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Author: Megan Hale

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When faced with an unexpected roadblock in business that left a lot of things to be determined, the TBD podcast was born! TBD is an honest conversation for brilliant coaches, consultants, helpers, and healers doing the sacred work of scaling their impact and bringing their full magic to the world.

Business strategist & former psychotherapist, Megan Hale, combines her intuitive wisdom with business acumen to navigate the highs & lows of building your body of work with the most sustainable business that supports it.

If you’re here to build a multiple 6-figure business that centers your well-being, vision, & values and cultivate that dig-deep bravado for all the twists & turns along the way, you’re in the right place! Learn more at meganhale.co.
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Hey y'all! I wasn't planning on recording this episode today, but as conflicts increase in Gaza and Israel, I wanted to share some of the things I've learned along the way when it comes to running your business during crisis. Especially some best practices I've employed for myself in case they're helpful for you too! In this episode, I'm diving into:Using your voice and establishing boundaries around feedbackKnowing your position & responsibility in regards to your leadershipOur 3 core responsibilities as business owners to our communities, our businesses, and ourselvesAnd how to lean into restorative practices when you're feeling emotionally flooded with the harsh realities in this worldAs I mentioned in this episode, I will make mistakes with my language, word-choice, and understanding, and I most certainly do not have all the answers, but my inbox is always open to sit with you as you rumble with your own.
Oh friends... this is a fiery episode today! Get ready!Today, we're finishing our DreamMoney™️ Series with our final episode and I'm so excited to dive in! Although this is the most obvious component of Meaningful Money, I also wanted to explicitly name why this piece is so key and how we actually create it. We're diving into the courage and vulnerability it really takes to do work you love + how to infuse your values into your marketing so it feels just as fulfilling! There are lots of resources to share here: Our free community wide bi-weekly DreamMoney™️ Community calls start today!! Every other Wednesday starting TODAY through May 2024, I'll be gathering us together on zoom to talk all things money from 1-2pm CST. To get access to these calls, make sure you join me in the free DreamMoney FB Group right here! Those who have the DreamMoney™️ Blueprint or Calculator will get the most out of these calls, but ALL are welcome to attend! To get your Blueprint or Calculator (and become either a Funding or Founding Dreamer), grab your preferred product here!We're in an open enrollment for FLOW - my 6 month group program here to help you step into meaningful earning + meaningful marketing! If you vibe with this episode, definitely check out all the details, ESPECIALLY because this month is the last chance to join at our current price points! Lastly, our world is experiencing massive upset with the war in Palestine and Israel right now. It is essential we name the atrocities that are happening while continuing to run our businesses. Here's the blurb that's in my emails this week if it's helpful to find some words to say when they can be so hard to find. This isn't to share as the "right" way, but I've had several of you reach out sharing how helpful it was as we navigate this week together with sensitivity and care for our community members who are the most impacted. I hope it can be a starting place for you with your own communities."A note to our community - I ashamedly do not know enough about the history of Palestine and Israel to speak to the current events with the sensitivity and care they deserve and I'm learning more and more each day, but anytime there is a loss of innocent life that is connected to hate, it rocks our compassionate community to its core. While we are a US based business, we acknowledge our global community.  This is especially important in the context of making every effort to name and bring attention to current events vs. carrying on as "business as usual". Although we are in a promotional time period this week to serve those not directly impacted, this is in no way, shape, or form, a decision meant to be insensitive to our community members who are most impacted by the recent events in Israel. "
Hey, hey, TBD fam! I am so excited for our episode this week as we dive into baking a giveback into your business. I have lots of resources for you so make sure you check out all our mentioned links. Let's dive in! I know you're going to love this topic!Links mentioned in this episode: Learn more about the 7 Key Financial Needs in my One Key Offer MasterclassTake the 2% Pledge and become a giving companyRead Profit First to learn about bi-weekly allocations (this is an affiliate amazon link)Purchase the DreamMoney™ Blueprint or Calculator for support in creating your Giving SystemVet organizations with resources such as NonProfit Explorer or Charity WatchOrganizations I give to: Together RisingBlack Girl VenturesFood Bank for the Heartland
Hey, hey, y'all! We are HERE! We've made it to our last pillar of DreamMoney™ as we make our way into Meaningful Money today! In today's episode, we're diving into the importance of meaningful money goals that are: AnchoredPersonalSpecific AFAnd why having a deep relationship with your numbers is so key when it comes to money healing! Links mentioned in this episode: Raising Kids with Big, Baffling Behaviors by Robyn GobbelThe DreamMoney™ Blueprint or Calculator for calculating meaningful money goals!
Hey, hey, y'all! I'm so excited to dive back into Abundant Money today and approach this from a completely different angle!In this episode, I'm sharing: The shifts I'm making to the DreamMoney Launch and some key aha's I had while recording Ep 26 that went into that decisionWhy our relationship to other variables such as time, resources, support, opportunities, and possibilities are KEY if you want to step into an abundant relationship with money!Links mentioned in this episode: Become a Funding or Founding Dreamer today and get access to the DreamMoney™ Blueprint and Calculator plus two bi-weekly money calls with me starting October 11th - May 2024 as we build money mastery together!Allison Braun's energy work and leadership coachingMichelle Cherian's post on LinkedInGay Hendricks, The Big Leap and Einstein TimeHayley Yarish and her work on grief tending and processing anger with "rage pages" And the always wise Staci Jordan Shelton
Hey, hey, y'all! Oh, I'm excited because today we're diving into Abundant Money and I'm sharing some strategies, systems, and mindset I know you're going to love! In this episode, we're diving into: Clarifying your monthly expenses (and then intentionally adding extra 😉)Taking a holistic view of your financial needs because when we "forget" one (or a few), this is the easiest way to interfere with abundant moneySaying your BEST NO so you can say your BEST YESAnd the biggest assumptions we make about abundance (*Hint - if abundance is "more than enough", then we need to define what "enough" really is!)Links mentioned in this episode: The DreamMoney™ Blueprint and Calculator. Get yours today!! Ep 104, The Skill of Having Money, on the Money Love Podcast with Paige Pritchard and her guest, Germaine FoleyGay Hendricks, The Big LeapThe 2% Pledge
Hey, hey, y'all! We are officially wrapping up our final episode (for now) on Easeful Money as we dive into mastery. And more importantly - emotional mastery! In this episode, we're exploring how to create nervous system regulation around money including: Clarifying your trans-generational money story and why this is so important for pursuing meaningful dreams, making aligned investments, etc! How to "stay in the room" for moneyWhy having tools, a plan, and a practice are key! And how to do this work with me in an upcoming 90-day program I know you're going to love! Links mentioned in this episode: The DreamMoney™ Blueprint and CalculatorBecome a Funding or Founding Dreamer today!!P.S. If you're a prior "Money Mapper", make sure you check your email for a very special invitation I'm not sharing anywhere else 🤩
Hey, hey, y'all! We are cruising along in our Easeful Money series this week with one more episode to go! Today, we're diving into:5 key steps to take when earning does not feel easeful4 ways to add more ease to your earning! And spoiler alert - easeful earning is NOT easy 😉, but that doesn't mean ease can't be part of the plan!Links mentioned in this episode: Get Your Welcome Sequence Done with Kronda AdairRachel Pesso Brand & Graphic DesignBecome a DreamMoney™ Supporter to support my first round of capital for my app! I'll be leading an all new DreamMoney™ Masterclass in September and I'd love your support inviting your community to the masterclass and/or sharing the word about the DreamMoney™ Blueprint and all the financial clarity it can add to their business!
Hey, hey, TBD fam!We're continuing our Easeful Money series this week and today, we're diving into all kinds of potent money systems!I'm so excited to geek out with you from yearly revenue planning, thirderly revenue planning, Profit First, plus my journey on creating a bookkeeping, accounting, and financial planning system that works for me! Let's dive in ;) Links mentioned in this episode: Kath Derisson with Fyvie Financial Become a DreamMoney™ Supporter to support my first round of capital for my app! I'll be leading an all new DreamMoney™ Masterclass on September 13th and I'd love your support inviting your community to the masterclass and/or sharing the word about the DreamMoney™ Blueprint and all the financial clarity this can add to their business!
Hey, hey TBD Fam! We're cruising along with our 5-part series as we break down the D.R.E.A.M. of DreamMoney™ and this week, we're talking all about Ease. Come to find out, I have a lot to share on this because Ease has not been easy for me! We're kicking off a 3-4 part episode series on just this concept alone, especially: What ease is and isn’t.  This is where we’re starting today. Creating financial systems that add clarity because if we want something to feel easeful, there needs to be organization and a system that isn’t overwhelming. Ease around earning.  How we can create more ease for revenue to come in - but I’ll go ahead and tell you - ease does not mean doing nothing and poof - money arrives.  But there are definitely strategic ways for ease to be part of the plan and I’m excited to dive into this one. And lastly, I know I want to talk about mastery because when we think about things that feel easeful - there’s a lot of comfortability, confidence, routine here and I want to talk about how we specifically create it!  So, let's dive into what Ease is and isn't today! I'm sharing:My personal journey with this core value and all the 4-letter words its brought up along the way. The things that interrupt ease and what to do instead. And the difference between ease, effort, and efforting. You ready? Let's dive in! Links mentioned in this episode: Austin Kleon BooksLeveraging the Universe by Mike DooleyAdd your name to be a DreamMoney™ Blueprint launch supporter! I'll be leading a free DreamMoney™ Masterclass on Wednesday, September 13th @ 1pm CST. This will be such a great event to invite your friends to come learn this framework and see the financial clarity the DreamMoney™ Blueprint can add to their business.
The R in DreamMoney™

The R in DreamMoney™


Welcome back, y'all! We're in part II of our 5-part series as we break down the D.R.E.A.M of DreamMoney™. In today's episode we're diving into the "R", which is all around Reliable Money. We're breaking down the strategy, the beliefs, and the practices that help you cultivate it and I can't wait to dive in! Links mentioned in this episode: Ep. 28 Wild & Holy Radio: How & Why to Put Money First in Your BusinessFLOW ACCELERATED: Doors are open through August 4th! LEAP WEEK replays for just $297!Add your name to support the DreamMoney™ Blueprint launch at the end of August!!
Oh hey, TBD fam! This episode has some super BIG announcements as we kick off a new 5 part series diving deeper into each of the 5 key pillars of DreamMoney™️ as well as sharing where DreamMoney™️ is heading! I'm sharing a very BIG AUDACIOUS GOAL and whew... I'm feeling the feels putting this out to the world. We're diving into:What Deliberate Money isHow we create itAnd how we sustain itPlus, I'm sharing my vision for the DreamMoney™️ App and how to become a Funding Dreamer, a Founding Dreamer, or support this work in other ways. 👉🏼 I'm especially looking for those who are willing to to spread the word about the DreamMoney™️ App that will be seeking its first round of capital the last week of August (8/28-9/1). If you're on board to share this opportunity with your friends, colleagues, and/or community to become a Funding Dreamer ($997 investment) or a Founding Dreamer ($250 or less investment), please add your name right here!I'll send more details your way for what to share, how to share, when to share, etc. Thank you SO MUCH for coming on board!!
Hey, hey, y'all! Today is a VERY special episode because I'm sharing my new signature framework name for the very first time and I cannot wait to move this baby out in the world! In this episode, we're diving into 6 key considerations (of several) that make a strong brand name: Names that create an instant resonance (like ohhhh, yes! I want this!) Names that create an instant curiosity (like yess! Tell me more!) Names that are part of your dream client's long-term vision (your brand name is part of where they want to ultimately go) Names that also have a clear opposite (tune into the episode for this one, for sure!) Names that are clear vs catchy (although a name that does both is #GOALS) Names that are very close to how you normally speak (this ensures its a name that doesn't feel forced or like "fetch" in Mean Girls - IYKYK 😉)Obviously, this is a big undertaking, which is why naming things is no walk in the park! This is also why it's so incredibly meaningful for me to share this brand new signature framework name with you today! I can't wait to hear how it lands. Come celebrate with me on IG!! 🥳Links mentioned in this episode: Come learn live with me all next week during Leap Week where I'll be walking you through my brand new signature framework for the very first time!Come celebrate with me on IG! Send me a DM and let me know how this new name lands!! I'd love to hear from you ❤️
Hey, hey TBD fam! Oh this episode is bringing some tea ☕️ I'm sharing some very juicy behind the scenes including: My NEW signature framework name (formerly known as Feel Good Money)The name I'm still waiting on for my signature profit planning tool (formerly known as The Money Map)Plus, my next live training series and why I've chosen to rename itIf you've ever felt like you've outgrown your own marketing, I definitely want you to tune into this episode! Especially for a big ole permission slip to let yourself evolve. I'm sharing my reasoning on dropping "quantum" language from my own marketing and why Quantum Leap Week (my most raved about training) is coming back as the NEW & IMPROVED Leap Week that's even better than before! Leap Week is happening Monday - Friday, July 24th-28th and trust me when I say, you MOST DEFINITELY want to be there!! I'll be live for an hour each day not only pouring THOUSANDS of dollars of wisdom into YOUR BUSINESS, but also coaching, guiding, strategizing, and mentoring all week long! People don't call this the BEST FREE TRAINING on the internet for nothing so get yourself registered!! We're about to have an EPIC time 🙌🏼Links mentioned in this episode: Leap Week (July 24th-28th)Follow me on Threads
Redefining Patriotism

Redefining Patriotism


Hey, hey TBD Fam! It's a holiday week here in the U.S. and if you, like me, don't feel particularly celebratory celebrating the idea of "freedom" in a country when so many freedoms don't exist, you're not alone! Since waking up to White Supremacy in 2016, I've been on a deliberate journey of redefining my relationship to the U.S.'s past & present while doing the inner work of staying steadfast to the possibility of a more equitable future. In this episode, I'm taking you behind the scenes of my choice to abstain from celebrating the 4th of July and honor it instead. Plus, the work I'm doing in this season to maybe reclaim this holiday (still undecided) and most definitely the process of redefining patriotism. Links mentioned in this episode: Ibram Kendi's most recent article for The Atlantic, "What to an American is the Fourth of July?" Ibram Kendi's Instagram
Oh hey, TBD fam! I'm officially back from house hunting in Vegas and I most definitely came home with more questions than answers, but I'm super glad I went, it's definitely still on the table, and I'm also not so sure it's a place that feels like home... yet. With that, I took an extra week off the show than planned to give myself a bit more space to bring you my absolute best content and I'm so glad I took that extra pause because this episode is SO GOOD! Over the past few months, I've been slowly de-scaling my business and in this episode, I'm breaking down: Why I'm doing itWhat it looks likeHow it's doubling my monthly recurring revenue (MRR) from Q1 + then some!One of the trade-offs I'm making to shift into this less scaled business model (this is a big one!!)Plus, one of the gains I'm focused on this shift generating too!I can't wait for you to tune in! Let's do this ❤️
Oh, fam! This topic has been so present for me lately as I've been navigating some forced timelines that are never going to work out in a feel good way in the end. If you've ever felt like you're in this tug/pull dynamic with your business where there might be some subconscious ultimatums happening behind the scenes... definitely tune into this episode! I'll be back in 2 weeks to pick things back up where we left off. Until then, that next step is always on its way ;)
Hey, hey! Following the recent live training series on mapping out a Values-Driven Launch, I wanted to dive into creating a Values-Driven Sales Process that will surely be a huge part of this overall strategy! Inside this episode, I name some of Kelly Diels' work around the Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand and how so much of what this model promotes is a feminine-washed version of misogyny and what we need to shift into instead. Inside a Values-Driven Sales Process, we're intentionally de-conditioning ourselves from a lot of the so-called "best kept" sales & marketing tactics and running them through our values system instead. The result is a sales process that:Allows your values to leadAllows your values to be deeply feltAnd also intentionally contributes to a person-centered way of selling that honors others humanity, sovereignty, and agency! Let's dive in! Links mentioned in this episode: Lisa Kuzman for her "consent at every turn" Kelly Diels and the FLEB phenomenon
Launch Musings

Launch Musings


Hey, hey! Dropping a super short episode this week on my own launch musings as I play around with a little something different. It feels like such a meta process to be sharing my own values-driven decisions inside my own values-driven launch while teaching this whole process last week! Which, P.S. If you missed the live trainings guiding you through a Values-Driven Launch, the replays will be available for purchase soon. And if you're interested in learning more about the 6-month high-touch offer I'm enrolling for helping you lead your own launch, definitely learn more right here!
Oh this is a special episode, friends, as we're going behind the scenes of a client launch that had so many WINS, it's hard to count. Today, I'm introducing you to a dear client & colleague, Kate Gibbs, as we go through all the nitty, gritty details of her recent $42k+ launch. All this week, I've been leading a training series on how to map out a Values-Driven Launch AND I thought there'd be no better way to show you the impact of this work then take you behind the scenes of someone who's implemented it! This interview is SO GOOD and I'm so honored Kate joined me to share all the intimate details of what this launch meant for her, her family, her business, and her future! If you've missed this free training series, it's DEFINITELY not too late to join me!! All replays are up through Friday and we are having an epic, epic time! Find all those details right here: meganhale.co/values-driven-launch And to learn more about the heart-centered work Kate is doing in the world, make sure to check her out at Bliss & Flourish Co right here: WebsiteInstagramLet's dive in!!