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Welcome to Gold Coast Insider, where we bring you business insights, stories, opportunities and forecasts from movers and shakers across the Gold Coast.
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There are 13.5 million unused spare rooms in Australia, across 10 million households. Always ahead of the curve, entrepreneur Ludwina Dautovic spotted an opportunity and six year ago established The Room Xchange, Australia's first ID-verified house-sharing platform. The cutting-edge technology at its core matches households and housemates based on values, personality and lifestyle, with options to rent or rent offset (household help in lieu of rent). It's a concept that's time has surely come, creating a new 'Third Option' (after buying or renting) as we grapple with an unprecedented housing crisis. This fascinating conversation encompasses issues of housing affordability and sustainability, how The Room Xchange was born and has evolved, what makes it work, its potential in country areas (especially during events), future plans and more. About Ludwina Ludwina's journey to CEO of The Room Xchange was fueled by a desire to revolutionise the housing landscape. Drawing from her extensive business background, she recognised the need for a disruptive solution in the housing market. The Room Xchange was born from this vision, leveraging cutting-edge technology to connect people, bridge generational gaps and address the challenges of housing affordability. Under Ludwina's leadership, The Room Xchange has become a trailblazer in the real estate space, pioneering a platform that aims to become real estate’s 'third option'. Her commitment to innovation, combined with her dedication to social impact, has propelled the company to the forefront of the industry.  Links Ludwina Dautovic LinkedIn The Room Xchange The Room Xchange Facebook The Room Xchange Twitter The Room Xchange Instagram
Well-known Gold Coast livewire, communications professional and women's leadership advocate Karen Phillips is like a human shot of adrenaline for any weary business woman (or man) out there. Founder of Women in Business Australia, the Women in Business Awards and the Gold Coast Women in Business Breakfast series (now in its 30th year), she's a master of motivation with a deep love of her hometown, the Gold Coast. In this wide-ranging podcast, we talk about developing an 'antifragile' mindset - where we don't just survive adversity and disruption, we are actually enhanced by it - and dig into related topics such as resilience, burnout, imposter syndrome, stretching out of your comfort zone, the importance of recognition for women in business, equity in the workplace and more.   About Karen Honoured as Gold Coast Citizen of the Year 2018, Karen Phillips is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, media commentator, women’s leadership advocate and dedicated charity supporter. She is Executive Director of Women in Business Australia, and Women in Business International, just launched in the UAE. She sits on the Institute for Glycomics advisory board, the Gold Coast Community Fund board and is a Vinnies CEO Sleep Out Founding Ambassador. Karen has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious brands, identities and heads of state, and conducts the longest-running women’s program in Australia – the Gold Coast Women in Business Breakfast series, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Links Karen Phillips LinkedIn Karen Phillips Corporate Communications Karen Phillips Corporate Communications Facebook Women in Business Australia Women in Business Awards Facebook Early Risers Gold Coast Women in Business Club
Chris Derksema, CEO of the Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA) was previously the Sustainability Director at the City of Sydney, leading them to become the first carbon neutral certified government organisation in Australia. He brings all of his sustainability bona fides to his role with GCWA, a statutory body responsible for the sustainable management of the Gold Coast's rivers, canals, lakes and dams. In this podcast we explore the critical balancing act between competing priorities: the development of the waterways and their infrastructure, which generate $600 million a year in economic and tourism activity; enhancing amenity and access for local communities; and the protection of these precious environmental assets - part of the very essence and soul of the Gold Coast. About Chris  Chris leads the Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA) through place-based planning, delivery and management of marine and land-based infrastructure that improve access, connections and destinations for the Gold Coast waterways users and the community. Prior to joining GCWA, Chris was the Sustainability Director at the City of Sydney where he led them to become the first carbon neutral certified government organisation in Australia, implement decentralised energy and water grids, embed climate resilience into $8B asset portfolio and establish globally leading industry partnerships. Chris has an Environment Engineering degree and Executive MBA, and is a recipient of the Vincent Fairfax Leadership and Ethics Award. Links Gold Coast Waterways Authority Gold Coast Waterways Authority Facebook Gold Coast Waterways Authority Instagram Chris Derksema LinkedIn Gold Coast Waterways Authority LinkedIn
So how do you get a foot in the door of the Gold Coast film industry, and maybe end up the CEO of a world-renowned visual effects (VFX) studio with Disney, Warners Bros. and Netflix as clients? For Duncan Jones, who founded Gold Coast's Myriad Studios, you start off training dolphins at Sea World! Our newest podcast uncovers the story of his spectacular career ascent, bringing him to the present day where he spends each day doing 'cool things in cool places' (with very cool people). You'll also hear why our abundant local talent (a 9000-strong film and TV industry workforce) and having their 'thumbs on the pulse of technology' keeps international studios coming back to Myriad and the Gold Coast. About Duncan Duncan is the founder and CEO of Myriad Studios, a visual effects (VFX) support company specialising in pre-visualisation, digital capture, animation and virtual reality specifically for the film, television and gaming Industries. Based at Village Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast Australia, Myriad’s customers include Disney, Warner Bros. and Netflix. His film experience extends for more than 20 years working across Australia and the Pacific not only in VFX, but also sourcing locations for some of the biggest films to come to Australia including Aquaman, Thor: Ragnarok and Love and Monsters. His unique position in the industry has exposed him to some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes, unique and unusual places, fascinating and famous people, and some of the most technically advanced film-making tools available. LinkedIn profile Links from this podcast: Myriad Studios Myriad Studios Instagram Myriad Studios LinkedIn Myriad Studios YouTube
Jan McCormick was a software engineer for mining equipment, when a chance encounter at a mining industry conference on the Gold Coast changed her career trajectory and her life. She met her future husband (the event planner) and moved to the Gold Coast six months later, where they teamed up to start their own event and concert production company. Now the CEO of Major Events Gold Coast, Jan and her crack team are the driving force behind such locally beloved and internationally renowned events as Blues on Broadbeach and the Groundwater Country Music Festival. But hold onto your hats and water bottles - there's a new festival coming to the Gold Coast in August which is also set to claim iconic event status. The Pacific Airshow Gold Coast will feature a flotilla of high-performance military and commercial aircraft performing stunning aerobatics and manoeuvres over the ocean in front of Surfers Paradise Beach from 18-20 August. Get the inside story of how this incredible event was lured to the Gold Coast (it's the top airshow in the US - and there are hundreds!), what was involved, what you can expect as a spectator, and what it means for the Gold Coast.  About Jan Jan came to Major Events Gold Coast from the Broadbeach Alliance (BA), where her transformational leadership drove real success and positioned BA as a leader in festival delivery on the Gold Coast and throughout Australia. Notable achievements during her tenure included the extraordinary growth and positioning of Blues on Broadbeach and the development of Groundwater Country Music Festival as major events for Queensland and the City of Gold Coast that have proud national and international reputations, and an unprecedented return on investment. Prior to this, Jan was the Executive Director of her own highly profitable business events and concert production company. LinkedIn Profile Links from this podcast Major Events Gold Coast Major Events Gold Coast Facebook Pacific Airshow Gold Coast Pacific Airshow Facebook
Study Gold Coast CEO Jennine Tax - the 2021 Gold Coast Woman of the Year for the Education Sector - reckons she has struck gold with her job, "selling education in a city that I love and feel so passionate about". In this podcast, Jennine talks about the role of Study Gold Coast in promoting the City as a world-class education destination, supporting the students who come here, connecting them with local employers and the community, and the organisation's mega-plans for the future. And if your business is struggling with skills shortages take note: Jennine says international enrolments will be back to pre-COVID levels by about the end of this year, students will have work rights of up to 48 hours per fortnight from 1 July, and then post-study work rights of up to 5 years in regional areas, which includes the Gold Coast. Listen in for a wealth of information and insight (not to mention unbridled enthusiasm!) about this key pillar of the Gold Coast economy. About Jennine Jennine Tax is the Acting Chief Executive Officer of Study Gold Coast, and head of Partnerships and Trade. Prior to joining Study Gold Coast, Jennine predominantly worked in management consulting, with work centered around strategic planning, business improvement, project management and stakeholder engagement. In addition to 10 years working at KPMG in the Management Consulting Division, Jennine has held senior roles at HSBC and ABN AMRO banks. She has worked overseas in Japan, UK, the Netherlands, India and China. Jennine was awarded the 2021 Gold Coast Bulletin Woman of the Year in the Education category for her work in growing the education sector and supporting students. LinkedIn Profile Links from the podcast Study Gold Coast Study Gold Coast Jobs Portal Host for the Coast program Facebook Instagram Twitter TikTok LinkedIn
Tech entrepreneur and educator Nathan Burns was an early adopter of cryptocurrencies, but it was the underlying technology - blockchain - that really lit a fire in him. Nathan immediately recognised the myriad of potential applications for solving problems and creating efficiencies across almost all industries, and dove in to become an early blockchain expert and advocate. He is now the Co-founder and CEO of the Blockchain Collective, a globally recognised blockchain training hub on the Gold Coast, which offers Australia's first and only accredited diploma courses to help businesses and individuals leverage this emerging technology's incredible potential. Blockchain allows digital information to be recorded and distributed quickly, with trust at its core - it can't be altered or hacked. And with AI currently dominating the headlines, Nathan's technology insights are hugely relevant; find out why we need to get aboard the tidal wave of technology change and 'start paddling like hell' - or get washed away. About Nathan Nathan Burns is the Founder and CEO of Blockchain Collective, an education company that creates emerging technology curriculum, with accredited courses, such as the Diploma of Applied Blockchain, Diploma of Applied Blockchain merging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and the Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain, as well as technical short courses designed to build the skills for the future technology workforce. He also maintains active roles in a variety of companies across software development, fintech, blockchain and decentralised banking. Nathan advises and has interest in a number of start-ups. LinkedIn Profile Links from this Podcast Blockchain Collective Facebook Instagram YouTube Twitter LinkedIn Contact the Blockchain Collective: Level 3, Suite 10, 3 Alison Street, Surfers 3186 1013
Ariana Margetts - innovation maven - is on a mission to diversify and power the Gold Coast economy by attracting and supporting startups and SMEs from emerging sectors like Medtech, Biotech, Sportstech and AI. As the Chief Operating Officer of CoSpaces at Southport, she works with landlords, governments and developers to activate co-working commercial communities, including the Cohort Innovation Space in the Gold Coast Health & Knowledge Precinct and the Queensland AI Hub. And that's not the only hat she wears; Ariana is also the first ever female President of the Southport Chamber of Commerce, Co-Director of Startup Grind Gold Coast, a Griffith University academic and a mentor for Global Shapers Gold Coast Hub, a network of young people driving dialogue, action and change. Tune in for an inspiring podcast on how and why the Gold Coast is rapidly transforming into a world-class, knowledge-based economy. LinkedIn About Ariana As the Chief Operating Officer of CoSpaces, Ariana oversees the delivery of facilities management, commercial management, communications, marketing, public relations and events for all individual spaces under the CoSpaces umbrella, including Cohort Innovation Space, The Station, Queensland AI Hub and The Residence. Ariana is the President of the Southport Chamber of Commerce, the first female President in the Chamber's 109-year history. Ariana is also the Co-Director for Startup Grind Gold Coast, is a practice-based academic at Griffith University with the Griffith Business School and is a mentor for the Global Shapers Gold Coast Hub, an initiative of the World Economic Forum. Links from this Podcast Cohort Innovation Space Queensland AI Hub Startup Grind Gold Coast Global Shapers Gold Coast Hub
If the challenges that Australia and the world face in addressing climate change and reaching net zero by 2050 fill you with despair, then this podcast will be a welcome tonic. New Gold Coaster Geoff Matthews is an expert in industrial decarbonisation and the Event Director of SIM-PAC - Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing Asia Pacific - an expo of low emission technologies debuting in Brisbane next year and coming to the Gold Coast in 2025 and 2027. In this passionate discussion full of hope, deep knowledge and practical solutions, find out why Geoff can see renewables-rich Australia becoming the decarbonised industrial powerhouse of the world, and how even the smallest businesses can contribute game-changing solutions. About Geoff Geoff is the Event Director and Partner of Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing Asia Pacific (SIM-PAC), an upcoming showcase of low emission technology for sustainable manufacturing, and the host of SIM-PAC Live. Geoff brings a wealth of international business and event experience to the role, as well as a deep understanding of the issues facing industry as we transition towards net zero. Geoff is widely published on the subject of energy modulation and has authored a number of thought-provoking articles on the decarbonisation of industry. He has also given keynote addresses at many international conferences and is an Advisory Board Member of the Future Aluminium Forum. LinkedIn profile Links from this podcast SIM-PAC LIve YouTube SIM-PAC Live Facebook SIM-PAC Live LinkedIn SIM-PAC Live Twitter The Geoff Matthews Podcast (Spotify) Website
In this deep dive into the Gold Coast visitor economy, tourism supremo Karen Bolinger,  acting CEO of Destination Gold Coast (DGC), discusses where we sit post-pandemic, where we need to be headed, and the guiderails and strategies that DGC is laying out to help the Gold Coast define 'who we are and what we stand for'. Expectations have changed... with consumer demand for sustainability, accessibility and immersive Instagram-worthy experiences now reshaping the industry. And only nine years out from the 2032 Olympics, what's the groundwork we need to do now to ensure the Gold Coast extracts maximum benefit from the influx of global visitors? (We'll need an additional 11,000 hotel rooms just for starters.) This session is also a great listen for anyone considering a career in the 'structured chaos' of the tourism and hospitality industry. About Karen Karen Bolinger, the acting CEO of Destination Gold Coast, is a dynamic and experienced strategist and executive leader in the international events, travel, tourism, and hospitality services sector. Karen has made a significant contribution to the visitor economies of several Australian and international cities and has a unique track record of bringing commercial industry, government policy makers and service organisations together to collaborate and deliver outstanding public value outcomes. She is passionate about the tourism sector becoming a force for economic and social change, re-imagining the way tourism can create more cohesive and inclusive communities, and more vibrant and resilient economies, locally and internationally. LinkedIn Profile Links from this podcast Destination Gold Coast Facebook Twitter Instagram
Many Gold Coast locals would be surprised to learn that Helensvale is home to the first privately-owned aerospace company in Australia, co-founded by pioneering Brisbane brothers Adam and James Gilmour a decade ago. Gilmour Space is a truly stunning Gold Coast success story; it's now the largest space tech employer in Australia, with over 190 full-time staff, and on the cusp of launching their revolutionary LLV Eris rocket, utilising hybrid propulsion technology (greener than conventional liquid or solid fuel rockets). In this podcast, James and Estella dive into the Gilmour Space story; with 20,000 small satellites needing to be launched worldwide in the next decade, and not enough launch capability to meet demand, Gilmour Space's ambition is to be the 'FedEx of space delivery', affordably launching satellites into Low Earth Orbit. This is also a story of resilience; James says the weight of the all the 'no's' they have received on their journey could sink a battleship. Don't miss this one!  About James James Gilmour is Co-Founder, Director, and Head of Launch Operations at Gilmour Space. James has over 15 years of experience in marketing, business development and operations in Australia and Singapore. James led and was instrumental in driving Gilmour's engagement with government, academia, and industry. Today, he’s responsible for launch site development and operations for Gilmour's launch vehicles. James also holds other positions dedicated to furthering Australia's contributions in space and is in the Advisory Council for the Space Industry Association of Australia (SIAA); and a Director at the National Space Society Of Australia (NSSA). Links from this podcast Gilmour Space Facebook
How can we work with the growth of the Gold Coast and not against it? How do we retain the dynamic and fast moving character of our city, but embed sustainable business practices and environmental management as core pillars of our economic growth? Larissa Rose, Director of Gold Coast environmental consultancy GG Enviro, has the answers in this broad-ranging interview, which also explores the pathways that took her from a career as a chef to nationally recognised renewable fuel advocate and thought leader in decarbonising our future. About Larissa Larissa is a locally and nationally recognised Environmental Consultant who has contributed at a United Nations level. Her leadership in sustainability and environmental management, has seen her advancing policy for the use of renewable fuels in Queensland, while enabling projects opportunities to decarbonise the transport sector. Larissa is a Board Director of the World Bioenergy Association, she sits on the Gold Coast City Heart Taskforce under the portfolio Sustainability and Environment, is an Adjunct Lecturer at Bond University, and Director of GG Enviro, her environmental consultancy company for 13 years on the Gold Coast. LinkedIn Profile⁠ Links from this podcast GG Enviro Facebook Instagram LinkedIn company profile 
This week's podcast guest, Southport Yacht Club General Manager Brett James, takes us through the truly eye-popping economic benefits that the 2022 opening of the Superyacht Berth has brought to the Gold Coast. With the Yacht Club now able to cater to vessels up to 135 metres, the Gold Coast has become Australia's number one superyacht destination. And whenever a superyacht docks - do they ever spend! It's nothing for a vessel to outlay $5000 a day...  just on fresh flowers. A single superyacht can generate more local economic benefit than an entire commercial cruise ship. Get an insight into this truly mind-boggling world, and what it means for the future of the Gold Coast. About Brett Brett James is the General Manager of Southport Yacht Club (SYC), a not-for-profit association with over 150 employees. Comprising of four venues, SYC is currently Queensland’s largest yacht club. A former professional golfer, Brett has over 20 years’ experience in hospitality and sport management. Brett is also a Board member of the Southport Chamber of Commerce, Clubs Queensland, RDA Gold Coast, the Gold Coast Regional Jobs Committee, with a great vision in sustainable and consistent growth for the Gold Coast. LinkedIn Profile Links from this podcast Southport Yacht Club Facebook YouTube
Did you know that the Gold Coast is home to a company developing the world's first rotary artificial human heart? How about an AI leader collecting crisis-care data from hospitals across the country, to build a real-time diagnostic platform for clinicians? Or thousands of other innovators, entrepreneurs and researchers in medtech, clinical trials, life sciences, cybersecurity, AI, blockchain and more... and that they are all located in the same 200ha Gold Coast site? Our guest this week is Craig Rowsell, Acting Director of the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct, and he has a fascinating story to tell about what is truly the Gold Coast's most transformative project.  About Craig After completing a Bachelor of Applied Science at the University of Canberra, Craig began his career at the Australian Sports Commission. He was heavily involved in the Australian Government’s policy and programs in high performance and community sport. Craig relocated to the Gold Coast with his family in 2011, and since then has worked on transformational economic development projects, initially focusing on the sport and film sectors with the City of Gold Coast’s Economic Development Branch. Four years ago, Craig was drawn to the city transformational project that is the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct, and four months ago was appointed Acting Director.  LinkedIn Profile Links from this podcast Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct Lumina Gold Coast COHORT Innovation Space BiVACOR Datarwe
Prominent Gold Coast real estate developer Stephen Harrison was born in country Victoria, but fell under the Gold Coast spell on a family holiday as a child. Not only did he made GC his home, he has been a passionate advocate, leader and visionary for our sunny region,  managing projects to revitalise Surfers Paradise and Hope Island during his tenure at the City of Gold Coast, creating signature residential real estate projects at Coomera, Upper Coomera and Pimpama as a developer, and chairing the Light Rail Business Advisory Group since 2010. In this episode, Estella and Stephen discuss the Gold Coast Light Rail project in detail - how did it come about, why did it come about and where is it going (hint: to Coolangatta Airport by 2030) - as well as his take on Gold Coast challenges and opportunities as we head towards the 2032 Olympics.  LinkedIn Profile About Stephen Stephen has 30 years' experience in the development industry and has held key positions in both public and private sectors. He is currently the Principal of Harrison Development Group, which is responsible for the delivery of signature projects across the Gold Coast and in Cairns, Moreton Bay and Logan. He is also Development Director for Flinders Lakes, a 21,000-lot master planned community at Flagstone. Stephen holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and a Master of Project Management. He is the past President of the Urban Development Institute of Qld in 2016 having been a past President of the UDIA Gold Coast Logan Branch. He’s also the current Chair of the Gold Coast Light Rail Business Advisory Group.
The Gold Coast is the small business capital of Australia, and Martin Hall, President of the Gold Coast Central Chamber of Commerce with 300+ members, is someone with his finger on the pulse of our local economy. A strong voice for small business and a well-known figure in the Australian bus industry, Martin has great insights into the future of transport on the Gold Coast as we aim for net zero, as well as the challenges and opportunities around issues such as affordable housing, skills shortages and the 2032 Olympics. About Martin Martin Hall is the Chief Commercial Officer for the BusTech Group in Burleigh. In addition, Martin is the long-standing President of the Gold Coast Central Chamber of Commerce, Vice-Chair of the Gold Coast Community Fund as well as a husband and father. Martin has been a transport industry professional for 14 years during which time he was GM at Surfside Buslines overseeing a 900+ strong workforce, including managing the public transport uplift for the GC2018 for Surfside. Martin is a passionate community advocate and spends much of his time doing community work that he deems as 'paying his rent for being on the planet'. LinkedIn Profile Links from this podcast BusTech Group Gold Coast Central Chamber of Commerce
Amanda Bulow grew up on a farm in Ipswich where there were no ‘girl jobs' and ‘boy jobs' – just jobs (and you got them done!). That formative experience of equality undoubtedly had an influence on her career trajectory. Straight out of uni (and with some chutzpah), she seized an early career opportunity to move into the male-dominated construction industry, forging a path in estimating and procurement. While she was supported by her mainly male bosses and colleagues, Amanda still felt a need for connection with other women working in the construction industry. In this podcast you’ll hear the awesome story of Awesome Women in Construction - the not-for-profit organisation she founded - and how it’s grown to provide unparalleled networking, advocacy, camaraderie and learning resources for women (and girls) across the Gold Coast, SEQ and nationally. About Amanda Amanda Bulow is a well-connected construction industry professional with over 20 years’ experience. Her extensive knowledge in procurement, sales and production estimating has assisted numerous organisations in streamlining their business, finding efficiencies and improving results.  Amanda is the Founder and CEO of Awesome Women in Construction (AWIC), and she continues to provide a space for women to come together to learn, connect and share while leading the growth of the construction industry. Her support, advocacy and education of small businesses and women in the construction industry is a strong focus. LinkedIn Profile Links from this Podcast Awesome Women in Construction Be Ready App (Apple) Be Ready App (Android)
Gold Coast resident Dr John Zakos calls himself a technologist with an entrepreneurial drive. An internationally recognised Artificial Intelligence (AI) pioneer, researcher, business founder and now Honorary Professor at UTS, John says he has been 'thinking about thinking machines' for his entire career. In this fascinating interview, find out how John's passion for AI was ignited way back in his first high school computer class at Trinity Lutheran College Ashmore; how Cognea, the AI start-up he co-founded and later sold to IBM came about and evolved (with all the twists and turns along the way); and get his timely insights into resilience, entrepreneurship, innovation and inspiration. If you have an interest in technology or entrepreneurship or both, this is a must. About John  Dr John Zakos is an Honorary Professor at the School of Software, University of Technology Sydney. John co-founded the Artificial Intelligence (AI) company Cognea in 2005. The company became recognised as a world leader in delivering virtual human solutions before being acquired by IBM in 2014. He was the Program Director for Virtual Agent technologies at IBM Watson Group until 2019, where he played a key role in developing the next generation of cognitive computing alongside colleagues at IBM. John holds a PhD in AI and has published his work internationally. He also holds numerous patents and has given invited talks at forums such as TED. LinkedIn Profile
How did the Gold Coast go from zero biotech companies 20 years ago, to an industry powerhouse for pharmaceuticals, vaccines, medical devices and biotech in 2023, not to mention the largest regional city in Australia for the delivery of clinical trials? Griffith University's Institute for Glycomics here on the Gold Coast has been absolutely foundational to this exponential biotech growth, and our guest Dr Chris Davis, General Manager at the Institute, has an incredible story to tell about how we got here, and what opportunities lie ahead for the Gold Coast. About Chris Dr Chris Davis obtained a PhD in synthetic medicinal chemistry from the Institute for Glycomics on the Gold Coast before launching his career in the private biotech sector, negotiating technology deals with pharmaceutical and biotech companies globally. In 2009 he returned to the Institute as General Manager, where he leads a group of professionals dedicated to the strategic and operational development of the Institute, covering domestic and international business strategy, technology commercialisation and general Institute operations. The primary focus of the Institute is developing and translating its drug, vaccine and diagnostic inventions into health, social and economic benefit, locally and globally. Links from this podcast Institute for Glycomics Gold Coast Health & Knowledge Precinct COHORT
In a broad-ranging discussion, Estella and Dan cover ground such as the Gold Coast's unique benefits and opportunities compared to other large cities, our challenges, including transport, housing affordability and workforce shortages, and a really interesting examination of how the 2032 Olympics can be a generational catalyst for making the Gold Coast a better city, and what exactly we could look like post games. If you are interested in how the Gold Coast can manage growth and opportunities, this is a must. About Dan  Dan Barr leads the multi-disciplinary consultancy, Better Cities Group – a collaboration of leading city shaping consultants that work throughout Australia to drive economic revitalisation and create great places. In this role Dan is commonly sought after to lead a response to complex projects for both the public and private sector. Dan has lived on the Gold Coast for nearly twenty years and prior to founding Better Cities Group he held leadership roles in the delivery of the Gold Coast Light Rail project, Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games and Community Renewal program. He holds formal qualifications in urban design, public health, and project management. Links from this podcast:  Better Cities Group Better Cities Group Instagram Awesome Women in Construction Gold Coast Regional Jobs Committee
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