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Author: Aaron Lawvere

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Join me as I talk to other knifemakers, craftsmen and artisans in my journey to unpack the mysteries of knifemaking, and the culture by which it's built. This podcast features interviews with many of the men and women who have built, or are building the industry of knives and knife making as we know it today. Visit us at!

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Part of this vocation of podcasting is really being able to nerd out over my heroes. The other, of course, is to act as an archivist for what will assuredly be some of the few conversations the world will get with legendary figures in knives. Though I hope that in every conversation, there stems more and more, and we get to keep national knife treasures like Bob Terzuola for a long time, the reality is, we all move on from this life. This sobering reality gives me pause, and frames my desire to get in as many of those conversations as possible. Bob isn't a stranger to being interviewed, written about, videotaped, etc. But with every moment, we get a different perspective into his mind, and his life, and what matters to him at that point. Sure, his knife journey is fascinating to me, but some of the most heart warming moments were spent talking about his parents, and the growth of jade carving in South America, that are a big part of Bob's legacy. He's a gem that we'll never really get enough of, and I loved getting to spend time with him. I hope you listening to him will leave you with the same feeling. Aaron Lawvere: Website, InstagramPodcast: Instagram
In this world, it's easy to get lost in the fact that people don't often get the opportunity to share a connection of passion or desire. But within art and knives, there is a common thread of self expressionism that weaves its way through the medium, and binds us as people, in ways that is often surprising. In talking to Andrea de Leon about her own journey through art, and her application of it in knives, we get to talk about the weaving of ideas and evocation, and how thinking not just outside of the box, but deeply into the mind, binds the artist and viewer in a tug of war as to the true intention and perception of reality itself. Too esoteric? Well tough! Join me in a great conversation with an awesome person, who gets to play in a lot of artistic mediums that expand and bend the reality at which we think of knives!Follow Andrea on her Instagram and Website and keep up to date on all of the art projects she has going on!Aaron Lawvere: Website, InstagramPodcast: Instagram
Alex Harrison from Night Watch Knives is a constant companion of mine, in that we commiserate about knives, a lot. There's always some new challenge, problem, or idea that forces us to put on our thinking caps, and he's a go-to for me to get feedback, especially the brutally honest kind. That's what I like about him. Alex is constantly evolving, and whether its days, weeks or months in between chit chats, I always find him doing something a little bit different than the last interaction. As my first repeat guest, we sit and meander through topics, but with some reverence to the fact that we are both blessed to pursue this craft. Hard work, asking hard questions, being willing to receive hard answers, it's all part of the pursuit, and I hope in some way this truly "maker episode" provides some food for thought. Follow Alex on his Instagram and get a seat into his constant innovation and design release!Aaron Lawvere: Website, InstagramPodcast: Instagram
In probably my most ambitious attempt at a show, I sat down with not one, but SIX knifemakers, who are also Texans, at the Lost Pines Knife Show, to talk about knives. Though most would expect the punchline of "What do you get when you put six Texans in a room together?" to be "a lot of blah blah how great Texas is", what I got was a very humble, proud and thoughtful group of makers that yes, love our great state, but also endeavor to make it the best state in the union to cultivate knifemaking, and encourage the growth and passion of anyone who wants to get into the craft. I attempt to capture a small part of the amazing spirit and energy that is emerging out of Texas, and to give you, the listener, a greater appreciation for just how many of us are working to corral the energy, into a hyper-focus, for building the community. I talk to Don Sylvest, James Huse, Frank Machado, Jeff Davidson, Eland Green, and Jack Thatcher, all great knifemakers in their own right, but grouped together as members of the Texas Knifemakers' Guild, prove to be an unstoppable force in knifemaking today. Go follow these great makers on Instagram, and Facebook, and on their websites to stay tuned to the great work they're doing!Don Sylvest - Instagram, Facebook, WebsiteJames Huse - Instagram, Facebook Frank Machado - Instagram, FacebookJeff Davidson - Instagram, Facebook, WebsiteEland Green - Instagram, Facebook, WebsiteJack Thatcher - Instagram, FacebookAaron Lawvere: Website, InstagramPodcast: Instagram
It's said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and especially in knives, ones ability to garner the eye of the community, is sometimes intrinsic to the knife design itself. Whether you appreciate art for the sake of itself, or consider functional art such as Keanison Knives' creations that way, it's really up to you. For me, I have spent quite a bit of time ogling Bryan and Will's work, and marveling at how their knives can be both totally usable, and extremely appealing, and spark an authentic fascination in a way I can't fully describe. Bryan and I sit down and talk about that, and what facets of material choices guide his creative process. It can be said that the Keanison Knives aesthetic is driven by design and materials, but I think it's more fair to state that their knives are created by a drive to make beautiful out of the ordinary, and that, my friends, is closer to making magic, than simple craftsmanship, although Bryan and Will do both with gusto. Go follow Keanison Knives on Instagram, and Facebook, and on their website, to keep track of all the great things they create!Aaron Lawvere: Website, InstagramPodcast: Instagram
I've thought a lot about how to speak of my experience with Grace in a way that is not just fanboy'ish, but I find myself coming up short while writing, every time. The reality is, Grace Horne represents a rare breed of artisan that just...inspires. It's not just her knife and scissor work that fascinates me, but her entire outlook on life and her innate ability to make you feel at home speaking to her. Maybe it's the thoughtfulness and deep engagement in our conversation, maybe it's how knowledgeable she is, or any number of other emotions that are evoked when you speak to someone who you've felt you've always known, but in actuality just met for the first time. Whatever that special moment is that I get to share with my guests, my time with Grace has been life changing, and one of my favorites on this podcast. Grace represents a lot of very powerful motivators for us all to strive for our very best, and to attempt to capture our childhood imagination in our craft. Whether that's knives, or otherwise, I feel a strong desire to continue to dream, seek, and to work towards a way of self-expression to allow my own story to be told not by my works alone, but by my actions and encouragement of others. Join me in my quest to unpack this thing called knives, with Grace Horne. Where I also always manage to stick my foot firmly in my mouth when speaking to subject matter experts. It's always a wild ride, and I'd not have it any other way.Follow Grace on her Instagram, and visit her website! And make sure to tune into her Sunday at noon (UK Time) weekly monologs, and listen to her storytelling and talk about happenings in her life. Aaron Lawvere: Website, InstagramPodcast: Instagram
In 1982, Bruce Voyles and Jim Parker did something spectacular - they started Blade Show. Bruce and Jim co-owned Blade Magazine at the time, and decided to start a show that was originally advertised as 'The Blade Magazine 1982 Knife Show', per Steve Shackleford in a May 25, 2021 online article for Blade Magazine. Within a few short years, Bladeshow became the largest knife show ever, and as they say, the rest is history.As knifemakers, it's easy to get focused so much on our work and self-expression, that we also become self-involved. But there are reminders of how much we rely on others to become successful, and hiding in plain sight are the silent heroes that help us shine. The knifemaking world turns by these individuals who tirelessly plan ways for our work to be shown. In a world of so many avenues to showcase work now, the knife show is still the staple for our craft, and Bladeshow is the largest example of that ON EARTH.Starting in 2008, Alicia Newton had been the event coordinator, and then in 2018 (after the acquisition of Blade Magazine and Bladeshow by Caribou Media), she became the Director for Bladeshow. With 22 shows under her belt, she's rocketing the show to new heights in attendance, atmosphere, and as the go-to platform for helping knife industry makers sell their wares. You'll find that it takes a passionate and caring person to foster great show culture, and Bladeshow goers and exhibitors alike should agree, Alicia has those qualities in spades. She takes her job seriously in constructing the center stage by which others are able to exhibit their magic. In getting to sit down with Alicia, I've been able to gain a deeper perspective for the complexity, investment, and passion required to run the Superbowl of knife shows, and we got to cover a great many areas including show culture, The Pit, awards, women in knives, and social media.Aaron Lawvere: Website, InstagramPodcast: Instagram
I'm reminded constantly of the duality of the human condition within knives. As diverse as the knifemaking community is, at it's core, we all share a common bond, not of knives, but of our experiences that lead us to create, knifes being the creative medium we choose. This is no truer than for Tony Severio, a real Louisiana renaissance man. Whether it's his humble beginnings in the bayous, his vast experience in the film and movie industry, his knifemaking, or the way he captivates the imagination of others with his down-to-earth perspective on life, you will quickly tell that Tony is not only salt of the earth, but made of stardust. In this episode of the podcast, Tony and I sit down and talk about knives, but more importantly, about the fabric of intention, motivation and drive that has the ability to consume us all, if we choose to accept the muse. It was an extreme pleasure to get the time with a mentor of mine, if only by way of his online teaching. Be sure to follow Tony Severio on his social media:Tony Severio's FacebookTony Severio's InstagramTony Severio's WebsiteTony Severio's YoutubeAaron Lawvere: Website, InstagramPodcast: Instagram
In the landscape of knifemakers, Texas boasts some of the most mystical craftsman within knives today. But, for early makers like Johnny Stout, Texas wasn't always the place to be if you wanted to easily learn how to make them. Given Johnny's rise to the top of the ladder in art and fine folding knives, you might be surprised to know the humble beginnings he came from. As a maker of over 40 years, Johnny has achieved the prestigious position of being a member of the Art Knife Invitational (AKI), has been in The Knifemakers' Guild with some of the most talented makers in American knives, and he's diligently working to pass on his hard acquired knowledge to budding knifemakers who take his classes. I got to sit sit down and flap the gums with him, and it was an exciting opportunity. Johnny talks about his early years in knives, and his exposure in hunting and trapping.He also talks about his transition from working for AT&T, retirement, and knifemaking full-time.Johnny talks about early gun shows, his experience with a collector that changed his perception of value, and how it springboard him to push his craft.He also talks about shows, setting expectations with customers, and selling knivesWe talk about having a spouse in your corner to help run the knife businessWe also talk about Forged in Fire and the meteoric rise of knife attention it's offeredJohnny talks about his use of engraving and how he got started in engraving collaboration and embellishments. He also talks about numbering his blades to 1,000 and regretting not keeping up with it.Johnny talks about getting invited into the AKI, The Knifemakers Guild, we talk knife shows, pricing knives, quality and putting yourself into the knife you make, and so much more!You can find Johnny's work on Facebook, Instagram, and on his Website. You can also see his class schedule on his website!Aaron Lawvere: Website, InstagramPodcast: Instagram
It's a pleasure to sit down and talk to people you admire, and who encourage you through things that you are passionate about. I wouldn't be exactly where I'm at if it wasn't for that attention, from a charismatic, patient and thoughtful person like Gary Langley. Gary lives and makes knives in Dumas, Texas, a stones throw away from Oklahoma and New Mexico, and along with making knives, he's also an avid photographer, along with his wife, and a retiree from oil and gas. In addition to making knives off and on for well into 40 years, he's also the Vice President of The Knifemakers' Guild, and is a steward of passing along knowledge to other budding knifemakers. We talk a little about how much my wife loves Gary and his personalityGary shares a little about early exposure to knives, and what got him into making themGary talks about his experience in the oil and gas industry, which he retired from after 34 yearsHe also talks about being self-taught in knifemaking, but seeking a lot of knowledge from other makers as wellWe talk about his photographers eye and how it influences his knife knifemakingWe also talk about the last 10% of a knife, and how it contributes to 90% of the self-expression of the makerGary talks about his process for not having to hand-sand a bladeWe talk about steel, finish and other knifemaker related material choicesGary shares how he got into photography and some of the amazing things he's seen going wildlife photographyWe talk about going off the beaten path in life, and in knives, and the story that comes with a handmade knifeGary shares about being nominated as VP of The Knifemakers' GuildWe also talk about where the knife industry is going, teaching knifemaking, time management, and so much more!You can find Gary's work on Instagram, Facebook, and his Website, and his Knifemakers' Guild profile on their site.Aaron Lawvere: Website, InstagramPodcast: Instagram
On this episode of the Micro Podcasts, I talk about my vision for the podcast that I've been hyper focused on, and rebooting the micro podcasts, to add some variety and new perspective into the overall podcast. Aaron Lawvere: Website, InstagramPodcast: Instagram
In the craft of blades, you encounter some enigmatic creatures that knock your socks off, and this maker is one of them! Spencer Aplin of STA Custom Knives and The Stag Depot talks to me about his style of blades, artistry, pedagogy, and his journey through knives. Spencer and I talk about how we got to know each other better through my child at a knife showHe then talks about makers who've influenced himWe talk about forging one's own path and the patience required to get other people to noticeSpencer talks some about his technique in sculpting steel and his thoughts on designWe talk about how knives, and life can force you to make lemonade out of lemonsHe talks about his growing up, battling depression, and meeting his wife Lisa, who has osteogenesis imperfectaSpencer and I talk about our children's disabilities (HLHS & osteogenesis imperfecta)We also talk ALOT about creativity and philosophy of knivesSpender and I also cover the knife market, building a brand, maker opinions, knife shows, Steve Schwarzer coming to visit Spencer, Jason Knight, and a whole lot more!You can find Spencer's work on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and also on his website. You can also join his group on Facebook for The Stag Depot and get the opportunity to buy some killer stag!Aaron Lawvere: Website, InstagramPodcast: Instagram
It's days that I get to shoot the bull with people like this that my mind is really provoked. I got to talk to knife maker, motorcycle enthusiast, musician, artist, husband, dad, and grandpa, Nick Huff. Nick is a knifemaker out of Fort Worth, Texas, and I've known him going on five years now. We sit down to talk knives, lives, motorcycles, music, and more!We talk some about social media presence, and the commitment it takes to keep up with itWe talk about branding and how that plays a role in conveying yourself to an audienceWe talk life philosophy and living in the momentI talk about how Nick and I met, and we talk early semi-production work by NickNick talks a little of his life in Iowa, what brought him to Texas, being a tattoo artist, and his journey to knife makingWe talk about my apprehension of riding motorcycles, and the freedom of the open roadWe talk about Nick's knife aestheticWe also talk about how that aesthetic got Jason Momoa's attentionWe also talk about the art of remembering people's names, road trips, Nick's like in motorcycle riding, motorcycle culture, raising kids in this day, knife build quality, knife buddies, Nick's band, and so much more!You can find Nick on social media in various channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Youtube as well as his Website. Aaron Lawvere: Website, InstagramPodcast: Instagram
I had the opportunity to talk to Bill Roden, a long time knife collector, recent knifemaker out of Northlake, Texas. Bill shares his early life, career and getting into knife collectingHe also shares collecting GEC knives, Tom Krein, and Chris TaylorBill talks about his first experiences in making knivesWe talk about Bill's essential tremors and knifemaking with a disabilityBill shares his use of the Moen Tooling grind platen and grind fixtureWe talk about sone of Bill's recent works and project growthWe also talk about Bill's sales growth, collector circles, social media effort, and much more!You can find Bill's work on Facebook group and InstagramAaron Lawvere: Website, InstagramPodcast: Instagram
I had the pleasure to talk to renowned ABS Mastersmith, inventor and re-inventor of numerous forging and knifemaking techniques, and all around charismatic guy, Steve Schwarzer. We talk about knife history, tribal knowledge, and steel technology over timeSteve and I talk about the ABS test process, cross-disciplinary knowledge, and functional testing and heat treatingSteve talks about his early experiences in mosaic damascusSteve also talks about his initial exposure to blacksmithing and bladesmithing and his relationship with Jimmy SchmidtWe also talk about his learning from other makers such as Spencer Aplin, working with Will Stelter, and moreSteve talks about his career in martial artsWe get to talk a little about Steve's life growing up and moving around the countryWe then get into a deeper discussion of Steve's work in mosaic and his experimentationWe also talk about lowering the learning curve of mosaic damascus through 3D printing, Daniel O'Connor's NuClayer Fusion, and moreWe talk Steve's resurgence to popularity through social media, Wootz, and some knowledge drop on continuously reinventing yourself.  You can find Steve on his Instagram, Facebook, Website, and you can also find Steve's video on canister damascus on Chris Crawford's websiteAaron Lawvere: Website, InstagramPodcast: Instagram
I got to talk to a cool knowledgable dude named Trip Miller, a collector and aficionado of pocket knives, especially slipjoints, and we talk about his start in knife collecting, and some of his thoughts around the knife market, and collecting industry as a whole.We talk pricing handmade knives, collection price & value pointsWe also talk about market share, and maker growth path investmentWe discuss after-market pricing and value over timeWe talk about after market pricing specifically on how it affects maker pricingWe also talk about maker output, wait lists, show stock, pre-show selling, brand building, and more!You can find Trip and his collection on Instagram and FacebookAaron Lawvere: Website, InstagramPodcast: Instagram
I got to talk to a cool knowledgable dude named Trip Miller, a collector and aficionado of pocket knives, especially slipjoints, and we talk about his start in knife collecting, and some of his thoughts around the knife market, and collecting industry as a whole.Trip talks a little about what got him into collecting early onWe talk about how awesome Dave Nemerson isTrip and I discuss the importance of investing in the relationship between maker and collectorTrip also talks about his early use of knives in his life, and tells us a little more about his upbringingWe talk the art on collecting and building a business as a makerWe also talk about marketing and the importance of starting it early onWe also discuss introductory pricing of knivesYou can find Trip and his collection on Instagram and FacebookAaron Lawvere: Website, InstagramPodcast: Instagram
I got to talk to rising star Bobby House about a lot of things, including his slipjoint making, being part of the South Texas Slipjoint Cartel, and of course, got to learn a lot about him as a person.Bobby talks about his ranching experience, moving to Pleasanton, and his work in the oil fieldWe talk hunting, fishing and country livingBobby shares what got him into knifemakingWe talk about his affiliation with the Slipjoint Cartel, and how it got startedBobby talks about Pat West and making a knife for himWe talk about the support and charitable efforts seen in the knife communityWe talk about Bill Ruple's induction into the Cutlery Hall of Fame, what Bobby's focus for the future is, and more!You can find Bobby's work on Facebook and Instagram, as well as select dealer's websites.Aaron Lawvere: Website, InstagramPodcast: Instagram
In this Micro Podcast episode, I talk about dovetailed bolsters, some methods for making them, and tricks in hiding pins, getting your geometry right, and contouring order of operation.Aaron Lawvere: Website, InstagramPodcast: Instagram
In this Micro Podcast episode, I talk about what all has been going on with me, the show, thoughts for the future, and ways you can help interact with me to give me feedback so I can make this podcast the best it can be!Aaron Lawvere: Website, InstagramPodcast: Instagram
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