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Author: Bridget Leech & Nick Vorpagel

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Dinner + Drinks is a podcast about all the things you share over food. Co-hosts Bridget and Nick release Sunday night episodes talking about the delicious things they ate last week, funny kid stories, meal plans for the next week, life, and, of course, all the drinks. Additional interview episodes featuring guests with interesting viewpoints on food and drink topics will be release semi-regularly!Do you have a question you'd like answered on the podcast? A suggestion for a great guest? General feedback you'd like to share? Just drop us a line at with your comments - we'd love to hear from you!This podcast is brought to you by Lake Geneva Country Meats, and previously was called Reduce by Half. You can find the old episodes marked as Season 1 of Dinner + Drinks.Thanks for listening - we appreciate you spending time with us!
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We've hit 150 episodes and we have big news to share!Join us on our walk down memory lane of the last 3 years of podcasting, and learn what the big news is. The first two minutes of the podcast are recorded with a backup source, then the audio quality gets better. Sorry for the mix-up.As we shared at the end of the episode, we'll be taking a break until early December, thanks for your patience, and we can't wait to talk to you then.Cheers!Bridget & Nick
Hey all - we're a day late, thanks for your patience. The extra day did give us time to decide on this important programming announcement: Next week's episode will be out around Tuesday, November 22nd. It's our 150th and we'll be celebrating the almost 3 years of podcasting, as well as the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday!That's enough about the future, here's about what's happening on this week's episode:Check out the exciting news about the World's Tallest Glass Tree that's going to be build in Williams Bay, Wisconsin at the Yerkes Observatory!If you are interested in history, architecture, and long reads, this NY Times Magazine piece on Spain's Islamic history is great.Check out this awesome "Freak in the Sheets" Excel mug that would be an awesome Christmas gift for your local Excel nerd.If you're as jazzed about Baskin Robbins' Turkey Ice Cream Cake as Bridget, you can get more details right here.Have a great week, thanks for listening, we'll talk to you soon as we celebrate 150 episodes!Bridget & Nick
How are you all doing out there?We are having great weeks and getting ready for Friendsgiving - more on that after the break. Here are links to what we talked about this week:Why give out candy when you can give out potatoes for Halloween treats? Check out the cool story of this Milwaukee women who found children preferred spuds to candy bars!If you are a dry shampoo user, check out this list of recalled products, you should maybe not use your shampoo!Bridget recommends Asos dresses for fancy season!Nick loves a good Ah So wine opener for special bottles. It's easy to master, you'll look cool while using it and not ruin corks!Have a great week everybody, we'll talk to you soon!Bridget & Nick
We all know banquet food can be bad, but this week we had an interesting experience with banquet food that needs to be talked out. We'd love to hear your bad banquet food experiences, let us know!Here are a few links to what we talked about today:Babies don't need fancy things! Check out this article from The Atlantic to reassure yourself that no, you don't need fancy things for your baby.The McTrain is a real thing. Read about McDonald's attempt to take over the German rails in this article.Nick would love one of these Arsenal smart watch bands for Christmas!If you want to check out the 90's life hacks we discussed, here's the link!Have a great week, we hope you avoid bad banquet food, and we'll talk to you soon.Cheers!Bridget & Nick
We had an awesome week full of events and friends. While it was a little overwhelming, there were still plenty of positives, so we hope you enjoy our canter through the week that was!Check out these links from this week's episodes:Busch NA Beer for DogsMilwaukee's New Pro Soccer TeamAnimatronic Santa at Home DepotHave a great week - we'll talk to you soon.Cheers!Bridget & Nick
Guys - do you believe there is cheating in competitive fishing? Yep. There is. We tried a salted caramel pretzel beer, marveled at the lengths some people go to in order to win a fishing contest, and much more on this week's episode.We hope you enjoy your week, we'll talk to you soon!Cheers!Bridget & Nick 
We recorded this episode from the back of a truck...full of wine!We're doing a Truckload of Wine sale at Lake Geneva Country Meats and we took the opportunity to multitask and record while getting ready for the event. If you like wine and you're in the area, you can get more details about this event and a link to buy the wines right here.If you want to see the awesome McDonald's inspired merch that Bridget shared on this week's episode, you can visit Cactus Plant Flea Market's shop and grab some for yourself!Have a great week, we'll talk to you next episode.Cheers!Bridget & Nick
In this week's episode, we test out 90's kid energy drinks and Bridget's survival skills, and you may be surprised by the results...or not!If you want to learn more about some of the things we talked about on this week's episode, here are a few links:Alani Energy - plenty of energy, lots of 90's kid flavors!Learn about the Twins Fashion Show hosted by Gucci!Can You Survive Challenge! Have a great week, we'll talk to you soon.Cheers!Bridget & Nick
Hey there y'all, it's fall, y'all!We have a bit of fall (or is it autumn?) themed fun after our product recommendations today, coupled with Bridget ACING a quiz about wine at the start of today's episode. We tried these three wines:1924 Double Black Cabernet Sauvignon3 Finger Jack Cabernet SauvignonCastoro ZinfandelHere are a few links to things we discussed on this episode:Check out this article about how it is now recommending US adults under 65 get an annual screening for anxiety.If you're looking for matching Christmas pajama sets, start shopping now! Bridget recommends Cotton:On, Burts Bees, and Old Navy as good places to shop.Thanks for listening, we hope you have a great week, and we'll talk to you next week.Cheers!Bridget & Nick
It's the day before Bridget's birthday as we release the episode, so we feel the need to acknowledge her - happy birthday Bridget!We hope you enjoy our talk this week and stay tuned for next week's episode.Cheers!Bridget & Nick
The passing of Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith is the main subject of conversation this week, and how can't it be? The Queen was an icon and we have lots of thoughts.If you're a Republican (that's as in you're against the monarchy), and don't want to listen to our Royal talk, then no worries, there's plenty of other chatter as well.Have a great week everybody, and we'll talk again next week!Bridget & Nick
Friends, we'll be upfront with you. The highlight of this episode is dental discussion and Nick's new toy / essential health tool:A Waterpik water flosser. Yep, Nick has wanted one forever and he finally bought one. His teeth have never been so clean, and he can't wait to go to the Dentist and receive their feedback on his oral health. Of course, there's lots more chat on this episode, so tune in and enjoy!Have a great Labor Day weekend everybody, we'll talk to you soon.Cheers!Bridget & Nick
Hello friends!On this episode, we tried four different ready to drink (canned) cocktails. Some were good, some weren't as good. In the end, we enjoyed a delicious wheat beer from Maplewood.We hope you have a great week and talk to you soon!Bridget & Nick
Hey there thrifty friend!In honor of August 17th's National Thrift Store Day, we got in the spirit and had Bridget share tips on how to thrift it up.Here are a few links to what we talked about today:This clip about Thrift Store Karaoke from The Today Show is awesome!It's no joke, the Japanese government wants help encouraging its citizens to drink more alcohol!These customizable banners are perfect for your favorite inspirational quotes!If you have weeds to pull, Nick highly recommends these hand weeder tools. They make life much easier!If you're not aware of the USA Mullet Championship, check this out!We compared this list of "How to Thrift Shop" from MasterClass to Bridget's tips. What do you think of it?Thanks for listening - have a great week, we'll talk to you soon.Cheers!Bridget & Nick
On this week's episode, you're treated to an absurd commercial about razors. It's a commentary on society's weird place, but we thought it was interesting. We hope you do as well. Of course, there's much more as we returned to the safety of our studio.Here are a few links from this week's episode:If you've ever driven from the direction of Milwaukee to downtown Chicago, you've probably seen the iconic Morton Salt building. It's now being turned into a concert venue called The Salt Shed.If you want to learn all about Jeremy's Razors (and get retargeted by them a million times), you can visit their website here.Bridget is a lunch packing machine, and these flat ice packs have made keeping lunch cold much easier!Nick is a huge fan of portable tire inflators. You can find them all over, but this one from Amazon is well recommended, and if you use this link, we'll earn a small commission, thank you very much!Thanks so much for listening, have a great week, and we'll talk again next week!
Hey hey hey, everybody!We are cooking brats and drinking das bier at DAS Fest, so we weren't able to do a normal episode, but we did a live walkaround of the festival to share with you. We're here Saturday and Sunday, so if you listen, please come hi!www.dasfestusa.comCheers, ergh, prost!Bridget & Nick
Well, as many of you pointed out, our interview with Alex Lasry may have been the Kiss of Death in his Senatorial race. Shoot. We enjoyed the interview anyway and are grateful for those of you who attended the event and listened!We got back to a more normal episode this week and talked about these things:Bridget found this NPR article on how you can make changes to Instagram's suggested posts in your feed fascinating and helpful.Inflation is hitting us all - even this Japanese Aquarium that tried to feed its penguins less expensive fish. Guess what - the penguin wasn't having it.Check out these awesome clothes that Bridget found from local store Quotes & Cotton.Nick loves the artwork style in the book Build from Red Nose Studio and Simona loves reading along with the very simple book. Here are a few random links from Nick:Spicy rosé? The Velveeta MartiniThe Cultural Tutor Twitter thread on the world becoming less colorful.Have a great week everyone, we appreciate you taking the time to listen.Cheers!Bridget & Nick
Alex Lasry Interview

Alex Lasry Interview


In this episode, we interview Alex Lasry, Democratic candidate for US Senate for the State of Wisconsin. You can learn more about the Lasry campaign at or if you would like to donate through the page set up for the Dinner Plus Drinks event, you can visit you're new to the podcast, please subscribe and listen to our weekly episodes featuring relatable chat about getting through our crazy world. Thanks for listening - have a great week, we'll be back next Sunday with a "normal" episode!Bridget & Nick
Hey friends - dropping in with a programming announcement:This Friday we will be recording a live podcast at The Bottle Shop in Lake Geneva at 5:30 PM with Alex Lasry, Democratic Candidate for US Senate for Wisconsin. You're invited to join us, listen to us talk with Alex, and then participate in a live Q & A and have the opportunity to meet him after the pod. We'll even buy you a drink!If you would like to join us, please click here and use this link to RSVP. No donation is necessary to attend. If the link doesn't work, you can manually type in'll post the recording as our episode on Sunday, if you don't want to hear it, feel free to skip. Sorry for the late notice, this opportunity came together quickly and we're excited to offer this unique episode for you all.Cheers!Bridget & Nick
We recorded on July 14th, and Nick was excited to celebrate Bastille Day, while Bridget was excited to celebrate Mac and Cheese Day - just give her the cheese and noodles!Are you team champagne or team Kraft? Let us know.If you want to read this very meta article about Coastal Granddaughter influencers being influence by other influencers to share the Coastal Grandpa style, check out this article recommended by Bridget.Nick was interested by this article about Palomino Bar in Milwaukee closing. Bars close all the time, but Palomino isn't entirely closing - they're just limiting what they do. Is this a trend in the post-pandemic (are we post-pandemic?) world?Bridget has rid herself of orange hair by using this Malibu Hard Water Hair Treatment. You can try it for yourself!Nick and Bridget are both big fans of Indeed Brewing. We've tried their beers before on air and just had another event with them. They're nice people and the beer is delicious. Check them out!We hope you have an awesome week, perhaps including a getaway like Bridget has planned for this weekend. We'll have details on that and lots more next week.Talk soon - cheers!Bridget & Nick
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