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A Podcast about Africans by Africans. Great conversations with Africans of various walks on African issues of various kinds with a focus on progress.

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Azubuike Akunne, an entrepreneur and landscape architect based in Lagos, Nigeria shares his perspective on the ongoing pandemic and how it has forced the entire world to simultaneously pause. He shares his reflections during this pause and how he's sustaining himself. Listeners, this was a truly enjoyable conversation and we'd love for you to take a listen and let us know your thoughts. Follow us on Instagram (@podsaveafrica), Like us on Facebook ( Pod Save Africa), Tweet at us on Twitter (@p0dsaveafrica) and holla at us in our inbox ( As always, thank you for listening.
Hi Family, If you haven't yet, please check out our instagram profile on ways you cam support the black lives matter movement through donations and other form of support. It is about time there is change to the system that negatively affects black people across the world and we'd like each and every one of us part of the reason for that change. Today we hear Naila's story, the experience her and other family members had battling the COVID-19 virus. How she survived the virus, physically, mentally and emotionally. Her story is one of hope and we hope you all are able to find some hope in these trying times just as Naila has. Thank you for listening! Please let us know if you have any thoughts after listening to this episode or others. You can find Naila @bouenguidi on IG. You can find us @podsaveafrica on IG, @p0dsaveafrica on twitter and Facebook: Pod Save Africa #Gabon #Africa #StoryTelling #PodsInColor #AfricanPods #COVID #Pandemic
Rest in Peace to Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Uwa, Tina and the many others who have lost their lives due to injustice. May their families find respite and may justice be served completely. May the systems that failed them be held accountable so that they reformed to be fair. Pauline is a student from the DRC whose life has been affected by the COVID pandemic. She shares her story of self discovery during this period. We enjoyed listening to her. Follow her @paaume on Instagram and say hi to us @podsaveafrica
Family! We hope you are staying safe, sound and healthy. Today, Karika (@karika.republic on instagram) shares how managing uncertainty in her professional life has prepared her for this moment. Enjoy! We sef dey for instagram @podsaveafrica.
Hello Friends, We are chronicling the stories of Africans as we work through these turbulent times. The pandemic has affected us in a multitude of ways, everything from our health, our families, our livelihoods and our perspectives. Today we talk to Toluwase Oladapo. She chronicles how the difficult personal impacts to her livelihood due to the ongoing pandemic have given her a renewed focus on her passion. Follow her @toluwase.o on Instagram, Her content is truly splendid and just a whole lot of good fun. Don't ever say we don't put you on.
Pod Save Africa here to remind you that outside of the COVID-19 pandemic there are still ongoing stories on the continent. From celebrating the birthday of the World's Oldest Man in Lesotho to the New Sudanese Ambassador. Here, have a listen. Follow us on twitter: @P0dsaveafrica, Instagram: @podsaveafrica and like us on Facebook: Pod Save Africa
The brookings institute estimates that roughly 43 percent of Africans have access to electricity. Only half of the Global access rate of 87%. Today we talk to Dr Sanusi O'haire @sohiare, The Executive Director of the Rural Electrification Fund about the work he is doing to give Nigerians access to this critical Utility. As always say hi to us on Instagram @podsaveafrica.
Temp Check - The Covid 19 Impact On Nigeria by Pod Save Africa
Over 40 Million locusts are ravaging Eastern Africa as we speak. PSA is here to keep you on top of everything. We also talk about what happens when 100,000 ducks match up against a city of locusts. Follow us on Instagram @podsaveafrica, Twitter @p0dsaveafrica and facebook Pod Save Africa
Today we discuss the rapidly evolving COVID 19 Coronavirus situation and its impact on the African Continent. Follow us @podsaveafrica on Instagram. Check out our website
On the Biafran war.

On the Biafran war.


Our second chat with Basil Anthony Abia! Today we discuss the Biafran War. We discuss the story of the war and its implications today. Check him out @basilabia and check us out at
News Update Time! Yay! Today we share a set of interesting stories including that of Guinea Bissau and the fact that it currently has 2 presidents and 2 prime ministers. Scintillating scenes. Enjoy the episode and follow us @podsaveafrica on instagram and support us at Also check out our website.
Beer Parlor Conversations is Back! This time my friend and I are kicking it and taking African Sports! It's present the future, what people go through to make it. I had a lot of fun recording it! We hope you are enjoying it! Follow us @podsavefrica on the gram and support us at Pod Save Africa on Patreon. Also! Say Hi to us on our website
It is a news Update! We discuss everything from the wife of the Lesotho president being detained as a murder suspect to updates about voting across the continent and the AP teaches us about racial cropping of photos. We hope you enjoy support us at pod save Africa on Patreon and follow us on Instagram @podsaveafrica.
Today we talk about Climate change, global warming and how it is affecting the continent. Our guest Habiba Ahut Daggash (a PHD candidate at Imperial College) also breaks down her research on Climate change and energy policy on our continent. This was a scintillating episode and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Check out Habiba @habibadaggash on twitter and her website Additional Resources to learn more. - foresight africa 2020 Organizations to check out/support. - South African environmental agency
In August 2019, Nigeria's government closed its land borders to its neighboring states citing food smuggling as a problem. Today, Basil Anthony Abia helps us understand the effects of the decision. Check out his awesome article on it at Check Basil out on twitter @basilabia
We take a look back at 2019 and announce some exciting news for the new year. Long and Short, We move.
Happy New Year Friends! Welcome to 2020. We are glad you made it. We start the first episode of the year continuing a conversation I was having with some of my buds last year. Enjoy.
What do you think the top priorities for the government of your country are? Most would argue that Health and Education rank highly so today we dive into how much the largest African countries are actually spending on Educating their people and keeping them healthy. Check out the youtube video I reference at the beginning of the episode. (Overpopulation & Africa by Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell on youtube) Follow us @podsaveafrica on instagram.
It is December 8th and we bring news of repression of freedom in Nigeria, a struggling national airline in South Africa and an increase in the brand of Africa as a continent.
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