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Author: Jacob Gold, Michael Cochell and Kelvin Gold

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It is a complicated and tricky world out there. Without a solid understanding of how money works, life can be even more challenging.

We get it, talking about money is uncomfortable but we all can agree that it is an important topic to understand.

The Finance Roundtable Podcast team wants to bring you along as we interview some remarkable professors, professional athletes & financial strategists about money.

If you have ever wondered what is talked about between financial professionals and what goes through our minds when we are off the clock; then you will want to check out the Finance Roundtable Podcast. 

Jacob Gold and Michael Cochell are Financial Advisors offering securities and advisory services through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC (doing insurance business in California as CFGAN Insurance Agency LLC), member FINRA/SIPC, a broker dealer and Registered Investment Adviser. Cetera is under separate ownership from any other named entity. Jacob’s California insurance license # 0E55425 Michael’s CA Insurance License # 0K90130. The views depicted in this material are for information purpose only and are not necessarily those of Cetera Advisor Networks. They should not be considered specific advice or recommendations for any individual. Neither Cetera Advisor Networks nor any of its representative may give legal or tax advice. Kelvin Gold is a Marketing Associate. Registered Address is 14850 North Scottsdale Road #255, Scottsdale, Arizona 85254.

21 Episodes
Welcome to the Finance Roundtable, where we demystify money with your hosts Professor Jacob Gold, Michael Cochell, and Kelvin Gold. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.In this special episode, we're thrilled to welcome Jed Collins, a former NFL fullback who has successfully transitioned from the football field to the world of personal finance. Jed shares his journey from tackling opponents to tackling financial literacy, offering insights that can benefit everyone, whether you're a student, a...
Unlock the secrets of a financially stable retirement with the help of Elaine Simmons, a seasoned Social Security Administration virtuoso with 34 years under her belt, as she joins us to demystify the complexities of Social Security. Get ready to learn why your approach to Social Security should rival the care you give to managing a multi-million dollar asset and how to avoid the emotional pitfalls that could jeopardize your golden years. Elaine doesn't just bring her expertise to the table; ...
Welcome to Finance Roundtable, the podcast dedicated to demystifying money. In this episode, Professor Jacob Gold, Michael Cochell, and Kelvin Gold dive deep into the world of finance, bringing you insights, expert opinions, and valuable discussions. Get ready for an enlightening conversation as the hosts are joined by special guest David Giroux, a seasoned investor and renowned figure in the financial world.In this episode:Exclusive Guest: David Giroux: Join the hosts in welcoming David Giro...
Season two of Finance Roundtable is rolling out the red carpet for your eyes and ears as we elevate our game with a shiny new studio and video broadcasting! Join us, Jacob Gold, Michael Cochell, and Kelvin Gold, as we embark on a journey through the throbbing heart of financial markets in 2024, with a closer look at the recent index surges and investor optimism sparked by the Federal Reserve's rate hints. Expect a unique blend of heartfelt reflections on past lessons and a forward-looking ana...
Navigate the economic twists of 2024 with us as we unpack the latest insights from Gene Goldman, Cetera Investment Management’s Chief Investment Officer. Prepare to grasp the intricacies of the Federal Reserve's potential rate cuts and the implications for a market thirsty for good news. We'll dissect the strength and resilience of crucial sectors that could dictate whether we'll face a mild recession or achieve the coveted 'soft landing.' As volatility becomes a staple in financial markets, ...
Ever felt humbled by the sheer resilience of the human spirit? I had the privilege of catching up with one of my former students, Nabia Kheshtchin-Kamel, who embodies that spirit in every sense. Nabia's captivating story spans her family's immigration journey from Iran and Egypt to her endeavor of navigating medical school. Their united front and love for each other forged an unbreakable bond that's been instrumental in shaping her life. Join us as she reveals how her parents met, their subse...
Welcome to a riveting episode of Finance Roundtable, where we reveal the secrets of personal finance and the power of financial literacy. Join us as we converse with illustrious guests - Professor Atif Ikram, Elena Zee, and Yanely Espinal- who each bring their unique insights and experiences to the table. Listen in as we unravel the mysteries of financial education and how it impacts every aspect of our lives.Our dialogue starts with Atif Ikram, who has breathed new life into Arizona State Un...
How well can you navigate the financial labyrinth as a woman in today's society? We've invited Liz Flint, Assistant Vice President and Business Development Consultant with MFS Investment Management, to shed light on this pressing matter.Our engaging conversation covers the societal transformation of women's roles from the 1950s to now, where women constitute 57% of the labor force. Liz, a working mother, walks us through her personal journey, sharing invaluable tips for financial securit...
In this episode, the Finance Roundtable team interviews CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and New York Times bestselling author, Carl Richards. Carl is also the creator of the Sketch Guy Column, which appeared weekly for a decade in The New York Times. Jacob, Micheal and Carl openly discuss the complexities of financial planning during emotional and challenging times. Carl explains that the financial planning process begins when your money and values meet for the first time.The epis...
In this episode, the Finance Roundtable team interviews Cetera Investment Management’s Chief Investment Officer Gene Goldman.Listeners will learn a great deal about the current economic landscape as Gene discusses the possibility of the United States experiencing a rolling recession, why diversification is so important, and where investors may find future opportunities for growth.Along the way, co-host Kelvin Gold asks Gene about the economic phenomenon of the Taylor Swift concert tour. The t...
In this episode, Professor Jacob Gold, Michael Cochell and Kelvin Gold interview the Arizona Cardinals punter Nolan Cooney.You won't want to miss Nolan's remarkable story on how he became an NFL player.
In this episode, Professor Jacob Gold and co-host Kelvin Gold talk with Professor Atif Ikram from Arizona State University. Professors Gold and Ikram discuss the new financial literacy program that Arizona State University is rolling out this Fall semester. In addition, listeners get to hear about the amazing life of Professor Atif Ikram. He was born and raised in Pakistan and is now a teaching PhD at one of the largest Universities in the United States. Listeners will quickly ...
In this episode of the Finance Roundtable Podcast, Jacob Gold interviews Chris Smart, a professional voice over artist.Chris Smart is the voice for Jacob Gold's audiobook Money Mindset: Formulating a Wealth Strategy in the 21st. Century.The story behind how Chris got to work on the audiobook is an interesting one that you won't want to miss.You can purchase the Kindle, hardcover or audiobook of Money Mindset: Formulating a Wealth Strategy in the 21st Century at Amazon or anywhere books are so...
In this podcast episode of Finance Roundtable, we discuss how the economy and stock market performed during the first quarter of 2023. Then we attempt to draw some parallels between baseball and investing. It’s a fun episode so please make sure to check it out. We encourage you to visit and to learn more about who we are and all that we do. We want to hear from our listeners! Please call our office at 480-998-4653 ext. 12 ...
In this episode of the Finance Roundtable Podcast, we talk about different ways to talk to kids about money. We discuss 3 basic money concepts that kids should know:Introduce the value of moneyEmphasize the importance of saving a portion of your incomeUnderstand the POWER of compound interest Lastly, during this episode we have an appearance from a very special guest; Ms. Bella Grace Gold. Bella (11) is my youngest child and her presence will surely bring a smile to your face. ...
In this episode of Finance Roundtable, Professor Jacob Gold, Michael Cochell and Kelvin Gold discuss 5 money personality types and how being self-aware of your money personality type could actually help you make better financial decisions.The 5 money personality types are:The Busy BeeThe Saving SquirrelThe Lavish LionThe Indifferent IguanaThe Concerned Camel
In the inaugural episode of Finance Roundtable, Professor Jacob Gold, Michael Cochell and Kelvin Gold have a chat about the current economic landscape. Professor Gold acknowledges the financial pains of 2022 and then discusses three possible bright spots for 2023. The midterm election is behind usInflation is coming downChina is opening up again.We encourage you to listen and provide feedback at
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Trailer: The Producer


Get to know the Producer of Finance Roundtable; Kelvin Gold.
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Trailer: The President


Get to know the President of Jacob Gold and Associates, Inc.; Michael Cochell.
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Trailer: The Professor


Get to know the host of Finance Roundtable; Professor Jacob Gold.