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Loyalty FM is a Podcast that unpacks the world of Brand Loyalty. Occasionally we welcome special guests to hear the stories from behind the world's biggest brand loyalty programs, directly from the people who run them. As companies move into bringing loyalty on-chain, we also explore how Web3 technology can disrupt, improve and rethink this billion dollar industry.

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Wings of time is our first miniseries brought to you by Loyalty FM. In todays episode we're buckling up for a journey with a giant of the skies - British Airways and their Executive Club loyalty program. Did you know over 13 million members worldwide leverage the power of the Executive Club Avios points? Let's rewind the clock to see how British Airways took flight and press the play button on our second dose of insights from loyalty FM.
Wings of time is the first miniseries brought to you by Loyalty FM. In this episode, our first in the series, we unpack the history of Skywards, the Emirates Airline loyalty program, and take a look into the details surrounding its inception, member numbers and growth. In addition we explore how future technology such as AI and the Blockchain can bring value to such a popular industry. Join us as we discover the daily dance of points that fuels the dreams of million.
Welcome to Loyalty FM

Welcome to Loyalty FM


Join me, your host, Simon Hudson, CEO & Founder at for the Loyalty FM Podcast. Each episode I will dig into the world of Brand Loyalty. Occasionally I will be joined by special guests who manage and run some of the leading loyalty programs we all use and love. Hit subscribe to join me as I unpack the unbelievable world of Brand Loyalty. --- X: Telegram: App: A Cheeze Studio Production | © 2024 Cheeze, Inc.
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Pilot Episode


Pilot Episode