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Arvid & Tyler Catch Up

Author: Tyler Tringas and Arvid Kahl

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Tyler Tringas and Arvid Kahl build the Calm MBA in public. And they'll catch up.
12 Episodes
Arvid and Tyler finally find a date for the very first Calm MBA milestone. They also find out that they have quite different perspectives on how much structure their week needs. Things like deadlines.Mark it down. July 7th. And they found that date in just 12 1-hour podcast episodes.
Arvid & Tyler are on fire: not only do they talk about what founders can do when their main source of revenue isn't enough, but they also FINALLY come up with how they will launch the Calm MBA. Brainstormed it live on air. They sure love Building in Public!Feel free to support our show here:
Arvid and Tyler share how they tackle prioritization issues — and if you should have many small bets as a calm founder.It turns out, these questions can't be answered by reflection alone. What matters is doing the right experiments. Feel free to support our show here:
Tyler's all healthy again, and Arvid is writing another book. Together, they wonder if they have some sort of "expert-level imposter syndrome." So many influential advice-givers out there have no shame and happily embellish their own stories, yet Tyler and Arvid hesitate to promise even realistic outcomes. You'll find they have a very good reason for that hesitation, and it's a surprising one: intimacy.Feel free to support our show here:
Arvid and Tyler discuss Arvid's recent interest in writing and publishing books, including his potential book on building in public — and how it should be published. Tyler also shares his recent struggles with illness and the outpouring of support he has received after announcing staff reductions at the Calm Company Fund. They both reflect on the value of building in public and the community it creates — and how this community can help entrepreneurs navigate the choppy waters of social isolation. Paul Millerd and Dagobert Renouf get shouted out... a lot.Paul Millerd's book: Renouf's podcast: free to support our show here:
Arvid has returned from MicroConf in Denver, and Tyler has made a few important changes at the Calm Company fund. Beyond catching up, Arvid & Tyler chat about how hard it is to stay a contributing member of your business as a founder when you start hiring people.
Calm Market Analysis

Calm Market Analysis


Arvid & Tyler missed their catchup this week, but they won't let you down: here's an episode from Arvid's Bootstrapped Founder podcast on market analysis for calm SaaS businesses.Feel free to support the show here:
Is building a business on a platform like Twitter a good idea? How can calm founders prevent platform risk while also benefiting from the many advantages platforms have?This last week has been brutal for indie hackers. Tyler and Arvid talk about how platform risk can threaten your business and what to do about it. And, for some reason, they talk about Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality.Please leave a rating and a review at
Today, we have a special guest on the show: Michele Hansen, co-founder of Geocodio, a SaaS business that provides hassle-free geocoding, author of the very practical book Deploy Empathy, and now an entrepreneurial activist. There is something extremely urgent going on. Michele shares how she is staying calm while facing massively disruptive legislation changes. We chat about what indie businesses can do to be (and stay) resilient under external pressure, what factor physical calmness plays, and how the Calm MBA can incorporate these lessons.Our guest: Michele Hansen of GeocodioOur shoutout: Kelly Wilde-MillerThe Small Software Business Alliance — sign the coalition letter
Arvid and Tyler talk about what bootstrappers can do with AI, if it's smart to build a business around AI, and how to do that. They look at indie hackers who are currently benefiting from the gold rush and what we can learn from that. Tune in at
Arvid & Tyler talk about the SVB craze, what it means for bootstrappers, and what a calm business is all about.They also —finally— have found a name for the pod! In true build-in-public fashion, they share the process behind scoping down the name, why naming things is generally hard, and how that relates to the Calm MBA. The SVB panic makes an appearance, and you'll learn what consequences this has for self-funded entrepreneurs. And you'll find out just how Arvid and Tyler want to integrate calm founders into their collaboration. Hint: the recording booth might get a little crowded.If you enjoy the show, you can help by going to Apple Podcast or Spotify and giving the show a rating and a review. Also, you can let us know what a CALM BUSINESS means to you! Just reach out on Twitter!
Without any preparation, Tyler and Arvid dive right into getting started. They talk about the Calm MBA, becoming internet friends, how to tackle an educational project, what steps need to be taken to make it happen, and then share their decision-making process right on the show.Want to take a peek at how "somewhat established" professionals tackle their work? Tune in —and while you're at it, help us find a name for the show.00:00:00 Introducing ourselves and the podcast.00:03:47 What is a Calm MBA?00:08:20 Building virtual relationships00:12:31 Housekeeping for beginners00:17:44 Getting it launched00:22:47 The importance of recording in the moment for builders-in-public00:25:50 Scope, Audience, and Format00:30:58 SaaS or Software?00:40:09 Do we want a community around the Calm MBA?00:44:59 What kind of community?00:50:35 Actionable items for next week
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