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Start to Finish Motherhood, a podcast for those thinking or already Single Mothers by Choice, just looking for practical advice for navigating life's relationships. When you decide to have children on your own, it doesn't mean that you're completely alone. Aisha is partnering with you every step of your journey.

Hosted by Aisha (former co-host of the Mocha Single Mothers by Choice / Black Single Mothers by Choice podcast).
58 Episodes
In this episode, Aisha shares her personal reflections and experiences on the challenges and joys of parenting, emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance, seeking support, and embracing vulnerability. From navigating daily struggles to celebrating small victories, Aisha's candid storytelling offers a refreshing perspective on the realities of solo parenting. Tune in for heartfelt insights and relatable anecdotes on resilience, growth, and the unexpected joys of raising independent, spirited children.
Join Aisha as she converses with  Jamela, who shares her inspiring story of embracing her twin pregnancy.  In this episode, we dive deep into the challenges and triumphs of pursuing parenthood solo, from deciding to become a mom, navigating fertility treatments as a solo person, to the joyous discovery of expecting twins. This conversation sheds light on the resilience, hope, and community needed to support the single mother by choice's journey.  Tune in for an episode filled with personal insights, laughter, and the shared excitement of what it's like find out you are having and preparing to welcome twins.
Join Aisha in this super sized and enlightening episode which delves into the vibrant lives of expat single mothers. Through an engaging panel discussion, they explore the unique challenges and joys of parenting abroad, from the decision to move for a fresh start to the day-to-day experiences that shape their new lives in Mexico. Our panelists, including Key, Johna, and Pam, share their heartfelt stories and practical advice on navigating life away from the U.S., touching on topics like racism, community building, and the pursuit of a peaceful, fulfilling life for their children. Tune in to be inspired by these brave women who took the leap into expat motherhood, seeking a better quality of life and a community outside the US.   Path to Freedom: The Path to Freedom | Doing Life Afraid Exudus Summit: ExodUS Summit 2023 by ExodUS Summit ( Hermana a Hermana Female Entreprenur Collective FB Group
*This is a rebroadcast of the Season 2 Mother's day Episode* In this podcast episode, Aisha and Dawn discuss Dawn's life and career. Dawn is a chief scientist, keynote speaker, and author who became the first Black person to go to the deepest part of the ocean. Aisha and Dawn discuss the struggles of being the only Black person in their respective workplaces and the importance of diversity and representation. They also talk about the impact of Dawn's mother on her life and career, and how her mother's words of encouragement have stayed with her throughout her life. Additionally, they touch on Dawn's experiences growing up in Hawaii, her work as an ocean-going science technician, and her pursuit of a PhD at UC Santa Barbara, which led her to discover her passion for GIS. Overall, the podcast is a heartfelt conversation about the challenges of navigating academia and science as a person of color, the importance of mentorship, and the impact of supportive parenting. To learn more about Dawn's Expedition:
Welcome to the third season of Start to Finish Motherhood, a podcast where the vibrant Aisha partners with listeners navigating the unique journey of single motherhood by choice. In this first episode, Aisha warmly ushers in the new season with excitement, reflecting on the unexpected twists and turns of life and how each year offers new challenges and opportunities, and a delightful conversation around what it's like to be a mother who podcasts!
In this episode, Aisha is joined by Alease, an esteemed embryologist from North Carolina, to discuss the significant Alabama Supreme Court ruling on frozen embryos. This ruling has sparked discussions about the legal status of embryos and its effects on IVF treatments. Alease provides an in-depth look at Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), from the science behind embryo development to the steps leading to potential pregnancy. They also address the immediate concerns of patients in Alabama, including the impact on ongoing and future treatment cycles, legal uncertainties, and the situation for those with embryos stored in the state. This conversation offers valuable insights into the intersection of reproductive technology, law, and ethics. Follow Alease: Alease Daniel Barnes, B.S. Embryologist (@alease_the_embryologist) • Instagram photos and videos RESOLVE’s Statement Regarding Alabama Supreme Court Ruling | ASRM Condemns Profoundly Misguided and Dangerous Court Decision in Alabama | American Society for Reproductive Medicine | ASRM  
Embark on a transformative journey with the “NorthStar Gaze" podcast, sharing intimate stories from Geo luminaries. In 1-on-1 chats, explore their journeys and profound contributions to geography and GIS. Inspired by our Telescope program, each episode offers a telescopic view into their lives. Uncover the human side of Geo, where passion meets purpose, and racial justice is central. The “NorthStar Gaze" is your invitation to a Homecoming, where diverse voices paint the tapestry of contributions to geography and STEM. Tune in and let the brilliance of these geo-stars guide you.
In the final episode of 'Start to Finish Motherhood' Season 2, Aisha takes a reflective journey back through the season. From discussions about single motherhood, dealing with grief, healthcare and navigating personal financial wellbeing, Aisha thanks the phenomenal guests of Season 2 and highlights their impactful insights. This episode provides a warm farewell... until Season 3. To be the first to hear about the Season 3 release date, subscribe to the Start to Finish Motherhood newsletter! Check out video episodes on the Start to Finish Motherhood YouTube channel Please leave a rating on: Amazon Music Apple Podcasts Spotify (please lea a Leave a 5 star rating)
In this supersized, but highly informative, episode guests Sudane and Sunday share their professional insight into the Individualized Education Plan process (IEP) and Aisha shares part of her personal experience navigating the process as a parent.   A detailed examination of IEPs and 504 plans is provided, highlighting their uses, differences and recommendations for navigating the process. The conversation also covers obtaining services from public and private schools, offering advice on how parents can advocate effectively during the various phases of the process.  All three, offer the sage advice encouraging parents to be proactive and involved throughout the process. They conversation also touches on the structural forces, racial disparities that impact seeking special education services and the growing acceptance and transparency around IEPs. 
Welcome to another exciting episode of Start to Finish Motherhood Season Two! Today, we've got something special in store for you, as promised – it's the Frequently Asked Questions episode. But before we dive into these fantastic questions that you, wonderful listeners, sent in through email, the Facebook group, and our Start to Finish Motherhood Instagram page, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you. Your engagement and support mean the world to me.   Now, let's set the stage before we get into these thought-provoking questions. I want to share where my mind is at – not too long ago, I was right where many of you are now, just beginning this incredible journey of single motherhood by choice. So, some of these questions take me back to those early days, while others reflect where I am now with my kids aged nine and four, soon to be five. I'm deep in the parenting trenches, and I want you to know that I'm not here to downplay your experiences. We've all been there, caught up in worries about what others might say or think. But there comes a point where you gain some perspective and realize that everything's going to be okay. That's the lens I'm using to offer my advice.  Here is a peek at some of the questions addressed in this episode:   1. How did you prepare your supervisors and direct reports at work for your pregnancy? 2. How do you politely tell male friends you do not want them to be your donor? 3. How do you deal with the long wait time between thinking of becoming an SMC and trying?   4. How do you find the time to fit in workouts as a single mom? 5. How do you explain your child's conception story to others, and do people typically believe you? 6. Were you financially prepared when you decided to become an SMC? 7. Is there a distinction between being a solo mom, a choice mom, and an SMC? 8. Do SMCs ever get married, and if so, how does it impact their single motherhood journey? 9. Have you thought about the long-term consequences of being an SMC, and if so, what are they? 10. How do you approach your dating profile if you're an SMC?   And many more...   Get ready for some insightful answers to these burning questions in this episode!
Thank you all for making 2023 a huge success.  Happy Holiday Season from the Start to Finish Motherhood family to yours.  Wishing you peace and joy.  See you in 2024 with the final three episodes of season 2. Looking from something more check out the videos from season 2 on the YouTube playlist.  Oh and don't forget to subscribe, like, and share.
In this insightful podcast episode, we explore the essentials of being an intentional single parent, with a focus on health maintenance and legal planning. Our guest, Dr. Rita White, an expert OBGYN, emphasizes the importance of proactive health care and self-advocacy. Key topics include the need for vital legal documents, understanding family medical history, and navigating healthcare disparities, especially for single mothers by choice. The discussion also delves into fertility awareness and the role of community support in managing health care challenges. This episode offers valuable insights for anyone interested in health, parenting, and informed decision-making.
In this engaging podcast episode, Bertha, a Single Mother by Choice and functional medicine practitioner, shared her inspiring journey to motherhood and the intersection of functional medicine with fertility, menopause, and overall health. Bertha emphasized the importance of addressing root causes in functional medicine, offering valuable insights into optimizing the body for fertility and the impact of stress on well-being. The conversation expanded to preventative care, encapsulated in the NEWSTART principles, covering nutrition, exercise, water intake, sunlight exposure, temperance, air, rest, and trust. Bertha highlighted the therapeutic benefits of gardening and the importance of sunscreen in skincare. This episode seamlessly weaves personal narrative, expert insights, and practical tips, providing a holistic exploration of Bertha's journey and the vital role of functional medicine in well-being.   To find out more about Bertha's Functional Medicine Practice visit:  Holistic Doctors I Aesthetics Services I Specialty Labs (
In this lively podcast episode, Aisha and her guest, Jada, dive into the intricacies of dating in the era of social media. They discuss various aspects of online dating, the importance of open communication in relationships, and how social media can impact personal lives. The conversation also highlights the need for understanding and respect when airing relationship issues on social media (we don't recommend it) and how to recover from a gaffe. Aisha and Jada share insights, personal experiences, and valuable advice for navigating the complex world of dating in the digital age.   Jada can be found, wherever you get your podcasts and here! 
In this episode, Aisha shares her journey through a significant life transition as her children grow older and more independent. She discusses her desire for a "soft life," where she aims to reduce stress and create more space for herself. Aisha explores various strategies to achieve this, including finding me-time through babysitters and Parents Night Out events, considering regular massages for relaxation and flexibility, and exploring meal prep services to simplify her cooking routine. She also highlights the importance of cherishing moments with her children as they grow and reflects on the privilege and responsibility that come with her choices as a single mother by choice. Join Aisha as she navigates this transition and strives to make her life more stress-free and fulfilling.
In this heartwarming episode, we delve into Joy's Single Mother by Choice journey, which took her through the ups and downs of adoption. Aisha highlights the importance of resilience during the path to parenthood, emphasizing that becoming a single mother by choice is indeed a journey. Joy shares her adoption experience, from creating an adoption profile to navigating the process with consultants and agencies. She discusses her motivation to adopt, emphasizing the need for self-advocacy and staying in the driver's seat. Joy also encourages seeking support from therapists and online communities like the Melanated Single Mothers by Choice Facebook group. She mentions valuable resources like the "We Adopt Too" granting agency for families of color pursuing adoption. It's a conversation filled with wisdom and inspiration for anyone on their own Single Mother by Choice journey.   Joy's Story: Journey to Motherhood: Adopting as a Single Black Woman - Ebony Joy's IG handle
In this episode, Aisha continues her series on building your Single Mother by Choice (SMC) village, focusing on creating connections and support within your workplace. She emphasizes the importance of intentionally seeking out meaningful relationships with coworkers, which can be a valuable source of support for SMCs. Aisha shares her personal experiences and insights on how to establish these connections, maintain boundaries, and build diverse relationships that can benefit your parenting journey. Whether you're an SMC or part of another community, these tips on connecting with coworkers can apply to various situations. Aisha encourages listeners to be open, respectful, and proactive in building their village within the workplace.
In this lively and informative episode, Aisha introduces Nicole, a certified financial planner with 20 years of experience, and dives into a range of topics relevant to the Single Mother by Choice community. Nicole shares her qualifications and highlights the importance of working with a fiduciary for financial peace of mind. The conversation covers financial planning for various life stages, including tips for those in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, as well as insights on funding options for adoption and college savings. Listeners will appreciate Nicole's practical advice and can easily connect with her through her website and social media for further guidance.   Nicole Carson can be found: Web: Instagram: @2nd_storywealth
In this episode, Aisha delves into the crucial concept of creating "margin" in our lives. She discusses how margin refers to making space for unexpected but predictable occurrences like flat tires, sick children, or personal health issues. Aisha shares her approach to balancing social commitments and self-care, especially as a single mother. She reflects on how stress can affect her and, in turn, her children, and offers insights into managing her mood and boundaries to alleviate stress. Aisha's candid and relatable discussion provides valuable tips for parents striving to create balance and margin in their lives, ensuring a healthier and more fulfilling parenting journey.   This is an updated article of the one that is mentioned in the episode: Busyness & The Lack of Margin in Our Lives - Appreciation at Work   Journal can be found here:
In this poignant episode, Aisha and Madli discuss the challenging journey of single motherhood by choice, with a trigger warning for the loss of a child. They emphasize how such losses change lives and the need to acknowledge these struggles, especially in October, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month. Madli shares her personal experience of a stillbirth and its physical and emotional toll. They talk about the grief process, challenges of the medical system, and advice for those dealing with loss. The episode aims to create awareness, understanding, and support for those affected by pregnancy and infant loss.
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