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Author: Nick Stevens

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The Devon Blueprint is your guide to the practice of health, vitality and mindfulness. Nick Stevens is your friendly and thoughtful host; an engineer by training, but now sharing his self-experimentation in how to live a better and more fulfilled life. The blueprint for being the best version of you starts from within, and it's a journey to be savoured and shared.
8 Episodes
My perspective on love, particularly parental love, and how it is expressed through actions such as creating traditions for children. There is a tension to explore between having high standards for children and simultaneously showing unconditional love.
For the last 100 days, without missing a day, I’ve meditated for 10 minutes. Here’s what I’ve learnt and why I’m going to keep up the habit.
As a parent I can look at my children in wonder at how resilient, happy, resourceful, and energetic they are. They haven’t learned to do anything other than act in accordance with nature. They are always in the present. As in the quote above they are ‘rich’ in simply not having the capacity to do anything other than live in the moment. They don’t fret about the future, they don’t get anxious about their ego, they don’t pine about the past, and they don’t stress about their situation. They do a great job just being. Let’s explore the nature of children and the unique responsibility of parenting, for which I am wholly unprepared but endlessly fascinated.
A self-experiment in diet and performance: from ketogenic to carbohydrates
Two potent health foods - kefir and bone broth - that you can make at home cheaply and quickly
My suggested prompts for a Monthly Review, plus my full Monthly Review template is available at
An exploration of the dichotomies we see in everyday life and how to embrace imperfection.
I explore the benefits of writing, how writing helps you think, and how writing is a creativity enabler. I’ll also cover how I write and the tools I use.