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The journey to parenthood is one filled with hope, heartache, and unexpected twists and turns - and for those experiencing fertility struggles, the road can be an emotional rollercoaster. Fertility Matters Canada is proud to present a new podcast that explores the complex and often emotional journey of fertility. Hosted by Carolynn Dubé, Executive Director of Fertility Matters Canada, our show features informative interviews with leading fertility specialists and heartfelt stories from real people who have experienced the highs and lows of trying to conceive. Whether you're facing fertility challenges yourself or simply interested in learning more about this important and often misunderstood aspect of reproductive health, Fertility in Focus provides a safe and supportive space for listeners to engage, reflect, and be inspired. Join us as we bring Fertility in Focus. 
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In this heartfelt episode of Fertility in Focus, we are joined by Alexie Reilly,  a fertility patient, fertility doula, and passionate ambassador for Fertility Matters Canada, as she shares her personal fertility journey story. She fearlessly opens up about her experiences with immunology issues, confronting male factor infertility, and enduring a range of fertility treatments. With incredible candor, she recounts the emotional rollercoaster of facing these health challenges, undergoing immunotherapy treatments, and navigating the heartbreak of miscarriages. Throughout the episode, Alexie offers invaluable insights into her coping mechanisms, shedding light on the importance of building a robust support system and acknowledging that "it's okay not to be okay." Tune in to this episode to hear Alexie Reilly's powerful story, filled with resilience, advocacy, and a deep desire to empower individuals navigating their own fertility challenges. Her journey, both as a patient and a dedicated support figure, serves as a beacon of hope for anyone seeking understanding, connection, and strength on their path through fertility.More About our Guest SpeakerAlexie Reilly is an infertility warrior turned passionate Fertility Doula. Her own five-year fertility journey, which began in 2018, ignited a profound desire to provide guidance and support to others facing similar challenges. Having personally experienced the confusion, isolation, and fear that often accompany fertility struggles, Alexie's empathy and resilience led her to become a becon of hope, guidance, and unwavering support to others through their fertility journey. As a volunteer and ambassador at Fertility Matters Canada, Alexie is committed to breaking the stigma around infertility and fostering a sense of community. You can connect with her on Instagram @the.infertility.doula, where she shares personal insights, and explore her buisness on @golden_stork.Stay up to date with all things Fertility in Focus by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you are interested in being a guest or sponsoring Fertility in Focus, apply here.
In this special episode of Fertility in Focus, we delve into the complex topic of recurrent pregnancy loss with the esteemed Dr. Khaled Zohni, an expert in Gynecologic Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility medicine. In this episode, Dr. Zohni answers patients’ questions live, and provides valuble insights about the intricate biological processes involved in conception, pregnancy, and miscarriages. As a patient, you'll gain valuable knowledge on proactive measures to improve your chances of a successful pregnancy. Dr. Zohni delves into the significance of attitudes, behavioral and lifestyle modifications, and even diet changes involved in enhancing fertility. Prepare to have your questions answered as Dr. Zohni addresses frequently asked queries from individuals navigating the emotional and physical challenges of recurrent pregnancy loss. Tune in for this informative and compassionate episode, as we strive to provide support, knowledge, and guidance to those dealing with these struggles.More About our Guest SpeakerDr. Khaled Zohni is a highly accomplished reproductive medicine specialist. He obtained his medical and master's degrees from the University of Alexandria and completed his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology. He then pursued a PhD at McGill University, focusing on innovative fertility preservation methods utilizing stem cells. Dr. Zohni furthered his expertise through a fellowship in Gynecologic Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the University of Toronto's CReATe Fertility Centre.Dr. Zohni's contributions to the field include multiple publications in respected peer-reviewed journals and a book chapter on fertility preservation in cancer patients. He has received commendations from McGill University's Centre for the Study of Reproduction and the Réseau Québecois en Reproduction. In recognition of his distinguished contribution to clinical research, Dr. Zohni was awarded the Dr. Marinko M. Bilijan Memorial Award by the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society in 2017.Currently, Dr. Zohni serves as a subspecialist affiliate in Gynecologic Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (GREI) at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC).Stay up to date with all things Fertility in Focus by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you are interested in being a guest or sponsoring Fertility in Focus, apply here.
In this episode on Fertility in Focus, we are joined by writer and acupuncturist Mary Wong. We delve into the benefits of acupuncture and its profound impact on the journey to conceive. As someone who has personally gone through fertility struggles, Wong’s belief in the transformative power of acupuncture resonates strongly.Drawing upon her Chinese heritage, Wong shares a personal anecdote about her grandmother's miraculous recovery using acupuncture and her inspiration for this medium. She enlightens us on the versatility of acupuncture, debunks common misconceptions and explains how it works to address a wide range of health issues at different stages of life. Specifically focusing on fertility, Wong reveals the incredible benefits of acupuncture in improving both male and female reproductive health by discussing the direct effects the practice can have on one’s body. She delves into the specific advantages acupuncture provides and how it can support people through their diverse fertility and pregnancy journeys. Tune in to this enlightening episode as we unravel the remarkable world of acupuncture and its profound impact on fertility, guided by the wisdom and expertise of Mary Wong.More About our Guest SpeakerMary Wong is a renowned best-selling author, acupuncturist, international speaker, and high-performance coach. As the founder of Live Holistic Health in Toronto, she brings her expertise and shares extensive research to shed light on the use of acupuncture in various aspects of reproductive health. To further empower individuals on their fertility journeys, Wong’s book, "Pathways to Pregnancy: Personal Stories and Practical Advice for Your Fertility Journey," features fifteen inspiring stories of hope. She shares her motivation for writing the book, emphasizing the significance of women hearing others' experiences and finding inspiration amidst challenging times.To connect with Mary Wong and explore more of her work, listeners can find her on Instagram @meetmarywong. Her podcast, "My Fertology," and her presence on TikTok @meetmarywong offer additional platforms to access her wealth of knowledge and insights. Her book, "Pathways to Pregnancy," is available at major bookstores, on Amazon, and as an audiobook on Audible.Stay up to date with all things Fertility in Focus by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you are interested in being a guest or sponsoring Fertility in Focus, apply here.
In this episode of Fertility in Focus, we are joined by Dr. Beth Taylor, co-founder and co-director of Olive Fertility Centre, to shed light on the often-neglected topic of miscarriages and recurrent pregnancy loss. With compassion and expertise, Dr. Taylor guides us through the multifaceted aspects of pregnancy loss. She provides solace and invaluable insights for those who have experienced or are supporting individuals who’ve faced miscarriages.Dr. Taylor discusses the common causes of pregnancy loss and offers practical advice for those who are supporting individuals who have faced multiple miscarriages. She shares enlightening insights into the post-loss journey, discussing the essential medical assessments and tests that follow, while encouraging listeners to advocate for their reproductive health.Join us as we explore this sensitive topic with sensitivity, compassion, and a shared commitment to breaking the silence surrounding miscarriage.More About our Guest SpeakerDr. Beth Taylor is an infertility specialist and co-founder/co-director of Olive Fertility Centre. With expertise in IVF, she leads OFC’s surrogacy and donor egg program, assisting numerous couples in achieving parenthood through alternative paths. Dr. Taylor completed her medical degree at Dalhousie University, followed by a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of British Columbia. Subsequently, she completed a Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertlity fellowship. Prior to establishing OFC, Dr. Taylor worked at Genisis Fertlity Center. She has published papers in peer-reviewed journals and written three book chapters on her specialty. Additionally, Dr. Taylor holds the position of Clinical Associate Professor at UBC and works as an active staff member at the BC Women’s Hospital and Vancouver General Hospital. For more information about Dr. Taylor’s work at OFC, check out the website up to date with all things Fertility in Focus by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you are interested in being a guest or sponsoring Fertility in Focus, apply here.
This week on Fertility in Focus, we are joined by Dr. Bryden Magee to discuss PCOS and how it impacts fertility.Dr. Magee is an associate physician at the Ottawa Fertility Centre who cares for individuals and couples with infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, polycystic ovary syndrome, endocrine disorders, and primary ovarian insufficiency. She offers fertility options for many LGBTQ+ individuals and families. She is committed to regional outreach to help improve access to care for people who live outside of the Ottawa area.In today's episode, we'll be talking about the prevalence of PCOS and diagnosis, how it affects fertility and other aspects of health/wellness, and what treatment options are available for people trying to conceive.More About Dr. Bryden MageeShe completed her Bachelor of Health Science at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. She went on to complete her Doctor of Medicine and residency in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. She became a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in 2015. She completed her fellowship in Gynecologic Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI) at the University of Ottawa. Dr. Magee is certified by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography in obstetrical and gynaecological ultrasound. She is an active member of the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. She is an assistant professor and the residency rotation coordinator for REI at the University of Ottawa, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.Stay up to date with all things Fertility in Focus by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you are interested in being a guest or sponsoring Fertility in Focus, apply here.
In this week's episode on Fertility in Focus, we sat down with Laura Spencer, a Fertility Coach who is sharing valuable tips for your fertility journey.Laura shares her own story and how it led to working with people on their path to parenthood.We cover some of the top areas she supports clients through on their fertility journeys, and some common themes that come up throughout working together.Finally, Laura gives you some top tips for how to navigate your own fertility journey! You don't want to miss this episode!Connect with Laura on Instagram @laura_yourfertilitycoach and visit her website Stay up to date with all things Fertility in Focus by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you are interested in being a guest or sponsoring Fertility in Focus, apply here.
In this week’s episode on Fertility in Focus, Carolynn sits down with Sacha Welsh to discuss the science behind stress and fertility. Sacha is a Certified Health Coach, Founder of Welsh Wellness and mom of three girls. After experiencing a traumatic recovery following the delivery of her second child, Sacha became passionate about helping women prepare their bodies for success. Welsh Wellness focuses on fertility, pregnancy and postpartum health. Its mission is to help women become moms by addressing the root challenges, so that they can have a successful pregnancy and postpartum to follow. Tune in now to learn how stress plays a role in successful reproduction.Connect with Sacha by visiting her website and connect with her on social media: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok
In this episode of Fertility in Focus, we are joined by Lindsay Dent, entrepreneur and founder of Pink Crown Creative, to discuss her fertility journey and challenges. Dent opens up about her own experiences, revealing the struggles she endured during her path to pregnancy. She speaks on the emotions experienced by herself and countless other people who face similar challenges. The misconceptions and miseducation about infertility inspires her to share her story and empower others to open dialogue about these issues in their communities. Join us for this enlightening episode as Lindsay provides invaluable insights into initiating conversations with individuals facing fertility challenges and how to communicate effectively about your own experiences, while also setting healthy boundaries.More About our Guest SpeakerLindsay Dent is a seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience in sales, marketing, and social media. She has led teams in the IT Consulting, Multimedia, and Hospitality industries, honing her expertise in crafting impactful marketing strategies and building thriving online communities.In 2017, Dent founded Pink Crown Creative, a Creative Marketing Agency & Community.  Additionally, she shares her social media knowledge as a faculty member at Blanche Macdonald, teaching Canadian and International Fashion Marketing students.Her podcast, Have You Met Her Yet?, debuted impressively at #9 on the iTunes Entrepreneurship charts and was featured on Apple's New & Noteworthy Podcasts. Dent received nominations for the esteemed RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards: Ones to Watch Award in 2020 and 2021.To connect with Lidnsey Dent, you can follow her on Instagram @_lindsaydent, where she shares personal insights and highlights from her journey. For a glimpse into her creative work, follow @pinkcrowncreative, and to stay up-to-date with her inspiring podcast conversations, join her at @haveyoumetheryetpodcast.Stay up to date with all things Fertility in Focus by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you are interested in being a guest or sponsoring Fertility in Focus, apply here.
In this episode, Carolynn sits down with Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Kelsey Duncan, who shares their insights on naturopathic care and how one can use it as a treatment option when they are on their path to parenthood. Dr. Kelsey shares how it differs from other treatment options and how it can be beneficial for fertility patients. Dr. Kelsey is also the creator of Fertility Confidence Method and Owner of Cared For Wellness, a virtual wellness clinic in Ontario, Canada. She is dedicated to helping couples grow their families using a complimentary and empowering approach. Fertility Confidence Method has helped hundreds of babies come earthside and she’s on a mission to help 1000 couples build their dream family. Dr. Kelsey is also a mom to her son Kohl and daughter Nyla, loves spending time with friends and family (especially on the water), and enjoys all the hot decaf coffee she can get her hands on. Connect with Kelsey by:Following her on InstagramLearning more about virtual Naturopathic appointments hereListening to the Fertility Confidence Podcast on SpotifyStay up to date with all things Fertility in Focus by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you are interested in being a guest or sponsoring Fertility in Focus, apply here.
In this week's episode, we are joined by Erin and Tiffany, the Co-Founders of Oasis Fertility Support Network, to discuss the importance of community on your fertility journey.They share their own fertility journeys and how they found support in each other after years of struggling with infertility. They also talk about how finding a community helped them cope with their fertility struggles.They also share why it's important to find a support network, how to find one if you don't have one already, and how you can help loved ones on their fertility journey.Whether you're currently trying to conceive or not, this episode is an important listen for anyone who is trying to build a family. It's never too early or too late to start building a support system!Connect with Oasis on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.More About Erin“Hi, I’m Erin. My fertility journey began in 2011, when I was 28. My Australian partner Daniel and I had decided to move back to Canada and start a family after five years down under. We spent a few years trying to conceive naturally; when that didn’t work, we went in for testing and discovered that a male fertility factor was the primary issue. Four IUIs and two rounds of IVF later, we welcomed our 6th and final embryo – a baby boy – into the world in May of 2021. Throughout the toughest years of my treatment, I attended and then later facilitated conversations for the Hope for Waiting Arms fertility support group in Barrie, Ontario. Being part of a support group where everyone ‘got it’ gave me so much community and hope. This is what drove me to create Oasis Fertility Support Network in June 2022. I’m a firm believer that community is the key to persevering through the suffering of fertility treatment and that the friends you make through this network of support will be the ones who truly get you through it. Outside the fertility world, I am an Employee Benefit specialist for my firm in Orillia, Ontario and I am very involved in the small business community in the area. I enjoy being by the water in any shape or form, sunshine, snuggling my French bulldog and I have a hard time turning down a glass of red wine.”More About Tiffany“I’m Tiffany. I’m an outdoors enthusiast with a marketing communications background and nearly a decade of experience in the not-for-profit sector. I always dreamed of being a mom, but after trying to conceive naturally for a few years, I realized the path to motherhood wouldn’t be as easy as I expected.My husband and I went in for testing and were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Our next step was IUI, but after four failed rounds, we were ready to move on to IVF. I struggled a lot physically during my IVF retrieval, and even ended up hospitalized. There were moments I came close to giving up. But being part of a community of people that understood was a saving grace for me and gave me the strength to keep going. We ended up with 13 fertilized embryos – we were so excited – but somehow only one made it to the blastocyst stage. This was heartbreaking news, but we didn’t want to lose hope in our one little embryo. And we’re so glad we kept the hope alive, because that miracle embryo became my first successful pregnancy. My dream is to help create a safe environment for anyone struggling with infertility, where they can find community, support, and reliable resources. That’s why I helped found Oasis: because I truly believe that no one should feel alone through the process of trying to start a family.”
In this week’s episode, we sit down with Dr. Lorne Brown, the Clinical Director of Acubalance Wellness Centre, and the Founder of Healthy Seminars and the Integrative Fertility Symposium, to discuss his approach to supporting one’s fertility journey, that being Chinese medicine and naturopathy. Acubalance Wellness Centre takes an integrated approach incorporating both research-based and time-tested treatments combining Chinese medicine, acupuncture, naturopathy, cold laser (LLLT)/photobiomodulation, and functional medicine. Tune in now to learn more about this treatment option!How to connect to Lorne Brown online and in person (Vancouver, BC) book virtual or in-person conscious work sessions with Dr. Lorne Brown hacks and tools to optimize your fertility by Dr. Lorne Brown: a free copy of the Acubalance Fertility Diet & Recipes and a copy of the ebook 5 Ways to Maximize Your Chances of Getting Pregnant from Acubalance.caConnect with Lorne and his Conscious Fertility Podcast on Instagram:@acubalancewellnesscentre@conscious_fertility_podcast@lorne_brown_official
In this special episode on Fertility in Focus, we are joined by writer and director Hiag Avsharian to discuss his short film, “Pulling the Goalie”, and shed some light on the often overlooked perspective of male infertility struggles.Drawing from his personal experience, Hiag gives us insight into his journey through fertility challenges. With a desire to increase awareness surrounding the experiences of men, he spent over a decade working on his short film, “Pulling the Goalie”. This film provides an approachable narrative that speaks to the emotions and challenges endured by men dealing with infertility. He intertwines themes of male relationships and the power of connection to foster a supportive environment that embraces men's experiences. The film pays homage to individuals with diverse journeys, promoting understanding and empathy for those navigating the challenges of fertility struggles.Join us as we explore the motivations behind Hiag's unwavering commitment to telling this story. Discover the impact he hopes to make, both in supporting individuals going through infertility and in enlightening those around them about the profound difficulties they face. Tune in to this extraordinary episode of Fertility in Focus and join us in embracing the power of storytelling to illuminate the often-unseen realities of male infertility.More About our Guest SpeakerHiag Avsharian is an accomplished business professional turned filmmaker who won 15+ Film Festival Awards including Montreal Independent Film Festival, the Canadian Cinematography Film Festival, and Toronto's Wild Sound Film Festival. For over two decades, he served as the President and co-owner of a thriving company, overseeing a team of 100 employees. Now, he channels his passion and creativity into the art of filmmaking.Hiag made his debut in the world of cinema with the short film, "Pulling the Goalie.” This heartfelt story follows Jamie and Jack, a couple immersed in the world of beer league hockey, who face the daunting challenge of infertility. As their initial excitement turns to stress and anxiety, their journey takes them to the brink, testing their resilience and love for one another. By presenting the narrative from a man's perspective, Hiag aims to shed light on the struggles faced by couples dealing with infertility, emphasizing that 1 in 8 couples are confronted with this reality.To show your support for Hiag and his film, you can follow him on social media at @ptgmovie, where you'll find updates and behind-the-scenes insights. Additionally, you can watch "Pulling the Goalie" for free on YouTube ( For more information visit the official website at 
Today we're talking with Dr. Ariel Dalfen, a psychiatrist who specializes in women’s mental health. Dr. Dalfen has 20 years of experience and is the Co-Founder of BRIA, a virtual care service for women struggling with mental health issues across reproductive life stages. In this episode she'll be sharing some of her favorite tips for taking care of your mental health while trying to conceive.This episode is for anyone who's dealing with the struggle of building a family—whether it's you or someone you know. You don't have to be going through IVF or have been diagnosed with a fertility issue to benefit from this episode. Dr. Dalfen will help you figure out what your best approach is when it comes to finding support and resources, and she'll give you some tips on how to cope with the stress that comes along with infertility.If you've ever felt like there's no one out there who understands what you're going through, listen up! We hope this episode will be helpful for anyone who needs a little extra encouragement right now.Connect with BRIA on Instagram and LinkedIn, and Dr. Dalfen on LinkedIn.More About Dr. Ariel DalfenDr. Ariel Dalfen is a women's mental health psychiatrist with 20 years of experience and Co-Founder of BRIA, a virtual care service for women struggling with mental health issues across reproductive life stages. Prior to starting BRIA in 2022, Dr. Dalfen worked at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Canada where she was the head of the Perinatal Mental Health Program for 12 years. In 2014, she created the Perinatal Mental Health Telemedicine Program, an innovative and first-of-its-kind program that provided specialized mental healthcare to women around the province of Ontario using mobile technologies. After completing her undergraduate degree at Princeton University, she attended McMaster University medical school and then completed her specialty training in psychiatry at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Dr. Dalfen is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine and has published in both medical journals and the popular media. She lectures for both medical and public audiences and has been a medical contributor on various television programs and other media outlets. In 2009, she wrote a book, When Baby Brings the Blues: Solutions for Postpartum Depression. This book is highly regarded and utilized by both healthcare providers and the general public.  Stay up to date with all things Fertility in Focus by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you are interested in being a guest or sponsoring Fertility in Focus, apply here.
In this episode, we sit down with Bianca Bolissan to talk about her journey through trying to conceive. We cover the unknowns that come with the process and what she did to help find support systems during a time when she didn't even know what she didn't know.Connect with Bianca on Instagram and visit her Also, be sure to check out the My Fertility Journey podcast.Stay up to date with all things Fertility in Focus by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you are interested in being a guest or sponsoring Fertility in Focus, apply here.
In this episode of Fertility in Focus, we're talking about IUI - which stands for Intrauterine Insemination - with Dr. Gord McTavish the Medical Director of Heartland Fertility.If you want to learn more about this infertility treatment option, or if you're just curious about what it is and how it works, tune in! We'll talk about the basics of IUI, why it's used as a treatment option for infertility and what its purpose is. We'll also discuss IUI vs IVF and dispel some of the common misconceptions about these two options for treating infertility.Connect with Dr. McTavish by emailing him at and Stay up to date with all things Fertility in Focus by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you are interested in being a guest or sponsoring Fertility in Focus, apply here.
Hey, listeners!We're back with another episode of Fertility in Focus. This time, we're talking with Dr. Robyn Murphy, a naturopathic doctor at Conceive Health in Toronto. She is an expert in the microbiome, and she shares with us what it is, how it affects our health and fertility, ways to improve your microbiome, and more!Here are some great opportunities to connect with Dr. MurphyFollow me at @DrRobynMurphyBook with her at Conceive Health North YorkBook 15-min introductory call to help you understand how she may help here Group program: Fertility EssentialsFern DNA testMore About Dr. Robyn Murphy, ND, BSc  Dr. Robyn Murphy is a naturopathic doctor at Conceive Health in Toronto, with an authority in reproductive health. As the Scientific Advisor for DNA Labs, she combines her strong background in research and clinical practice to bring the most effective treatment strategies for her patients. She is a strong advocate for patient-centred care and aims to build trust and empower patients with reliable knowledge to inspire health.Dr. Murphy is most excited about supporting patients on a larger scale with her latest developments, including her virtual program Fertility Essentials and her collaboration with FERN DNA and their launch of the first Canadian lifestyle fertility genetics panel.
In this episode on Fertility in Focus, we learn about Keith Buis’ six year fertility journey. Keith is from St. John’s, Newfoundland and a fierce advocate for equal access to fertility services. At the start of his journey with his wife, Amanda, they never could have imagined the lengths they would travel to start their family. Their journey started with in-province treatment, progress to out-of-province treatment, and eventually led them to out-of-country treatment. From the perspective of a man, Keith shares his story of experiencing the struggle of conceiving and the challenges that he faced. He discusses how he managed to overcome these challenges through conversations and developing a support system.Today, Keith is the proudest father of twins but is very aware that the journey can often be dark and isolating. Speaking about infertility while struggling through it was one of the hardest but most eye-opening experiences he has had to date. Men are not known for our open communication style, especially when it comes to infertility.In Keith’s words, “You do not have to suffer through your struggle alone! Should you or your partner ever need to reach out, I will always be available.” Connect with him on Facebook or Instagram. Stay up to date with all things Fertility in Focus by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you are interested in being a guest or sponsoring Fertility in Focus, apply here.
In this episode of Fertility in Focus, we sit down with Dr. Al Yuzpe to discuss how to find the right clinic for you.Dr. Yuzpe is a co-founder and co-director of Olive Fertility Centre. As Canada's most senior Reproductive Endocrinologist, he has been involved in IVF for the past 30 years and in the field of infertility for the past 43 years.If you've ever been confused about what exactly a fertility clinic does or how to find one that's right for you and your situation, this episode is for you! Dr. Yuzpe will walk us through what makes a clinic good (and not so good) and give us tips on how to navigate the process of finding a clinic that's right for you and your family.More About Dr. Al YuzpeDr. Yuzpe received his MD, M Sc. and completed his fellowship training in obstetrics and gynecology at Western University, London, Ontario. During his training, Dr. Yuzpe was a Fellow of the Medical Research Council of Canada for two years with his research focusing on the development and refinement of fertility-promoting drugs, including clomiphene and human gonadotropins.He pioneered the development of the emergency contraceptive pill, which is often referred to as "The Yuzpe method." This method was recently listed by the Canadian Child and Youth Health Coalition as among the 10 Canadian discoveries with the greatest impact, or the greatest potential for impact, on health outcomes for children and youth in the last 100 years.
In this episode, we are joined by not one but two, incredible individuals, Baden and Zane Colt, who are intended parents by surrogacy, expecting their first child in July 2023. Baden and Zane get raw and real with their journey, which begins with Baden's childhood epilepsy diagnosis and their lead-up to today where they are working with their surrogate, Ashley, who is 24.5 weeks pregnant, and all the milestones and challenges in between.Baden and Zane are active members of the surrogacy and fertility communities with Baden running a support group for intended moms by surrogacy and Zane sits on the board of Conceivable Dreams, an Ontario-focused fertility advocacy organization. Together they run the surrogacy blog Not My Tummy (But I'm Still Mummy) as well as the popular Instagram account @notmytummy, where they focus on telling their story, sharing surrogacy resources, and educating the general public about surrogacy through the lens of parents-to-be by surrogacy.Stay up to date with all things Fertility in Focus by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you are interested in being a guest or sponsoring Fertility in Focus, apply here.
In this episode, we hear from Dr. Ari Baratz who shares the ins and outs of embryo transfers. The process of an embryo transfer can be complicated and confusing, so Fertility Matters Canada wanted to bring you a guide to help you navigate it all. Dr. Baratz will walk you through what's involved in the process from start to finish, so you'll know exactly what's going on with your embryos during the transfer. Tune in now!About Dr. Ari BaratzDr. Ari Baratz has been dedicated to women’s health and reproductive medicine for over 20 years. He is one of a select few physicians in Canada with the accreditation and the advanced level of training required for the care of people dealing with infertility and recurrent miscarriages.Upon joining CReATe, Dr. Baratz assumed a faculty position in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, University of Toronto. Dr. Baratz has played an integral role in the Department of Gynecology at the New Women’s College Hospital, University of Toronto. He is a leader in Ambulatory Gynecology and Surgical education and has mentored many students, residents, and fellows in reproductive medicine.Through CReATe, Women’s College Hospital and the University of Toronto, Dr. Baratz continues his research in medical education and several aspects of clinical infertility and reproductive endocrinology. Focused on providing ‘patient-centred’ fertility care, Dr. Baratz’s clinical interests include providing all forms of assisted reproductive technologies, reproductive endoscopic (minimally invasive) surgery, and Reproductive Telemedicine (Ontario Telemedicine Network). A compassionate practitioner and dedicated researcher, Dr. Baratz has presented his research at several national and international forums. Dr. Baratz has a special interest in all forms of third party reproduction including anonymous and known egg / sperm donation and surrogacy. He has provided consultations on matters of reproductive medicine for intended parents throughout Ontario, across Canada and internationally.Stay up to date with all things Fertility in Focus by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you are interested in being a guest or sponsoring Fertility in Focus, apply here.
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