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A weekly overview of helpful scientific research topics and the successor of the podcast Statistics Weekly. Every week, I will cover 3 topic areas: Research Articles, Research Tools, and Research Funding. Science On.
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Get ready for non-natural amino acids, screwdriver-toothed mosasaurs, bubble-powered microbots, SAS Hackathon breakthroughs, Amazing Biochemistry Project Topics, and funding support from a little giraffe. Science On. References: A platform for distributed production of synthetic nitrated proteins in live bacteria Stelladens mysteriosus: A Strange New Mosasaurid (Squamata) from the Maastrichtian (Late Cretaceous) of Morocco High-throughput printing of combinatorial materials from aerosols Bubble-Based Microrobots with Rapid Circular Motions for Epithelial Pinning and Drug Delivery Generic Air-Gen Effect in Nanoporous Materials for Sustainable Energy Harvesting from Air Humidity Macromolecular Engineering: From Precise Macromolecular Inks to 3D Printed Microstructures Python 3.12.0 beta 1 released How does PROC SGPLOT position labels for polygons? Unleashing brilliance: 3 innovative solutions to real-world problems at the SAS Hackathon the difference between clustered, longitudinal, and repeated measures data 35+ Amazing Biochemistry Project Topics To Boost Your Skills Why learning Python is hard (but important) for Data Scientists that use R R Consortium-Funded R Package “matter” Helps Solve Larger-Than-Memory Issues GitHub: rembg NSF: Geoinformatics DOD: Neurofibromatosis New Investigator Award 2023 Neonatal Research Initiative - Request for Proposals Hirshberg Foundation Seed Grant Program 2023 Kaggle AI Report HuBMAP - Hacking the Human Vasculature R packages: BIDistances: Bioinformatic Distances cstidy: Helpful Functions for Cleaning Surveillance Data ggautomap: Create Maps from a Column of Place Names JUMP: Replicability Analysis of High-Throughput Experiments
Get ready for human environmental DNA, over-the-top cosmological energy, rafting microbes, bimodal biomass, Julia 1.9’s releases, SAS patents, the freeCodeCamp repository, and Department of Defense melanoma grants. Science On. References: Inadvertent human genomic bycatch and intentional capture raise beneficial applications and ethical concerns with environmental DNA A global phylogeny of butterflies reveals their evolutionary history, ancestral hosts and biogeographic origins Multiwavelength observations of the extraordinary accretion event AT2021lwx Chitin utilization by marine picocyanobacteria and the evolution of a planktonic lifestyle Ancient gene linkages support ctenophores as sister to other animals The sizes of life Julia 1.9 Highlights SAS inventors celebrate 54 new patents Poisson HMM: The model of count time series freeCodeCamp Awesome Remote Job DOD: Melanoma Idea Award NIA: Analyses of CALERIE Datasets and Biospecimens Burrough Wellcome Fund: PATH ACMG Foundation: Training Awards and Fellowships R packages: BIDistances: Bioinformatic Distances rchemo: Dimension Reduction, Regression and Discrimination for Chemometrics ggflowchart: Flowcharts with 'ggplot2'
Get ready for bacterial metabolism prediction, surprise asteroid belts, SAS-poor AI advice, Kruskal Wallis post-hoc tests, lots of new R packages on regression, and a Carnegie astrophysics fellowship. Science On. References: BacterAI maps microbial metabolism without prior knowledge Thermal and chemical properties of the eROSITA bubbles from Suzaku observations Spatially resolved imaging of the inner Fomalhaut disk using JWST/MIRI bootUR: An R Package for Bootstrap Unit Root Tests How good is an AI chatbot at SAS programming? a post-hoc test for kruskal-wallis Build an R package: the workshop RADAR AI Edition: DataCamp’s Free Summit on How Generative AI is Transforming Data Science GitHub: siyuan NCATS: Awards Supporting Cutting-Edge Technologies for Translational Science NIH: Sex Differences in Radiation Research NSF: BioFoundries NASA: Early Career Investigator Program in Earth Science CRI: Irvington Postdoctoral Fellowship Carnegie: Postdoctoral Fellowship R packages: ggflowchart: Flowcharts with 'ggplot2' DataSetsUni: A Collection of Univariate Data Sets BayesMortalityPlus: Bayesian Mortality Modelling tidygam: Tidy Prediction and Plotting of Generalised Additive Models ZIPG: Zero-Inflated Poisson-Gamma Regression speedglm: Fitting Linear and Generalized Linear Models to Large Data Sets survstan: Fitting Survival Regression Models via 'Stan'
Get ready for planet swelling stars, genome guarding proteins, the largest mammalian genomic dataset in history, Bayesian Spatial Disaggregation Modeling, Computer Science courses, clickable word clouds, and Pre-Clinical Research on Gene Therapies for Rare Genetic Neurodevelopmental Disorders. Science On. References: An infrared transient from a star engulfing a planet Exciton-Condensate-Like Amplification of Energy Transport in Light Harvesting Visualizing the disordered nuclear transport machinery in situ Building a genome-based understanding of bacterial pH preferences Zoonomia A genomic timescale for placental mammal evolution disaggregation: An R Package for Bayesian Spatial Disaggregation Modeling Bring your expertise to SAS Explore 2023 Computer Science courses with video lectures How to create a clickable world cloud with wordcloud2 and Shiny March 2023: “Top 40” New CRAN Packages NOSI: Pre-Clinical Research on Gene Therapies for Rare Genetic Neurodevelopmental Disorders R packages: HybridMicrobiomes: Analysis of Host-Associated Microbiomes from Hybrid Organisms BayesRepDesign: Bayesian Design of Replication Studies cartographer: Turn Place Names into Map Data mixedBayes: Bayesian Longitudinal Regularized Quantile Mixed Model
Get ready for jetting black holes, cancer diagnosis with a strip of paper, the mysterious world of freshwater acoustics, frontiers in fungal biotechnology, transcribing/translating audio with Buzz, and NSF infrastructure grants. Science On. References: A ring-like accretion structure in M87 connecting its black hole and jet Galaxy interactions are the dominant trigger for local type 2 quasars CRISPR-Cas-amplified urinary biomarkers for multiplexed and portable cancer diagnostics Simple optical nanomotion method for single-bacterium viability and antibiotic response testing Diel variation in insect-dominated temperate pond soundscapes and guidelines for survey design A versatile jellyfish-like robotic platform for effective underwater propulsion and manipulation Fungal biotechnology: From yesterday to tomorrow R 4.3.0 is released how to pick an r package GitHub: Buzz GitHub: tabby NIA: Small Research Grant for Next Gen. AD/ADRD Research NSF: Infrastructure Capacity for Biological Research NSF: Infrastructure Innovation for Biological Research HFSP: Long-Term Fellowships CAP: Global Pathology Development Grant R-packages: jmBIG: Joint Longitudinal and Survival Model for Big Data mlmpower: Power Analysis and Data Simulation for Multilevel Models gtranslate: Translate Between Different Languages mldr.resampling: Resampling Algorithms for Multi-Label Datasets geessbin: Modified Generalized Estimating Equations for Binary Outcome survivalSL: Super Learner for Survival Prediction from Censored Data
Get ready for space rodents microbiomes; 100-year biobatteries; huge, hot exoplanets; reasons why your Shiny App failed; and ways to use statistics to get funding. References: Specific host metabolite and gut microbiome alterations are associated with bone loss during spaceflight Moisture-Enabled Germination of Heat-Activated Bacillus Endospores for Rapid and Practical Bioelectricity Generation: Toward Portable, Storable Bacteria-Powered Biobatteries Direct imaging and astrometric detection of a gas giant planet orbiting an accelerating star Application of Equal Local Levels to Improve Q-Q Plot Testing Bands with R Package qqconf The joy of sets what is the mann-whitney u test? Shiny User Adoption Fails: 9 Reasons Why Nobody Uses Your App DHHS: Data Integration and Statistical Analysis Methods NOSI: RNA Modifications in Cancer Biology NOSI: Synthetic Biology for Biomedical Applications MS: Biostatistics/Informatics Junior Faculty Award R-packages: GLMMselect: Bayesian Model Selection for Generalized Linear Mixed Models kdry: K's "Don't Repeat Yourself"-Collection asmbPLS: Predicting and Classifying Patient Phenotypes with Multi-Omics Data
Get ready for chimeric crazy ants, viruses abounding in protists and infants alike, solar system generation in R, an awesome Python list, and a couple of nifty niche funding opportunities. Science On. References: Obligate chimerism in male yellow crazy ants Large-scale invasion of unicellular eukaryotic genomes by integrating DNA viruses Expanding known viral diversity in the healthy infant gut Make “Solar System” Plots With {ggsolar} Awesome Python Microsoft PowerToys NOSI: Assembling the Addiction Organelle Interactome NIAID: Mechanisms of Neurotropic Virus-mediated Disease R-packages: fakir: Generate Fake Datasets for Prototyping and Teaching betaNB: Bootstrap for Regression Effect Sizes npclust: Nonparametric Tests for Incomplete Clustered Data SQI: Soil Quality Index
Get ready for toxic birds, correlation for days, a flipper-tastic multi-tool, blazing fast Shiny development, and Department of Defense cancer grants as far as the eye can see. Science On. References: Evidence for wastewaters as environments where mobile antibiotic resistance genes emerge A Morphological and Spatial Analysis of Volcanoes on Venus Multiple mutations in the Nav1.4 sodium channel of New Guinean toxic birds provide autoresistance to deadly batrachotoxin A social niche breadth score reveals niche range strategies of generalists and specialists intRinsic: An R Package for Model-Based Estimation of the Intrinsic Dimension of a Dataset Python 3.11.3, 3.10.11 and 3.12 alpha 7 are now available Why Use Rank Correlation? Weak or strong? How to interpret a Spearman or Kendall correlation awesome-flipperzero ChatGPT: Made this Shiny App in 10 Minutes 6 new books added to Big Book of R DoD: Peer Reviewed Cancer, Idea Award R-packages: lessSEM: Non-Smooth Regularization for Structural Equation Models AICcPermanova: Model Selection of PERMANOVA Models Using AICc rtlr: Print Right-to-Left Languages Correctly softbib: Software Bibliographies for R Projects Mmcsd: Modeling Complex Longitudinal Data in a Quick and Easy Way rrandvec: Generate Random Vectors Whose Components Sum Up to One
Get ready for atomic nuclei views, artificial organelles, AI article generation, PyCon, Simpson's paradox, building your favorite technologies from scratch, and funding to maintain ENCODE. Science On. References: Genome-wide subcellular protein map for the flagellate parasite Trypanosoma brucei Artificial organelles for sustainable chemical energy conversion and production in artificial cells: Artificial mitochondrion and chloroplasts Tomography of ultrarelativistic nuclei with polarized photon-gluon collisions Core cellular and tissue-specific mechanisms enable desiccation tolerance in Craterostigma Chatting and cheating: Ensuring academic integrity in the era of ChatGPT Journal of Statistical Software Volume 106 Quick PyCon US Update JuliaHub & Julia Ranked #12 in the Debut of Redpoint’s Open-source Top 25 Simpson's paradox and confounding variables 15+ Awesome Javascript Projects For Beginners In 2023 February 2023: “Top 40” New CRAN Packages REDCapDM: a package to access and manage REDCap data Top five(ish) sources of ecological data Build your own X DOD: Young Investigator Program NHGRI: Maintenance and Integration of the ENCODE Data Resource NIDCR: Research Grants for Analyses of Existing Genomics Data NIDCR: Small Research Grants for Analyses of Existing Genomics Data R Packages: lenght: Allow Misspellings of Length Function c2z: A Reference Manager ecan: Ecological Analysis and Visualization Vicus: Exploiting Local Structures to Improve Network-Based Analysis of Biological Data
Get ready for super microscopes, tardigrade blood stabilization, broken stick modeling, an R version codenamed ‘Already Tomorrow’, a ‘pinecone’ made of Python, and a pitch-style competition for infectious disease funding. Science On. References: Parallelized computational 3D video microscopy of freely moving organisms at multiple gigapixels per second Natural and engineered mediators of desiccation tolerance stabilize Human Blood Clotting Factor VIII in a dry state Hyperactive nanobacteria with host-dependent traits pervade Omnitrophota Electrochemical degradation of PFOA and its common alternatives: Assessment of key parameters, roles of active species, and transformation pathway Mother-to-infant microbiota transmission and infant microbiota development across multiple body sites Journal of Statistical Software Volume 106 R 4.3.0 scheduled for April 21 dummy coding in spss glm–more on fixed factors, covariates, and reference groups Partial correlation: controlling for confounding variables Pynecone A suite of tools to scrape and parse search engine results NIH: Molecular Transducers of Physical Activity Bioinformatics Center NIH: Instrumentation Grant Program for Resource-Limited Institutions NSF: Synthesis Center for Understanding Organismal Resilience ACS: Postdoctoral Fellowships HFSP: Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships IDSA: IDea Incubator R Packages: crayons: Color Palettes from Crayon Boxes baseq: Basic Sequence Processing Tool for Biological Data reappraised: Statistical Tools for Assessing Publication Integrity of Groups of Trials ridgregextra: Ridge Regression Parameter Estimation
Get ready for self-healing soft robots, modular NASA robots, Shiny recaps, Statistical Rethinking training, statistical kindergarten, and the NIH Pioneer Award Program. Science On. References: Optical tweezers throw and catch single atoms The connectome of an insect brain A hydrogenotrophic Sulfurimonas is globally abundant in deep-sea oxygen-saturated hydrothermal plumes A self-healing electrically conductive organogel composite Engineering breakthrough in softbotics Mix-and-match kit could enable astronauts to build a menagerie of lunar exploration bots The Young Supernova Experiment Data Release 1 (YSE DR1) Observation of a critical charge mode in a strange metal 6 predictions for AI and data in health care and life sciences Use the metalog distribution in SAS R 4.2.3 is released ShinyConf 2022 – Short Recap Statistical Rethinking (2023 Edition) Introduction to data analysis with {Statgarten}. WebR IS HERE! NIH: Director’s Pioneer Award Program NIH: Entry-Level Modules for Training the Genomics Research Workforce NIH: Enhancement of external environmental exposure assessment for cancer epidemiology research Falk Medical Research Trust: Catalyst Awards Program CRI: Immuno-Informatics Postdoctoral Fellowship ACS: Early Career Postdoctoral-Faculty Bridge Grant Other Articles: LEXpander: Applying colexification networks to automated lexicon expansion Surface changes observed on a Venusian volcano during the Magellan mission Why is Pumas-QSP So Fast? Some Insights Into Differentiable Simulation Performance R-packages: pharmaverse: Navigate 'Pharmaverse' toweranNA: A Method for Handling Missing Values in Prediction Applications waspasR: Tool Kit to Implement a W.A.S.P.A.S. Based Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Solution
Get ready for technological tribology, tingible translational cell biology, flipping fossils, Volume 14/4 of the R Journal, ebook tips and tricks, and flash grants to fixate on.  Science On. References: Novel friction stabilization technology for surface damage conditions using machine learning Crevasse refreezing and signatures of retreat observed at Kamb Ice Stream grounding zone Apoptotic cell fragments locally activate tingible body macrophages in the germinal center Dynamic interplay between RPL3- and RPL3L-containing ribosomes modulates mitochondrial activity in the mammalian heart An abundant sea anemone from the Carboniferous Mazon Creek Lagerstӓtte, USA Paleontologists flip the script on anemone fossils Python 3.12.0 alpha 6 released The R Journal Volume 14/4 7 New books added to Big Book of R What I’ve learned making an .epub Ebook with Quarto DOD: DEPSoR - Research Collaboration DOD: Ovarian Cancer CTR Award DOD: Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trial Award NHBLI: Research Project Grants in Valvular Heart Disease NHBLI: Integrative Omics Analysis of NHLBI TOPMed Data HHS: Small R01s for Clinical Trials Targeting Diseases for NIDDK Biogen: Sponsorships AHR: Strategically Focused Research Networks CRI: Technology Impact Award IAFNS: Live Dietary Microbe Intake and Health Outcomes NC Life Sciences: Flash Grants R-packages: BayesFluxR: Implementation of Bayesian Neural Networks lorem: Generate Lorem Ipsum Text HDRFA: High-Dimensional Robust Factor Analysis guildai: Track Machine Learning Experiments aihuman: Experimental Evaluation of Algorithm-Assisted Human Decision-Making
Get ready for an exploration of the R-Universe, simulated octopus tentacles, effects of Vitamin D and exercise on health, fossil wings and fins, statistical conferences to set your calendar by, and a very special 23rd birthday.  Science On. References: Energy-shaping control of a muscular octopus arm moving in three dimensions Injury primes mutation-bearing astrocytes for dedifferentiation in later life Origin of the propatagium in non-avian dinosaurs Effectiveness of physical activity interventions for improving depression, anxiety and distress: an overview of systematic reviews MoBIE: a Fiji plugin for sharing and exploration of multi-modal cloud-hosted big image data 3D printing of living structural biocomposites Network expansion of genetic associations defines a pleiotropy map of human cell biology A shape-shifting nuclease unravels structured RNA Systematics and Phylogenetic Interrelationships of the Enigmatic Late Jurassic Shark Protospinax annectans Woodward Vitamin D supplementation and incident dementia: Effects of sex, APOE, and baseline cognitive status JuliaHub Newsletter February 2023 Bioconductor Conference 2023 PhyloPic R 4.2.3 R-universe January 2023: “Top 40” New CRAN Packages Happy 23rd Birthday R! NIH: Translational Research in Maternal and Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics (R01) NIH: Translational Research in Maternal and Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics (R21) NIH: Genomic Community Resources (U24) CDC: Clinical and Applied Research Strategies for the Prevention and Control of Fungal Diseases USDA: USDA-ARS Postdoctoral Fellowship in Spatial Statistics for Continental-Scale Soil Health Modeling TSC Alliance: 2023 Grant Cycle CHEST: COPD Research Grant CHEST: Young Investigator Research Grant R-packages: aihuman: Experimental Evaluation of Algorithm-Assisted Human Decision-Making reactCheckbox: Checkbox Group Input for 'Shiny' treediff: Testing Differences Between Families of Trees rutledge: Real-Time PCR Data Sets by Rutledge et al. (2004)
Get ready for better arsenic detection, broad-spectrum antibiotics, model-breaking massive galaxies, Julia and Python working in harmony, a hard-to-pronounce R-package on Gaussian mixture models, and Department of Defense lung cancer grants aplenty.  Science On. References: Scalable selective absorber with quasiperiodic nanostructure for low-grade solar energy harvesting Toward surface-enhanced Raman scattering using electroless substrate for trace arsenic detection and speciation Site-specific encoding of photoactivity and photoreactivity into antibody fragments Complete Genome Sequence of the Lysogenic Pseudomonas Bacteriophage Fyn8 A broad-spectrum synthetic antibiotic that does not evoke bacterial resistance Discovery of massive early galaxies defies prior understanding of the universe Julia and Python better together DOD: Multidisciplinary Research Program of the University Research Initiative (MURI) DOD: Lung Cancer, Concept Award DOD: Lung Cancer, Translational Research Award DOD: Lung Cancer, Idea Development Award DOD: Lung Cancer, Career Development Award NASA: Early Career Faculty FDA: Natural History and Biomarker Studies of Rare Neurodegenerative Diseases LCRF: Leading Edge Research Grant Program UMDF: Research Grant Program R-packages: dataMojo: Reshape Data Table ggmapinset: Add Inset Panels to Maps bubbleHeatmap: Produces 'bubbleHeatmap' Plots for Visualising Metabolomics Data gmmsslm: Semi-Supervised Gaussian Mixture Model with a Missing-Data Mechanism rWCVP: Generating Summaries, Reports and Plots from the World Checklist of Vascular Plants
Get ready for exoplanetary systems, missing Neptunes, a Dungeons & Dragons R package, GIFs for top R packages, Tidvyverse functions to save your day, and a whole host of NASA grant announcements.  Science On. References Framework for the architecture of exoplanetary systems RNA's 'joints' play key role in our gene expression Help! Our Neptune-sized exoplanets are missing The ins and outs of an undergrad-run journal the difference between the bernoulli and binomial distributions Top 9+ Interesting R Project Ideas To Try In 2023 10 Tidyverse functions that might save your day Putting the top 100 R packages into a GIF NSF: Plant Genome Research Program NSF: Computer and Information Science and Enginering Core Programs NIH: HEAL Initative NIH: Aging Research NIH: IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) DOD: Ovarian Cancer Early-Career Investigator Award DOD: Ovarian Cancer Investigator-Initiated Research Award DOD: Ovarian Cancer Pilot Award NASA: Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Science (ROSES) 2023 R-packages HanStat: Package for Easy Interpretation of Statistical Methods hidecan: Create HIDECAN Plots for Visualising Genome-Wide Association Studies and Differential Expression Results dndR: Dungeons Dragons Functions for Players and Dungeon Masters
Get ready for the top 10 errors in R, self-assembling peptides, microbiome mishaps, a theory-defying dwarf planet ring system, and a chance to save tiny hearts.  Science On. References The virtual microbiome: A computational framework to evaluate microbiome analyses A dense ring of the trans-Neptunian object Quaoar outside its Roche limit 3D Printing of Self-Assembling Nanofibrous Multidomain Peptide Hydrogels This one-atom chemical reaction could transform drug discovery logitr: Fast Estimation of Multinomial and Mixed Logit Models with Preference Space and Willingness-to-Pay Space Utility Parameterizations Python 3.11.2, Python 3.10.10 and 3.12.0 alpha 5 are available How to use Git to share SAS programs Top 10 errors in R and how to fix them NIH: Using Multimodal Biomarkers to Differentially Diagnose ADRDs for Clinical Trials NSF: Accelerating Research Translation Saving Tiny Hearts Society: Research Grants R packages deFit: Fitting Differential Equations to Time Series Data synMicrodata: Synthetic Microdata Generator animate: A Web-Based Graphics Device for Animated Visualisations formatBibtex: Format BibTeX Entries and Files
Get ready for heart-attack healing hydrogels, super rare supernovas, volumes of viroid sequences, stealth oceans, finding hex logos and packages by topic in CRAN, and NASA funding for exobiology.  Science On. References This groundbreaking biomaterial heals tissues from the inside out A high-mass X-ray binary descended from an ultra-stripped supernova Mining metatranscriptomes reveals a vast world of viroid-like circular RNAs Tracking the Evolution of an Ocean Within Mimas Using the Herschel Impact Basin Journal of Statistical Software Volume 105 Annual Julia Growth Statistics - January 2023 Tips for organizing your R code December 2022: “Top 40” New CRAN Packages NASA: Exobiology- Living Systems Science NIH: Data Harmonization, Curation and Secondary Analysis of Existing Clinical Datasets DOD: Peer Reviewed Medical, Discovery Award DE-FOA: 2023 Exploratory Research for Extreme Scale Science NIH NOSI: Development of Functional Assay Sites to Evaluate Candidate -Omics Variants Associated with Heart, Lung, Blood, or Sleep Disease NIH NOSI: Revision Applications to add a Curation and Informatics Component to existing Animal and Biological Material Resource Centers R-packages hexFinder: Find Hex Logos for CRAN Packages vvsculptor: Apply Manipulations to Data Frames findPackage: Find 'CRAN' Package by Topic
Get ready for new deep sea bacterial phyla, extra ancient caecilian fossils, R Journal Volume 14/3 JuliaHub 6.0, visualizing star maps in R, and an IceCube neutrino competition!  Science Research Weekly covers 3 topic areas: Research Articles, Research Tools, and Research Funding.  Science On. References Global patterns of diversity and metabolism of microbial communities in deep-sea hydrothermal vent deposits Chem-map profiles drug binding to chromatin in cells Study offers first glimpse of how many suffer from previously unknown illness Molecular mechanism of topoisomerase poisoning by the peptide antibiotic albicidin Triassic stem caecilian supports dissorophoid origin of living amphibians The R Journal Volume 14/3 Star Map with R Show all data in the background of your faceted ggplot Fitting robust non-Gaussian models in Stan and R-INLA JuliaHub 6.0 Features Released Kaggle Competition: IceCube - Neutrinos in Deep Ice NSF: Molecular Foundations for Biotechnology NSF: Expanding Capacity in Quantum Information Science and Engineering DE: Scientific Machine Learning for Complex Systems AFOSR: Fiscal Year 2023 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Program R-packages neatR: Neat Data for Presentation polyglotr: Translate Text clarify: Simulation-Based Inference for Regression Models poolHelper: Simulates Pooled Sequencing Genetic Data vDiveR: Visualization of Viral Protein Sequence Diversity Dynamics
Welcome to Science Research Weekly, the successor to my first podcast, Statistics Weekly.  This abbreviated trial run of an episode includes: a research article on microbes from a volcanic island, the largest stellar catalogue to date, Arduino project ideas for 2023, and NSF Research and Development grants. References: The Early Microbial Colonizers of a Short-Lived Volcanic Island in the Kingdom of Tonga A high-quality Ixodes scapularis genome advances tick science Haplotype-aware pantranscriptome analyses using spliced pangenome graphs The molecular evolution of genes previously associated with large sizes reveals possible pathways to cetacean gigantism The Dark Energy Camera Plane Survey 2 (DECaPS2): More Sky, Less Bias, and Better Uncertainties Volume 105 of the Journal of Statistical Software 12 blog posts from 2022 that deserve a second look Top 15 Stunning Arduino Project Ideas For 2023 Some R Conferences for 2023 Web scraping in R Imputation in R: Top 3 Ways for Imputing Missing Data FDA: Fellowship in Understanding Pathogenesis and Improving Detection of Flaviviruses NSF: Future Manufacturing NSF: Division of Environmental Biology NSF: Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences Core Programs NSF: Division of Integrative Organismal Systems Core Programs NIH NOSI: Research on the Etiology, Early Detection, Screening and Prevention of Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer NIH NOSI: Computational and Statistical Methods to Enhance Discovery from Health Data R packages: ggplate: Create Layout Plots of Biological Culture Plates and Microplates glmmrOptim: Approximate Optimal Experimental Designs Using Generalised Linear Mixed Models shiny.benchmark: Benchmark the Performance of 'shiny' Applications blindreview: Blind Review Using Forward Search Procedures metabias: Meta-Analysis for Within-Study and/or Across-Study Biases evoTS: Analyses of Evolutionary Time-Series OssaNMA: Optimal Sample Size and Allocation with a Network Meta-Analysis
Welcome to Science Research Weekly.  This is the successor to my first podcast, Statistics Weekly.  Every week, I will cover 3 topic areas: Research Articles, Research Tools, and Research Funding.  Check out the accompanying blog at:
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