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The Importance of Mentorship & Church Planting Networks – Will Torrez & Daniel Williams Welcome to another episode of the cultivate church planting podcast. I’m your host Brian Kelly and today we are talking about the importance of mentorship and the value of church planting networks. You know a lot of times we church planters think that we can go it alone, or have success in planting with just a small team and hard work. But today, we are going to see that being part of a bigger organization of mentors and coaches can make things soo much easier. Joining me today is Will Torres, who is an experience church planter, and pastor of Proclaim church in Boyton Beach Florida. Will is part of the Calvary Global Network, as well as Harbor Network, and he is going to talk with us today about the benefits of mentorship and how important it is to be a part of a network focused on church planting. Also joining us today--back for more--is my friend Daniel Williams. Daniel has been on the show numerous times and is something of a church planter himself. Daniel and will have known each other for years in Calvary Chapel circles, and Daniel’s church helped mentor and then sent out Will and the team to plant their church. These guys have a lot of hands-on experience and wisdom to share with us today. Enjoy! Connect with Cultivate - Pledge to Plant Challenge: Commit to planting at least one church in the next ten years. - Harbor Network - EE Leaders -
Welcome to the Cultivate Church planting podcast. I’m your host Brian Kelly and today we will be talking about Church planting in Mexico. I’m joined today by Mike Vincent who is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Rosarito, a church that he planted over twenty years ago. Also joining us today is Bruce Zachary who is part of the Cultivate leadership team and pastor of Calvary Nexus in Camarillo California. I’ve known Mike for over twenty years and I’m really excited to share this episode with you. Mike and I were sent out of the same Calvary Chapel ministry twenty one years ago as church planters and missionaries. He went to Mexico and I went to Uganda. Well, I’ve done quite a few different church plants and ministries since then, but Mike has stayed in Mexico and has developed an amazing church planting training course, as well as planted over thirty churches around the country. If you have a heart for planting churches in Mexico, or planting in another country, this is a great episode for you. For more information and how to connect with Cultivate visit:
Welcome to another episode of the cultivate church planting podcast. Today we have with us on the show Mike Neglia from the Expositors Collective. Mike is, among other things, a missionary, a church planter, a world traveler, and the host of the expositors collective podcast. We are also joined by Nick Cady who is the founder of the cultivate church planting program and one of the executive team members of the Calvary Global Network. On today’s show we will be talking about the importance of expositional bible teaching when planting a church. For new church planters, the temptation is often to do short, easy to listen to topical messages. Today we will see that this is not always the best approach to building a healthy church. Nike and Mike are good friends and we had a really great conversation about Bible teaching in church planting. One more thing before we get started. We want to let you know that there will be an Expositors Collective training weekend in Austin Texas on June 2nd-3rd. To register or find out more information visit
Welcome to the cultivate church planting podcast. I’m your host Brian Kelly and today I have with me on the show - once again! - Shannon Quintana and her dad Bill Welsh. Pastor Bill and Shannon are gifted musicians, songwriters, and worship leaders with many years of worship leading experience. They are here to talk about the worship ministry, and the Worship leader in church planting. We will be discussing things like how to find a worship leader, how much skill and training they should have, what can we do if we don’t have someone to lead worship, and how can we develop a healthy worship ministry from the ground up. There is a lot of good stuff, and great personal and practical wisdom in this episode. I know you are going to enjoy the combined worship wisdom of Shannon Quintana and Bill Welsh as they talk about The worship leader.
On today’s episode Brian is joined once again by church planting expert Daniel Williams, and also by special guest Casey Cleveland who is the pastor of the Avenue Church and is a church planter from Spanish River Church in Boca Raton Florida. Spanish River has planted hundreds of churches in 38 countries over the past 40 years, and Church planting is a core part of their DNA. Casey talks with Brian and Daniel about how churches can create a culture that values and supports the important ministry of church planting. He also has some great advice for those who are not in leadership at their church, but who want to see more focus on church planting.
Welcome to episode 5 of the Cultivate Church Planting Podcast Today’s show is about surfing, Ireland, and two old school Calvary Chapel bros who formed a lifelong church planting friendship. In our show today we have Jeff Gipe and Jimmy Orate. Jeff is the director of development, and CFO for the Calvary Global Network. Jimmy is the pastor of Transformation Calvary in Rancho Cucamonga California, with over forty years pastoral experience. They will be sharing their story of church planting in Ireland, and we will be talking about the way bigger churches can help smaller churches plant more churches. I often get asked the question from small church pastors how they can plant a church when they themselves have little to no resources. Well, the answer is found in today’s episode, because Jeff and Jimmy did just that. Enjoy!
Hello and welcome to the cultivate church planting podcast. In today's episode host Brian Kelly is joined by Brian Brodersen and Clay Worrell. Clay is the executive director of the Calvary Global Network, a church planter, e-bike rider, and an all around good guy. Pastor Brian Brodersen is the founder and president of Calvary Global Network. Brian is also the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, the president of the Calvary Chapel Bible College, and the director of Creation Fest (UK). Brian is extensively involved in missions and church planting around the world. Here in episode four of the Cultivate Church Planting Podcast the guys are talking about the Cultivate program, Calvary Chapel, and the vision they have of planting a thousand churches in ten years. Is it possible? They say yes! Join them now for this great discussion.
In today's episode Brian Kelly and Daniel Williams are talking with Rodney Wilkinson about multi-ethnic church planting.  Daniel Williams is the host of the Leadership Lessons Podcast and has been involved with church planting and networking with church planters for many years. Big thanks to Daniel for helping co-host this episode.  We are excited to have Rodney Wilkinson on our show today. Rodney is the Southeast Regional Director for Acts 29 ministries and is the pastor of a thriving multiethnic church plant called Gospel Fellowship in Boynton Beach, Florida.  Hear Rodney talk about the importance of multi-ethnic churches, and how church planters can make their fellowships more ethnically diverse.
Welcome to episode 2 of the Cultivate Church Planting podcast. We believe that the gospel is the hope of the world and that the world needs more gospel-centered churches. I'm your host Brian Kelly, and in today's episode Shannon Quintana and I are talking with Pastor Bill Welsh about some of the difficulties of planting in another culture. Shannon has over 20 years experience in ministry and is currently the worship leader of our new church plant in Bradenton, Florida. Pastor Bill just so happens to be her dad, and Shannon was gracious enough to help co-host this episode. Bill Welsh is a church planter and pastor of Refuge Calvary Chapel in Huntington Beach. He planted in the eighties with his young family in Australia and has a lot of wisdom and insight into ministry and planting overseas.
Welcome to episode 1 of the Cultivate Church Planting podcast, where we believe that the gospel is the hope of the world and that the world needs more gospel-centered churches. I'm your host Brian Kelly, and in today's episode, I'm joined by Clay Worrel, executive director of CGN, as we talk with Pastor Wayne Taylor about the need for revival in church planting. Pastor Wayne is a church planter and pastor in Seattle, Washington, who was a part of the Jesus movement revival of the 1960s, where he helped to plant what has become a movement of over 1500 churches with Calvary Chapel. In this episode, we discuss the importance of revival in church planting and explore whether or not it is possible for a revival to happen again today. We also delve into the key factors that could help to bring about another revival, as well as the role of church planters in sparking a new wave of gospel-centered churches. Don't miss this insightful conversation as we explore the important topic of revival in church planting with two experienced church leaders. Join us now on the Cultivate Church Planting podcast.
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