an environment with students who are more likely to earn higher grades and test scores, enroll in higher-level programs, graduate from high school, and go on to post-secondary education. Tune in to learn more about our WPS Office of Family and Community Partnerships and how you can get involved in keeping WINdsor a #WINning district!
On this episode of Chat & Chill with Super. Hill, Dr. Hill talks with #1 best selling author, Patrina Dixon. Patrina Dixon is a Personal Finance Expert, International Speaker, and author of the top-selling financial journal book series, “It'$ My Money™”. Patrina is a distinguished 2018 One Hundred Women of Color Alumni. Tune in to hear what this Windsor resident has been up to as well as tips on how to increase financial literacy in your home with your K-12 student. For more information about Mrs. Dixon visit
On this episode of Chat & Chill with Super. Hill, Director of School Safety & WHS Boys and Girls Track Coach, Kelvan Kearse, shares the secrets to building such a successful and consistent program. Find out how he has been able to successfully create a winning culture that exudes positive attitudes, high expectations, and successful performances from his student-athletes.