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Author: Nathan Powell and Michael Koper

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A weekly podcast where two ex-business partners hold themselves publicly accountable for their startup failures...and successes.
7 Episodes
In this episode, Nathan and Michael talk about Feature Flux and whether it has a future. Nathan lets you in on his thoughts and where exactly he thinks he messed up. Michael is off, once again mingling with the stars of the Spanish silver screen while continuing to improve Nusii's SEO. Si Te Cierran las PuertasNusii.comFeatureFlux.comExcuse me, is there a problem?Push to Prod Podcast
Nathan and Michael talk about Michael's recent interview on Bootstrapped FM where he spoke of his long-term plateau with Nusii. Is it all bad? Is there too much toxic positivity on social media about startups "killing it?"A local expat meetup provided some aweseome new connections and in other news, Nathan comes up with a super simple way to talk to potential customers for Feature Flux.  Bootstrapped FMUserlistRewardfulNusii's launch post Feature Flux
In this week's episode, Michael digs into Nusii affiliate partners who are bidding on his keywords. While Nathan is crawling out of his SaaS slump and begins working with a new developer. Also, Freemium. When is it an option? Can it work for everyone? What are the advantages and disadvantages? NusiiFeature FluxWill Freemium Work for Your SaaS? Benefits, Risks & How to Switch
In this week's episode, Michael and Nathan discuss the contrasting experiences of a corporate giant, Intercom, and a bootstrapped business like Nusii. Could Nusii benefit from adopting some of Intercom's strategies? Meanwhile, Nathan provides an update on his product, Feature Flux, which recently opened up to Early Access. However, the initial feedback has been underwhelming, leaving Nathan feeling uncertain about the future of his SaaS. Tune in to hear their insights and perspectives on navigating the challenges of the SaaS industry.Feature FluxNusiiHelpscoutThe Non-Tech Founders' Podcast
This week Michael and Nathan discuss building on top of existing software, is it worth the hassle? Michael gets himself some SEO help and an accidental executive assistant. And why talking to customers is always a great thing to do... nusii.comDesign Feedback (Feature Flux)Design Collaboration (Feature Flux)Reform
Michael and Nathan see how they got on with their todo list from the previous week. Did having public accountability work?
Today we discuss what we hope to achieve with the show (not much) and what we hope it will do for our businesses (probably a lot less). Basically, we'll be using a public platform to keep ourselves accountable... We'll also find out whether Nathan has enough respect for Michael to keep to his end of the bargain ;)Welcome to Startup Apart!Links: Start Small Stay Small Feature Flux SignWell CabifyThe Non-Tech Founders' Podcast
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