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Movement with Meklit Hadero

Author: Meklit Hadero

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Movement is a podcast, radio series and live show that tells stories of global migration through music. Hosted by Ethiopian-American singer Meklit Hadero, the show is a meditation on the large-scale forces at play in individual lives. Issues of citizenship, identity, belonging, and borders are explored through the experiences of artists themselves: two brothers sharing one guitar, a daughter trying on her father’s shoes, the lineage of a drum, and the sounds of a grandmother’s backyard.
22 Episodes
Art is a form of self-expression. A lot of people say that, but for tap dance virtuoso Gerson Lanza it was literally true. Plus a teaser of what's to come on the new season of Movement with Meklit Hadero. Look out for new episodes through the summer and fall. Learn more about Movement at
Meklit talks with Mexican-American singer San Cha about how she fell in love with Ranchera — a style of music that represented all the cultural values, sexual repression and stigma that she had once tried to escape. More about San Cha: More about Movement:
Meklit talks with Sasami Ashworth about her acclaimed record “Squeeze,” and how it fits within a larger cycle of creation, restoration and self-discovery. More about Sasami: about Movement:
Cromwell Ojeda and his brother grew up in Dubai — two Filipino kids in an expat family — but now his brother is moving to Canada where their family can finally gain citizenship. Meklit talks with Cromwell about what it’s like to make music and community in a place where people tend to come and go. Follow Cromwell: about Movement:
In part two of our series on path breaking artists in the United Arab Emirates, Meklit talks with Syrian singer and producer Ghaliaa about how a complete collapse of confidence led to her latest record. More about Ghaliaa: More about Movement:
When Mustafa Mohamed Ismail -- AKA Freek -- was 10 years old, he learned that he had no citizenship in the only country he'd ever known. And if he wanted to stay, he'd have to find a job. More about Freek: More about Movement:
Tatiana Crespo introduces us to her accordion Lindo, plus a busking adventure that changed her life. This story was recorded live on stage at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. More about Tatiana:
Meklit talks with oud virtuoso Clarissa Bitar about the doubts she overcame just to pick up the instrument, and the incredible response from her family when they realized she could actually play. More about Clarissa: More about Movement:
Meklit talks with an old friend — East African retro-pop singer Alsarah —about drawing inspiration from tradition, and making peace with the word “refugee.” Watch the “Farasha” video: More about Movement:
Meklit talks with Egyptian-American MC Felukah, about how moving to the birthplace of hip-hop transformed her from poet to rapper. More about Felukah: More about Movement:
Meklit talks with the Belgian-based dance-pop duo of Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul about taking their new record out on the road, and wondering how some of its humor and provocation might be received in different parts of the world. More on Charlotte and Bolis: More on Movement:
On the island commonly known as “Guam," July 21st is commonly known as "Liberation Day.” But for Dakota Camacho, a Seattle-based artist who traces their lineage to the island, these simple terms hold a world of history and complexity. More about Dakota: More about Movement:
Meklit talks with Gino Yevdjevich, lead singer of the gypsy punk band Kultur Shock, about the need to create art, especially when the world is at its darkest. More about Kulture Shock: More about Movement:
Momma Nikki speaks and sings about a complicated relationship with their father, who immigrated to the US from Haiti. The story was recorded live on stage at the Meany Center for the Performing arts at the University of Washington. More about Momma Nikki: More about Movement: More about Meklit Hadero:
Larry Bellorín is a legend of Venezuelan Llanera music; Joe Troop is a bluegrass virtuoso from North Carolina. Meklit talks with this unlikely duo about the social forces and serendipity that brought them together. Find all of Larry & Joe’s music at Learn more about Movement at More about Meklit at
Meklit talks with Nnamdi Ogbonaya about making music that draws the listener in, while at the same time challenging them. His new album is called "Please Have a Seat." Find all of NNAMDI’s music at Learn more about Movement at More about Meklit at
Meklit talks with Xenia Rubinos about finding her way back to the stage after a long and difficult time away. Find all of Xenia’s music at: Learn more about Movement at More about Meklit at
Meklit talks with Cuban-American percussionist and bandleader Jesus Díaz about his journey from playing homemade drums in Havana to performing on the biggest stages in the world. Find all of Jesus’s music at Learn more about Movement at More about Meklit at
Meklit talks with Sudanese-American MC Oddisee about self-doubt and the power of empathy, along with his new album "To What End." Find all of Oddisee’s music at Learn more about Movement at More about Meklit at
Coming up on Season 2

Coming up on Season 2


Coming up on Season 2
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