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Author: Aaron Degler

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Aaron grew up in Bowie, a small town in North Texas. Aaron’s favorite way to travel is taking road trips for the opportunity to stop in small towns along the road to his destination. In traveling Aaron realized that Bowie is similar to many other small towns in our nation. The similarity of small towns is that often the town has unnoticed value from the businesses, the organizations, the history and of course the people. Join Aaron each week as he shares part of his hometown that is not so different than those we may drive through on our favorite road trips. Welcome to My Hometown.
28 Episodes
Join us as we journey through the remarkable life of Miranda Tate, a beacon of resilience and faith from Bowie, Texas. From her college struggles as an ADD student to her metamorphosis into an inspiring teacher and coach, Miranda's story is a testament to personal growth. Listen in as she recounts overcoming life's obstacles and finding her unique style of learning, all while nurturing deep roots in her hometown. Miranda takes us behind the scenes of her vibrant journey, revealing how she built her business, J&M Designs, from scratch. Be inspired by how she balanced motherhood, entrepreneurship, and her faith, all while running a thriving faith-based apparel business. Tune in for her insights on the challenges of launching a business, the art of outsourcing, and the nuances of marketing in today's digital landscape. In our final segment, we delve into the heart of relationships and the pivotal role of communication in fostering them. Miranda and her husband share their wisdom on love languages, managing expectations, and the nuances of transparency with their children. Drawing from their experiences, they offer invaluable advice on nurturing relationships and maintaining balance in the whirlwind of life. They also impart wisdom on the delicate balance of entrepreneurship, motherhood, and hosting a podcast. This episode is a treasure trove of love, life, business, and faith, so don't miss out!Music by: Kim CantwellBowie Mural: Located at Creative CakesConnect w/Aaron:
Ever wondered about the power of resilience and choice in shaping one's life? This episode invites you on an intimate journey of Aimee` Ashley, a well-loved member of our Bowie, Texas community. From her early life in Bowie to moving away for college and then finding her way back, Aimee` navigates life’s surprises and challenges with a remarkable spirit. She shares her experience of uncovering her Attention Deficit Disorder as an adult and how adapting her learning style has empowered her to thrive despite it.But that's not all. Aimee` lays bare her voyage through marriage, motherhood, navigating mental health issues, divorce, and finding her true calling in real estate. She speaks candidly about life-altering conversations, forming the Free Bird Group, and the trials she faced on her path to achieving personal goals. Her story of resilience, faith, and self-love after divorce is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. Hear how Aimee's faith, her supportive community, and her dedication to self-reflection played vital roles in her healing process and her journey toward success.As we uncover Aimee's story, we reflect on the significance of listening to your inner voice and pursuing your purpose, no matter what life throws your way. We delve into how the Bowie community rallied together during difficult times and the sense of belonging and security a supportive hometown can provide. Aimee's journey is a stirring reminder of what can be achieved when resilience, faith, and a supportive community come together. So, tune in, and be inspired by Aimee's incredible journey of faith, resilience, and success. Don't miss this powerful tale of transformation and triumph.Music by: Kim CantwellBowie Mural: Located at Creative CakesConnect w/Aaron:
Ever wondered how a college athlete turned a passion for fashion into a thriving boutique business? Meet Addy Cook, a spirited entrepreneur who navigated the challenging transition from an online store to a physical storefront during the uncertain times of COVID-19, all while juggling a full-time banking job. The surprising part? Her banking career proved to be unexpectedly accommodating to her entrepreneurial venture!Our conversation with Addy takes you behind the scenes of fashion inventory selection and ordering. Hear about her practical approach to shopping using an app that targets local business and the strategic thought process behind each fashion selection. Learn how she tackled the complexities of maintaining a successful boutique, leveraging an app for customer interactions, managing live streams, and creating uniqueness in the market. If you've ever been intrigued about running a boutique, you'll want to hear Addy's insights!And we're not just talking business. Marvel at the personal side of Addy's journey, as she shares her secret recipe for work-life balance and how baking provides stress relief. She opens up about her love for baking and the pursuit of her perfect sugar cookie recipe. Listen in as we discuss her involvement in community support events, her innovative business ideas, and the importance she places on shopping locally. This intimate conversation with Addy is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and community spirit in entrepreneurial success.Find Broke Gals Boutique across all social media and @ Broke Gals Boutique.   Music by: Kim CantwellBowie Mural: Located at Creative CakesConnect w/Aaron:
Have you ever wondered how a life-altering health scare could lead to a complete lifestyle transformation? Our guest for this episode, Kyle LaPointe,  and his wife Megan not only faced this but turned it into a thriving local farm venture. From their roots in the construction industry to becoming the co-owners of Reviving Real Foods and Texas Foothills, Kyle takes us through their inspiring transition sparked by serious health issues that led to a gluten-free, heart-healthy diet. Their journey wasn’t easy, with several challenges including setting up their farm store, distillery, brewery, and tasting room amid a pandemic. Yet, their resilience and innovation helped them navigate through these hurdles to create a flourishing business.  Take a deep dive into their innovative farming methods, an intensive regenerative rotational grazing system, and their unique offerings like goat yoga classes and farm tours, aimed at connecting people with animals.But their story doesn't stop there. What really stands out is how they have leveraged principles from their previous careers in the construction industry to build a thriving local farm. They've fostered strong community ties and significantly improved their health and well-being. Listen in to hear how they prioritize quality over cost, sourcing organic and Texas ingredients for their products. Discover the benefits of local farming and how it's possible to provide high-quality products at a reasonable rate, all while enjoying a calmer, more fulfilling lifestyle. Experience the passion and commitment that Kyle and Megan bring to their farming venture, a testament to their resilience, creativity, and relentless commitment to quality and health.www.revivingrealfood.comMusic by: Kim CantwellBowie Mural: Located at Creative CakesConnect w/Aaron:
Today's episode features Fallon Richey, a lifelong resident of Bowie, Texas, whose journey has led her through a unique path of love, self-realization, and acceptance. She takes us back to her roots, her decision to fast-track her nursing program at TCU, and the sweet tale of matchmaking love that set her on a life full of unexpected turns.Living in a small town with a child with uniqueness can be quite an ordeal. Fallon dives into the struggles and isolation she encountered, the turning point of acceptance, and the immense impact her youngest son had on her family. She emphasizes the importance of transparency and advocacy for her son's unique needs. Listen closely as she recounts her experiences and shares how these struggles shaped her into the woman she is today.What happens when you're approached to lead a Kids for Truth program at Central Baptist Church? Fallon shares her initial hesitation, the ultimate decision to accept the role, and how it led to unforeseen growth and community outreach. Wrapping up, she implores us to embrace life's messes, find family in unexpected places, and accept the gifts life presents. Tune in for a heartwarming, inspiring, and moving conversation with Fallon Richey, a woman who has truly embraced her uniqueness and turned life's curveballs into stepping stones.Music by: Kim CantwellBowie Mural: Located at Creative CakesConnect w/Aaron:
Ever wondered about the journey of a small town local business, the evolution of media, and how one woman manages to juggle it all? This riveting episode featuring lifelong Bowie resident and entrepreneur, Carol Ann Head, is a testament to the power of community, involvement, and giving back.The heart of our conversation revolves around Carol's experience in the media industry, specifically her pivotal role at the Montague  County Shopper. Carol takes us down memory lane as she shares her journey from the good old days of cutting and pasting paper to the sophisticated printing process today.  She reveals the significant changes that the Montague County Shopper has undergone since she took over in 2005, including the transition to a larger size newspaper.   In the latter part of our episode, Carol shares her insights on the importance of community involvement. We discuss her work with the Bowie Chamber of Commerce and the Jim Bowie Day Association, and the significance of volunteering and supporting local businesses. Furthermore, Carol takes us through her journey into real estate and how she successfully balances her career in media, real estate, and giving back to her community. Don't miss this inspiring conversation with Carol Ann Head as she exemplifies the power of engagement, hard work, and the ripple effect of giving back to one's community. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a local business supporter, or someone who loves an inspiring success story, this episode promises to be an engaging one. Join us as we explore the world of media, community, and real estate through Carol's journey.Connect w/Montague County Shopper by: Kim CantwellBowie Mural: Located at Creative CakesConnect w/Aaron:
Ever dreamed about leaving your small town for the bright lights of a big city? Well, our guest Betty Robbins did just that. Trading Bowie, Texas, for the sunshine state of Florida, she carved out a successful career for herself in modeling and real estate. But the big city lights didn't hold a candle to her hometown.Betty's story is not just about chasing dreams and finding love. It's also about resilience, reinvention, and entrepreneurial spirit. From the modeling world's glitz and glamour to navigating the real estate industry and setting up a small-town business, Betty's journey echoes determination and grit. The dynamics of operating Mint, her interactions with other salons in the area, and the satisfaction of running a successful local business - Betty's is a tale that's as inspiring as it is intriguing.In her own words, Betty reveals the highs and lows of her life, including her childhood experiences, her parents' tragic loss, and the upheaval that followed. She also shares her experience of growing up in a close-knit community, the changes she's witnessed in Bowie, and her advice on attracting clients and building successful relationships. Offering a heartfelt account of her journey, Betty's story is sure to leave you inspired, enlightened, and eager to learn more about this hometown hero. So why wait? Tune in and let Betty's resilience and determination move you.Connect w/Mint Day Spawww.mintspasalon.comConnect w/Chapman Event Center by: Kim CantwellBowie Mural: Located at Creative CakesConnect w/Aaron:
Welcome back to My Hometown.The extraordinary charm of Bowie is  unfolded by our  guest, Josh Swint, who shares of his high school life, his car dealership days with his father, and his  journey into the real estate business. Josh and Aaron delve into a profound conversation about the intriguing art of discerning patterns in people and life's events, a skill fundamental for success in any business. We further unravel the importance of perseverance, and how its power often surpasses talent when it comes to achieving success. Immerse yourself in Josh's inspiring journey, from the invaluable lessons he learned from his father about the virtue of hard work to his rise in the real estate industry, which was ironically catalyzed by job rejection.As we journey further into the depths of Bowie's evolving business landscape, we discuss the compelling necessity for businesses to embrace change, especially harnessing the vibrancy of the younger generation and the influence of social media. We delve into the intricate dynamics of the real estate and ranching industries' evolution over time, particularly in Bowie, and how technology and changing lifestyles have redefined these industries. With heartfelt reflections and insightful discussions on the city's challenges, successes, and growth, this episode promises to provide an authentic glimpse into the evolving face of Bowie, Texas. So, tune in and let's explore Bowie together through the eyes of its very own.Connect w/Chapman Event Center w/Josh Swint by: Kim CantwellBowie Mural: Located at Creative CakesConnect w/Aaron:
Imagine stepping into a cozy salon in the heart of small-town Bowie, Texas, where every client is greeted with warmth and purpose. That's the environment Jennifer Harris has lovingly crafted as she shares her journey of bringing her passion for cosmetology to life. As a salon owner, Jennifer has navigated the challenges of building a successful business in a close-knit community, transforming her salon from a business venture to a mission field. Her salon is more than a space for beauty treatments; it's a platform for building deep and meaningful relationships.Join us in the heartwarming tale of Project Beautiful, an initiative birthed by Jennifer. This project targeted young girls, focusing on boosting their self-worth, and teaching them the essence of true beauty. Jennifer leverages her experiences and the collective support of the Bowie community to make this event a success. Hear how her event, filled with engaging workshops and enlightening talks, has touched the lives of young girls in Bowie and beyond.Throughout this episode, we uncover inspiring stories of personal growth, the significance of small-town values, and the transformative power of community. Tune in to experience the heartwarming journey of Jennifer.Connect w/The Element Salon & Spawww.theelementsalon.net by: Kim CantwellBowie Mural: Located at Creative CakesConnect w/Aaron:
What if you could get a glimpse into the journey of an extraordinary education leader from his humble beginnings to his current role as a superintendent? Meet Blake Enlow, the Superintendent of Bowie ISD, who graciously takes us through his life in Coppell, Texas, his move to Bowie, and his transformation from being a teacher to an administrator. We explore his roots, his college life at Midwestern State University, and his family's deep connection to Bowie. Navigating the path of education is not an easy job, let alone transitioning from teaching to administration. It involves making tough decisions, valuing the experiences of others, and ensuring that everyone moves in the same direction. Blake opens up about these challenges, the struggle to find the right job, and his commitment to the school community. We also explore the process Blake went through to get his superintendent certificate and the decision to take on the role of Superintendent.As the world grappled with the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and the precipitous shift to online learning, Blake shares his experience dealing with these challenges. He candidly discusses his transition from high school principal to superintendent, the advice he received from his predecessor, and the impact of a four-day school week. The importance of communication and collaboration is underscored through Blake's journey, along with the power of building relationships. So, join us on this journey to gain insights into the life of an education leader and learn how he navigates through the challenges thrown his way.Music by: Kim CantwellBowie Mural: Located at Creative CakesConnect w/Aaron:
What if one life-changing trip could ignite your passion and lead you to your true calling? That's precisely what happened to Eric Villarreal, owner of Dominion Training Camp in Bowie, Texas. Join us as we sit down with Eric and learn about his incredible journey from working in the oilfield to becoming a small business owner driven by the desire to help people evolve, fight, and emerge.Ever wondered how a love for boxing could lead to a thriving business? Eric shares how he built Dominion Training Camp from the ground up, expanding it from a mere 900 square feet to an impressive 10,000 square feet space. Hear about the challenges he faced along the way, and how he persevered through difficult times, including the pandemic, with resilience and determination.Ready to witness the power of passion and the impact it can have on a community?Discover Eric's transition from fighter to promoter, the development of the Dominion Fighting Alliance, and how he's been instrumental in promoting combat sports in Texas. Learn about the role martial arts has played in combating bullying and building confidence in local kids, proving once more that small businesses are vital to creating positive change in our communities. Don't miss out on this inspiring conversation with Eric Villarreal!Music by: Kim CantwellBowie Mural: Located at Creative CakesConnect w/Aaron:
From humble beginnings in Bowie, Texas, to becoming a full-time gym owner and entrepreneur, my journey has been nothing short of an exciting rollercoaster ride. Join my wife Kim and me as we share the story of how I discovered my passion for fitness at Tomlinson's Fitness Center and transformed it into a thriving business. We'll take you through the early days of juggling the food industry and factory jobs, the nerve-wracking open house of our gym, and the lessons we've learned as we built Synergy Fitness from the ground up.Balancing family life and entrepreneurship is no easy task, but it's been a rewarding journey for our family. We'll explore how I managed to complete my bachelor's degree by the age of 40, showing my kids that age is just a number when it comes to achieving goals. We'll also delve into the challenges of owning a small business gym in a small town and how my wife and I crafted the business into something that works for our family.Our gym, Synergy Fitness, has not only made an impact on our lives but also on our local community. We'll discuss how our gym has grown over the years, embracing technology and providing a supportive, loving environment for our clients. Ultimately, our venture has shed light on the importance of making an impact in our hometown, both through our business and beyond. So, tune in and listen to our story of resilience, hard work, and dedication, as we share how our passion for fitness and our love for our hometown have shaped our lives.www.aarondegler.comMusic by: Kim CantwellBowie Mural: Located at Creative CakesConnect w/Aaron:
Starting a business is no easy feat, but when you're passionate about helping others and have the support of your community, it's possible to thrive even in the face of challenges. Join us as we chat with physical therapists Morgan Nedley and Taylor Davis, the powerhouse duo behind the successful startup Rise Therapy in Bowie, Texas. Learn about their unique journey to opening their own business, and how their dedication to their patients and community has fueled their growth.From the highs of hiring their first employee to the struggles of balancing work and family life, Morgan and Taylor open up about the realities of running a small business. Their honesty and resilience are truly inspiring for anyone considering taking the leap into entrepreneurship. Throughout our conversation, we explore the importance of organization, honest communication, and investing in community connections that have been crucial to their success.It's not every day that you get to hear about the incredible support that can be found in a small town like Bowie, Texas. Morgan and Taylor share how the local community has played a significant role in the growth of Rise Therapy. They express their gratitude for the connections they've made, and the impact they've had on the lives of those in their hometown. Tune in to hear their heartwarming story and discover the power of community support in the world of small business.www.risetherapytx.comMusic by: Kim CantwellBowie Mural: Located at Creative CakesConnect w/Aaron:
Welcome back to My Hometown!What is a Legacy?A legacy is something transmitted from an ancestor.  Join us in today's episode as we welcome our guest Bret and Nichole Maddox owners of Maddox Legacy.  Maddox Legacy is a carrying on the tradition of quality hats that last a life time.Bret and Nichole share with us the journey that led them to open Maddox Legacy.  Maddox Legacy is a passion for both Bret and Nichole to carry on Bret's Dad's legacy.  The Maddox share with us what brought them to Bowie and why Bowie has a special place in their heart and they call it My Hometown.  Pull up a seat inside Maddox Legacy Hat store and join us for a wonderful conversation about business, relationships, passion, challenges, and successes in a small town.  website:  www.maddoxlegacy.comsocial media:  Maddox Legacy Music by: Kim CantwellBowie Mural: Located at Creative CakesConnect w/Aaron:
Welcome back to My Hometown!!Welcome my guest Angie Meyers, owner of Creative Cakes.  Angie shares the moment she entered Creative Cakes to get information about if the owner was wanting to sell.  Angie was pushed by a friend and shares that wonderful story with us.  Angie shares how it all started but she also shares the challenges over the past 16 years along with how her business has changed over that time.  Angie has learned the hard way that she has to run her business that best suites her life.  Angie also shares some of the great things that make owning Creative Cakes in our wonderful community.  Come in Creative Cakes and join Aaron and Angie during their wonderful conversation and reminiscing over the last 16 years of Creative Cakes.   Music by: Kim CantwellBowie Mural: Located at Creative CakesConnect w/Aaron:
Welcome back to My Hometown!My guest today is Julie Hopkins, Executive Director, with the Clear Choice Pregnancy Resource Center.  Julie shares with us how she became first involved with the Pregnancy Center as a volunteer.  After a couple of years she was asked to be the Executive Director and initially said no because she didn't feel qualified.   After about six months of saying no God had a different plan for Julie.  Julie also shares the what the Pregnancy Center has to offer moms of all ages and how the community can get involved.  Moms and moms to be can get mentoring, instruction, diapers, baby clothes, baby furniture and so much more.  Join Julie and Aaron in today's episode on My Hometown to learn about a great resource available in our community.  Music by: Kim CantwellBowie Mural: Located at Creative CakesConnect w/Aaron:
Welcome Back to My Hometown!!We are glad you could stop by and visit.  In today's episode, Aaron sits down with Brad and Deann Sherman, owners of Kimber Creek Gifts & Wine Bar, and the Chapman Building.  The Shermans share what brought them to Nocona, Texas and  want to start businesses in Bowie.  They also share with us what it was like to have their business destroyed by a tornado in 2020.   Brad shares some wonderful history about Bowie, the historical buildings and how Smokey Row came to an end.    Pull up a seat at the Chapman Building as Brad and Deann share their heart for our community, the struggles they have faced, the successes they have experienced, and of course the friends they have made.  Find Kimber Creek & The Chapman Building on FacebookMusic by: Kim CantwellBowie Mural: Located at Creative CakesConnect w/Aaron:
Welcome back to My Hometown!In today's episode Aaron sits down to with co-owner of Homestyle Collective, Jennifer Kleinhans.  Jennifer as worn many hats in the past that have helped her keep her main objective in mind, which was being a stay at home mom.  All of the different jobs Jennifer has had have one thing in common, they allow her to have a creative outlet.  Her creative outlets from painting signs, to decorating cakes, to creating healthy recipes, have lead her to being a co owner of Homestyle Collective.  Homestyle Collective is a where Jennifer and her partner Chrissy put there skills together to sell you their own style in store or create your style in your own home.  Have a seat on the coach inside Homestyle Collective to join Aaron and Jennifer as she shares her passions and her journey that has lead her having a business in her hometown.  www.homestylecollective.comMusic by: Kim CantwellBowie Mural: Located at Creative CakesConnect w/Aaron:
Welcome back to My Hometown!!Aaron sits down to have a wonderful conversation with the owner of the Wise St. Mercantile & Suite, Elaine Kunkleman.  Elaine, not a resident of Bowie, shares with us the reasons she decide to open a business in Bowie.  She also shares with us the vision she had for the Mercantile along with her future vision.  Elaine took time to understand what the city and the citizens wanted from a business and wanted to create a business designed with thoughts needs in mind.  Join Aaron and Elaine in today's episode as Elaine shares her journey to finding the perfect location for a nice little mercantile on Wise St. in the middle of our Hometown.  Pull up a seat in the Wise St. Mercantile to join in on Aaron and Elaine's fun conversation.  Facebook & Instagram @Wise St. Mercantile & SuiteWebsite:  wisestreetmercantile.comEmail:  wisestreetmercantile@gmail.comMusic by: Kim CantwellBowie Mural: Located at Creative CakesConnect w/Aaron:
Welcome back to My Hometown!!Aaron is excited to sit down and visit with Chief of police, Guy Green.Chief Green was born and raised in Bowie and since a little boy wanted to be a police officer and serve in the community he grew up in.  Aaron and Chief Green have a wonderful conversation about growing up in Bowie, becoming a patrol officer, working up the ranks in the Bowie PD, and what it now means as Chief of Police to serve the citizens of our community.  Chief Green shares his heart and passion for his community and shares with us the one thing that each citizen can do to help make our community the best community to live in.  Join Aaron and Chief Green in the Bowie Police Department as the sit down and a heartfelt conversation about our little town we call home.Music by: Kim CantwellBowie Mural: Located at Creative CakesConnect w/Aaron:
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