DiscoverEVERYTHING BOATS - Stuff You Should Know !
EVERYTHING BOATS - Stuff You Should Know !
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EVERYTHING BOATS - Stuff You Should Know !

Author: Rick Portanova

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A weekly informative education on how to both buy or sell a boat. What to do and what to look for. Get secrets from surveyors and sales professionals, captains, mechanics and shipwrights to teach you the do's and don't and all the ways to sharpen your skills and knowledge when buying or selling your boat. 

3 Episodes
In this almost comical high energy sarcastic episode, captain Rick discusses just how much risk you take buying a boat from a private party or even worse....a bad boat broker and he has the stories and examples to back it up.
In this short podcast we talk about how to choose the right boat for you intended use and purpose. We talk about your budget, size of boat, how you are going to pay for it and where are you going to put it.
S1 E1 Part 1 of HOW TO AVOID BUYING A BAD BOAT.Rick's first podcast of this series that will teach you how to buy used boats. Tips and tricks, expert guests, callers. This will be a very educational easy to listen to podcast that will likely save you ten's of thousands of dollars if you own or plan to own a boat.