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Teachers Need Healing Too, Chillin with Chaski
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Teachers Need Healing Too, Chillin with Chaski

Author: Chaski K’uychi Angulo

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Too often schools focus on how to best support students experiencing trauma while completely missing the fact that many of their QTBIPOC teachers are struggling with their own personal trauma - in addition to the racial trauma they experience from their very school community. Teacher turnover rates have always been at an all time high - however, QTBIPOC teachers tend to be targeted for "political" reasons and more frequently pushed out of the classroom. This podcast centers the voices of QTBIPOC teachers who have been silenced, undervalued, and ultimately pushed out of their teaching environments. Chaski holds space for QTBIPOC teachers to speak their truths and create counter-narratives. Teachers need healing too and healing begins once we feel heard.
4 Episodes
In episode 4 Chaski shares about a reoccurring teacher dream they recently had. Chaski uncovers what emotions were beneath the surface of this dream and how this dream pointed to unresolved wounds that were coming to the surface to be healed. Chaski uncovers what unconscious wounds of theirs drove them into the classroom and how these wounds manifested once they were in the classroom. Chaski also explores how our codependency patterns seep from our personal relationships into the ways we relate to and with institutions and our workplace.Chaski hopes this episode inspires you to reflect on how your own childhood wounds informed your calling to the classroom and how these wounds may still be showing up for you. If you’re interested in receiving 1-on-1 support in your healing journey, visit Chaski’s website to read more about their services. Email them at to schedule your healing session. 
Chaski had no idea they were a Highly Sensitive Person and Empath while they were in the classroom and didn't realize how these traits greatly influenced the constant hum of anxiety and dread that was their norm when they were a teacher. In this episode Chaski explains the concept of Energetic Hygiene, a practice they’ve been learning and embodying since they left the classroom, that has been critical to their overall wellbeing - especially navigating the world as an HSP & Empath. They explain what it is and how and why it applies to classroom educators as well. Chaski goes in depth about how to practice energy clearing and shielding for your self as well as your work space aka your classroom! This episode may particularly resonate with and support any teachers who identify as Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), Empaths, struggle with anxiety and/or depression and/or classroom management.Head to Chaski’s website to learn more about their offerings and see if their Energy Healing & Guidance for Educators service would be of support to you and your healing journey. To book a session with them send them an email at 
In episode 2 Chaski reflects on their preservice year - the year they were in their teacher preparation program. Chaski reflects on the micro aggressions and stressors they experienced and how they manifested in their body, mind, and spirit. Chaski processes what new awarenesses and learnings these painful experiences taught them. Then Chaski shares their freedom dream for how teacher prep programs could actually support all teachers in body, mind, and spirit. Their hope is that this episode inspires and encourages you to reflect on your preservice year and what memories or experiences may be in need of healing. To read more about Chaski's services head to their website at To book a healing session with them email them at kuychihealing@gmail.comFollow them on IG @chaski_kuychi
In this episode Chaski shares a little about who TF they are and why TF they started this podcast. Chaski gives an overview of the different contexts and demographics of the various teaching environments they've navigated throughout their teaching journey. 
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