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Bitter/Sweet, is a podcast that explores the relationship between food and our deepest memories. In each episode guests share a profound moment in their lives, involving an evocative meal and share why it was so meaningful for them.
8 Episodes
Bitter/Sweet Trailer

Bitter/Sweet Trailer


Sunday dinners have taken on a new meaning for Natasha Miller, the host of Bitter/Sweet. In this episode we learn why that is and what inspired Natasha to explore the relationship between food and memories.  And, why loss has given her quest new purpose.
Something powerful occurs when food and kindness are combined. Jeremy King, London's favourite restaurateur shares a story about a meal in France that shaped his career. In this episode we learn how food and generosity can be a catalyst for change.
In this episode we learn how a bowl of noodles helped Anna Burn’s reclaim agency over her life. Anna is an artistic director and consultant who brings the stories of luxury fashion brands to life through design. Her evocative food memory reveals how her sweet tooth led her to a meal in Cambodia that changed her relationship with food forever. Explore Anna’s compelling work: Follow Anna on Instagram:
Markus's Family Soup

Markus's Family Soup


The magic of a meal is not always experienced in the moment.  Markus Hippi’s story about his childhood memory of Finnish fish soup will not only have you yearning for the familiar                                                                     but will remind you that there are times in our lives that we can never return to. His vivid account of his grandmas's fish soup and its powerful family connection will evoke recollections that awaken your senses.
Tim's Sushi Adventure

Tim's Sushi Adventure


In this episode Tim Blanks of the Business of Fashion shares how new food experiences can reveal parts of ourselves that we didn’t know existed and how relationships can change our lives forever. In his story we learn about how his first encounter with a Japanese meal including sushi and tempura ignited a passionate love affair.
This mini episode is the precursor to the final chapter of Bitter/Sweet.  We are introduced to Natasha's grandma; Mama J and her kitchen. We get a glimpse of Mama J’s forthright personality and learn why soup holds so much personal meaning before the finale!
In the final episode of Bitter/Sweet we meet Natasha’s Jamaican grandma; Mama J. We learn about the last meal that she prepared for her daughter and why she cooks soup for dinner every Saturday.