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Author: Lindsay Wardell

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Listen to developers talk about their experiences in the tech industry. From freshly minted dev to seasoned team lead, we talk with people about where they came from, what interested them in tech, and the reality of being a developer.
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Eddie Freeman is a senior software engineer at Streem in the United States. We talk about his love of storytelling through tabletop roleplaying games, and writing, then explore how he got into working in mobile app development. We also explore time that he spent learning and teaching about programming, both to coworkers and kids approaching the concepts for the first time. Eddie: Twitter: @pixelknitter Github: @pixelknitter Discord: pixelknitter#9882 Portfolio (WIP): Lindsay: Twitter: Mastodon: Music: Moments by Shane Ivers -
Rho Oof is a developer who has spent most of her career exploring ways to make things work, sometimes in unexpected ways. We talk about how her interests have led to making different technologies work together, and how that has served her in her career. We also discuss ways that she has approached different programming languages in order to learn them, and exactly how many she has tried out. We wrap up discussing a tool Rho created for a client to help them better understand the differences between versions of their database. Rho: Lindsay: Twitter: Mastodon: Music: Moments by Shane Ivers -
Ben Myers is a web developer and accessibility advocate in the United States, and host of the Some Antics Dev channel on Twitch. We talk about how they began as a developer and got started in both documentation and accessibility, and why these topics matter to all developers. We also talk about the importance and impact of accessibility to users. Finally, we discuss finding a supportive community, and starting a Twitch channel dedicated to teaching viewers about technical topics. Ben: Lindsay: Twitter: Mastodon: Music: Moments by Shane Ivers -
Daniel Roe is a software engineer and maintainer of the Nuxt framework in England. He entered the world of open source by founding a startup and needing to build out the tools they used to support their clients, and ended up contributing to Nuxt and eventually being hired by them. We talk about open source, speaking at conferences, imposter syndrome, and how to approach contributing to open source projects as a contributor and maintainer. Daniel: Twitter: Mastodon: Lindsay: Twitter: Mastodon: Music: Moments by Shane Ivers -
Star Richardson is a senior software engineer in the United States, and began her journey as a developer during the start of the COVID pandemic in 2020. We talk about her journey into tech, what resources she used to learn the basics, what projects she worked on, and how she got her first job working as a software engineer. Star: Twitter: LinkedIn: Polywork: Lindsay: Twitter: Mastodon: Music: Moments by Shane Ivers -
Alex Anderson is a web developer in the United States, and developer of the space simulator Thorium and Thorium Nova. We talk about how Alex explores different technologies, learning about different topics and their applications, and uses that to determine what technology should be used for various projects both at work and for fun. We then explore how Thorium began, and see how this process was used to modernize an application used by space centers since the 90's. Alex: Twitter: Lindsay: Twitter: Mastodon: Music: Moments by Shane Ivers -
Luiz Oliveira is an engineer from Brazil and former game developer who has been working on creating resources for newer developers in Portuguese. We discuss how he entered the tech industry, his path through game development, and the resources he's made to help teach those interested in development. We also talk about the impact of social media on mental health, and how it can also be useful (or used well) to talk about current events such as the recent layoffs. We wrap up our conversation with tips for newer developers and talk about Luiz's favorite programming language. Luiz:  Twitter: Lindsay:  Twitter: Mastodon: Music: Moments by Shane Ivers -
There's a lot to talk about in software development. New frameworks, new techniques, new methods of delivering apps to users. New tools we need to learn in order to keep on top of our profession. But there's more to being a developer than knowing how to code. There's a human aspect to software development, a story that each of us brings with us to the code. A reason we picked up coding, and why we keep doing it. Each individual has a unique perspective on life, and that influences how they approach software development. We've all had struggles and difficulties, as well as triumphs. From the freshly minted junior developer to the most seasoned architect, our personal journeys shape how we write software, and what kinds of software we write. I think it's important to consider the people that write the applications we use. Who are they? What do they think? What have they been through to be where they are? What are they still struggling with? I think that story is worth talking about. Music: Moments by Shane Ivers -
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